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Some New Jottings in My Note Book,--Dub-
lin University Magazine,
New Spirit of the Age,-Westminster Review, 472
A Night for History,-Metropolitan.


OBITUARY: General Bertrand, 142; Boghos Bey

-General Comte D'Orsay-Count Mazzinghi,

143. Thorwaldsen, 286; Jean Baptiste Stigl-

mayer, 287. Don Augustine Arguelles, 430.

King of Sweden, 574

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men vi the instinct of our conscience, a great er any social idea extant, not so much as the idea of his first publications, "where there is no longreligious thought, which may rescue us from doubt, a social faith which may save us from crowded lodging-house? where each, isolated, of a common home, but only of a common overanarchy, a moral inspiration which may em-regardless of his neighbor, turned against his MAY, 1844.


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