Edinburgh Veterinary Review and Annals of Comparative Pathology, Volume 5

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Page 318 - Treaty between Her Majesty and the King of Denmark, for the Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with Her Royal Highness the Princess Alexandra, Daughter of Prince Christian of Denmark; signed at Copenhagen, January 15, 1863.
Page 318 - Queen's Most Excellent Majesty MAY IT PLEASE YOUR MAJESTY...
Page 644 - The cystic areas vary in size from that of the head of a pin to that of an English walnut.
Page 244 - ... straw and turnips, is exceedingly small; indeed, the turnip does not contain any, and yet animals under such a diet will speedily fatten. The fat, then, is the product of a peculiar digestive process on the unazotised constituents of the food, and is formed in consequence of a want of due proportion between the food taken into the stomach and the oxygen absorbed by the skin and lungs. The chief source of fat is starch and sugar ; and its composition is such, that if deprived of oxygen, fat remains....
Page 375 - Majesty, they would mentally include the health of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the rest of the Royal Family.
Page 243 - In contradistinction to vegetable life, the life of animals exhibits itself in the continual absorption of the oxygen of the air, and its combination with certain component parts of the animal body or food.
Page 319 - I have had the honour to lay before The Queen the loyal and dutiful Address of the President...
Page 389 - Upas, or Poisoned Valley : it is three miles from Balor, on the road to the Djiang. Mr Daendels had ordered a footpath to be made from the main road to the valley. We took with us two dogs and some fowls, to try experiments in this poisonous hollow. On arriving at the foot of the mountain, we dismounted and scrambled up the side, about a quarter of a mile, holding on by the branches of trees, and we were...
Page 55 - The urine, from being scanty and high coloured, becomes pale and abundant, whilst from the first dose the feelings of the patient assure him that " the medicine is killing the disease.
Page 585 - Men are included) sometimes, after a slight puncture of some part of the encephalon with a needle, turn round just like a horse in a circus, or roll over and over, for hours, and sometimes for days.

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