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Liberty, Union county................
Evansville, Vanderburgh county......
Clinton, Vermillion county.........
Perrysville, Vermillion county......
Terre Haute, Vigo county.......
Lagro, Wabash county.........
Wabash City, Wabash county........
Williamsport, Warren county...........
Booneville, Warrick county........................................
Newburg, Warrick county.......
Salem, Washington county...
Centreville, Wayne county...............
East Germantown, Wayne county.
Hagerstown, Wayne county.........
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Blufftown, Wells county...

Monticello, White county....

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The first Sabbath School that we have been able to find a record of, was established in the year 1769 in the town of Wycumbe, England, by a young Methodist lady by the name of Hannah Ball. A few years after this another young lady who afterwards became the wife of Samuel Bradburn, suggested the idea of Sabbath Schools to Robert Rakes. He being a man of quick perception and great energy saw at once the advantages to be gained by schools of this kind. He immediately set to work and organized a school in the city of Gloucester, England, and through his labors and influence other cities of that country were induced to establish Sabbath Schools and work for the Sunday School interest.

The first Sabbath School established in the United States was organized by Bishop Asbury, in the year 1786, in Hanover County, Va., at the house of Mr. Thomas Cranshaw. The progress of Sabbath Schools in the United States until about the year 1830, was rather slow, as but few of the Christian denominations up to that time had become interested in the Sunday School cause. But one by one, the different organizations of Christians have gradually adopted the institution of Sabbath Schools, till now, the popular method of all churches for the religious training of the young is the Sunday School. Now, in every land and nation, where Christian people reside, the Sabbath School cause is advancing.

The organization of Sabbath Schools,

Remember one and all,

Was first established in Wycumbe,
By Miss Hannah Ball.

After this Miss Bradburn
Suggested to Robert Rakes
To organize a Sabbath School,
And helped him set the stakes.

They organized in Gloucester,
The banner they unfurled,

The fame and name of which has spread,
Almost throughout the world.

The honor due to Robert Rakes,

Miss Bradburn and Miss Ball. Should not be given to Robert Rakes, But given to them all.

For the institution of Sabbath Schools,
The honor is due Miss Ball.
To her for lighting up the lamp,

We give the honor all.

Miss Bradburn she is worthy of
Our honor, love, and praise,
For her suggestions, and her work,
In keeping up the blaze.

And to Robert Rakes is due

The honor of school extension,

For adding fuel to the light,

And widening its dimension.



For Cleaning Silverware, and for Silvering Copper.-Onefourth ounce crystal nitrate of silver, one-half ounce cream of tartar, one-fourth ounce of common salt; pulverize all to a fine powder together, bottle it up and it is ready for use. Apply with a woolen rag, wetting the rag so as the powder will stick to it.

For Distemper in Horses.-Ground ginger, two ounces; flour of sulphur, two ounces; copperas, two ounces; Spanish brown, two ounces; saltpeter, one-half ounce; mix thoroughly. Give a tablespoonful once a day in bran mash. Keep the animal warm and dry, with light exercise.

Whitewash for Out Doors.-Take good white unslacked lime, one peck; salt, one quart; two pounds Spanish whiting; one gallon good flour paste; first slack the lime in hot water; be sure to put enough on to keep the lime from burning; then add while warm the salt and Spanish white, and then the paste; let stand over night. It is better to have it warm while applying it.

For Removing Paint From Glass-Baking soda and warm


Antidote for Poison.-Give sweet oil in large doses.

For Worms in Children.-Santenine, nine grains; calomel, six grains; white sugur, eighteen grains; mix well; make in six powders for a child two years old, and give one before each meal for two days; work off with oil.

For Removing Grease Spots From Cloth-Soda, two drachms; borax, one drachm; dissolve it together in one ounce of hot water, then add one ounce of alcool. Shake it well and apply with woolen rag or brush, rubbing briskly.

To Get Rid of Little Ants.-Use salt and water freely where they infest.

Washing Fluid.-Borax, one pound; soda, one pound; dissolve in two gallons of hot water. Put the clothes in the tub, cover them with water containing a half gallon of the fluid, and let stand over night.

For Toothache, Headache, Neuralgia, and Rheumatio Pains.-Make a liniment of the following preparations: One ounce of tincture of Amonia, one ounce tincture of camphor, one ounce oil of organum, one-half ounce oil of cedar, one ounce oil of hemlock, and one quart linseed oil; mix all together, put it in a bottle and shake well. Directions for using. Apply the liniment freely to the affected parts, and rub and bathe it as often as three or four times daily. For the toothache, put a little on a piece of cotton, and put it in the tooth, and rub it on the jaw of the patient. I have found this to be one of the best liniments in use.

For Cuts and Bruises on Man or Beast.-Take two ounces tincture of camphor, two ounces linseed oil, one ounce of turpentine; mix all together, and apply to the affected parts.

For Pickling Beef.-To 100 pounds of beef take one gallon of salt, three-fourths of a pound of sugar, three ounces black pepper ground; add together, put all in a kettle containing three gallons of water; boil slowly, and skim occasionally. Pack the beef in tight tubs, and cover with the brine.

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