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The Education and Exercise of their Youth. Iheir general Assembly, p. 308


A grand Debate at the General Assembly of the Houyhnhnms, and hov; it <was determined. The Learning of the Houyhnhnms. Their Buildings. Their Manner of Burials, The Defectiveness of their Language, p. 316


The Author's Oeconomy, and happy Life, among the Houyhnhnms. His great Improvement in Virtue, by conversing ixiith them. Their Conversations. The Author has Notice given him by his Master, that he must depart from the Country*. He falls into a Swoon for Grief; but submits. He contrives, and finishes a Canoo, by the Help of a Fellovi-fervant, and puts to Sea at a Venture. . p. 323


The Authors dangerous Voyage. He arrives at NewHolland, hoping to settle there. Is-wounded v;ith an Arrov; by one of the Natives. Is seized and carried by Force into a Portugueze Ship. The great Civilities of the Captain. The Author arrives at England. p. 33*


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A Voyage to Lilliput.


Isbe Author gives some Account os himself and Family, his first Inducements to travel. He is shipwrecked, and swims for his Life, gets safe en Shore in the Country of Lilliput, is made a Prisoner, and carried up the Country.

MY Father had a small Estate, in N6t* tinghamjhire; I was the Third of sive Sons. He sent me to Emanuel College in Cambridge, at fourteen Years old, where I resided three Years, and applied myself close to my Studies; but the Charge of maintaining me {although I had a very scanty Allowance) being too great for a narrow Fortune, I was bound Apprentice to Mr. "James Bates, an eminent Surgeon in London, with whom I continued four Years; and my Father now and then sending me small Sums of Money, I laid them out in learning Navigation, and other Parts of the Mathematics, usesul to those who intend to travel, as I always believed: it would be some Time or other jny Fortune to do. When I left Mr. Bates, I B wont

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