Gotthold Ephraim Lessings sämtliche Schriften, Volume 14

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Page 430 - Let there be light, said God ; And forthwith light Ethereal, first of things, quintessence pure, Sprung from the deep...
Page 220 - No, mistresses are like books. If you pore upon them too much, they doze you, and make you unfit for company; but if used discreetly, you are the fitter for conversation by 'em.
Page 221 - Faith, dear, not that I care one pin for their talk there; but I like to look upon the player-men, and would see, if I could, the gallant you say loves me: that's all, dear bud.
Page 218 - I know better things: look you, Friend; to carry her a Letter from you or so, upon good Terms, though it be in a Church I'll deliver it; or when the business is come to an issue, if I may bring you handsomely together, and so forth, I'll serve thee with all my Soul, and thank thee into the bargain; thank thee heartily, dear Rogue; I will you little Cock-Sparrow, faith and troth I will; but no Matrimony, Friend...
Page 344 - Ergo abolendo rumori Nero subdidit reos et quaesitissimis poenis adfecit, quos per flagitia invisos vulgus Christianos appellabat. Auctor nominis eius Christus Tiberio imperitante per procuratorem Pontium Pilatum supplicio adfectus erat ; repressaque in praesens exitiabilis superstitio rursum erumpebat, non modo per ludaeam, originem eius mali, sed per urbem etiam, quo cuncta undique atrocia aut pudenda confluunt celebranturque.
Page 344 - ... perinde in crimine incendii quam odio humani generis convicti sunt. et pereuntibus addita ludibria, ut ferarum tergis contecti laniatu canum interirent, aut crucibus...
Page 283 - ... utque ferae sequitur vestigia conjugis amens, 515 deque sinu matris ridentem et parva Learchum bracchia tendentem rapit et bis terque per auras more rotat fundae, rigidoque infantia saxo discutit ora ferox. Tum denique concita mater, seu dolor hoc fecit, seu sparsi causa veneni, 520 exululat passisque fugit male sana capillis, teque ferens parvum nudis, Melicerta, lacertis ' Euhoe Bacche ' sonat. Bacchi sub nomine Juno risit et ' Hos usus pra*estet tibi
Page 220 - Well, a pox on love and wenching ! Women serve but to keep a man from better company. Though I can't enjoy them, I shall you the more. Good fellowship and friendship are lasting, rational, and manly pleasures. Har. For all that, give me some of those pleasures you call effeminate too; they help to relish one another.
Page 344 - Et pereuntibus addita ludibria, ut, ferarum tergis contecti, laniatu canum interirent, aut crucibus affixi, aut flammandi, atque, ubi defecisset dies, in usum nocturni luminis urerentur. Hortos suos ei spectaculo Nero obtulerat, et circense ludicrum edebat, habitu aurigae permixtus plebi, vel curriculo insistens. Unde, quamquam adversus sontes et novissima exempla meritos, miseratio oriebatur, tamquam non utilitate publica, sed in saevitiam unius, absumerentur.

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