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TABLE of the STATUTES, Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print,

from the Second to the Eighth Year of Queen ANNE.

Anno 2 & 3 Annæ. . Cap. 8. For the erecting a workhouse Cap. 1. L'OR granting an aid to her in the city of Worcester, and for

r Majesty by a land tax, to setting the poor on work there. be raised in the year one thousand Cap. 9. For granting to her Majesty seven hundred and four.

an additional subsidy of tunnage Cap. 2. For granting an aid to her and poundage for three years; and Majesty, by continuing the duties for laying a further duty upon French upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, wines condemned as lawful prize; for one year.

and for ascertaining the values of Cap. 3. For granting an aid to her unrated goods imported from the Majesty, for carrying on the war, East Indies. and other her Majesty's occasions, Cap. 10. To enlarge the time for the by selling annuities at several rates, purchasers of the forfeited estates and for such respective terms or e- - in Ireland, to make the payments

ftates as are therein mentioned. of their purchase money. Cap. 4. For the publick registring of Cap. II. For the making more effec

all deeds, conveyances, and wills, tual her Majesty's gracious intenthat shall be made of any honours, tions for the augmentation of the manors, lands, tenements, or he maintenance of the poor clergy, by reditaments, within the west riding enabling her Majesty to grant in of the county of York, after the nine. perpetuity the revenues of the first and twentieth day of September, one fruits and tenths; and also for en

thousand seven hundred and four. abling any other persons to make Cap. 5. To repeal a Proviso in an act grants for the same purpose.

of the fourth year of the reign of Cap. 12. For the raising the militia King William and Queen Mary, for the year one thousand seven which prevents the citizens of the hundred and four, notwithstanding city of York from disposing of their the month's pay formerly advanced personal estates by their wills, as be not repaid. others inhabiting within the pro- Cap. 13. For prolonging the time by

vince of York by that act may do. an act of parliament made in the Cap. 6. For the increase of seamen, first year of her Majesty's reign, for and better encouragement of navi importing thrown silk of the growth gation, and security of the coal of Sicily from Leghorn. trade.

Cap. 14. For the better securing and Cap. 7. For enlarging the term of fregulating the duties upon falt.

years granted by an act passed in Sap. 15. For the better and more rethe session of parliament, held in a gular paying and assigning the anthe eleventh and twelfth years of nuities, after the rate of three King William III, for the repair of pounds per cent. per annum, payable Dover harbour.

to several bankers, and other paVol. XI.



tentees, or those claiming under between Ralph lord Grey, baron of them.

Werke, and Charles, lord Ofulfione Cap. 16. For the discharging out of and the lady Mary his wife, touch

prison such insolvent debtors as shall ing certain manors, lands, and teserve, or procure a person to serve, nements, in the counties of Nor

in her Majesty's fleet or army. thumberland, Middlesex, and city of Cap. 17. For the better charging fe London, and also between Laurence

veral accountants with interest mo earl of Rochester, and the said lord nies by them received, and to be Grey, concerning other manors, received.

lands, and tenements, in the said Cap. 18. For the further explanation county of Northumberland, county

and regulation of privilege of par palatine of Durbam, and town of liament in relation to persons in Berwick upon Tweed. publick offices.

5. An act for vesting several estates in Cap. 19. For raising recruits for the the counties of Cornwall, and De

land forces, and marines, and for von, and several leasehold estates, dispensing with part of the act for in trustees, to be sold for raising the encouragement and increase of portions for the younger children shipping and navigation, during the of George lord Carteret, deceased, present war.

and for laying out the overplus of Cap. 20. For punishing mutiny, de the money raised by such sales, in

sertion, and false musters, and for purchase of other lands. better paying of the army and quar- 6. An act for sale of the estate of ters, and for satisfying divers ar Henry lord viscount Dillon in the rears, and for a further continuance kingdom of Ireland, for payment of the powers of the five commis of his debts, and for settling an efioners for examining and deter- quivalent in other part of his estate mining the accounts of the army. on the viscountess his wife, for her Private Axls.


7. An act to enable Sir George Wheeler, Anno 2 & 3 Aina.

knight, and doctor in divinity, to 1. An act for naturalizing Elizabeth make leases of some houses and

Cholmondeley, wife of George Chole ground in Chanon Row in Westmin- ; mondeley, esq;

fler. 2. An act to enable the guardian of 8. An act to enable Sir John Alley,

the earl of Warwick and Holland, baronet, to make a jointure upon during his minority, to make leases his inarriage, during his minority, of several messuages in or near Weft and to enable him to buy in any Smithfield.

rent-charge, or other incumbrance 3. An act for settling and confirming upon his eltate.

several exchanges with Ralph earl 9. An act for confirming and better Montague, of several lands and com execution of articles, and the agreemon of Simon Motton, and others, ments therein contained, for the lying in Geddingtoni, in the county disposition and division of the estate of Northampton, for several lands of of the late lord ernsyn, among his the said earl's, lying near to the coheirs. same, and for confirming several 10. An act for supplying the defect agreements relating to the laid ex of the execution of a power in Sir changes.

John Ivory, knighi, deceased, for 4. An act for confirming the execu making provision for his younger • tion of a certain agreement made children.

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11. An act to enable Sir Thomas Tip- devised by Sir Robert Kemp, knight,
ping, baronet, to sell the manor of ' deceased, to the children, and grand
Ickford in the county of Bucks, for children of Elizabeth Outlaw, one
payment of a debt charged thereon, of his sisters and co-heirs, in trustees,
and laying out the surplus money to be sold for the benefit of the de-
in purchase of other lands, to be visees.
settled to the same uses.

19. An act for the vesting of nine mer12. An act to discharge the governor suages in the parish of St. Giles in

and company for making hollow the Fields, in the county of Middlesword-blades in England, of the fex, being the estate of William Farsum of eighteen thousand eight min and Mary his wife, in trustees, hundred fixty four pounds, seven to be sold, and for settling in lieu Thillings, and one halfpenny, by thereof a messuage, and certain mistake overcharged in the pur- lands in Whip nade, Tottrenboe, and chase-money, for several forfeited Studbum, in the county of Bedford. and other estates and interests in 20. An act to enable John Jenkins, Ireland, purchased by them.

esq; to sell lands in the counties of 13. An act for vesting several estates Durham and Northumberland, for

of Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, knight, payment of debts charged there. in trustees, to be sold for payment

upon. of debts, and making provision for 21. An act for vesting in trustees part his wife and daughter.

of the estate of Thomas Harlackenden 14. An act for sale of certain lands in Bowes, esq; for payment of the Carwelton, in the county of Nor debts and legacies wherewith the thampton, of William Adams, clerk, said estate is charged, and for prefor payment of debts, and of por serving the residue clear of charges tions to his younger brothers and for the benefit of Thomas Bowes, fifters, and settling other lands of esq; an infant. greater value upon his wife and 22. An act to enable Arabella Foot to children in lieu thereof.

lay out monies belonging to her son 15. An act for vesting the estate of Topham Foot, in purchases of lands,

Thomas Leigh, late of Ridge in the for his benefit.
county of Chester, esq; deceased, 23. An act to enable the lord high
in trustees, for the payment of his treasurer of England, or commis-
debts, perfecting his purchases, and fioners of the treasury for the time
better effecting the purposes in his being, to compound with John Fer-

rer, esq; for a debt due from hiin 16. An act for the making void cer as surety for John Mason, gent. late

tain uses, estates, and trusts, limit receiver general for the county of
ed in the marriage settlement of Cambridge and ifle of Ely.
Henry Awdley, esq; of certain ma- 24. An act for the vesting the inanor
nors and lands contained in that of Michael Church, in the county of
settlement, and settling other ma Radnor, and other lands in the
nors and lands of better value, to county of Salop, of Mary Bowdler,
and for the same uses, estates, and and IVillian Bowdler, gent. in cer-

tain trustees, for payment of the 17. An act to enable Robert Cawdron, debts, and making provision for the

efq; to settle part of his estate (which younger children of the said William he has improved) for raising por- Bowdler.

tions for his younger children. 25. An act for settling the manor of 18. An act for vesting lands in Ellex, Greech in the county of Somerset, in



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trustees, to enable them to renew esq; in trustees, to be fold, and pur . leases for the maintenance of the chasing other manors or lands of younger sons of William Keyt, esq; equal value, and limiting the ma

decealed, during their minority. nors or lands to be purchased to the 26. An act for sale of some part of same uses, as the lands to be fold

the estate of John Holden, gent. and are limited. Robert Holden, his son, for payment 35. An act for enabling Bernard Cotof their debts, and for disposing of ton esq; to fell fome part of his e

younger children apprentices. ftate for payment of his debts, and 27. An act for naturalizing Ifaac for confirming several conveyances Kops.

already made of several other par28. An act for naturalizing Rene cels of his estate by himself and

Rance, Matthew Decker, and others. trustees, to several purchasers there. , 29. An act for naturalizing Henry of.

Boisrond de St. Leger, Peter la Grange, 36. An act to charge the estate of Lewis Wadden, and others.

Ambrose Andrews gent. with monies 30. An act to vest the manor of Han for payment of debts, and for sup- ;

pop, and Casilletbrop, and all other plying some defects in the settle- : the lands and hereditaments of Sir ment of the said estate, for makPeter Tyrrel baronet, and Thomas ing a jointure and leases upon the Tyrrel, efq; his son, in the county said estate. of Bucks, in trustees, to sell part 37. An act to establish and confirm a thereof for payment of debts, and partition and agreement of and : to settle other lands and heredita touching the estate of Sir Thomas : ments there, being of an equal va. Style, late of Wateringbury, in the

lue, in lieu of lands to be sold. county of Kent, baronet. 31. An act to enable Sir John Cowper 38. An act for settling the estate of

knight, and Anthony Henley esq; to Dr. Thomas Lamplugh, deceased, pur-' make a partition, and grant build- suant to his marriage articles and ing leases of several messuages and settlement prepared for that pur. tenements in Lincoln's Inn Fields, pose, and for provision for his in the parishes of St. Giles in the younger children. Fields, and St. Clement Danes, in 39. An act for the better vesting in

the county of Middlesex. i Giles Frampton esq; the manor and 32. An act to vest part of the estate farm of Moorton alias Moreton, and

of Sir Christopher Phillipson knight, Hurst, in the county of Dorset, in in trustees, to be sold for payment poffeffion, and for the better secuof debts, and for charging part ring the same, and the other ma- ; thereof with maintenance for a nors, farms, meiłuages, lands, te- : daughter who is a lunatick.

nements, and hereditaments, late33. An act for vesting the manor of of IVilliam Frampton esq; deceased,

Yeovilton, in the county of Somer to him the said Giles Frampton, and fet, and other lands therein men such as are entitled in remainder tioned, of William Cary esq; in after him, upon the death of Tretrustees, for discharging incuin gouwell Frampton esq; brances, and making provision for 40. An act to enable George Evelyn to his younger children, and settling raise portions for his brothers and other lands in the county of Devon fifters, according to his father's in lieu thereof.

will. 34.. An act for vesting divers manors 41. An act for sale of part of the eand lands of Matthew Hollworthy state of James Torr gent. deceased,


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