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gained from tlie enemy, in common with Out regular troops, you are hereby directed to take care, that in ,.11 dispositions tbe said corps be'considered, and have their share of such booty allotted to them, in proportion to their respective numbers, ranks, and pay: You will also take care that, in such dispositions, a proper regard be had to all negroes who (hall attend this expedition, and to all peasants and others working to clear ground, ailifling at lieges, or otherwise employed in any military service.

"Whereas by oar proclamation, bearing date the 10th of this instant June, we have directed in whet manner and proportion all prizes' taken at sea, during the present war with Spain, shall be distributed, pursuant to the power reserved to his Majesty for that pOrpo.fe, by au Act passed the last session of Parliament, intknted,

An Act for the more effectual securing and encouraging the trade of his Majesty's British subjects in America, and for the encouragement of seamen to enter into his Majesty's service," as by our laid proclamation, reference being thereunto had, may more fully appear:

And whereas it will also be necessary to prevent all disputes that may arise during the present expedition about Kooty taken from the enemy at land, that certain rules should be laid down, and proportions settled, for the distribution of such plunder; we have thought fit to order and direct, and we do hereby order and direct,

, j st. That in all cases where his Majesty's land and sea forces shall be equally engaged in the attacking or taking of any place, fort, or country from the enemy, the booty there gained (hall be distributed between the said land and sea forces engaged in such enterprise in the manner following; v/z.

The whole amount of such booty lhall be divided into fifteen equal parts or portions,

Whereof 5 — 15"" shall be given to the two Comc — 15"" manders in Chief of the land aud sea forces, to be equally divided between them.

To the other General Officers, Admirals, and ComI — 1 j® modorcs, to be divided amongst them, in proportion to their respective salaries 1 — 15th.

To the several Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Quarter Master General, Adjutant General, Commissary General, Pay Master General of the Und forces, Judge Advocate, Secretaries to the General and Admiral, Provost Marshal, Physicians, Surgeons, and Chaplain* General, by land and sea, Majors of regiments and of u, brigades, Aid-de-camps upon the establishment, Cap* 3 "*~ '5 tains-and Lieutenants at land and sea, Lnngns, Adjutants, and Quarter Masters of regiments, Chaplain* and Surgeons of regiments and ships, Directors of the hospital, their Surgeons and mates, to be divided amongst them, in proportion to their respective salaries, excepting in the particulars hereinafter mentioned,

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The remaining 6 part* to be divided amongst all the Non-commission Officers at land and sea, Soldiers and Sailors, in proportion to their respective pay or salary, excepting only as hereafter is provided.

2. In which distribution Commanders in CliicF by land and by sea (hall be equally considered; Rear Admirals shall be accounted as Major Generals; Commodores wearing broad pendents as Brigadier Generals; Captains of the ships of line of battle a6 Colonels; Captains of lesser (hips of war, giving rank, as Lieutenant Colonels; Mailers and Commanders ot fire ships, bomb ketches, sloops, and other Grips of war, not giving rank, as Majors; Lieutenants at. sea, and Mailers of ships, giving rank, as Captains of the land forces; Gunners, Pursers, Boatswains, and Cook;, as Lieutenants of land forces; Midshipmen, and all other petty officers at sea, as Serjeants of the land forces, notwithstanding any disparity between the pay and salary of such land and sea Commanders; and shall receive their portion of plunder accordingly. It is likewise our pleasure that all Soldiers and Sailors, notwithstanding any disparity in their pay, be equally considered and receive their respective shares accordingly.

3. But whenever the service done (hall be carried on by the land forces only, then the whole booty shaU be divided amongst them, in the following manner:

To the General and Commander in Chief
To the General Officers, in proportion to their]

respective salaries
To the several Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels,"^
Quarter Master General, Adjutant General,
Commissary General, Paymaster General,
Judge Advocate, Secretary, Physician, Chap-
lain, and Surgeon to the General, Provost
Marshal, Majors of regiments, and of brigades,
Aid-de-camps upon the establishment, Cap-
tains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Adjutants,- Quar-
ter Mailers, Chaplains and Surgeons of regi-
ments, Directors of hospitals, their Surgeons,
and Mates, 3 — if^t to be divided amongst
them, in proportion to their r^'sejective pay or
salaries '- » V:

The remaining fix parts to be divided^ amongst 1 the Non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers, in >

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proportion to their respective pay or salaries

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4. ■ It is likewise our intention that in'both the afore-nuotioned distributions, Commissaries of stores and provisions, and all the

"■• • '■ '•': " " '•' ' Cam. Commission ar.d Ndn-romrnission Officers, Engineers, Gunner*, Matrofles, Artificers, and Soldiers belonging to the train of artillery attending this expedition, be considered and have their share of the said plunder, in proportion to their ranks and salaries.

e. But no Officer shall be allowed to share in two capacities, (that is to fay) both as a General Officer and Colonel of a regiment, or as Adjutant and Lieutenant, as the cafe may happen; and whenever any person shall hold two different employments, he shall chuse in which of them he will take his dividend ; but it is not hereby intended to exclude Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and Majors from receiving their shares as Captains, as well as Field Officers.

6. And whereas his Majesty, by instructions to his Governors of his colonies on the continent of North America, and to his Governor of the Leeward Islands, has declared it to be his royal intention, that the forces ordered to be raised by the said Governors for his Majesty's service, and to attend this expedition, shall have an equal share in all plunder gained from the enemy, in common with the rest of liis Majesty's troops: Now you are hereby directed to take care, that in all distributions the said American levies be considered, and have their sharers all booty, in proportion to their respective ranks and pay accordingly.

7. We do also think lit to direct that Pioneers or Peasants working to clear grounds, and assist at sieges, shall be considered, and have their distribution of booty equally with the common Soldiers; and that every Officer, Soldier, or Seaman, that shall happen to be wounded in any siege or action where booty shall be taken, shall have a double (hare in proportion to bis rank, in consideration of such wound*.


The Distribution of Prizes and Booty that shall be taken from the Enemy in the West Indies. That of all the prizes taken at sea, her Majesty do, in the first place, reserve to herself and the States General, all guns, arms, and ammunition, the hulks, fails, cordage, anchors, naval stores, and provisions of ships of war.

That the whole remainder, after deducting the tenths for the Lord High Admiral, her Majesty and the States General shall have two thirds.

That the remaining third (after such defalcation) shall be divided into sixteen parts, and distributed as follows:

To the Admiral 3 Sixteenths

To the Vice Admiral 1 To the Captains and Lieutenants - 4 To the rest of the Non-commission Offi-1 g cers and Seamen 1 That all prizes at sea be divided among the Seamen only, according to the said proportions; and that the booty at land be divided among the Landmen only.

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That of alt booty taken at land her Majesty-doe; reserve to herself and the States'General two thirds, rn ci:fethe town or be taken by capitulition ; but in cafe the place or town be ra.^e.i .by storm, then her Majesty reserves to herself and the States General unly one third.

That the re maining third, or two thirds as aforesaid, shall be di« ridcJ into sixteen parts, and shall be distributed as follows, vis. To the General - - "3

To the other Officers - - i

To the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonel, "1 ',

Major, Captain, Lieutenants, and j- 4.
Ensigns - - 'j

To the rest of the Non-commiffiqned J g
Officers and Soldiers * - i


That when any Landmen arc commanded on board any ships pf her Majesty and the States, in any expedition, or if in their passage to the Weil Indies, or in the West Indies from one place to another, that transports shall be engaged, and a prize taken, the Laudmen, as well Officers as common Soldiers, on board the ships of war or transport fliips, shall be considered as Seamen ; and that when Seamen shall be joined with Landmen in land service, they likewise, both Officers and Men, shall be considered as Landmen in the dividends of the booty.

That of all booty and prizes to be taken in any service at land, in which the Commanders in Chief of the squadron for the time being shall assist, with Seamen belonging to the ships of that squadron (which Men shall not be distributed into companies of a lesser number than what the land forces do consist of ),"the Commander in Chief shall have the same share a* is allowed to a Colonel, and the Officers which shall be appointed by him to command these Men shall in like manner be considered as land Officers.

That where her Majesty's ships and those of ihe States shall concur in the siege or attack of a place, the Officers and Seamen of those ships shall share in the distribution of the booty as Landmen.

That if any fleet of the enemy Jhail come to relieve any plaoe so attacked or besieged, and that the fleet of her Majesty and the States General, ov any squadron of it, shall attack such (sect, then the Officers and Seamen of such fleet or squacWon, so engaged, shall share as Landmen in the distribution of the booty of such place^ if taken.

That in all other cases which cannot be foreseen, the Admiral os the fleets of her Majesty and the States General in the West Indies, and the General of the land forces there, (hall concert.such mea« sures for the distribution of the booty and plunder, as may seerrt most agreeable to these directions, and as the particular nature ot the cale may require.

Vol. III.


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That In all such cases as aforesaid, where the sea and land men shall be jointly entitled to the dividend, the same shall be done aftCr the respective defalcations above mentioned, according to the following proportions:

Between the Admiral and General at land > c. .
equally - - . f 3 Sixteenths..

Between the Vice Admiral and other Ge- j
neral Officers - - j

Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors,"
Captains, at sea and land, and En-

The rest of the Non-commisfioned Officers ~t

at sea and land, the Seamen and Sol- > 8
diers - J

That no officer of the militia (hall be considered as a Colonel that commands less than 500 men, nor as a Captain that hath fewer in his company than 40, unless such regiment or company, aster their proceeding on this expedition, happen to be reduced by sickness, or the accidents of war.

The abovesaid proportions allowed to the seamen and landmen shall be in all cases distributed between the English and Dutch in manner following; via. the Dutch shall have such part thereof as is proportionable to the number of ships or landmen respectively employed in the respective services, to be divided among them as their Commanders in Chief shall indue proper, and the rest shall be disposed as abovesaid to her Majesty's subjects.

The Distribution of the Prizes and Booty that should be taken in the Weil Indies, under the Command of Commodore Wilmot, 1694.

1. All prizes taken at sea were to be distributed Recording to an Act of Parliament ii> that behalf; and of all the booty at land, a third part was to be set aside for the Lieutenant Governor os Jamaica, when Commander in Chief on any expedition, or to the Commander in Chief for the time being; the other two thirds to be distributed among the officers and soldiers, as will be hereafter more particularly expressed.

2. His Majesty's part of all prizes at sea was to be divided among the seamen only, and the booty at land among the landmen.

3. But when landmen happened to be commanded onboard upon *ny expedition, cr if in their passage to the West Indies their transport ships should be engaged, and a prize taken, such landmen were to be considered as seamen, and their officers on board to receive a (hare, according to their pay; and in like manner the seaman and their officers, when on shore, were to receive a divideud, according to their pay.

4. That

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