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LONGS: Sporting and Shan

April, 1847.





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Pages Russell's Bedford Correspondence

Schopenhauer's Youthful Life Bayldon on Valuing Rents, etc. .

Shelley's Literary Men of Italy, etc. Bruy's Essay on Agriculture, etc.

. Eminent French Writers Crocker's Land Surveying - •

Southey's Lives of the British Admirals • 28 Davy's Agricultural Chemistry

„ Life of Wesley . . Johnson's Farmer's Encyclopædia . .

Townsend's Twelve eminent Judges Loudon's Encyclopædia of Agriculture - 18 Waterton's Autobiography and Essays . 31 , Self-Instruction for Farmers,etc. 18

(Mrs.) Lady's Country Companion 18 Low's Breeds of the Domesticated Animals 19

Elements of Agriculture -

Acton's (Eliza) Cookery Book
On Landed Property .

Black's Treatise on Brewing . . On the Domesticated Animals

Collegian's Guide - Parnell on Roads - -

Donovan's Domestic Economy Thomson on Fattening Cattle, etc.

Hand-Book of Taste Topham's Agricultural Chemistry

Hints on Etiquette Whitley's Agricultural Geology a ceology . .

Hudson's Parent's Hand-Book

» Executor's Guide . . . 15 ARTS, MANUFACTURES, AND

On Making Wills

Loudon's Self Instruction


Brande's Dictionary of Science, etc.

(Mrs.) Amateur Gardener

Maunder's Treasury of Knowledge. Bray's Essay on Manufactures, etc.

Scientific and Literary Treasury Buckler's St. Alban's Abbey

Treasury of History Budge's Miner's Guide

Biographical Treasury Cartoons (The Prize) .

Parkes's Domestic Duties . Cresy's Encycl, of Civil Engineering

Pycroft's Course of English Reading

. 24 De Burtin on the Knowledge of Pictures

Reader's Time Tables Dresden Gallery - - - -

Riddle's Eng.-Lat. and Lat.-Eng. Dict. - 25 Gwilt's Encyclopædia of Architecture .

Robinson's Art of Curing, Pickling, etc. 26 Haydon's Lectures on Painting & Design

Rowton's Debater Holland's Manufactures in Metal

Short Whist - Lerebours On Photography

Thomson's Management of Sick Room . Loudon's Rural Architecture

, Interest Tables Moseley's Engineering and Architecture

Tomlins' Law Dictionary Parnell on Roads . .

Walker's Dictionary, by Smart Porter's Manufacture of Silk

Webster's Encycl. of Domestic Economy 32 Porcelain & Glass Reid' (Dr.) on Warming and Ventilating Stean Engine (The), by the Artisan Club

BOTANY AND GARDENING, Ure's Dictionary of Arts, etc.

Abercrombie's Practical Gardener . Wilkinson's Engines of War .

and Main's Gardener Wood on Railroads - - - - - 32 Callcott's Scripture Herbal

Conversations on Botany . .


Drummond's First Steps to Botany. Aikin's Life of Addison - . .

Henslow's Botany - . Bell's Lives of the British Poets

Hoare On the Grape Vine on Open W Dover's Life of the King of Prussia

, On the Roots of Vines Dunham's Early Writers of Britain

Hooker's British Flora . , Lives of the British Dramatists Jackson's Pictorial Flora . . . 15 Forster's Statesmen of the Commonwealth li Lindley's Theory of Horticulture . Life of Jebb - - - .

Orchard and Kitchen Garden Gleig's British Military Commanders 12

Introduction to Botany Grant (Mrs.) Memoir and Correspondeuce 12

Flora Medica - Haydon's Autobiography and Journals - 13

Synopsis of British Flora James's Life of the Black Prince . - 15 London's Hortus Britannicus . Eminent Foreign Statesmen

Hortus Lignosus Londinensis . Lal's (M.) Life of Dost Mohammed . .

Encyclopædia of Trees & Shrubs Leslie's Life of Constable

" Gardening - 18 Mackintosh's Life of Sir T. More .

Plants Maunder's Biographical Treasury

Suburban Gardener. Roscoe's Lives of Eminent British Lawyers 26

Self-Instruction for Gardeners 18

London: Printed by M. Mason, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row.

Pages Loudon's (Mr.) Amateur Gardener Repton's Landscape Gardening, etc. Rivers's Rose Amateur's Guide Roberts on the Vine . . Rogers's Vegetable Cultivator. Schleiden's Scientisc Botany • Smith's Introduction to Botany Smith's English Flora -

• Compendium of English Flora . Specimen Flora of British Botany

Blair's Chronological Tables . .
Nicolas's Chron logy of History - . 23
Riddle's Ecclesiastical Chronology.
Tate's Horatius Restitutus

Baylis's Arithmetic of Annuities
Gilbart On Banking -
MCulloch's Dietionary of Commerce
Reader's Time Tables - -
Steel's Shipmaster's Assistant -
Symond's Merchant Seamen's Laws
Thomson's Tables of Interest . .
Walford's Customs' Laws

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Pages Mackintosh's History of England - .

Miscellaneous Works
31*Culloch's Dictionary, Historical, Geo-

graphical, and Statistical -
Maunder's Treasury of History
Maury's Statesmen of America
Milner's Church History - -
Moore's History of Ireland -
Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History
Nicolas's Chronology of History
Ranke's History of the Reformation
Rome, History of . . . .
Russell's Bedford Correspondence
Seott's History of Scotland
Sinnett's Byways of History -
Stebbing's History of the Christian Church

, History of the Reformation

y Church History
Switzerland, History of .
Sydney Smith's Works -
Thirlwall's History of Greece -
Tooke's History of Prices
Turner's History of England -
Tytler's Elements of General History
Zumpt's Latin Grammar .

Amy Herbert . .
Boy's (The) Own Book
Gertrude -
Gower's Scientific Phenomena
Hawes's Tales of the N. American Indians
Howitt's Boy's Country Book
Historical Charades -
Laneton Parsonage.
Mackintosh's Life of Sir T. More
Marcet's Conversations

On the History of England
On Chemistry .
On Natural Philosophy
On Political Economy
On Vegetable Physiology
On Land and Water .

On Language - -
Marryat's Masterman Ready

Settlers in Canada

Mission; or, Scenes in Africa
Pycroft's Course of English Reading
Twelve Years Ago -

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CEOGRAPHY AND ATLASES. Butler's Ancient and Modern Geography

Atlas of Modern Geography »

Ancient Geography

General Geography Cooley's World Surveyed . . . De Strzelecki's New South Wales. Forster's Historical Geography of Arabia Hall's Large General Atlas : - M'Culloch's Geographical Dictionary M'Leod's Sacred Geography . . Murray's Encyclopædia of Geography Ordnance Maps, and Publications of the

Geological Society
Parrot's Ascent of Mount Ararat -

HISTORY AND CRITICISM. Adair's (Sir R.) Mission to Vienna -

Constantinople. Bell's History of Russia

. Blair's Chron. and Historical Tables Bloomfield's Translation of Thucydides .

. Edition of Thucydides . . Cooley's Maritime and Inland Discovery Crowe's History of France . De Sismondi's Fall of the Roman Empire

Italian Republics . . Dunham's History of Spain and Portugal

Europe in the Middle Ages -
History of the German Empire
Denmark, Sweden, and Norway

History of Poland. •
Dunlop's History of Fiction
Eccleston's English Antiquities -
Fergus's United States of America
Grant (Mrs.) Memoir and Corespondence
Grattan's History of Netherlands
Grimblot's William III. and Louis X
Guicciardini's Hist. Maxims -
Halsted's Life of Richard III.
Haydon's Lectures on Painting and Design
Historical Charades - - -
Historical Pictures of the Middle Ages
Horsley's (Bp.) Biblical Criticism.
Jeffrey's (Lord) Contributions

- Keightley's Outlines of History Laing's Kings of Norway Lemprière's Classical Dictionary Macaulay's Essays. Mackinnon's History of Civilisation


Bull's Hints to Mothers.

» Management of Children
Copland's Dictionary of Medicine -
Elliotson's Human Physiology
Esdaile's Mesmerism in India -
Holland's Medical Notes - -
Lane's Water Cure at Malvern
Pereira On Food and Diet
Reece's Medical Guide .
Thomson on Food - -

Adshead on Prisons .
Bray's Philosophy of Neces

Social Systems
Cartoons (The Prize) .
Clavers's Forest Life
Cocks's Bordeaux, its Wines, et
Collegian's Guide -
Colton's Lacon .
De Burtin On the knowledge of Pictur
De Morgan On Probabilities -
De Strzelecki's New South Wales
Dresden Gallery - -
Dunlop's History of Fiction .
Good's Book of Nature .



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We Pages
Blaine's, of Rural Sports . . .
Brande's, of Science, Literature, and Art
Copland's, of Medicine -
Cresy's, of Civil Engineering
Gwilt's, of Architecture.
Johnson's Farmer -
Loudon's, of Trees and Shrubs

of Gardening
of Agriculture -
of Plants - - - -

of Rural Architecture
M'Culloch's Geographical Dictionary

, Dictionary of Commerce
Murray's Encyclopædia of Geography
Ure's Arts, Manufactures, and Mines .
Webster's Domestic Economy

Pages Gower's Scientific Phenomena Graham's English Grant's Letters from the Mountains Guest's Mabinogion. Hand-Book of Taste Higgins's Anacalypsis

. 13 Celtic Druids - - - • 13 Hobbes's (Thos.) complete Works - 14 Howitt's Rural Life of England

Visits to Remarkable Places
Student Life of Germany - 15
Rural and Social Life of Germany

Colonisation and Christianity .
Jaenisch on Chess Openings -
Jeffrey's (Lord) Contributions - - 16
King's (Col.) Argentine Republic
Lane's Life at the Water Cure
Loudon's (Mrs.) Lady's Country Companion 18
Macaulay's Critical and Historical Essays 19
Mackintosh's Sir J.) Miscellaneous Works 19
Maitland's Church in Catacombs . - 20
Michelet's Priests, Women, and Families 21

The People .
Necker De Sanssure's on Education -
Perry On German University Education
Peter Plymley's Letters -
Plunkett on the Navy -
Pycroft's English Course of Reading
Roget's Economic Chess board
Rowton's Debater -
Sandford's Parochialia -
Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck
Southey's Common Place Book

» The Doctor, etc. Vol. VI.
Sydney Smith's Works - -
Thomson on Food of Animals, etc. -
Walker's Chess Studies -
Willoughby's (Lady) Diary -
Zumpt's Latin Grammar . .

NATURAL HISTORY IN GENERAL. Catlow's Popular Conchology Doubleday's Butterflies and Moths Drummond's Letters to a Naturalist - 10 Gray's Figures of Molluscous Animals and Mitchell's Ornithology - 12 „ Accipitres

. 12 Kirby and Spence's Entomology Lee's Taxidermy - .

. . 17 ,, Elements of Natural History Newell's Zoology of the English Poets Stephens' British Coleoptera - Swainson on the Study of Natural History

Animals -
Anirnals in Menageries
Fish, Amphibians, & Reptiles

2 .
Habits and Instincts - -

Taxidermy - - -
Turton's Shells of the British Islands .
Waterton's Essays on Natural History.
Westwood's Classification of Insects - 32
Zoology of HM. S.s' Erebus and Terror 32

Aikin's (Dr.) British Poets .
Bürger's Leonora, by Cameron
Chalenor's Walter Gray - .
Collier's Roxburghe Ballads .
Costello's Persian Rose Garden
Goldsmith's Poems -
Gray's Elegy, illuminated
Gutch's Robin Hode
Horace, by Tate .
Howitt's (Mary) Ballads
L. E. L.'s Poetical Works
Linwood's Anthologia Oxoniensis
Maenulay's Lays of Ancient Rome .
Mackay's English Lakes - -
Montgomery's Poetical Works
Moore's Poetical Works -

Lalla Rookh

Irish Melodies •
Moral of Flowers
Poets' Pleasaunce -
Pope's Works -
Reynard the Fox .
Shakspeare, by Bowdler
Sheldon's Minstrelsy
Sophocles, by Linwood
Southey's Poetical Works

British Poets .
Spirit of the Woods
Thomson's Seasons
Watts's (A.A.) Lyrics of the Heart

Gilbart on Banking - -
M'Culloch's Geographical, Statistical, and

Historical Dictionary
M•Culloch's Dictionary of Commerce - 20

Literature of Polit. Economy 19 , On Taxation and Funding

Statistics of the British Empire 19 Marcet's Conversations on Polit. Economy Registrar-General's Reports Symonds' Merchant Seamen's Law Thornton on Over population Tooke's History of Prices


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Bray's (Mrs.) Novels -
Dunlop's History of Fiction
Fawn of Sertorius - - - - - 11
Marryat's Masterman Ready -

Privateer's-Man - - - 20
Settlers in Canada

Mission; or, Scenes in Africa - 20
Pericles, A Tale of Athens
Southey's, The Doctor, etc. Vo
Twelve Years Ayo .
Willis's (N.P.) Dashes at Life


WORKS, ETC. Amy Herbert, edited by Rev W. Sewell Barrett's Old Testament Criticisms. Bloomfield's Greek Testament -

College and School ditto

Lexicon to Greek Testament Bunsen's Church of the Future Burder's Oriental Customs . Burns's Christian Philosophy

Christian Fragments


Pages Loudon's (Mrs.) Lady's Country Companion I Stable Talk and Table Talk

Pages Callcott's Scripture Herbal Cooper's Sermons - Dale's Domestic Liturgy Diccia's Sur day Library. Doduridge's Famils Fxpositor Englishman's Hebrew Concordance

Greek Concordance - . 11 Etheridge's Syrian Churches . . u Fitzroy's (Lady) Scripture Conversations 11 Forster's Historical Geography of Arabia 11

Life of Bishop JebbFrom Oxford to Rome - - - - 11 Gascothe on the Apocalypse. Gertrude, edited by the Rev. W. Sewell. 10 Hook's Dr.) Lectures on Passion Week Horne's introdu tica to the Scriptures

, Compendium of ditto Horsley's (BP., Biblical Criticism · 14

Psalms Jebb's Correspondence with Knox • . is

Transation of the Psalms - - 15 Kip's Christmas in Rome - - - - 16 Kuox's Alexander, Remains Lait g's Notes on the German Schism Laneton Parsonage - Letters to try Unknown Friends Maitland's Church in the Catacombs Margaret Percival . . Michelet's Priests, Women, and Families

, and Quinet's Jesuits Milner's Church History - .. Moore on the Power of the Soul

on the Use of the Body
Mosbeim's Ecclesiastical History
My Youthful Companions
Parables - - - - .
Parkes's Domestic Duties
Pearson's Prayers for Families
Peter Plymley's Letters -
Pitman s Sermons on the Psalms
Quinet's Christianity -
Riddle's Letters from a Godfather.
Sandford On Female Improvement -

On Woman -
, 's Parochialia . .
Sermon on the Mount (The) -
Shepherd's Hora Apostolicæ
Smith's Female Disciple-
, (G) Perilous Times.

Religion of Ancient Britain

Sacred Annals
Southey's Life of Wesley
Stebbing's Church History
Steepleton -
Sydney Smith's Sermons
Tate's History of St. Paul
Tayler's(Rev.C.B.) Margaret; or, the Pearl 29

Dora Melder

Lady Mary
Taylor's (Jeremy) Works -
Tomline's Introduction to the Bible
Trevor; or the New St. Francis
Trollope's Analecta Theologica -
Turner's Sacred History
Twelve Years Ago -
Wardlaw On Socinian Controversy
Weil's Bible, Koran, and Talmud -
Wilberforce's View of Christianity
Wilkinson's Catechisms of Church History
Willoughby's (Lady) Diary -
Woudward's Essays, Sermons, etc.


Bakewell's Introduction to Geology
Balmain's Lessons on Chemistry -
Brande's Dictionary of Science, ete
Brewster's Optics - - - -
Conversations on Mineralogy
De la Becbe on the Geology of Cornwall, etc.
Donovan's Chemistry -
Farey on the Steam Engine .
Fosbroke on the Arts of the Ancients -
Gower's Scientific Phenomena
Greener on the Gun - -
Herschel's Natural Philosophy

Astronomy -
Holland's Manufactures in Metal
Humboldt's Cosmos .
Hurt's Researches on Light .
Kater and Larduer's Mechanics
La Place's System of the World
Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia

Hydrostatics and Pneumatics
and Walker's Electricity
Arithmetic -
Geometry -

Treatise on Heat
Lerebours On Photography
Marcet's Conversations on the Sciences
Memoirs of the Geological Survey.
Moseley's Practical Mechanics .

Engineering and Architecture
Nesbit's Mensuratioa .
Owen's Lectures On Comparative Ana
Pearson's Practical Astronomy -
Peschel's Physics -

Phillips's Palæozoic Fossils of Corwall, etc. 34 , Guide to Geology

Treatise on Geology
Poisson's Mechanics -
Portlock's Geology of Londonderry .
Powell's Natural Philosophy.
Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society
Ritchie (Robert) on Railways
Topham's Agricultural Chemistry
Whitley's Agricultural Geology


Allan's Mediterranean - -
Cooley's World Surveyed
Costello's (Miss) North Wales
De Custine's Russia -
De Strzelecki's New South Wales
Erman's Travels throngh Siberia
Harris's Highlands of Æthiopia
King's (Col.) Argentine Republic
Kip's Holydays in Rome
Laing's Tour in Sweden
Mackay's English Lakes
Montauban's Wanderings
Parrot's Ascent of Mount Ararat
Paton's (A.A.) Servia .

,, Modern Syrians
Pedestrian Reminiscences
Schopenhauer's Pictures of Travel.
Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck
Tischendorf's Travels in Russia
Von Orlich's Travels in India

RURAL SPORTS. Blaine's Dictionary of Sports Ephemera on Angling . Hansard's Fishing in Wales Hawker's Instructions to Sportsmen

VETERINARY MEDICINE Miles On the Horse's Foot Stable Talk and Table Talk Thomson on Fattening Cattle Winter On the Horse


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