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together. Io his right Wastecoat-Pocket, we found a prodigious Bundle of white thin Substances, folded one over another, about the Bigness of three Men, tied with a strong Cable, and marked with black Figures; which we humbly conceive to be Writings, every Letter almost half as large as the Palm of our Hands. In the left there was a Sort of Engine, from the Back of which were extended twenty long Poles, resembling the Palifadoes before your Majesty's Court; wherewith we conjecture the Man-Mountain combs his Head, for we did not always trouble him with Questions, because we found it a great Difficulty to make him understand us. In the large Pocket on the right Side of his middle Cover, (so I translate the Word Ravsu-Lo, by which they meant my Breeches) we faw a hollow Pillar ef Iron, about the Length of a Man, fastened to a strong Piece of Timber, larger than the Pillar; and upon one Side of the Pillar were huge Pieces of Iron sticking out, cut into strange Figures, which we know not what to make of. In the left Pocket, another Engine of the fame Kind. In the smaller Pocket, on the right Side, were several round slat Pieces of white and red Metal, of difserent Bulk; some of the white, which seemed to be Silver, were so large and heavy, that my Comrade and I could hardly lift them. In the left Pocket were two black Pillars irregularly shaped: We could not, without Difficulty, reach the Top of them as we stood at the Bottom of his Pocket. One of them was covered, and seemed all of a Piece: But, at the upper End os the other, there appeared a white round Substance, about twice the Bigness of our Heads. Within each of these was inclosed a prodigious


Plate of Steel; which, by our Orders, we obliged him to shew us, because we apprehended they might be dangerous Engines. He took them out of their Cases, and told us, that in his own Country his Practice 'was to shave his Beard with one of these, and to cut his Meat with the other. There were two Pockets which we could not enter; These he called his Fobs $ they were two large Slits cut into the Top of his middle Cover, but squeez'd close by the Pressure of his Belly. Out of the right Fob hung a great silver Chain, with a wondersul Kind of Engine at the Bottom. We directed him to draw out whatever was fastened to that Chain; which appeared to be a Globe, half Silver, and half of some transparent Metal: For on the transparent Side we faw certain strange Figures circularly drawn, and thought we could touch them, till we sound our Fingers stopped by that lucid Substance. He put this Engine to our Ears, which made an incessant Noise like that of a Water-Mill. And we conjecture it is either some unknown Animal, or the God that he worships: But we are more inclined to the latter Opinion, because he assured us {if we understood him right, for he expressed himself very impersectly) that he seldom did any Thing without consulting it. He called it his Oracle, and faid it pointed out the Time for every Action of his Lise. From the left Fob he took out a Net almost large enough for a Fisherman, but contrived to open and shut like a Purse, and served him for the fame Use: We found therein several massy Pieces of yellow Metal, which, if they be real Gold, must be of immense Value.

Having thus, in Obedience to your Majesty's

Commands, diligently searched all his Pockets,

04 -i Vor(i C-e ,

we observed a Girdle about his Waste, rgade of the Hide of some prodigious Animal, from which, on the left Side, hung a Sword of the Length of five Men; and on the right, a Bag or Pouch, divided into two Cells, each Cell capable of holding; three of your Majesty's Subjects. In one of these Cells were several Globes, or Balls, of a most ponderous Metal, about the Bigness of our Heads, and required a strong Hand to lift them: The otherCell contained a Heap of certain black Grains, but of no great Bulk or Weight, for we could hold above fifty of them in the Palms of our Hands. This is an exact Inventory of what we found about the Body of the Man-Mountain, who used us with great Civility, and due Respect to your Majesty's Commission. Sign'd and seal'd, on the. fourth Day of the eighty-ninth Moon of your Majesty's auspicious Reign.

Glefrin Frelock, Marji Frehck. When this Inventory was read over to the Emperor, he directed me, although in very gentle Terms, to deliver up the several Particulars. He first called for my Scymiter, which I took out, Scabbard and all. In the mean Time he ordered three thoufand of his choicest Troops (who then attended him) to surround me at a Distance, with their Bows and Arrows just ready to discharge: But I did not observe it, for mine Eyes were wholly fixed upon his Majesty. He then desired me to draw my Scymiter, which, although it had got some Rust by the Sea-Water, was in most Parts exceeding bright. I did so, and immediately all the Troops gave a Shout, between Terror and Surprize; for the Sun shone clear, and the Reflection dazzled their Eyes as I waved the Scymeter to and fro in my Hand. His Majesty, who is a most' magnanimous' Prince, was less daunted than T could expect i he ordered me to return it into the Scabbard, and cast it on the Ground as gently as I could, about six Feet from the End of my Chain. The next Thing he demanded, was one of the hoi-' low iron Pillars, by which he meant my PocketPistols. I drew it out, and at his Desire, as well as I could, expressed to him the Use of it ; and charging it only with Powder, which by the Closeness of my Pouch happened to escape wetting in the Sea (an Inconvenience against which all prudent Mariners take special Care to provide) I first cautioned the Emperor not to be afraid, and then I let it off in the Air. The Astonishment here was much greater than at the Sight of my Scyme^er. Hundreds sell down, as if they had been struck dead ; and even the Emperor, although he stood his Ground, could not recover himself in some Time. I delivered up both my Pistols in the fame Manner, as I had done my Scymiter, and then my Pouch of Powder and Bullets ; begging him that the former might be kept from the Fire, for it would kindle with the smallest Spark, and blow up his Imperial Palace into the Air. I likewise delivered up my Watch, which the Emperor was very curious to see, and commanded two of his tallest Yeomen of the Guards to bear it on a Pole upon their Shoulders, as Dray-men in England do a Barrel of Ale. He was amazed at the continual Noise it made, and the Motion os the Minute-Hand, which he could easily discern; for their Sight is much more acute than ours: And asked the Opinions of his learned Men about him, which were various and remote, as the Reader may well imagine without my repeating; although indeed I could not very persectly understand a& yfVOYAGE

ftand them. I then gave up my Silver and Copper Money, my Purse with nine large Pieces of Gold, and some smaller ones; my Knise and Razor, my Comb and silver Snusf-box, my Handkerchief and Journal-book. My Scymiter, Pistols, and Pouch, were conveyed in Carriages to his Majesty's Stores; but the rest of my Goods were returned me.

I had, as I before observed, one private Pocket which escaped their Search, wherein there was a pair of Spectacles (which I sometimes use for the Weakness of mine Eyes) a Pocket Perspective, and several other little Conveniencies; which being of no Consequence to the Emperor, I did not think myself bound in Honour to discover, and I apprehended they might be lost or spoiled if I ventured them out of my Possession.

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