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Retrospect of Spanish Literature... Botany...Geography, &c.



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becoming a good Husbandman in any the City of Vitoria, &c. by D. J. J. de Country whatever, &c.

Landazuri'y Romarata.

Memorias politicas y economicas sobre los

. Flora Peruviana et Chilensis, five Descrip: Frutos, Comercio, Fabricas, y Minas de Eftiones et Icones Plantarum Peruvianarum et pana: tomos 37, 38, 39, and 40, par Dn. Cbilenfium: auctoribus HYPPOLYTO RUIZ EUGENIO LARRUGA. Political and ecoet JOSEPHO PAVON; un tomo en folio, nomical Memoirs on the Produce, Trade, &c. This is the first volume of a botanical Manufactories, and Mines of Spain ; vol. work of high value, being a collection of 37th, 38th, 39th, and 40th, by Dn. E. non-descript plants of Peru and Chili, Larruga. The four volumes before us of which is to consist of feven volumes in this important work, which stands single folio. The present contains 106 plates, and unrivalled by any literary composition representing 219 new plants, which be- of the same nature and complexion, gives long to the four first classes of Linnæus. a full and circumstantial account of the

Flore Peruviensis et Chilensis Compen. productions, trade, and manufactories of dium, five Vegetabilium Syftema; auctori- the province of Eftremadura. bus Hyppolito Ruiz et Josepho PA- Retrato de la Ciudad y Termino de Jaen, von: one vol. in large 8vo. A summary or &c. un tomo en 4o. Description of the synopsis of the above Flora, published by or- City and District of Jaen, &c. one vol. in der of his Catholic Majesty, for the use of 400. those who are not able to purchase that VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. cxpenfive work.

Observaciones de un viagrro politico y GEOGRAPHY.

filosofo, en que se manifiefta el origen de Atlante Espanol ó Descripcion general ias cienrias y de las Artes, los DefcabriGeografica, Cronologica, e Historica de Es- mi entos en les Reynos de la Naturaleza, &c. pana par Reynos y Provincias, &c. 14 tomos Remarks of a political and philosophical en 8. The Spanith Atlas, being a gene- Traveller, explanatory of the Origin of ral Description of Spain, divided into the Sciences and Arts; the Discoveries in Kingdoms and Provinces, geographical, the three Kingdoms of Nature, &c. chronological, and historical, &c. 14 vo- Dissertaciones sobre la Navigacion a las lumes in 8vo.

Indias Orientales, par el Norte de Europa, Almanaque Nautico y Efemerides affrono- escritas par Mr. BAUCHE, y D. CIRIAmicas, para et Ano 1800, calculadas de Or. CO DE CEVALLOS, &c. Differtations den de s. M. para el Observatorio real de on the Navigation to the East-Indies by Cadiz, &c. The Nautical Almanack and the North of Europe, written by Mr. Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year 1800, Bauche and Dr. Ciriaco de Cevallos, &c. calculated by Command of his Majesty for El Viagero universal ó noticia del Mundo, the royal Observatory at Cadiz, &c. antiguo y nuevo: obra recopilada de los me

Geografia Moderna, par D. TOMAS jores Viageros, par D. Pedro Estala, MAURISIO LOPEZ, tomo 3d. Modern Presbitero, &c. An universal Collection Geography, by D.T.M. Lopez; vol. 3d. of Travels, or Introduction to the KnowThe present volume of this useful work ledge of the ancient and modern world, comprises the two provinces of Mancha compiled from the best Collections of Traand Burgos.

vels, &c. by D. P. Eftata, Presbyter. The Atlas elementat : nuevo Metodo, breve, numbers of this voluminous compilation facil y demonstrativo para aprender la Geo- which have been published in the course grafia por si mismo, &c. The elementary of last year, contain descriptions of the Atlas, being a new Method, short, easy, Spanish poffeffions in South America, and and demonstrative, of learning Geography the voyages of captain Cook, and severat without a Master, or teaching it to Child- Spanish navigators to Otaheite, &c. ren, &c. by D. FR. VAZQUEZ, &c. one


La Dicha viene quando no se aguarda: Diccinario Geografico universal: par D. Comedia jucosa en un acto, par L. A. J.M, F. PERE Y CASADO: tres tomos en 4o. &c. Good Luck comes unexpected : a The universal geographical Dictionary; by Farce, in one act, by L. A. J. M. D. F. Pere y Casado; 3 vols. in 4to.

La Muerte de Hefior : Comedia nueva en TOPOGRAPHY.

dos acios, par D. VINCENT RODRIGUEZ Hifloria civil, ecclefiaftica, politica y le. ARELLANO, &c. The Death of Hector: gifiativa de la cindad de Vitoria, &c. par a new Play, in two acts, by Dn. V. RoD. JOACHIN JOSEPH DE LANDAZUrt driguez Arellano. Y ROMARATA, &c. The civil, ecclefia- El Triunfo del Amor divino: Comedia Atical, political, and legislative History of patvral, para representar el Najmiento del


vol. in 4to.

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Hijo de Dios, &c. The Triumph of di- EDUCATION AND MORARS. vine Love; a pastoral Play to represent Arte de ensinar Ninos, &c. The Art of the Nativity of ihe Son of God, &c. teaching Children the Rudiments of the

Adriaro en Siria, Comedia en tres altos, moft uteful Arts, &c. par D. GASPAR ZAVALA Y ZAMORA, Prontuario Moral, del P. LARRAGA, &c. Adrian in Syria, a Drama in three addicionado, corregido, y publicado, par D. acts, by D. Gaspar Zavala y Zamora. FRANCISCO SANTOS Y GROSIN, &c.

Las Pi&imas del Amor, Ana y Sidam: The moral Repolitory of P. Larraga, en. Comedia en tres Altos, &c. Ana and Si- larged, corrected, and published by Dn. F. dam, the Victims of Love, a Play in three Santos y Grofin, &c. acts, by the fame Author.

pana; en tres libros: par D. MANUEL Palmis y Oronte : Comedia nueva, en tres ROSELL. On Education, according to the aftos, &c. Palmis and Oronte; a new Principles of Religion, and to the Laws Play, in three acts, &c.

and Customs of Spain ; in three books ; El Mayardomo feliz: Comedia en tres by D. M. Rofeli. aftos, par F. C. H. de C.

The happy

MISCELLANIES. Steward: a Play in three acts, by F. C. Mifcellunea Instruction, ó Anales de Lite. H. de C. &c.

ratura, Ciencias, y Artes, &c. The infruc. Novels AND ROMANCES. tive Miscellany, or Annals of Literature, Siglo Pidagorico y Vida de D. Gregorio Sciences, and Arts, &c. The most inte. Guadana: un tumo en 8o. The Pythagoric resting articles contained in the numbers Age, and the Life of S. Guadana; one of this truly instructive miscellany, pubvolume in 8vo.

lished in the course of this year, are as Memorias para la Historia de la Virtude, follows: a brief account of a cour to Pa. faradas del Diario de una Senorita : quatro ris in the year 1796--obfervations on Gal. tomos en 8'. Records for the History of vanism-on the mounts of piety in Lima, Virtue, extracted from the Journal of a Mexico, and the Philippines-on a stray young Lady;

four volumes in 8vo. girl found in the interior of Quito-a leto La Noche entretenida: par D. JUAN ter and journal, written by F. J.DUEN AS, YDANOS, &c. The plealant Night; by a missionary in Peru, on the discovery of D. Juan Y danos, &c. This work con- 22 heathen nations, their manners and tains a translation of the French romance, customs--on the natural productions of L'bermite des Ardennes; of Merton and the banks of the river Ucayala, &c.-hints Susan; and a Spanish romance, entitled, for composing an exact description of the Alfonfo and Feliciano.

kingdom of Guatemala-on the literary Los mal Criados: Novela Inflruction, par fociety of Guatemalamon the discovery of el Brigadier D. F. DE EGUIA RAMIREZ the tea-plant in America, &c. &c. DE ARELLANO, &c. The Dangers of a Descripcion de las Maquinas de mas geo bad Education; an instructive Novel, by neral Utilidad, que bay en el Real Gabinete D. F. de Eguia Ramirez de Arellano, &c. de ellas establecido en el Buen Retiro. Nuo

Triumfo del Amor perfecto, ó los Amantes mero 1°. Description of the Machines of firmes y virtuosos: un tomo en 8e. The most general Use, which are found in the Triumph of true Love, or the constant Royal Cabinet of Machines, formed at and virtuous Lovers: one vol. in 8vo. by Buen Retiro; No. 1. His Catholic Ma. D. J.M. DORMENA.

jesty having ordered a methodical deforipNocbes de Invierno, ó Bibliotera escogida tion to be published of all the machilies de Hiftoria., Anecdotas, Novelas, Cuentas, which are found in the royal collection at &c. : con un diccironario de Entretenimienio Buen Retiro, it has been judged conve. é Infiruccion : 8 tomos en 8o. Winter nient to publish detached descriptivus of Nights, or a choice Collection of Stories, such machines of general use, as do not Anecdotes, Novels, Tales, &c. with a Dic- fall under any of the heads of the systetionary, calculated for Amusement and In- matic description of the cabinet. This Itruction ; 8 rols. in 8vo.

first number contains the delineation of an Biblioteca entretenida de Damas; colec- hydraulic press, which may be applied in cion de Novelas y Cuentos morales, &c. all cases, where a Grong pressure is re2 ton:os in 8°. An entertaining Library quired, and particularly useful in extract. for Ladies, being a Collection of Novels ing all sorts of oil. and moral Tales, &c. 2 vols. in 8vo.



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