Anecdotes of the Aristocracy: And Episodes in Ancestral Story, Volume 1

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Henry Colburn, 1849 - Anecdotes

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Page 288 - The sense to value riches, with the art Tenjoy them, and the virtue to impart; To balance fortune by a just expense, Join with economy magnificence; With splendour charity, with plenty health. O teach us, Bathurst, yet unspoiled by wealth, That secret rare between the extremes to move, Of mad good nature, and of mean
Page 52 - ruthless spoilers came, And, for the hearth's domestic blaze, Ascends destruction's volumed flame. What sheeted phantom wanders wild. Where mountain Eske through woodland flows, Her arms enfold a shadowy child— Oh! is it she, the pallid rose ? The wilder'd traveller sees her glide, And hears her feeble voice with awe— " Revenge," she cries,
Page 7 - her humble lot, When the stranger, William, had made her his bride. And love was the light of their lowly cot. Together they toil'd through winds and rains, Till William at length, in sadness, said, " We must seek our fortunes on other plains;" Then sighing she left her lowly shed. They roam•da long and
Page 53 - plumy helmet rings— Rings on the ground, to rise no more. What joy the raptured youth can feel, To hear her love the loved one tell— Or he, who broaches on his steel The wolf by whom his infant fell! But dearer to my injured eye To see in dust proud
Page 52 - Saw Bothwellhaugh's bright goblets foam, When to his hearths, in social glee, The war-worn soldier turn'd him home. There, wan from her maternal throes, His Margaret, beautiful and mild, Sate in her bower, a pallid rose, And peaceful nursed her new-born child. 0 change accursed! past are those days ; False
Page 424 - When our Shepherd in his power, Mailed and horsed, with lance and sword, To his ancestors restored Like a re-appearing star. Like a glory from afar— First shall head the flock of war
Page 423 - Glad were the vales, and every cottage-hearth; The Shepherd-lord was honoured more and more ; And, ages after he was laid in earth, " The good Lord Clifford
Page 27 - would have healed feuds in which blood had been shed by our fathers; it would have joined lands broad and rich ; it would have joined at least one heart, and two persons not ill-matched in years; and, and—
Page 58 - two Gunnings, who have made so vehement a noise. Lord Coventry, a grave young lord, of the remains of the patriot breed, has long dangled after the eldest, virtuously with regard to her honour, not very honourably with regard to his own credit. About six weeks ago, Duke Hamilton, the very reverse of the
Page 424 - and he determined on retiring to the solitude of Barden, in Craven. There he found a retreat equally favourable to taste, to instruction, and to devotion. The narrow limits of his residence show that he had learned to despise the pomp of greatness, and that a small train of servants

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