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Page 259 - ... say authors ;) and for royal robes, a mere soldier's blue coat with red facings, coat likely to be old, and sure to have a good deal of Spanish snuff on the breast of it; rest of the apparel dim, unobtrusive in...
Page 259 - Fred, — a name of familiarity which had not bred, contempt in that instance. He is a King every inch of him, though without the trappings .of a King. Presents himself in a Spartan simplicity of vesture : no crown but an old military...
Page 259 - ... like an old snuffy lion on the watch ; and such a pair of eyes as no man, or lion, or lynx of that century bore elsewhere, according to all the testimony we have. " Those eyes," says Mirabeau, " which, at the bidding of his great soul, fascinated you with seduction or with terror.
Page 259 - ... done in this world; and seems to anticipate nothing but more still coming. Quiet stoicism, capable enough of what joy there were, but not expecting any worth mention; great unconscious and some conscious pride, well tempered with a cheery mockery of...
Page 301 - And art thou then that Virgil, that well-spring, From which such copious floods of eloquence Have issued?" I with front abash'd replied. " Glory and light of all the tuneful train ! May it avail me, that I long with zeal Have sought thy volume, and with love immense Have conn'd it o'er. My master thou, and guide ! Thou he from whom alone I have derived That style, which for its beauty into fame Exalts me. See the beast, from whom I fled. O save me from her, thou illustrious sage! For every vein and...
Page 270 - Hompesch" the records name him) enters the shop ; wants " a stout chest, with lock on it, for household purposes ; must be of such and such dimensions, six feet six in length especially, and that is an indispensable point — in fact, it will be longer than yourself, I think, Herr Zimmermann ; what is the cost; when can it be ready?
Page 259 - ABOUT fourscore years ago, there used to be seen sauntering on the terraces of Sans Souci, for a short time in the afternoon, or you might have met him elsewhere at an earlier hour, riding or driving in a rapid business manner on the open roads or through the scraggy woods and avenues of that intricate amphibious Potsdam region, a highly interesting lean little old man, of alert though slightly stooping figure...
Page 311 - Aliae panduntur inanes 740 suspensae ad ventos, aliis sub gurgite vasto infectum eluitur scelus aut exuritur igni : quisque suos patimur manes; exinde per amplum mittimur Elysium et pauci laeta arva tenemus; donec longa dies, perfecto temporis orbe, . 745 concretam exemit labem purumque relinquit aetherium sensum atque aurai simplicis ignem.
Page 106 - She loved him for the dangers he had passed, And he loved her that she did pity them.
Page 421 - There is, however, no reason for regarding Pythagoras as an impostor, because experience seems to show, that while in certain ages it is not difficult for a man to persuade others that he is inspired, it is still less difficult for him to contract the same belief himself. Looking at the general type of Pythagoras, as conceived by witnesses in and...

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