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Majesty, placing great Considence in your Valour and Strength, hath commanded me to lay this Account of his Affairs before you.

I desired the Secretary (To present my humble Duty to the Emperor, and to let him know, that I thought it would not become me, who was a Foreigner, to intersere with Parties; but I was ready, with the Hazard of my Lise, to desend his Person and State against all Invaders.


The Author, by an extraordinary Stratagem, prevents an Invasion. A high Title of Honour is conferred upon him. Ambassadors arriv&from the Emperor of Blefuseu, and sue for Peace. The Empress's Apartment on Fire by an Accident; the Author instrumental in saving the rejl of the Palace.

TH E Empire of Blefuseu is an Island, situated to the North-East Side of Lilliput, from whence it is parted only by a Channel of eight hundred Yards wide. I had not yet seen it, and, upon this Notice of an intended Invasion, I avoided appearing on that Side of the Coast, for Fear of being discovered by some of the Enemy's Ships, who had received no Intelligence of me, all Intercourse between the two Empires having been strictly forbidden during the War, upon Pain of Death, and an Embargo laid by our Emperor upon all Vessels whatsoever. I communicated to his Majesty a Project I had formed of seizing the Enemy's whole Fleet; Which, as our Scouts assured us, lay at Anchor in the Harbour ready to fail with

the the sirst fair Wind. I consulted the most experienced Seamen, upon the Depth of the Channel, which they had often plummed, who told me, that in the Middle, at High water, it was seventy Glumglufft deep, which is about six Feet of European Measure; and the rest of it sifty Glumgluffs at most. I walked towards the North-East Coast, overa gainst Blefuscu; where, lying down behind a Hillock, I took out my small Perspective-glass, and viewed the Enemy's Fleet at Anchor, consisting of about sifty Men of War, and a great Number of Transports -. I then came back to my House, and gave Order (for which I had a Warrant) for a great Quantity of the strongest Cable and Bars of Iron. The Cable was about as thick as Packthread, and the Bars of the Length and Size of a Knitting-needle. I trebled the Cable to make it stronger, and, for the fame Reason, I twisted three of the iron Bars together, binding the Extremities Into a Hook. Having thus sixed sifty Hooks to as many Cables, I went back to the North-East Coast, and putting off" my Coat, Shoes, and Stockings, walked into the Sea, in my leathern Jerkin, about an Hour before High-water. I waded with what Haste I could, and swam in the Middle about thirty Yards, till I selt Ground ; I arrived to the Fleet in less than half an Hour. The Enemy was so frighted when they faw me, that they leaped out of their Ships, and swam to Shore, where there could not be sewer than thirty thoufand Souls, I then took my Tackling, and, fastening a Hook to the Hole at the Prow of each, I tied all the Cords together at the End. While I was thus employed, the Enemy discharged several thoufand Arrows, many of which stuck in my Hands and Face; and, besides the excessive Smart, gave me much Disturbance 44 .^voyage

bance in my Work. My greatest Apprehension was for mine Eyes, which I should have insallibly lost, if I had not suddenly thought of an Expeclient. I kept among other little Necessaries a pair pf Spectacles in a private Pocket, which, as I observed before, had escaped the Emperor's Searchers. These I took out and fastened as strongly as I could upon my Nose, and, thus armed, went on boldly with my Work in Spight of the Enemy's Arrows, many of which struck against the Glasses of my Spectacles, but without any other Effect, farther than a little to discompose them. I had now fastened all the Hooks, and, taking the Knot in my Hand, began to pull, but not a Ship would stir, for they were all too fast held by their Anchors, so that the boldest Part of my Enterprize remained. I therefore let go the Cord, and leaving the Hooks fixed to the Ships, I resolutely cut with my Knise the Cables that fastened the Anchors, receiving above two hundred Shots in my Face and Hands; then I took up the knotted End of the Cables to which my Hooks were tied, and with great Ease drew fifty of the Enemy's largest Men cf War after me.

The Blefuscudiant, who had not the least Imagination of what I intended, were at first confounded with Astonishment. They had seen me cut the Cables, and thought roy Design was only to let the Ships run a-drift, or fall foul on each other: But when they perceived the whole Fleet moving in Order, and faw me pulling at the End, they set up such a Scream of Griefand Despair, that it is almost impossible to describe or conceive. When I had got out of Danger, I stopt a while to pick out the Arrows that stuck in my Hands and Face ; and rubbed on some of the fame Ointr

ment mcnt that was given me at my first Arrival, as I have formerly mentioned. I then took off my Spectacles, and, waiting about an Hour till tho Tide was a little fallen, I waded through the middle with my Cargo, and arrived fase at the Royal Port of Lilliput.

The Emperor and his whole Court stood on the Shore expecting the Issue of this great Adventure. They faw the Ships move forward in a large Half• Moon, but could not discern me, who was up to my Breast in Water. When I advanced to the middle of the Channel, they were yet in more Pain, because I was under Water to my Neck. The Emperor concluded me to be drowned, and that the Enemy's Fleet was approaching in a hostile Manner: But he was soon eased of his Pears, for the Channel growing shallower every Step I made, I came in a short Time within hearing, and, holding up the End of the Cable by which the Fleet was fastened, I cried in a loud Voice, Long live the most puissant Emperor of Lilliput I This great Prince received me at my Landing with all possible Encomiums, and created me a Nardac upon the Spot, which is the highest Title of Honour among them. His Majesty desired I would take some other Opportunity of bringing all the rest of his Enemy's Ships into his Ports. And so unmeasurable is the Ambition of Princes, that he seemed to think of nothing less than reducing the whole Empire of Blesuscu into a Province, and governing it by a Vice-Roy; of destroying the Big-Endian Exiles, and compelling that People to break the smaller End of their Eggs, by which he would remain the sole Monarch of the whole World. But I endeavour'd to divert him from his Design, by many Arguments drawn from the Topics of Policy 4& -J? To Y AC E ,

as well as Justice: And I plainly protested, that t Would never be an Instrument of bringing a free and brave People into Slavery. <And, when the Matter was debated in Council, the wisest-Part of the Ministry were of ray Opinions

This open bold Declaration of mine was so opposite to the Schemes and Politics of his Imperial Majesty, that he could never forgive me; he mentioned it in a very artsul Manner at Council, where I was told that seme of the wisest appeared, at least, by their Silence, to be of my Opinion ; but others, who were my secret Enemies, could not forbear some Expressions, which by a Side-wind reflected on me. And from this Time began an Intrigue between his Majesty, and a Junto of Ministers maliciously bent against me, .which broke out in less than two Months, and had like to have ended in my utter Destruction: Of so little Weight are the greatest Services to Princes, when put into the Bailance with a Refofal to gratify their Passions.

About three Weeks after this Exploit, there arrived a . solemn Ambassy from Bltfuscu, with humble Offers of a Peace; which was soon concluded upon Conditions very advantageous to our Emperor, wherewith I shall not trouble the Pveader. There were six Ambassadors, with a Train of about sive hundred Persons, and their Entry was very magnisicent, suitable to the Grandeur of their Master, and the Importance of their Business. When their Treaty was sinished) wherein I did (hem several good Ossices by the Credit I now had, or at least appeared to have at Court, their Excellencies, who were privately told how much 1 had been their Friend, made me a Visit in Form. They began with many Compliments


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