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(Thermom. Hygrom. Barom.

State of Weather in December, 1795 2. fcet in.



6 46 45

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IS hrink
2SW moderate
3 NW calin,

Së modernte
SISW dilto
6NW brink
7NW calm
SSE bisk
9 NW calm
10NW gentle
ITS calm
121s brick
13 SSW moderite
14,5SW dillo
15SSE ditto
16 SE ditto
17 SW calm
18 SSE moderate

OSSW gentle 20 SW calm 2 HSE calm '2: SE geulle 23

29,16 38

39 14 1.9'un, Tair. at night

40 .9 he i vy Tower
5 313+ 2:3 Vclightful clav
791 2832 6 black zod cold, ram at niglipa

1 Sino toy intervis, fazia al niglit
5341 41

21 igo ilipwest 39, 237

23(ad fairing 29,6837

Kiboner; With liai 37

wers, brillikal 471 29 39

14:40 AM alom PM.

beren Hinwei ANI. c!ers up P.M. 10:37

hours AN clear up 1.4.

clown, and 'low Is VCES

8 41

liczky raina

Crowns 152.51


1 Buswers 30, 3, 43

.9 clearly 30

2-3 cleyr froidy ukry, raw at night tog inciddy :


25 SE calm

121 47

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31/W ditto

43! 44

30 425 | 341:37 | 2.2 rin A.M: rnin PM * 26 SW gentle

49 1.5 111", fight huwer's 27 NW dito

18 45 46 28 W moderate 34!

very gloomy, rain at night 29 SW ditio

29,9642 43 .8 i gloomy, rain 34 NW brisk 73 41 4.1

clear and pleasant

44 .8 l litavy Thuwers 3. Gollamer Meats. Infeets sport.-4. ke friza laft, night one inch ane terythe,

5. Wild Daily flowers. -- 6. A Hurricane from the NW. Bol the space of hour iwelve housș.-13. Norwithtanding the lieavy thowers A: M. not a cloid visible in the after nuor; fun thines wit's uncommon luttre; ':eéts sport. Strong ftalhes of lightning in the evening.-10. Guitumer focis.--- Never was there fuel a changeable variety of weather in fe thatra space; tle grounit is almoff duluiged with wet. The nighis in. general excellively dark, frequently enlivened with lighouing, which appears particit larly awful and vivid through the glom. Fall of rain 5.6 inches. I. HULT.

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MUTEOROLOGICAL Table for January, 1798. Height of Fahrenheit's 'Thermometer. Heiglio of Fahreaheit's Thermometek Sarom. Weather

Barom, Weather fin. pts, in Jair. 1798.

in. pts in Jan. 1798.

8 o'cl.


11 O'll. Night.

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Dec 27

47 48 45 30,41 cloudy 28

33 34 44

33 33,49,99 finowand Alces 42

:47 fais 29 / 40 40

35 30.,71 air

38 45 44 3° 44 45

39 29993 fair ['night is 47*; 50 144 1.942 tondy 31 46

370 tis; antram 16 7639

175 cloudy

39 43 33
,84 star

ijo rain at night

47 336.39

798 slondy 39 130,02" rain

44 36 irs foggy 49 40 ;30,50 cloudy

41 451 39 129,7 fair

49. 47 130,27 cloudy

47 5! 47730 Czir

47 5037
33 35 so 30,46 Saites

;02 rain

-35 **1 e 6
33 zo ,51 cloudly

37 121 cloudy
(150 cloudy

29 | 30 30

136 fair
136'cloudy 26
31.6 38.1 35

123 cloudyo

11 W. CARY, Optician, No. 192, near Norfolk-Sireet, Sarand.

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To Sir JOHN SINCLAIR; Bart. in land, to turn their cattle, horses, and, Prendent of ibe Board of Agriculture. theep, upon this portion, according 'n i SIA,

:. 1, 1-98. the cátent of their leveral legal hold. ***** ERE I nor; partectly ings, wirelter the be und or curtages

confesent of the ipa før, unlimited right, of common is a triotic spiritision which principle are bideo be defended, you ascended the chair thought a citom 100 coinmonly put in of the Board of Azria pradlice. This isu se I would cara cultures, of your are neftlig wil a les elected by a ge

dent zeal in carry the meral aal, much less volating the sea public views of that intituţion into curity of property than each individira; - and of the libera! Candour ; dual act of incintyre, or, okasvigation with which you receive, andieven in that culs througe, in ocentney takes vits, the opinions of others, on the vas ir, a way : an'd july top if the publick flous and exteoded brancises, of your at barge is beneficed by it, either enquiries; I should hold is vain to ad through ibe facity given to the cir. diefs you on the fubjeft, and to offer. culating of commerce, or by lowering korinttgis. So widely differing from sbe the price of provisions. But is this first principles of your undeuaking; the consequence of inclosures under bur, under trèse imprtifions of my the pretent Syflem?? Is is not rather-she mod, it would be buc em, ty a ticta. anyinidarigo of public right, for cus tion in me to make any, apo ogy to you advancement or separate propertyAnd for the following observations; which do we not find, byutonty years experi. Isherefore beg leave ihus pubiialy, price at lealt (for to that period I will witour farther preface, to lay buiore confine the great annual increase of you.

inclosures that this erroncous prinThe object of.yout, last year's com, ciple bas. Curbed both country genile. mittee, which I hear you mean to se men, and their overgrown legants vire, was that of iocioling wattes and jngo arcogang and unfceling monopo: Gato moos: I touch nur on the differ- lisi, fir, when did you know a man cot modes proposed, because I object or combination of men, with exclusive to the absolue incløfure of them in rights or privileges, conhder the pub: aby mode, My reasons are as follow; lick in any other liglat-chąn as an obje& and, perhaps they will apply to all of pludo? Itihey did in articles of ipcoluses on the present tyhem, as luxury.ondy, I hould be: ltls averle, yell as yo shule.of wattes and com- (though in my heart I must ever scoin

ions i for I shink them, conclutive the narrow principle in one men); but agaisd both, as they now are, or are in thale of the necessary tubllience of proposed hereafter to be, conducted: maq, cipecially the poor and industris

The great peinciple of improving qus, wherber labourers tradesman, or land-for public advantage is, to leave a mechanic, I. hold it to be the indica portion of y, lo improved publici juris pxofable duty of the legislature to with and on this prociple is founded the stand in the art instance, so illiberal Eufom in open fielde, of leaving one

and destructive a proceeding. mbard, q6 fourib, every year, as of I call them ove grown, beause, hy.oc. fog mon right for alle persons, as well cupaion of valt extrot of country under thele ofiilmaller propery bong loafesy: Ney often bid detance to their munky, and that not in land, as those landlords, and set ac nought all thoughts of ppf fuperior rank or property, and that antient subordination.


But will you prevent any man from by the earnings of their indufrious imp.oving and making the most of his and laborious dependenis and neigh, proper! By no means mamas far as it bours, in the inciedible diminution of js confifterit with the general right of the poor-rates, which, though in one the community; bui I woud Hot point of v ew they may be thoughe, allow any man to acquire a duplica an honour, are in fa&t hoch a heavy tion of his separate propertv, by taking burden and disgrace to this country. from others their thare in the right of I am aware thar it will be laid," un. pasure over all lands in roration, only less you will hold out in land.propriétore to enable him to lav heavier burdens the great and exclufive adraniages of on the public markets

the prelept. plin of inclosure, they True it is, that the property of in- will not be at the expence of risque of dividuals lies moft inconvéniently feat. it; and rour fields will never be im. tered in various parts of open fields, proved, but for ever lie in the unprom that trespasses on each other's lands are duêtive and disorderly late of former daily made, and that commons are times." ove stocked and neglected; but alli I am ready, Sir, to own, that the these difficulries and abuses would be immediate oftensible profilio the great «fé&ually removed, by allowing, or proprietor (for the small land owner, even en'orcing by law, a power in it is well known, is ofren ruined by commissioners to allot, and lay toge. the unequal and intolerable pressure of ther for each proprietor, a portion of first advances), will not be so fastering land, (quantity and quality confidered), to his eager expectation ; but, fiom equivalent to that which belore lay the collateraland permanent advantages dispersed in the open fic ds; and even of this pallini inclosure, accompanied inclosing ir, leaving on third, or other with the comforts that will arise to scasonable portion of it, open every the middle and inferior orders of his year, to a general right of con mon, follow.fubjoets, fiom the view of mila under new regulation and cont'oul, in lions of them, who, by their little which the proprietors of lard would claims and exercise of their common have their fhare, and keeping the righıs, will not on'y raile provision for other divifions in severalty to them their own lamilies, but by rearing and Jelves.

bringing to market, calves, pigs, poulThe waites and commons might be try, eggs, and hutter, wil.largely conimproved by banking, draining, and tribute to the general economy, by Various other ways, which local cir. the reduction of prices in those moft cumfances would point out, at the ex neceffary articles; I fuy, Sir, from pence of every individual who had a such a view, which ought to make the sight thercon, bx parochial levy *, 10 hearts of the opulent to leap for joy, the ten-lold advantage of the poor the great and liberal proprietor will cottager and tr.delman, as well as of not only have his full measure of de. the rich; and to the permanent dimi. Jixhe, he will in fa&t, also, reap ample nution of the price of provihons at amends for the imagined disappoint. market, wherein, though the loner ment of his hift cravings, by the eafier Jod more numerous claffes of the com access to his dearelt luperfluities, as munity would receive the most appa. well as to ihe means of providing for Teot daily bench and comfort, the the maintenance of his necessary house. rich, the great, and he powerful, who hold. The blessings of the poor will are not plagued with the double dis.. nieer him in the morning, and bid him order of pride and court'ulness, muft farewell before he goes to reft; and see that ini y will ultima'ely find the the bleffogs of a gracious Providence truc and libe al advantage, thai moft will over lhadow and prote& such properly comes to their share, and in Nirion. ibo manner in wbicb it beft becomes Thus have I, Sir, ingenuously abem to accope is, by abundance of thrown out my thoughts on this improvifions in crowded markets, and portant subject; which, if worthy of ihe free purchale of them at calrates, any confideration, I am sure you, and

the Board at which you prefide, will "And this right I would wish to fee reflect on with candour, and other extended to every householder, paying genlenen may en arge upon with Scot and los, and his due proportion to more vigour of mind and Krength of fuch levy.


Queriese s This one maxim I hold true and folar eclipse, forme allowance ought to irrefragable ; that, though the land of be made for the effect of refract.on: the whole kingdom hould, under your it is not, however, con dered by eiauspices, and zealous exertions, be ther of hole learned writers, nor in brought into the higher state of culti- any other book which I have yet feen, Vuion; yet, if it be all held in several, although the eff of parallax is very ty, and the antiene claim and sight of minutely arrended to; and I therefore cognan be extinguished or expreffed, fuppose, the Phales are not at all af. ja the mode and proportion of the feed by refraction : bur yet,, I can presede syftem of inclofore, the pub. hardly persuade myself that it does lick can reap po benefit from it; but not make some alteration in the Moon's monopoly of property among the grear, visible or apparent place, so as to acceand combination among their principal lerate or retard the beginning or end and independent tenants, must annu- of she Eclipse.. ally take place; the one a practice The late learned T. Mayer, in his adverse co a free constitution; the method of finding the longitude, by other equally inimical to a commer. the distance of the Moon from a lar, cial country.

not only compotes the eff:&t of paralP.S. Allow me to add one general lax opon the Moon's latitude and lonoble.varron, on the unaccountable neg; gitude, but also considers the addio je&t of the legile ure in respect of ional offeet of the refra&tion, corre. cimber.

sponding with the Moon's altitude, and Notwitftanding the acknowledged thereby reduces the visible place of the and notorious decreale of forest.cim- Moon to what he terms her apparent ber, fo clearly proved, and so fò cibly place † ; yet I also observe, that, ia urged to public confideration, in the computing the immersion and emersion minly and patriotic reports of the of Aldebaran by the Moon, he takes commiffioners, appointed by parlia• no notice of the refraction to ment, many years ago, to enquire into

llaving been a conftant' reader of the date of the crown.lands, &c. no your valuable Magazine for more than care is takeo, in any bill of inclosure, 30 years, I know of no other means, to lay down a prisciple, or enforce the by which the doubt I at present enpra&ice, of planting; but we see whole certain can be removed, but by the counties, newly inclosed, as bare of affiftance or instruction of some of your Ember as the open fields: this is a' learned correspondents ; who, I Hatter fatal omiffion, wh ch I hope the House myself, will have the goodness to inof Commons will immediacely coirea, form me, whether it is, or is not, dy lome standing order on that most necellary to allow for the effect of reimportant point. I have the honour to

fraction, as well as of p'rallax, in order be, Sir, with true respect,

to compute the beginning and end of Yours, &c. AGRICOLA. a solar. Ecliple-And if it is not ne.

cessary, why the effcof refraction Mr. URBAN,

Jan. 2. alters the Moon's apparent distance HS

AVING resided, for many vears, from a star, but does not affect her in , dilanı part of the Britich

apparent distance from the Sun. I. B. dominions, where the means of amure. meat are but few, and the climate A TRIP TO PARIS. such as to make much exercise neither (Continued from vol. LXVII. p. 999.) agreeable nor proper, I often pass oleh came be laid to dißinguish them leisure-bours in reading books upon Afronomy, and making such calculas from the English: in general, they are siops, as the little mathematical knowo not lo corpulent : this may be attritedge I poffefs will permit.

buted to the thioners of their diet, Beliples of the Sun are not often vio compared to the substance of our beef fible in this part of the world; but, and strong beer. The men are wellwhen they are, I endeavour to com Timbed, tall, and move with more case pute their different Phases in the belt than the English: they dress more inapper I can, having chiefy recourle

* Mechou us Longiudinum promota,p.15. so the writings of Mr. De la Lande and

+ Locuin visum appello, qui parallaxi the Abbé de la Caille.

tantum afficitur, ad parentem vero, qui It has ofico occurred to me,,that, in præterea refractionc inquinatus. Ib. p. 4. somputing was beginning and end of a Ib, 16.


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