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her attendant's entrance prevented my expressing the admiration with which she had inspired me; the woman whispered to her and she then said to me.— "For the present I must bid you farewell.'

"But may I not hope to be allowed to see you again' cried I


"Yes, (said she), in a few days.' I supplicated for a shorter period, and received permission to come again on the following night. Flora her confidant, who had before conducted me, was to meet me at the church of--and with this permission, I was obliged to retire; totally ignorant of the name or rank of my fair enslaver. Her woman led me again into the garden, and bound my eyes. In a short time I found myself near the church where we had


"And now, signor, (cried Flora), adieu 'till to-morrow night.'

"Stop a moment (said I,) may I not ask-

"What you please to-morrow night, signor (cried she), but now I must away.'

"She left me as she spoke, and I hastened home. I retired to bed, but I courted repose in vain.- Thou, knowest, Fernando, that I have hitherto thought but lightly of the sex; and often have I sworn never to part with my liberty: yet I saw clearly that this adventure, if pursued, must end in matrimony. True, such an angel, if possessed of wealth and birth, might render the fetters of hymen less galling than I had ever thought them; but might it not be all a cheat? Might she not have sought me out, to hide perhaps the disgraceful consequences of some amour in which she had been engaged? or"

"Now, on my life, thou didst not deserve the generous confidence she placed in thee (cried D'Rosonio), how couldst thou indulge such mean suspicions of such a creature as thou describest her to be? For shame, Montalva!"

"D'Rosonio, thou wilt never know the sex; what thou termest suspicion, I call caution; but in this instance I will own it was unnecessary. To be brief, I saw my incognita again the following night, and three hours conversation made her appear if possible more lovely in my eyes. I ventured to express a wish to know who she was, but I did it. guardedly.

"I will be frank with you, Signor

Montalva (said she); my

ank is such as I need not blush to own, but at this moment 'I know not whether we can, after a few days, ever meet again."

"Heavens signora, (said I), can you be serious? Flattered as I have been with the hope that I was not an object of indifference to you, can you determine to give me up for ever?

"Alas! (replied she), it does not depend upon myself whether we shall meet or not; but of this be assured, should I from circumstances be obliged

"I did not immediately reply; in truth I could not lovely as I had before thought her, she now appeared more charming than ever; her dress heightened her natural beauty, and her fine eyes, fixed on mine with an expression of pleasure, robbed me for a moment of all command of myself, and I pressed the lovely creature to my bosom.

"She instantly disengaged herself: 'Take care, signor (said she, in a tone of severity), or

"I did not suffer her to finish the sentence; I besought her pardon, and she granted it.

"I perceive, signor (cried she), that my name and family are not unknown' to you.'

" All Naples (returned I), are by report informed of the Signora Lupinetti's surpassing loveliness, both of mind and person.

"She bowed to my compliment, and proceeded :

"I was still very young when death

deprived me of both my parents; but the kindness of Signor, D'Orsini, my guardian, left me little reason to lament their loss. The signor had an only son, of whom he was passionately fond; and well did Alberto merit his father's love: this youth and myself grew up together, and I loved him as a brother. A warmer sentiment, however, had imperceptibly stolen into his heart, and he owned to his father, that without me he would be miserable; my guardian, who knew that my heart was disengaged, had not a doubt but I would accept of his son's hand, and lost no time in communicating to me the affection with which Alberto regarded me. I had not then (continued she), felt the power of love.' -Never, Fernando, shall I forget the look with which these words were uttered, nor the glance that accompanied them. She paused a moment, and then proceeded:

"The regard which I was conscious

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