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As Thou hast given me strength upon the

529.—Nightly Guardianship. way,

LUKE xi. 4 So deign at evening to become my

As Thou hast shared the labours of the

ATHER, in high heaven dwelling,

May our evening song be telling day,

Of Thy mercy large and free : So also deign to share and bless my rest.

Through the day Thy love hath fed us,

Through the day Thy care hath led us, No step disturbs me, not a sound is heard,

With divinest charity.
I commune in my chamber and am still,

This day's sins, O pardon, Saviour,
And muse with deep attention on Thy

Evil thoughts, perverse behaviour,

Envy, pride, and vanity; The faithful record of Thy mind and will.

From the world, the flesh, deliver, O speak a word of blessing, gracious Lord !

Save us now, and save us ever, Thy blessing is endued with soothing

O Thou Lamb of Calvary. power ; On the poor heart worn out with toil, Thy

From enticements of the devil, word

From the might of spirits evil, Falls soft and gentle as the evening

Be our shield and panoply ; shower.

Let Thy power this night defend us,

And a heavenly peace attend us, How sad and cold, if Thou be absent, Lord,

And angelic company. The evening leaves me, and my heart Whilst the night dews are distilling, how dead !

Holy Ghost, each heart be filling But if Thy presence grace my humble With Thine own serenity ; board,

Softly let our eyes be closing, I seem with heavenly manna to be fed ;

Loving souls on Thee reposing, Fraught with rich blessing, breathing Ever blessèd Trinity.

sweet repose, The calm of evening settles on my

breast ; If Thou be with me when my labours close, 530.—The Peace of Jesus. No more is needed to complete my rest.

JOHN XX, 19.

L.M. Come, then, O Lord, and deign to be my THOU who hast known the careworn

breast, Guest;

The weary need of sleep's deep balm, After the day's confusion, toil, and din,

Come, Saviour, ere we go to rest, O come to bring me peace, and joy, and

And breathe around Thy perfect calm. rest, To give salvation, and to pardon sin !

Thy presence gives us childlike trust, Bind up the wounds, assuage the aching Gladness and hope without alloy ; smart

The faith that triumphs o'er the dust, Left in my bosom from the dayjust past; And gleamings of eternal joy. And let me on a Father's loving heart Forget my griefs, and find sweet rest at

Stand in our midst, dear Lord, and say, last.

“ Peace be to you, this evening hour ;"

Then all the struggles of the day
Translated by R. Massie.

Vanish before Thy loving power.


c. 3. P. SPITTA.

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At peace with all the world, dear Lord,

and Thee, No fears my soul's unwavering faith

can shake; All's well, whichever side the grave for me

The morning light may break.



Let incense-flames arise ;
Assist me, Lord, to offer up

Mine evening sacrifice.
Awake, my love ; awake, my joy ;

Awake, my heart and tongue :
Sleep not : when mercies loudly call,

Break forth into a song. Man's life's a book of history,

The leaves thereof are days, The letters mercies closely joined,

The title is Thy praise.
This day God was my Sun and Shield,

My Keeper and my Guide ;
His care was on my frailty shown,

His mercies multiplied.
Minutes and mercies multiplied

Have made up all this day :
Minutes came quick, but mercies were

More fleet and free than they.
New time, new favour, and new joys,

Do a new song require :
Till I shall praise Thee as I would

Accept my heart's desire.
Lord of my time, whose hand hath set

New time upon my score ;
Then shall I praise for all my time,
When time shall be no more.


533.—Light in Darkness.

ISAIAH xlv. 7.

LOWLY, by God's hand unfurled,

Down around the weary world
Falls the darkness ; oh, how still
Is the working of Thy will !
Mighty Maker ! here am I,
Work in me as silently;
Veil the day's distracting sights,
Show me heaven's eternal lights.

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From the darkened sky come forth Countless stars, a wondrous birth ! So may gleams of glory dart Through the dim abyss, my heart ;

Living worlds to view be brought
In the boundless realms of thought,
High and infinite desires,
Burning like those upper fires.

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Or rather change our thoughts

To more concerning cares ;How to redeem our misspent time,

With sighs, and tears, and prayers.

How to provide for heaven,

That place of rest and peace, Where our full joys shall never wane,

Our pleasures never cease.

Blest be Thy love, dear Lord,

That taught us this sweet way, Only to love Thee for Thyself,

And for that love obey.

536.—An Evening Thanksgiving.

PSALM cxxxix. 17.

87.87.77. FATHER, now the day is over,

As the sun sinks in the west, Ere the night creep slowly round me,

Ere soft slumber be my guest, Let me bless Thee that to-day Thou, my God, hast been my stay. Lord, I need no earthly temple,

For, where I Thy love have found,
All Thy humblest creatures teach me

Where I am is holy ground :
Lord, I need no holier place
Than where I Thy love can trace.

O Thou, our soul's chief hope !

We to Thy mercy fly ; Where'er we are, Thou canst protect,

Whate'er we need supply.

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Silent am I now, and still,

Dare not in Thy presence move : To my waiting soul reveal

The secret of Thy love!

Lord, my time is in Thy hand ;

My soul to Thee convert ! Thou canst make me understand,

Though I am slow of heart. Thine, in whom I live and move,

Thine the work, the praise is Thine ! Thou art Wisdom, Power, and Love ;

And all Thou art is mine!

For the birds and flowers I thank Thee,

For each song and perfume sweet,
For the faith that dare address Thee,

For the love that may Thee greet ;
Most, that I for every gift,
May my soul to Thee uplift.
For the love of friends I bless Thee,

Who to-day my joy have shared, Whose true hearts, spread out before me,

Have Thy love to me declared ;
For each thought of truth and love
They have echoed from above.
For the mystic bond which binds us

Each to each, and all to Thee,
And with all the past entwines us,

In the world's long harmony; For each striving human soul Which is part of Thy great whole. Pour thy Spirit, Lord, upon me,

Guard me in unconscious sleep ;
Be Thy Spirit ever with me

While death-slumbers o'er me creep ;
And, my life's long journey past,
I am safe with Thee at last!

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E. B.


Hymns of Duty and Faith.

The common story ; yet we kneel

To tell it at Thy call, And cares grow lighter when we feel

Our Father knows them all.

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And wilt Thou lend a listening ear

To praises low as ours ? Thou wilt! for Thou dost love to hear

The song which meekness pours.

And, Jesus, Thou Thy smiles wilt deign

As we before Thee pray ;
For Thou didst bless the infant train,

And are we less than they?

539.—Evening Prayer of the Sorrowing.

1 Peter iv. 19.

C. M. THE shadows of the evening hours

Fall from the darkening sky; Upon the fragrance of the flowers

The dews of evening lie :
Before Thy throne, O Lord of heaven,

We kneel at close of day :
Look on Thy children from on high,

And hear us while we pray.
The sorrows of Thy servants, Lord,

O do not Thou despise ;
But let the incense of our prayers

Before Thy mercy rise ;
The brightness of the coming night

Upon the darkness rolls ;
With hopes of future glory chase

The shadows from our souls.

O let Thy grace perform its part,

And let contention cease ; And shed abroad in every heart

Thine everlasting peace.

Thus chastened, cleansed, entirely Thine,

A flock by Jesus led,
The Sun of holiness shall shine

In glory on our head.

And Thou wilt turn our wandering feet,

And Thou wilt bless our way, Till worlds shall fade, and faith shall greet

The dawn of lasting day.


541.-An Evening Blessing.

PSALM xci. 5-7.

Slowly the rays of daylight fade;

So fade within our heart
The hopes of earthly love and joy

That one by one depart :
Slowly the bright stars, one by one,

Within the heavens shine ;
Give us, O Lord, fresh hopes in heaven,

And trust in things divine.
Let peace, O Lord, -Thy peace, O God,--

Upon our souls descend ;
From midnight fears and perils Thou

Our trembling hearts defend :
Give us a respite from our toil ;

Calm and subdue our woes; Through the long day we suffer, Lord,

O give us now repose.

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SAVIOUR! breathe an evening bless

540.—Household Evening Hymn.

Psalm ciii. 17.

O LORD, another day is flown ;

And we, a lonely band,
Are et once more before Thy throne

To bless Thy fostering hand.

ing Ere repose our spirits seal ; Sin and want we come confessing,

Thou canst save, and Thou canst heal ; Though destruction walk around us,

Though the arrow past us fly, Angel-guards from Thee surround us,

We are safe if Thou art nigh.

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