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cast faint gleams round the humble apartment. I thought over my past career, pondered that which was to come. My secluded life, the fewness of my associates, my intended destination, and early intellectual culture, had driven me into myself — created a world within the breast, to which I was constantly resorting for occupation and relief.

I looked out. Worlds above, around, hung countless in the sky; while the multitudinous firmaments that make up the star-stream, glittered gorgeously amid the ether!

Insensibly I found myself outside our dwelling, and had closed the lowly door. Here and there mists filled the hollow of the valley or languidly rolled along the level ground. The odour of hay, for it was spring, came sweetly on the sense ; the rail repeated its monotonous chant, and now and then was heard, as one hears on summer nights, the gentle call of the cuckoo.

I was in no humour for repose, so step followed step, and foot-fall foot-fall, along the stony yet grass-bordered causeway that led among the hills. At length I found myself beside a ruined arch and ivied wall. Those emerald-green, arrowy leaves so beautiful, so bright, quivered in the breath of the fragrant night. Lowly graves were around. It was the burying-place of the sons and daughters of the soil, who, unless hurried off elsewhere, had there been wont to sleep the great sleep a thousand years or more. Many an exile, when sick or dying, would have forfeited his chance of recovery for the certainty of reposing at last by that old wall.

I sat by Marion’s grave, for she too lay there. Already odorous honeysuckle shed sweetest fragrance on the place of her repose. A holy thrill came over me. I was a solitary living

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soul - around were the numberless dead — stalwart man and tender woman, feeble infancy and decrepit age hushed quietly together in the clay!

“Where is Marion, where ?” pealed forth a voice from the soul's depths. “Where is she who wandered with me by these grass-grown tombs and crumbling walls ?” “Here, Michael, brother, here am I!” Thus would she respond to my quest no more. “Ah, Marion, one word, one only word to the companion of thy infancy ;" but the wind sighed past the ruined walls — faint odours rose wafted from the flowers : the rail repeated a hoarse note, her companion its soft cuckoo. · And now upsprung the voices of the night: piping winds came pealing through the trees ; boughs rose and fell; the brooks uttered a choral song and all joined in a hymn to God the Maker!



The dead seemed to rise from their graves and kneel upon that earthly floor; and Marion, too, was there ; and many a maiden and many a youth, long buried in the tomb, united with lifted hands, as in vesture of clay they besought the Mighty Father, that he would assoil them of their sins and send them once more, thus purified and renewed, to run a bright career throughout eternity. I felt no fear; why should I? Sisters, brothers, were with me - looked at me with tender, loving eyes, as though they would declare,—“And thou, too, art one of us!”

I know not how long I slept, but my head had rested on Marion's grave, and my hair was wet with dew. The morning's sun shone bright and warm ; the larks sang merrily, and a yellowhammer on an elder tree poured forth its soul in many a dying fall.

Returning home, the table was already spread. I made a slender repast, and tears stood in our


eyes, as with fond embrace and blessings from heart's depths, we said our last farewell.


WHEN I entered the famous seminary, the teachers were struck by a proficiency so unusual. “A man in converse,” they said, “a boy in years." I knew nothing, indeed, of the Institutiones Philosophicæof Anglade ; but I had read a little in the book of human nature, and of human life. A fragmentary knowledge of English, and knowledge still more fragmentary of the ancient classics, was all that was expected, probably because it was all that could be realised. To these rude acquirements were now to be added a little scholastic logic, a course of barren divinity, and some faint inklings of natural science. It was doing the young men scant justice in the first instance and in the last ; it was but poorly

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