Catullus and His Influence, Volume 11

Front Cover
Marshall Jones Company, 1923 - Comparative literature - 245 pages

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Page 179 - Come, let us go, while we are in our prime, And take the harmless folly of the time! We shall grow old apace, and die Before we know our liberty. Our life is short, and our days run As fast away as does the sun. And as a vapour or a drop of rain, Once lost, can ne'er be found again: So when or you or I are made A fable, song, or fleeting shade, All love, all liking, all delight Lies drowned with us in endless night.
Page 193 - O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!
Page 162 - Come, my Celia, let us prove, While we can, the sports of love. Time will not be ours for ever, He, at length, our good will sever; Spend not then his gifts in vain. Suns that set may rise again: But if once we lose this light, 'Tis with us perpetual night. Why should we defer our joys? Fame and rumour are but toys.
Page 207 - For thee, O now a silent soul, my brother, Take at my hands this garland, and farewell. Thin is the leaf, and chill the wintry smell, And chill the solemn earth, a fatal mother, With sadder than the Niobean womb, And in the hollow of her breasts a tomb. Content thee, howsoe'er, whose days are done; There lies not any troublous thing before, Nor sight nor sound to war against thee more...
Page 159 - MY sweetest Lesbia, let us live and love, And though the sager sort our deeds reprove, Let us not weigh them. Heaven's great lamps do dive Into their west, and straight again revive ; But, soon as once set is our little light, Then must we sleep one ever-during night.
Page 176 - Rest) Acme lean'd her loving Head, Thus the pleas'd Septimius said: My dearest Acme, if I be Once alive, and love not thee, With a Passion far above All that e'er was called Love, In a Lybian Desert may I become some Lion's Prey; Let him, Acme, let him tear My Breast — when Acme is not there.
Page 212 - There to me thro' all the groves of olive in the summer glow, There beneath the Roman ruin where the purple flowers grow, Came that
Page 177 - I do not love thee, Dr. Fell, The reason why I cannot tell, But this alone I know full well. I do not love thee, Dr. Fell."— (Гит Brmcn.) " Non bene conveniunt nee in una sede moran tur Majestas et amor.
Page 164 - Are vowes so cheape with women, or the matter Whereof they are made, that they are writ in water, And...

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