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The History of Rob Roy is sufficiently known; his Grave

is near the head of Loch Ketterine, in one of those small Pin-fold-like Burial-grounds, of neglected and desolate appearance, which the Traveller meets with in the Highlands of Scotland.

A famous Man is Robin Hood,
The English Ballad-singer's joy!
And Scotland has a Thief as good,
An Outlaw of as daring mood,
She has her brave Rob Roy!
Then clear the weeds from off his Grave,
And let us chaunt a passing Stave
In honour of that Hero brave !

HEAVEŅ gave Rob Roy a dauntless heart,
And wondrous length and strength of arm
Nor craved he more to quell his Foes,

Or keep his Friends from harm.

B 2

Yet was Rob Roy as wise as brave;
Forgive me if the phrase be strong ;-
A Poet worthy of Rob Roy

Must scorn a timid song.

Say, then, that he was wise as brave
As wise in thought as bold in deed :
For in the principles of things

He sought his moral creed.

Said generous Rob,“ What need of Books ? “Burn all the Statutes and their shelves : “They stir us up against our Kind;

“And worse, against Ourselves.

“We have a passion, make a law,
Too false to guide us or controul !
“And for the law itself we fight

“In bitterness of soul.

“And, puzzled, blinded thus, we lose
“Distinctions that are plain and few :
“These find I graven on my heart:

That tells me what to do.

“The Creatures see of flood and field,
“And those that travel on the wind !
“With them no strife can last; they live

“In peace, and peace of mind.

“For why ?— because the good old Rule “Sufficeth them, the simple Plan, “That they should take who have the power,

“ And they should keep who can.

“A lesson which is quickly learn'd,
A signal this which all can see !
Thus nothing here provokes the Strong

“To wanton cruelty,

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