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Those marked (*) are Vignettes.



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*Ancient Municipal Seal of Youghal, co. Cork
* Roman Inscription of Claudius Paulinus, found at Housesteads, on the

Roman Wall
* Moulded Brick, exhibiting the Pelham Buckle at Laughton Place, Sussex .
*Octagonal Stair-Turret ; and Brick Cornice, covered with Ornamental

Arabesque, at Laughton Place * Window Moulding, exhibiting the Pelham Buckle *The new Church of the Holy Trinity, Upper Tooting · *Ancient Armorial Carving at Cork *Caxton's Mark or Device *The Game of Chess : fac-simile from "Caxton *The Guild House of the Holy Cross at Shrewsbury *Gateway of the Council. House, Shrewsbury *Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire *Ruins of Wenlock Priory Church . *Another View of the same *Examples of Anglo-Saxon Buckets from Xanten in Prussia ; Kingston

Down, Kent ; the Valley of the Eaulne, Normandy; Wilbraham, in

Cambridgeshire ; and Envermeu, in Normandy
*Anglo-Saxon Handles to bags or purses
Kilchurn Castle and Ben Loy
Spenser's Residence at Hurstwood, co. Lancaster

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AGAIN the period has arrived to address a few words to our Friends and Correspondents. And, in the first place, it has been gratifying to us to have to record, during the last half-year, that our successes in the war into which the ambition of Russia so unprovokedly plunged us have been very considerable, and have inflicted a terrible blow on our enemy.

The fate of Sebastopol, so long protracted by the obstinate defence of the Russians, has at length by the valour of the allied forces been decided, and that stronghold has fallen into our hands ; thus setting at rest the long-disputed question as to the impregnability of this formidable fortress.

The hostile armies in the Crimea are now watching each other from their winter quarters; and a few weeks will see them renew their deadly struggle, unless the negotiations which it is said that Austria and Prussia are entering upon will bring about an accommodation, and put an end to the waste of blood and treasure. But, should the war continue, the justice of our cause bids us look forward with hope to the ultimate, though perhaps remote, result, in the triumph of our arms, and an honourable and lasting peace. In the meanwhile it is gratifying to think that our brave troops at the seat of war, far from undergoing the horrors of last winter, now possess all the comforts that a grateful nation can supply.

The fall of Kars, after an heroic and obstinate defence by General Williams and the brave Turks under his command, is a drawback on our triumphs, the importance of which we are not disposed to underrate ; but it is the only serious reverse we have yet met with, and we hope will soon be counterbalanced by fresh triumphs.

The return visit of our gracious Queen to her imperial neighbour and ally is an event of the greatest interest and significance;

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