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sword, court, forth, hoarse, host, ghost, show, brooch, cocoa, horde, victorious, proportion, original, poultry, hautboy, oriental, forebode, dough, philosopher, portly, mourn, won't, corps.

(20.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in not :-troth, yacht, hostile, jockey, often, jocund, nominate, prologue, monologue, twaddle, wash, pollute, quantity, quality, allot, foster, extraordinary, quadraut, lobster, prolong, endorse, chord, harmonize, theology, monstrous.

(21.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in move :--shoe, ambush, bivouac, booby, boot, bosom, croup, recruit, rhubarb, ruthless, bouse, lose, shrewd, ado, brew, halloo, ragout, screw, cockatoo, crew, hoop, reprove, groove, behove, whose.

(22.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in tube :--tune, duty, curate, cubic, confusion, dupe, duke, education, music, feud, Tuesday, pursuit, repute, abuse, impugn, reduce, suit, imbue, ridicule, pure, cure,

view. (23.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in tub:-done, cherub, plum, factious, custard, cupboard, blood, tough, monkey, chough, couple, stomach, jump, subtle, luscious, mulct, borough, thorough, umpire, ton, among, pumpkin, shut, grudge, drunk, shove.

(24.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in bull:-cushion, pull, pulpit, should, book, cook, cuckoo, foot, full, shook, wolf, woman, would, worsted, tulle, hood, hurrah, hussar, put, pudding, stood.

(25.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in oil:--coin, boy, oboe, burgeois, envoy, rhomboid, boyish, loyalty, moiety, cloister, doit, hoist, oyster, anoint, jointure, embroider, foible, toilsome, avoid, noiseless, alloy, joy, destroy, aroynt, troy, alloy.

(26.) Pronounce the vowel sound as in pound:-accountant, bower, coward, vowel, couch, couslip, doughty, bounteous, countenance, fountain, cloudy, owlet, thousand, browse, lounge, avow, bough, plough, endow, arouse, without, renown.


(27.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in ebb:—bought, beast, beg, inhabit, bound, stab, babbler, glebe, cupboard, bulb, superb, verb, proverb, tube, barb, baboon, barbarous, barbican, abrogate, ebony, fabulous, obstacle.

(28.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in up:-peer, pound, bappy, rapid, tropic, shepherd, populous, Papacy, Puritan, turpitude, pippin, slipper, steeple, proper, span, spoil, scarp, proud, spend, duplicity, capable, happy. (29.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in add :bade, would,


should, twanged, harangued, buzzed, caged, lodged, damaged, rigged, writhed, bdellium, condemned, intrigued, fatigued, impugued, abridged, deride, condense, sudden.

(30.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in at:- debt, satiety, Thames, Thomas, Ptolemy, receipt, yacht, subtle, indict, victuals, phthisic, titillate, taciturn, tutelar, indebted, indictment, tempter, thyme, chopped, wrecked.

(31.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in egg :-gate, game, bag, gag, bigot, plague, vague, ghost, guerdon, guinea, guarantee, guilt, prologue, epilogue, gewgaw, ragged, craggy, groat, gibbous, gimlet.

(32.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in ark:-car, coil, ache, music, echo, talk, vaccine, flaccid, choler, choir, chord, chorus, anarchy, distich, hemistich, pentateuch, archives, lough, orchestra.

(33.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in all:--lively, lovely, nestle, epistle, thistle, jostle, rustle, victual, needle, drivel, devil, evil, gravel, hazel, housel, ousel, ravel, shovel, shrivel, swivel, weasel, earl, marl, leave, loins, isle, longing, lingering, look.

(34.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in am:man, morn, move, mound, charm, mammon, moment, blame, hymn, solemn, phlegm, drachm, chasm, realm, film, farm, worm, rhythm, comb, womb, mimic, matrimony.

(35.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in an:—penance, nonentity, gnomon, condign, stolen, fallen, swollen, gnarl, gnaw, kneel, Nestorian, aspen, happen, sudden, kitchen, chicken, hyphen, sloven, heaven, pattens, mittens.

(36.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in roe:-power, mayor, pure, lure, virtue, commerce, colonel, pardon, warden, mercy, farm, term, storm, mortgage, appear, roar, whirring, spring, wrangle, wrack, wreck, wrestle, priory, rheum, rhubarb, tremendous, rugged, Russian.

(37.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in have:-vane, veer, vivid, pave, weave, halve, livid, votive, nephew, twelve, revolve, nerve, void, of, veal, very, never, severe, thrive, shove, prove, swerve, give. (38.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in off:-

fame, feud, fanciful, proffer, crafty, chafe, enough, chough, rough, cough, trough, laughter, draught, phial, phlegm, nymph, dwarf, sphinx, epitaph, phaeton, febrifuge, whereof, thereof.

(39.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in we:-war, waft, wall, wonder, beware, wine, swan, swagger, sweet, twig, twine, dwarf, dwell, witch, well, quotation, quality, choir, suite, cuirass, cuirassier, quorum, quagmire.

(40.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in why :—whale, what, when, while, where, whirl, whist, which, whether, whither, whirlwind. ( 181 )


(41.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in you:-year, young, your, yet, banyan, yell, yellow, union, minion, yarrow, yield, youth, spaniel, million, poniard, celestial, question, yew-tree.

(42.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in haze:—zephyr, dissolve, hassars, damson, residue, president, mechanism, dismay, refusal, desire, houses, prizes, dances, scissors, disnal, complaisance, monarchize, as, his, rose.

(43.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in pass :sin, sign, suit, soot, dose, insist, sceptre, transgress, transcend, psalm, precedent, schism, tacit, Styx, mists, flaccid, Chersonese, scintillate, exist'st, striv'st, psalmist, Psyche, rescind, vaccinate, scimitar.

(44.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in sing:—king, fang, ring, flinging, ringing, singing, hanger, length, strength, lengthen, strengthen, reading, writing, drawing, dancing, ankle, banquet, ink, donkey, monk, uncle, succinct, relinquish, anger, anguish, strangle, finger, distinguish, extinguish, congregate, congress.

(45.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in azure:- pleasure, leisure, rasure, fusion, explosion, osier, treasure, persuasion, adhesion, vision, measure, derision, circumcision, provision.

(46.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in ash:-censure, nauseate, associate, Asia, Persia, mansion, pension, ocean, chaise, chagrin, chivalry, adventitious, appreciate, passion, chamois, shall, commercial, machine, precious, shovel, shout, financial.

(47.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in lathe:—there, thine, thither, though, either, tithe, wreathe, brethren, farthing, heathen, weather, breathe, clothe, unsheathe, within, nether, mother, father, bother, thy, th

(48.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in pith:—thank, thaw, theatre, thought, bath, path, mouth, tooth, faith, breath, panther, orthoepy, apathy, ether, rhythm, ethics, atheist, length, strength, width, breadth, thesis, Lethe, amethyst, orthodox, labyrinth.

(49.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in Jew:-Jane, George, jaw, Jordan, join, June, jury, John, justice, jaundice, budge, perjure, refuge, soldier, jejune, pledge, oblige, age, doge, divulge, exchange, trudge, judicial.

(50.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in church:—march, child, charm, chamber, churn, charity, chopstick, attach, witch, which, scutcheon, wretch, filch, children, cheerful, choking, Chaucer, stitch, lurch, crutch.

(51.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in hope:-hate, haunt, hall, high, whole, hair, huge, hothouse, hartshorn, heritage, hospital, humanize, Hudibras.

In the following words and their derivatives h is silent:-heir, honest, honour, hostler, hour, humour, and (by many speakers) humble.

(52.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in quit:quaintly, question, quietly, quotient, queen, quite, quarrel, query, quinsy.

(53.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in wax (x as ks):—lax, axis, excellence, annex, six, fix, betwixt.

(54.) Pronounce the consonant sound as in exalt (x as gz):-luxury, exotic, exhaust, exemplary, executorship, exemplify, exempt.


Sound the italicised vowels in the following Exercises distinctly,

counting one on each. (55.) There is no protection against slander. Let us pay no attention to these foolish prattlers: let us try to live in innocence, and allow the world to talk.

The road is long from the intention to the completion.
When we are understood, it is a proof that we speak well.

Life is in itself neither a good nor an evil: it is the theatre of good and evil as you make it.

To know by rote is no knowledge; that is merely to possess what has been committed to the memory. It serves but for ornament, and not for any foundation on which any superstructure can be raised.

A weak judgment measures things by their rarity, novelty, or still more by the difficulty of grasping them; strong judgment measures by use.

Conceit is the mother of falsity; humility the root of heaven.
Goodness and truth are the current coin of eternity.

Happy living not alone, happy dying, is the secret of human bliss.

Seeing a vice is the first step towards correcting it.

Conscience is the voice of the soul, as the passions are those of the body. The two languages contradict each other; to which shall we listen? Remorse sleeps in prosperity, to wake in adversity.

bad act eldom torments us at the time; torment comes when we recall it a long time afterwards. Like the never-dying worm, it lasts for ever.

True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those move easiest who have learned to dance.

The silence of the people is the lesson of kings.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
Every day, however beautiful, has its night.

A man convinced against his well (thought great Galileo) is of the same opinion still.

(56.) THE FISHERMAN. Oh! the fisherman is a happy wight, he debbles by day and he sniggles by night; he trolls for fish, and he trolls his lay, he catches by night, and he dibbles by day. Sniggling, wriggling, eels, and haggling over the price of a nice slice of a fish twice as much as it . ought to be.

(57.) MODERN AILMENTS. Oh! fair are the halls where stern Peritonitis makes love to Miss Asthma, and courts the Catarrh; where the bright Influenza is wooed by Iritis, and 'Psora joins Measles in Beautiful Star. Oh! bright gleam the eyes of that flirt Erythema, and lightly Pneumonia whirls round the dance; Pleuritis is madly in love with Edema, and Hirpes courts Cholera with amorous glance. Adieu, sweet Chorea! Farewell! Carcunoria! Hysteria! my heart with emotion doth swell; that heart Anasarca is thine; Atheronia and bonny Neuralgia a lasting Farewell.

(58.) LANGUAGE. Some say that the primitive tongue expressed but the simplest affections, and all that the words said or sung were nothing but mere interjections. 0! 0! was the signal of pain, Ha! Ha! was the symptom of laughter, Pooh! Pooh! was the sign of disdain, and Hilloo ! came following after. Some, taking a different view, maintain our old language was fitted to mark out the objects we knew by mimicking sounds they emitted. Bow! wow! was the name of a dog, Quack! quack! was the word for a duckling, Hunck! hunck ! was the name of a hog, and Wee, Wee, a pig and a suckling.


ad, and past all help or need of help. The ancient rooms she had seemed to fill with life even while her own was waning fast, the garden she had tended, the eyes she had gladdened, the noiseless haunts of many a thoughtful hour, the paths she had trodden as if it were but yesterday, could know her no more. “It is not,” said the schoolmaster, as he bent down to kiss her on the

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