The Weekly Notes, Volume 38

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Frederick Pollock
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales, 1903 - Law

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Page 83 - director should, notwithstanding that it should afterwards be discovered that there was some defect in the appointment of such director or person acting as aforesaid, or that they or any of them were disqualified, be valid as if every such person had been duly appointed and was qualified to be a director.
Page 95 - The expression ' real estate/ in this part of this Act, shall not be deemed to include land of copyhold tenure or customary freehold in any case in which an admission or any act by the lord of the manor is necessary to perfect the title of a purchaser from the customary tenant.
Page 35 - discussion, no order was made, except that the costs of all parties as between solicitor and client should be taxed and paid out of the estates. This order, which was still in minutes, did not appear on the face of it to be a consent order, but the plaintiffs alleged that
Page 56 - a general discretion to allow "all such costs, charges, and expenses as shall appear to him to have been necessary or proper for the attainment of justice, or for defending the rights of any party.
Page 110 - the course of the employment both independently of and also under this Act, and shall not be liable to any proceedings independently of this Act, except in case of such personal negligence or wilful act as aforesaid.
Page 88 - Electrical stations, that is to say, any premises or that part of any premises in which electrical energy is generated or transformed for the purpose of supply by way of trade or for the lighting of any street, public place, or public building or of any hotel or of any
Page 53 - of the Mortmain and Charitable Uses Act, 1891, as requires that land assured by Will shall be sold within one year from the death of the testator, shall not apply to any assurance, within the meaning of the said Act of 1888, of land for the purpose of a School House for an Elementary School."]
Page 83 - Those cases seem to me to shew that, if a tenant takes a house which is of such a kind that by its own inherent nature it will in course of time fall; into a particular condition, the effects of that result are not within the tenant's covenant to repair.
Page 112 - the workman may at his option either claim compensation under this Act or take the same proceedings as were open to him before the commencement of this Act.

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