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(a) Two Uiigadier-lieneruls commanding grouped Regimental Districts are also in charge of the Infantry Records of their Districts.

(6) Includes the Officer Commanding the Rifle Depdt who is also in charge of Records.

(c) At the rate oL 7CKM. (600/. if in Quarters) a yeivr for seven months, and, for the remaining five months, whilst employed as Staff Officers for Imperial Yeomanry, at the rate of 750/. (650/. if in Quarters) a year.

(a) Also administers the Corps of Uoyul Engineers as regards Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and men (ex'-ejit Supernumerary Staff).

(e) Also commands the Army Service Corps Depot.

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(a) These rates are provisional, pending the consolidation of the 1'ay |l|1(i Allowances of Officers holding Commands ami Staff Appointments it stations abroad, following the lines of the consolidation effected in the cise of Homo Staff Appointments.

(6) These Officers, being Colonial Governors, receive no Staff Pay from Army Funds.

(c) The General Officer commanding in South Africa receives a special rate of pay (4,000£. a year), which includes table money (5001. a year) mil other allowances.

(rf) Commands the Troops in the Mediterranean and receives a special rate of pay (5,000/. a year) which includes all allowances.

(e) This Officer also receives Coast Pay of 7*. 6d. per diem.

(/) These Officers also receive Coast Pay of 10*. per diem.

(g) Including for Remounts, 1 Assistant Quarter-Master-Ueneral, 2 Deputy Assistant Quarter-Master-Generals, and 6 Staft Captain*.

(h) Pay for the Staff Officers. Royal Engineers, is taken in Regimental Establishments.

(i) These Assistant. Direction draw pay under Scale B, Article 224, Pay Warrant 1906. The pay of the Assistant Director at Gibraltar is uken in Regimental Establishments.

(/) Consolidated rate (470/. if in quarter*) which includes allowance?.

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(n) The minimum rates only of the pay of each rank arc shown; the difference between these and the increased rates is provided in Recapitulation on page 133.

(b including 1 for hospital duties.

(c) 4 Farriers in the Cavalry (including Household Cavalry) are Warrant Officers.

(d) 7 Cavalry of the Line Saddletree Makers are Serjeants.

Note.—Five additional Serjeants are allowed to the Cavalry of the Line at home for recruiting purposes.

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VOTE 1.—Regimental Pay


Comprising twenty-eight Service Batteries, one Depot, and Riding Establishment.

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(a) 7s. 8rf. only if of the rank of Second Lieutenant. ('<) Including 1 Serjeant Master Tailor.

(c) 3 Clerks. (d) Cooks. (c) For 9 Ammunition Columns

(/) 4 of these Artificers are Quartermaster Serjeants at 4s. 5d. a day, and some others, are Staff Serjeants at 4s. 3rf. (if) 15 Saddlers and Wheelers are Corporals at 2s. Sd. a day, 7 Serjeants at 3s. 4rf. or Staff Serjeants at 3s. */.. and 4 Quartermaster Serjeants at 3s. llrf.

(h) 1 Shoeing Smith per battery or depfit is a Corporal at 2s. 8«f, a »lay.

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