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dura, and thereby obtaining entrance the country in their favour, and to into Cadiz. The assault, however, make a stir, they had little hope of given on the 16th, entirely failed, Rin final success. This could only be done ego bimself being wounded. Notwith. by putting forth, at all hazards, a standing, however, the most rigid pre- moveable column to traverse the neigh. cautions, an attempt was made in their bouring cities and districts. The lot favour in the interior of the city, On the here fell naturally upon Riego, always evening of the 24th, a colonel of the prompt to undertake whatever was haname of Rotalde collected a mixed troop zardous and adyenturous. On the 27th of soldiers, Catalonian sailors, and citi- of January, having formed a smallcorps zens, and led them, amid cries of “The of 1500 men, he crossed to Chiclana, constitution for ever !”. towards the and proceeded in the direction of Algate of the Cortadura. The soldiers gesiras. At Conil, where he spent the on guard there, however, fired upon first night, his reception was discourabis detachment, which immediately ging; but at Vejer, or Bejer, which dispersed. Several were taken ; but he reached next day, the bells were the colonel himself escaped, and joined rung, and other symptoms of joy mathe army on the Isle of Leon.

nifested on his arrival. Here he spent Meantime General Freyre had esta. three days, somewhat idly, it should blished his head-quartersatPuerto Santa seem, in balls and civic fetes; he ob. Maria, and had assembled a force which, tained a supply of money, not, howincluding militia, was supposed to fall ever, adequate to the wants of the little short of 20,000 men, He made army. On the 31st, the troops left his approaches, indeed, with extreme Bejer ; and, after a very fatiguing caution, and avoiding any close con march over the mountains of Ojer, tact, the effects of which, in the actual reached Algesiras about seven in the temper of his own troops, might have evening. They were received with the been extremely perilous. He merely warmest demonstrations of joy. Riego sought to insulate the insurgents from conceived the most sanguine hopes, the rest of Spain, and to cut off their re. having planned to make Algesiras a sources and supplies. He succeeded; and second bulwark of Spanish liberty, and weeks elapsed without any change in expecting to draw from Gibraltar all the position of the contending armies. the supplies of which he stood in need.' The insurgent chiefs began to feel that The next day dispelled all these flattheir affairs in this stationary state were tering ideas. The inhabitants, seebecoming insensibly worse. The en. ing no force which could afford prothusiasm inspired by their first suc- mise of ultimate success, adopted a cesses was gradually evaporating; they cautious and guarded system'; while lost that opinion of power which was the governor of Gibraltar, determining necessary to draw multitudes to their to observe a strict neutrality, declined standard, and though they might be all communication with the insurgent able to maintain themselves, in a mili force. Some supplies, particularly of tary view, against any force that was shoes, were all the benefits which the likely to be employed on the other army drew from Algesiras. side, the narrow corner within which While these operations were going they were inclosed afforded no means on, General Freyre was not inactive. of obtaining provisions and necessaries, He carefully closed up all the passages the want of which must at length re- by which this adventurous column duce them to extremity. Unless, there could regain the Isla, and then disa fore, something could be done to rouse patched Don Joseph O'Donnell in its

pursuit. Quiroga, informed of these able him to make head against the removements, sent orders to Riego to peated assaults of a superior enemy. rejoin him immediately. Riego reluct. There appeared thus no prospect of antly obeyed, and, retracing his steps, safety but by quitting the city, and cut his way through a column of cam. throwing themselves among the mounvalry that attempted to intercept him, stains of Ronda: From this moment On approaching the Isla, however, he their progress presented series of adjudged the avenues to be so well guard- venture and privation, of which history ed, as to make vain any attempt to offers fewliexamples. Destitute of reach it. Swayed probably, moreover, clothes, and particularly of shoes, they by his own bold and adventurous spis procured some at: Ronda and Anterit, he determined to march upon Ma- guera. * At Grazalema they were re. laga, and endeavour to excite a rising ceived by the inhabitants with a wel in that city, w eb

come so cordial, as rekindled some deThe column proceeded to Malaga gree of hope, and at Moron they were by difficult roads, between the moun- reinforced by 2007 dismounted dratains and the sea, its rear being conti.. goons. On the 4th, however, they nually harassed by the cavalry under were attacked there by O'Donnell ; O'Donnell. At Marbella it had to and, after a smart conflict, obliged to sustain a very severe engagement, in yield to superior forces. Closely presswhich it lost 100 men, besides the dis- ed, driven from post to post, and his persion of part of their number. It, small band daily thinned by desertion, however, shook off the pursuing co- Riego saw no longer any safety bat lumn, and advanced upon Malaga. in seeking the heights ofsche Sierra The governor had collected a few Morena. These could be breached, troops, and taken a position in front however, only by the bridge of Cordeof the city ; but, on the first fire, he va ; and Riego-formed the daring re ret:eated, and fell back upon Velez solution of marching the remnantot Malaga. The troops of Riego entered his little band through that large city: Malaga, ,which exhibited a singular This design was successfully executed. and equivocal aspect, The city was il- «These imitators of the Sacred Bands luminated, and acclamations were heard of Thermopylæ and Underwaldpase from the windows; but every door was ed through the streets, barefooted and shut, and no one chose to commit him- badly clothed, chaunting the patriotic self in a cause of which such unfavour- hymo. The few troops who were in able omens were already formed, About the city remained, neutral zathe inha twelve next day, the columns of O'. bitants, assembling in crowds, viewed Donnell were seen approaching. The with wonder and admiration, though attack was soon commenced, and an without taking part in their favour. obstinate conflict took place in the The party crossed the Guadalquiver, streets of the city. The constitution and hastened towards the mountains ; alists succeeded in repulsing O'Don- but at Fuente Vejuna, it wassdvertanell, who took up his quarters for the ken by the royal troops, and suffered night about half a league from Malaga. considerable lossie Reduded nowoto Notwithstanding this success, Riego, 300, destitute of everything, elosely in looking round bim, could see no pursued, sand shopeless of succes, a hope of maintaining himself in his pre consultation was beld, and theiresolusent position. No movement whatever tion was formed to dispense, and each was made by the inhabitants; and his individual u seek, safety for himself. numbers were quite insufficient to en- « Such," says San Miguel, the narra. tor," was the fate of a column, wors' claim that it was a'small flying column, thy byo ito patriotism aodvaldur of the driven from place to place before a most cbrilliante triumphsoqWhere. so jo pursuing enemy. The enslaved state mae ya concurrent circumstances comes of the journals, whatever benefits may bined tagainst. usy lil waš morallyi im-s be supposed to arise from it to govern. posebkilog the result to be different. ment in the ordinary state of things, is Fnaticism on the part of an enemy fatal to it in moments of crisis and aleriyb gre than triplet our number;- alarm. Every thing which it then addioma y and timidity in the wellaffect. mits against itself is considered as only rodinusi asimily and weakness in chose a small part of the truth; while what


mbo abandoned us in the hour of dan- it states on the opposite side obtains gesthesiolation of proinises by those no credit. The supposed triumphant

be bad engaged in the cause;un- spread of the insurrectionary arms heard of labour and fatigue in such ra- through Andalusia was sufficient to pid torrents asd matches oight and day, blow into a Aame those combustible through a mountainous country, inter materials, with which the peninsula

sted by savines,--all these circum- -_was so amply stored, and to prepare Kances combined äust have disheart. the downfal of a government, which sted the bravest troops. Wherever," iesisted only upon the supposed hope. be added, the column of patriot sol lessness of any attempt to overthrow dienne passed, the people applauded - it. was pli piisa Dari sem themse gave themi provisions, effects, The first quarter in which the flame Add moneys but no one joined them ;'at broke forth was Galicia, where also it their departure they wished them sucu originated with the soldiery. The fate outs and then proceeded to prepare lod of Porlier had left here deep recollec

Tags for the troopsthat pursued them," tions, and many of the officers there * Thasimpteasion produced by these had even been involved with that chief. Events in the part of Spain in which The explosion took place on the 20th they took place, was that of deep des- February, the very day that Venegas, ondence, with regard to the success a new governor; arrived at Corunna. Edhe patriotic caurej s1 The column While Venegas was giving his first au

Riego, wbichi had never presented dience, and receiving the congratulavery formidablejaspecta wagl now tions of the adthorities, the Cry of the

hilated, while the mainbody, lun. constitution!) was raised in the square. der Quiroga, qreduced to 40001 men, A body of the military, headed by the

Mi maintained indeed war defensive colonel of artillery, Don Carlos Espiattitudent and repulsed all the attacks nosa, and seconded by the maltitude,

deiupon itken , but, inclosed on all disarmed the guards, entered, and inMoosbgisuperior forces, they had no vited the governor to place himself

pareat meansof extending their ope at the head to the undertaking. On transuodnofacth however, the work his refusal, they laid him under arrest,

already dones i Riego's expedition, and conducted him, with some others bohrer breallıq abortive, made cupon who adhered to the same system, to sbong at a distande an illusory and brila fort San Antonio, The prisons were Fantionpressiona His army, traversing thrown open;' and several officers conthe provinces of Andalusia, and enter. fined on account of their share in the jag beio capitale, appeared to be in an conspiracy of Porlier were set at liber. ito posing and triumphant attitude. In ty ; this widow was carried through van did the govednimedo journals pro- the streets in triumph ; but the joyful


occasion was stained by the death of a who was shot, near Padornelo by some serjeant, who had ngiven information of the militias whom he was endeavouragainst that unfort pnate patriot.dont 1cing to gain over to his partyaourt

A junta wasoldow formed at the Jn another corner of Spain, events · head of which was placed Don Pedro : occurred of equally serious portent,

Agar, one of the members of the last Mina, a, name mighty and animating regency and then resident at Betanzos. Ito the friends of Spanish diberty apThe direction of military operations speared again in his native Nayarne. His was offered to Colonel Espinosa e but partizans crowded round him, and prohe modestly solicited, and obtained, a , claimed him general-in-chief of the napreference for iOolonel Acevedo.i. A tional army of the north of Spain, At similar change was leffected at Ferrol the same time, aneffervescence began to on the 23d, when the inhabitants join-- 1. be felt in Arragon and Catalonia, and ed in proclaiming the constitution. At, the govemors of those provinces gave Santiago, the Count de St Rdman, as: notice that they would no longer be moderate and amiable many called a canswerable for their continued tranquilcouncile pot decide on the steps suited so lityldatores ven lanaoa'Ness to this exigency. His own opinion was However, heavily, the storm, now in fawodr of looking obly to the de-a lowered on all sides, the King possessed fenceofthe place. Don Manuel Chaptre, still the means of extricating himself however, a canon, started up, and re-- { with honour and safetyao Continuing mìnding Su Roman chatzia consequence into hold the allegiance of the army and of the imprisonment of Venegas, hes of all the great cities, his position was was now governor-general of the pro- • Bțill commanding ier,Had he some for

vinces called upon him to bestir bima ward promptly, and fulfilled his long *self for its defeticey to raise money, and promise of granting a constitution, he to call out the provincial regiments of might, in a great degree, have dictated armed peasantry. The fire ofahiswara v its forms, and reserved for himself a like ecclesiastic was struckd into the commanding place in ita Only vacikassembly St Roman, following his lating half-measures were howevero readvice, soon found himself at the dead sorted to. l. An extraordinary Council of upwarde of 4000 armed peasantry. Aof State was called, where strong dif. He was unable, however, to majotain ferences of opinion are reported to have Santiago against the patriotic troops, prevailedy, even among the princes of which immediately advanced upon it. the royal house. Some gave the most At the same time, the constitution : violent counsels, that the King should was", enthusiastically proclaimed at quit Spaia, and invoke the aid of the Vigo and Portuedraw Although the Holy Alliance, but this recommendatow.ns, however, were now in the hands tion, though anderstops to I of the revolutionary party, St Romanied by General Elio, who had been sent continued to maintain the country po. for from Valencia, was not listened to. sitions, and a little civil war of about An imperfect attempt at conciliation a month's duration ensued. The royal was madesMThe Council of State was 1 troops, though rather more numerous, i divided into seven sections for the for- 1 being less warlike and diseiplinedy wereo imation of a gew code of laws and by suecessively driven from post to postosa royal ordinance, the universities, corsi and their remains finally obliged to take ricporations, and eyeň simple individuals, refuge within the Portuguese frontier.ybwere invited to communicates their The only memorabļe event in this consc, isyiewe qupon this subjectua This pro. test was the death of Colonel Acevedo, ceeding did not pledge the King to

any thing, and had entirely the aspect the stone of the constitution, and on of a mancuvre to amuse the people, the enterprize being opposed, they de till the présent danger Haa blown by. Jayed, rather than renounced its execuIt involvedtherefore, va confession of tión.toi Phę King and his counsellors weakness, without affording anything became now, sensible that nothing was to satisfy the calls of the nation. In elefti to them but to yield. On the factthe chile for hidence was still bla-1-morning of the 7th an extraordinary Wed in military operations, but while.gazette was published, copyoking the Wat the generals were suspected either Cortes. It was now.oo late, however,

foreacher bor fucapability, the rego- even for the mosto ample concession ; lution was formed, to call intolaetives nothing was sleft but unqualified subder Vied the Conde de ABisbalwithout mission. 3. The multitude knew their regid to his former equivocal conduct strength, the whole population of MaBrand recenie disgrace. His military ta." drid, soldiers and people, tumultuously "lants and reputation might have power. 'assembled, tore down the placards, set fülafigence H'this extremity, and thes up the constitutional stones and with

te 24shewn by his brothers! Jo-s loud cries demanded the constitution seph O'Donnell, gave a favourable ideabsof 1812.2's, Great bagitationi now pre

of the loyalty of the family. Wh. E vailed in the palace. Nothing could See The King could not have made a - be a more deep and entire humiliation more fatal choice. A bisbal was already to the King, than to restore a, consti

eorrespondentee with the revolution---tution, which he had made it his first Durcheis; and preparing to put him." act to dissolve, with every mark of reself her head is How far the could probation; and he had kept immured 16 nied in using for this purpose for years in dungeons, all concerned in the power placed o his hands by the rforming and upholding it. The dan

Knight we shall mot" inquire - Certain ger, however, was imminent.o 1 BallasDis hemg appointed to the command teros, called from his disgrage in this

Mancha, the first use he made of hour of extreme need, is supposed to "I was to proclaim the constitution at have been the person who hxed the

Olana, where his brothers Alexander King'siwavering resolutions. 92. He

commanded the Imperial regiment.- roundly told him that there was not a - Hethen went through Temblique, Al. moment to loses that between the aca Whagro, Ciudad Realjqand ethe other ceptance of the constitution and his To townsbf La Mancha, everywhere maa dethronement, no alternative was left.

King'similar proclamations randilcolai The terrified monarch hastily agreed regg troops. He had thus soon formatos yield whatever was demanded. sedoz lit Ae army, to which he hoped. The following communication was imSogefekty, toda a great part at least of Imediately/issued 304 bas ovi Tagarcáth mahaded by Freyreadinois ausdort all WON TOW 137ywod enw. Sasaredard were how come to al crisis acu Si The King our Lord deigns to 6. Therefolution' was no longer confinedo caddress to his secretaries of all departtoite thenextremities of the kingdom , itrioments the followingi royal decree: W at the door and Madrid long sessyor "To avoid the delays which might eddy Sagitated, and viewing with in take placerin consequence of the untenserierebe the movements in the proets certainties experienced by the council videes began openly to share them Jaciņ the execution ofimy degree of yes

utiversal fermeno prevailed among sterday, iordaining the immediate cona the people the soldiers had already,791 yocation of the Contes, and the geneon the 5th made at attempt to raise io rat will of the people having been pro 2 sdt.99bslg Jos BH 911931 19

3 7

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