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And worthy scen'd; for in their looks divine
The image of their glorious maker shone ,
Truth, wisdom , sanctitude severe and pure,
Severe, but in true filial freedom plac'd ,
Whence true authority in men ; though both
Not equal, as their sex not equal seem'd;
For contemplation he and valour form'd;
For softness she and sweet attractive grace ;
He for God only, she for God in him.
His fair large front and eye sublime declar'd
Absolute rule; and hyacinthine locks
Round from his parted forelock manly hung
Clustring, but not beneath his shoulders broad :
She, as a veil, down to the slender waste
Her unadorned golden tresses wore
Dishevell’d, but in wanton ringlets wav'd
As the vine curls her tendrils, which implyed
Subjection, but requir'd with gentle sway,
And by her yielded, by him best receiv'd;
Yjelded with coy submission, modest pride ,
And sweet, reluctant, amorous delay.
Nor those misterious parts were then conceal'd;
Then was not guilty shame, dishonest shanie
or nature's works, honour dishonourable,
Sin-bred , how have ye troubled all mankind
With shows instead, mere shows of seeming pure,
And banish'd from man's life bis happiest life,
Simplicity and spotless innocence !

So pass'd they naked on, nor shunu'd the sight
Of God or angel; for they thought no ill:
So hand in hand they pass'd, the loveliest pair
That ever since in love's embraces met;

Ed a ragion: chè in lor divini aspetti
Del magno lor Fattor splendea l'imago,
Sapienza , verità , severa e pura
Santità posta in libertà di amore ,
Che dignitade ai duo crescea , parventi
Ambo ineguai com' è inegual lor sesso. S
Al contemplare ed al valor formato
É quegli, ed ella a grazie e blandi vezzi;
Dio sol fe' lui, ma lei Dio fece in lui.
All' ampia fronte ed all'occhiar sublime
Ei re si mostra: chiome bjonde in fronte
Giù bipartite virilmente c a ciocche
Gli tondeggian sol sporte all' ampie spalle:
Qual velo a lei, giù ai ben torniti fianchi
Leggiadramente inculte l' auree trecce
Corrono in lascivette anella ondanti
Quai ricciuti viticei, e par che aiuto
Chiegga , ma il chiegga con gentile impero
Cesso da lei, da lui gradito ; cesso
Con sommession restía , modesto orgoglio,
E dolce renitente amante indugio.
Nè arcane parti allora eran celate ,
Nè vera rio pudor; pudore indegno

opre di natura, onore infame,
Figli di colpa, oh come il seme umano,
Con vane ombre guastaste e fipte larve, !
Bandendo il più bel fior di umana vita ,
Simplicitade ed innocenza pura !

Nudi sen gian cosi, nè il guardo evitano
O d'angelo o di Dio; chè mal non pensano :
Presasi a man passò la più amorosa
Coppia di quante amor con nodi avvinse ;

Adam the goodliest man of men since born
His sons, the fairest of her daughters Eve.
Under a tust of shade that on a green
Stood whispering sost, by a fresh fountaja-side
They sat them down; and, after no more toil
Of their sweet gardening labour, then suffic'd
To recommend cool zephyr, and made ease
More easy, wholesome thirst and appetite
More grateful, to their supper-fruits they fell;
Nectarine fruits, which the compliant boughs
Vieldeil them, side-long as they sat recline
On the soft downy bank damask'd with flowers.
The savory pulp they chew, and in the rind.
Still as they thirsted , scoop the brimming stream ;
Nor gentle purpose, nor endearing smiles
Wanted, nor youthful dalliance, as beseems
Fair couple, link'd in happy nuptial league,
Alone as they: About them frisking play'd
All beasts of the earth , since wild, and of all chase
In wood or wilderness, forest or den:
Sporting the lion ramp'd, and in his paw
Dandled the kid: beors, tigers, ounces, pards,
Gambol'd before them; the unwieldy elephant,
To make them mirth, used all his might, and wreath'd
His lithe proboscis; close the serpent sly,
Tusinuating, wove with Gordian twine
His braided train, and of his fatal guile
Gave proof unheeded; others on the grass
Couch'd, and now filld with pasture gazing sal ,
Or bedward ruminating; for the sun,
Declin'd, was hasting now with prone career
To the ocean isles, and in the ascending scale

Adam su tutti i figli suoi il vezzoso , Su tutte le sue figlie Eva la bella. Sotlo d' un gruppo d' ombre che su verde Smalto sussurran leni, presso algente Fonte adagiarsi; e dopo lieve cura Di dolce oprare giardinier, che basti I freschi zefiri a goder e a grata Far più la quete, il bere ed il cibare, Colgono frutta alla lor cena agreste. Nettaree frutta; consentendo i rami Le cedean lor, là dove stean seduti Su molle proda erbosa a fior distinta. La dolce po'pa ei gustan, nella buccia Al lor sitire attingon colmo il rio; Nè gentil detto o amabile sorriso Vi manca , o scherzo giovanil ben degno Di bella coppia coniugal felice E sola. Intorno a lor saltando scherza no Tutti animai terrestri, poi feroci In boschi o selve od in foreste od antri : Scherza il leon festivo e con le zampe Blande al caprelto; tigri, liuci ed orsi E pardi saltan nanti a loro; il grave Elefante a allegrarli usa d'ogni arte Torcendo sua pieghevol tromba; il serpe Astuto cheto svolge il suo volume Intesto a nodi gordiani, e prove Inosservate dà di infausto inganno; Altri giaccion sull' erba e pasti e intenti. O al covo ruminando van; chè il sole Declina,

e con veloce corso all' isole D'ocean volge, e l' arco in cielo ascendono

or heaven, the stars that usher evening rose : When Satan still in gaze, as first he stood, Scarce thus at length fail'd speech recover'd sad.

« O Hell! what do mine eyes with grief behold! Into our room of bliss thus high advanc'd Creatures of other mould, earth-born perhaps, Not spirits, yet to heavenly spirits bright Little inferior; whom my thoughts pursue With wonder, and could love, so lively shines In them divine resemblance, and such grace The hand that form'd them on their shape hath pour'd. Ah! gentle pair, ye little think how nigh Your change approaches, when all these delights Will vanish, and deliver ye to woe; More woe, the more your taste is now of joy : Happy, but for so happy ill secur'd Long to continue , and this high seat your heaven, Il fenc'd for heaven, to keep out such a foc As now is enter'd; yet no purpos'd foe To you, whom I could pity thus forlorn, Though I uppitied : league with you I seek, And mutual amity, so strait, so close, That I with you must dwell, or you with me Henceforth; my dwelling haply may not please , Like this fair Paradise, your sense; yet such Accept your Maker's work; he gave it me, Which I as freely give; hell shall unfold, To entertain you two, her widest gates , And send forth all her kings; there will be room, Not like these narrow limits, to receive Your numerous offspring; if no better place, Thank him who puts me loath to this revenge

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