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chester with the “Dorset County Chro- tendency. He was universally esteemed, nicle and Somersetsbire Gazette," wbich not only for his attainments, but also for continued nearly fourteen years.

his amiable qualities of bead and heart, Of his publications the main portion of the social virtues, bigh sense of integrity, his early and extensive contributions to and kindness of disposition; the full periodical literature appeared in the amount of which can only be appreciated

Monthly Magazine" and " The Univer. by those who had daily and hourly opporsal Magazine."

tunities of fainiliar and friendly intercourse In 1805 he edited “A Concise History with him. During his residence in Lon. of the Present State of the Commerce of don he had formed an extensive acquaintGreat Britain," from the German of Dr. ance amongst literary men ; and in his old Rheinhard; with notes and additions, 8vo. age the fund of anecdotes relating to them,

In 1808-9 he published, in parts (six- with which bis retentive memory was well teen in all, forming three volumes, and stored, rendered him an amusing and inpart of a fourth), “ The Librarian : con. structive companion. taining an Account of scarce, valuable, In politics he was of staunch Tory and useful Books, Manuscripts, Libraries, principles, but tolerant of those who difPublic Records,' &c.

fered from him in opinion. In religion he In 1811, “ An Account of the London a sincere and devout Protestant Daily Newspapers : to which is added, a Churchman. Destitute of all pharisaical Plan for the Management of a Weekly assumption, he was pious without ostenProvincial Paper."

tation. It was bis wish, often expressed He also published a volume of “ Memo to the writer of this memoir, that it might rabilia". (8vo. pp. 328) being historical, be recorded of him that he died in firm biographical, and antiquarian recollections, reliance upon “ Christ and Him crucified;" compiled from various sources, and from and those were tbe last words that escaped bis extensive course of reading.

his lips in the awful hour of dissolution. In 1812, “ Observations on the Varieties of Architecture, and in the Struc

DEATHS. ture of Parish Churches: to which is added, a Description of the Characteristics of the Saxons, Normans, and Pointed. Sept. 24. Aged 82, Joseph Taylor, arch Styles ; list of Churches now remain. esq. late of the Royal Exchange Insurance ing, built by the Saxons; an Account of Office, and author and laborious compiler Bishops and otbers who were Architects; of many literary works.- Apparitions; or and the Contemporary Architecture of the the Mystery of Ghosts, Hobgoblins, and various Periods." (8vo. pp. 77.)

haunted houses developed. 2nd. edit. 1815. In topography his first work was “ The 8vo. Anecdotes of Remarkable Insects, History of Howden Church," printed 1817. 12mo. Antiquitates Curiosæ : the whilst in business at that place, in 1799. etymology of many remarkable old say: In 1805 he published " The History of the ings, proverbs, and singular customs exCastle and Parish of Wressle, in the East plained. 1818. 12mo. Remarkable ProRiding of the county of York” (8vo. pp. vidences. 1821. 12mo. 94); but his chief works were “ The His March 11. At Kennington, aged 57, tory of Taunton,” (8vo. 1822, pp. 608,) Charles Butler, esq. purporting to be a new edition of Toul March 13. Reader Wainewright, esq. of min's, but so remodelled and containing so Lincoln's.inn, barrister-at-law, and F.S.A. much new matter as to merit all tbe credit He was called to the bar May 11, 1793, of a new work: and the “ History of the and practised as an Equity draftsman. Hundred of Carhampton" (8vo. 1830, pp. March 14. In Seetbing-lane, aged 27, 662). This was issued as an instalment Alfred Marshall, esq. of Great Ormondtowards a history of the County of Somer st. and Liverpool. sit, proposed in a prospectus put forth by At the residence of his brother, Stoke Mr. Savage (see Gent. Mag. Vol. XCVI. Newington, William Battye, esq. late of ii. 158), but which, however, did not extend Bristol, Yorkshire. further. His last publication of any At Hammersmith, !Jane-Catharine, el extent was “ The History of Dorchester” dest dau. of the late James Carter, esq. of ( pp. 220), which appeared in 1832. Barnes, Surrey.

The pieces of a more fugitive character At Old Palace Yard, Westminster, Wil. put forth by Mr. Savage during a long lite liam Taddy, esq. Her Majesty's ancient rary life bave been very numerous; and Serjeant-at-law, and Attorney-Gen. to ber bappily he was one who, at the last mo. Majesty the Queen Dowager. He was ment of life, could look back upon all called to the bar at the Inner Temple, he had written, and wish none blotted out Feb. 3, 1797 ; to the degree of Serjeant. on account of any immoral or irreligious at-law in Trinity term 1818; and ap

pointed King's Serjeant in Trinity term Nolan, esq. late of Her Majesty's Civil 1827.

Service, Ceylon. March 15. At Cambridge-terr. Hyde In Cecil-st. Strand, aged 74, G. Nor. Park, Eliza-Esther, wife of Thomas Lea,

man, esq. for many years of the Reesq. only child of the late James Harding, ceiver Gen. Department of Stamps and esq. of Leyden House, Manchester.

Taxes. At his brother Lord Saltoun's residence, In Queen-sq. Westminster. aged 7, in Great Cumberland-st. aged 53, the Agnes, youngest dau. of D. S. Davies, Hon. William Fraser, second son of Alex. esq. M.P. for Carmarthenshire ; and ander, 15th Lord Saltoun. He married, April 1, aged 9, Henry-David-Saunders, the 9th April 1818, Elizabeth-Graham, his third son. second dau. of Mr. David M.Dowall March 22. In Craven st. aged 25, Grant, by whom he leaves issue a family Christopher Fripp George, B.A. of St. of 11 children. Of whom Alexander, the Mary's-hall, Oxford, and student of eldest, now in his 25th year, becomes by Lincoln's-jun, only son of Christopher his father's death heir presumptive to the George, esq. of Abbot's Leigh. ancient Scotch barony.

In Nottingham-pl. Major-Richard WilAt Wandsworth, aged 76, Wentworth loughby Byron, of the 34th Regt. second Malim, esq. formerly of Lincoln's-inn son of Thomas Byron, esq. of Coulsdon, fields.

Surrey. Ile was appointed Captain in March 17. In Sloane-st. Lady Leslie, the 34th in 1835. relict of Sir Charles Leslie, Bart.

At Parson's Green, Fulham, aged 80, At Berkeley-house, Hyde-park, aged Mrs. S. M. Boileau. 70, Edward Bliss, esq. of Brandon-park, At Compton-terr. Islington, aged 76, Suffolk, late High Sheriff of that county. Mrs. Duthoit, relict of Peter Duthoit, esq.

At Baker-st. Maria, relict of the Rev. March 23. In York-gate, Regent'sW. R. Cobbold, late Vicar of Selborne. park, Mrs. Logan, widow of Hart Logan,

March 18. Aged 56, Robert Barlow, esq. of Kentwell Hall, M.P. for West esq. of Holybonrn, near Alton, Hants.

Suffolk, youngest dau, of the late Robert late of the E.I.C. Civil Service, Bengal, Service, esq. of London. which he entered in 1817.

Joseph Robinson, esq. of Exchange At Maida Hill, aged 63, Eliza, wife of Buildings, and Moss-st. Liverpool. John Anthony Hermon, esq.

Aged 75, James Gray Mayhew, esq. of James Prendeville, esq. He was well Cambridge-terr. Hyde-park, and Argyleknown to the literary world, and has left st. St. James's Westminster. a wife and three children totally unpro. Aged 68, Mary, wife of Thomas Howell, vided for.

esq. of Clapham. March 19. Aged 45, Ann, wife of March 25. In Welbeck-st. aged 76, Clarke Duchesne, esq. surgeon, of White George Nathaniel

Best, esq.

senior Lion-st. Spital -sq.

bencher of the Middle Temple. He was In Eaton-sq. aged 67, Miss Mary called to the bar by that Society, Jao. Lloyd.

25, 1793. In Chester-sq. aged 21, Francis Wil At Lion-house, Stamford-hill, aged 50, helmina, only dau. of Charles O'Malley, Mary-Ann, wife of Edward Baker, esq. esq. of the Lodge, Castlebar, and of At Cambridge-heath, Hackney-road, Dublin.

aged 38, Harriett, wife of Alexander Aged 55, George Augustus Kollman, Lewis, esq. R.N. esq. organist of Her Majestys's Royal March 26. In Park-crescent, Port. German Chapel, St. James's Palace, and land,pl. aged 41, Evelyn Spencer Bosthe inventor of the new system of railway cawen, esq. late Major of the 40th Foot. locomotive engines and carriages, also of At his chambers, Paper-buildings, Tema new patented pianoforte.

ple, Charles Edwards, esy. of the Inner March 20. At Notting Hill, aged 25, Temple, barrister-at-law. Pryce, fifth son of the late Devereux At Regent-sq. aged 79, Sarah, relict of Jones Nicholls, Esq. of Altrincham,

Richard Keys, esq. Cheshire.

Aged 74, William Brownfield, esq. of At Cadogan-place, aged 80, Maria, re Greenwich. lict of Laurence Wright, esq. of Mottrain March 27. Aged 83, Frances, wife of Hall, Cheshire, and Hilltop, Lanc. Henry Bennett, esq. Chatham-place

At the Charter-house, Charlotte, relict East, Hackney. of the Rev. Robert Black, formerly of At Hampstead, aged 82, Mrs. Sarah St. Andrew's Holborn.

Bradney, eldest daughter of the late Joseph At Arundel-terr. Pentonville, William Bradney, esq. of Ham. Sturt, esq.

At Clapham Common, aged 86, John At Kensington Garden-terr, Edward Ravenhill, esq. a Magistrate for Surrey,

and a very old and respected inhabitant of April 6. At Islington, aged 89, Ann, Clapham.

relict of the Rev. Samuel James, Rector In South Audley-st. Charlotte Gran of Radstoke and Allerton, Somersetsh. ville, wife of T. G. French, esq. Marino, Aged 26, Coleridge, eldest son of the Ireland.

Rev. F. W. J. Vickery. March 28. At Stepney rectory, Anne, At Kensington Gore, Amelia-Annerelict of Daniel Vawdrey, late of Plasgwy- Sarah, wife of Samuel Redgrave, esq. nant, Carnarvonshire.

At Cambridge-terr. Hyde Park, aged In Portman-sq. aged 59, Col. Turner 64, Charles Hardwicke Watson, esq. Grant, late of the Grenadier Guards. His Aged 25, at Islington, William Henry first commission was dated April 4, 1800, Bode, esq. and he attained the rank of Colonel on

April 7. At the family residence in the 10th Jany. 1837. He served in Sir Upper Brook-st. aged 72, the Dowager VisJohn Moore's campaign in Spain in 1809, countess Chetwynd. She was the youngest including the battle of Corunda. He was dau. of the late Thomas Cartwright, esq. also engaged in the expedition to Walche. and was married, in 1791, to Richard ren, and the Peninsular campaigns in 1812, Viscount Chetwyud, who died in 1821, 1813, and 1814.

leaving issue the present Viscount, the At Fenton House, Hampstead, aged 73, first wife of Mr. Serjeant Goulburn, and Mary-Ann, widow of the Rev. Charles two unmarried daughters. Benjamin Charlewood, of Oak Hill, Staff. In York-st. Portman.-sq. aged 30,

March 29. At Park Lodge, New Cross, Thomas Sterling George Barrett Lennard, aged 65, David Showell, esq.

esq., eldest son of John Barrett Lennard, In Alfred-pl. Bedford-sq. aged 57, Mr. esq., and grandson of Sir Thomas Barrett James Smith.

Lennard, Bart. In Brook-st. Hanover-sq. aged 41, Aged 33, Anna-Matilda, wife of Henry Maria, wife of Henry Hunt, esq. M.D. Seymour Simes, esq.

At St. John's, Fulham, aged 54, Mary April 8. At Huntington Lodge, Peck. Elizabeth, relict of Chas. Stuart Nixon, esq. ham, aged 66, Thomas Lund, esq.

Aged 43, Elizabeth-Bloom, wife of Jas. In Nottingham-place, aged 73, Thomas Row, esq. of Page Green, Tottenham. Byron, esq.

March 31. In Gloucester-pl. New Andrew Jopp, esq. of Savage Gardens. road, aged 29, Catharine, wife of Edward Charles Mac Rae, esq. of the Stock ExFrederic Green, esq. and second dau. of change and Moorgate-st. Dr. Joseph Stilon, of Malta.

At Hackney, aged 87, Sarah, widow of At Stoke Newington, aged 32, Fred Mr. George Hoby, of St. James's-st. erick, seventh son of Lewis Burnand esq.

Lately. Aged 60, Daniel W. Richard Berks.- March 7. Aged 80, at Read. son, esq. Master of the Court of Bank ing, John Simonds, sen. esq. of the firm ruptcy.

of Messrs. Simonds and Co., bankers. April 1. In London, aged 9 months, March 26. At Maidenhead, aged 69, Robert Morehead, youngest son of Charles Jonathan Gilbert, esq. formerly of the H. Lowther, esq. of Wilton Castle, Yorksh. Tower, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.

April 3. In Bryanston-sq. aged 17, March 27. At Binfield, aged 80, CaWilliam Douglas Scott, youngest son of therine, relict of William Edginton, esq. Sir Edward Dolman Scott, Bart. of Great March 29. At Wallingford. in his 50th Barr, Staffordshire.

year, Edward Wells, esq. In Oxford-st. aged 67, Major Broderick April 8. At Crookham House, aged Waters, of the Royal Marines.

78, Henry Tull, esq. April 4. In Milton-st. Dorset-sq. John Bucks.March 17. At Iver, the Rt. David, the only surviving son of the Rev. Hon. Louisa Lady Gambier, relict of Lord George Sandby, jun. Vicar of Flexton, Gambier, Adm. of the Fleet. She was the Suffolk.

second daughter of Daniel Matthew, esq. At Beaumont-sq. Stepney, aged 62, and was married in 1788 to Lord Gambier, Hannah, widow of George Cook, esq. of who died without issue, in 1833. Brook Green, Hammersmith.

March 18. At Horton, aged 86, John In Lower Grosvenor-st. aged 18, DonaldNorman, eldest son of J. R. Martin, esq. March 21. Helen Mary, second dau.

April 5. At Kennington Green, aged of W. S. Browning, esq., of Upton Court. 58, Mary, relict of Chas. Armstrong, esq. CAMBRIDGE.- Feb. 7. At Cambridge,

At Highbury, in he 72d year, Mary, aged 70, Mrs. Potts, mother of R. Potts, widow of Mr. Charles Innes, of Fleet-st. esq., M. A., of Trinity college.

Joan Watmore, wife of William Oke Feb. 15. At Whittlesey, aged 51, Manning, esq. and only surviving dau. of J. Renton, esq. R.N. Frederick Gibson, esq. of Turnham Green. March 20. At Caius College, Cam.

Cook, esq.

bridge, aged 65, John Thomas Woodhouse, April 1. At Dartmouth, aged 75, James M.D., Senior Fellow of Gonville and Burrough, esq. Caius College. He took the degree of April 2. At Southmolton, aged 83, Doctor of Medicine many years ago, but William Venn, esq. never practised as a physician. He chiefly April 4. At Braddon Tor House, Tor. occupied himself in painting, and in por. quay, aged 22, Henry-Gerard, third son traits was such an excellent artist that the of the late Rev. Robert Collett. likenesses which he has painted from time April 5. At Torquay, William Yatman, to time of many of his distinguished con esq. of Norfolk-crescent, Hyde-park, and temporaries would form of themselves an Lincoln's-inn-fields. interesting gallery.

April 6. At Torquay, Lucy Harriet, March 25. At Cambridge, aged 22, wife of the Rev. Arthur Fane, Vicar of John William Hodges, esq. only son of Warminster, and eldest daughter of John the late Rev. T. S. Hodges, Rector of Benett, esq. M.P. for South Wilts. Little Waltham, Essex.

1pril 7. James Clarke, esq. of Sid April 4. Aged 83, William Godfrey, Abbey, Sidmouth. esq. of Kennett Hall.

DORSET.-March 18. At Charmouth Cheshire.- March 18. At Rossall rectory, aged 87, Charles Arnott, esq. Hall, aged 14, Ebenezer Vigers, eldest son formerly of Rushington, Hants. of E. R. G. Mare, esq. of Belmont, Lately. At Bothenhampton, near BridCheadle.

port, aged 81, Lady Mary, relict of Capt. April 6. Aged 71, Edward Venables Sir Wm. Douglas, R.N. Townshend, esq. of Wincham Hall.

April 10. At Charmouth, aged 77, CORNWALL. - April 6. At Penzance, Mrs. E. Goddard, wife of Thos. Goddard, aged 78, Thomas Coulson, sen. esq. esq. late of Salisbury.

DERBY.–March 22. At Darley House, Essex.—March 24. Charles Hanson, near Matlock, Miss Knowlton, sister to esq. of Forth End, Great Waltham. the late Thomas Knowlton, esq. for many At Walthamstow, Elizabeth, relict of years steward to the Duke of Devon- the late Edward Petty, esq. of Threadshire,

needle-street. DEVON.-March 10. At Budleigh Sal March 29. Aged 77, Elizabeth, wife of terton, from injuries received by his clothes Robert Fred. Eagle King, esq. of Nokes taking fire the preceding day, Lieut.-Col. Farm, Great Leighs. Charles Bayly.

GLOUCESTER.–Feb. 21. At Oddington, At Devonport, aged 80, Miss Anne rectory, Mary Louisa, youngest dau. of Gilbert Maxwell, one of the oldest in the Very Rev. Edward Rice, D.D. Dean habitants of that town, and granddau. of of Gloucester. John Ommany, esq. formerly Agent Vic March 12. At Cheltenham, aged 52, tualler of that port.

James Tomlinson, esq. late Major in the March 13. At Plymouth, aged 89, 11th Hussars, Mrs. Fuge, sister of Benjamin Fuge, esq. March 14. At Cheltenham, Elizabeth,

March 16, Henrietta Maria Simcoe, relict of William Henry Addison, esq. of third dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Simcoe, Demerara. of Wolford Lodge, in this county.

March 17. At Cheltenham, Emily, At Teignmouth, the wife of Dr. Spens, wife of the Rev. Leopold Erasmus Dryden, M.D.

Rector of Whitwash, Warwickshire, and March 21. At Strand, aged 71, Daw. dau. of the Rev. Richard F. Vavasour, of lish J. Spyring, esq.

Stow-on-the-Wold. March 23. At Torpoint, J. R. Rees, March 18. At Bishop's College, Bristol, esq, one of the oldest assistant-surgeons Frances Knight Bruce, infant dau. of the

Rev. the Principal. March 24. Aged 62, Jemima, wife of March 22. At the residence of his Henry Crofts, esq. City Bank, Exeter. brother, Clifton, H. D. Sage, esq.

At Tiverton, aged 92, Miss Blundell. March 26. At Cheltenham, aged 67, She was the last of the Blundell family, Thomas White, esq. late of the Hon. East

it is believed, great-great-grand India Company's Civil Service. child of the founder of Tiverton school, At Clifton, aged 74, Major-Gen. Josiah

At the Mount, Exeter, aged 34, John Marshall, of the East India Company's Manning Innes Hazeland, esq. solicitor, Service. only son of the late Rev. John Manning March 31. At Lechlade, Daniel CurHazeland, Rector of Bigbury.

ling, esq. eldest son of the late Daniel March 29. At Exmouth, aged 29, Fran Curling, esq. of London. cis Frederick Trenchard, esq. surgeon,

At Gloucester, aged 73, Mary Anne, re. fourth son of the late William Trenchard, lict of the Hon. Robert Annesley. She was eeq. of Taunton.

the daughter of James Gandon, esq. and GENT. Mag. Voz, XXIII.

4 C

in the navy.

and was,

Tilbe, esq.

esq. R.N.

was left a widow in 1825, having had Castle, aged 90, Richard Wollaston, esq. issue a numerous family.

late merchant of the City of London, At Southrop vicarage, Frederick, fifth KENT.–March 12. At Dover, aged son of the Rev. William Joseph Walker. 59, Godfrey Fitter, esq. of that place, and

Lately. Aged 16, Henry-Jones, eldest of Upper Grosvenor-st. son of Henry Hooper Wilton, esq. of March 15. At Hythe, aged 76, Henry Gloucester.

At the Parsonage, Stroud, aged 32, March 16. At Lewisham, aged 30, Sophia, wife of the Rev. Matthew Blagden Capt. George Brunswick Smyth, late 80th Hale, Perpetual Curate of Stroud.

Regt. only son of Major-Gen. George April 4. Aged 2, Robert John, and Stracy Smith, Governor of New Bruns. on the 9th, aged 5, Mary Amelia, the wick, and equerry to the late Duke of children of R. Procter, esq. of Shuthonger. Kent, and brother to the late John George house, near Tewkesbury.

Smyth, Rector of Chelsworth, Suffolk, HANTS.—March 16. At Basing House, and Chaplain to the Duke of Kent. near Basingstoke, aged 78, Richard Booth, March 17. At the residence of his

nephew George Finnis, esq. of Hythe, March 22. At Southampton, aged 75, Capt. Thomas Quested, R.M. John Radford, esq. principal officer of the March 20. At Deptford, aged 78, Customs, Guernsey.

Matthew Ffinch, esq. At Fareham, aged 31, Mrs. Wetherell, March 24. Aged 91, Elizabeth, widow of Seville, and dau. of the late Philip Gil. of Thomas Selby, esq. of the Mote, bert, esq. of Earl's-court, Old Brompton. Ightham.

At Burgate House, Charles-Clements March 28. At Deptford, aged 65, Wallace, youngest son of John Brymer, esq. Fanny, wife of J. W. Roberts, Com.

March 29. At Brockenhurst, aged 65, mander R.N. Capt. Edw. Alex. Toomer, R.M. eldest At Cottington, near Deal, aged 79, son of the late Mr. Edward Toomer, of Sarah-Curling, wife of Geo. Hooper, esq. Rhinefield.

April 4. At Deal, aged 78, Mrs. Lately. At Southampton, Martha, dau. Thomas, widow of Mark Thomas, esq. of the late John Martin, esq. of Mitcham, formerly of Canterbury Surrey.

April 5. At Sittingbourne, aged 69, April 1. In the Isle of Wight, aged Mary, widow of the late Richard Bathurst, 74, Delabere Pritchett Blaine, esq. author of the “Encyclopædia of Field Sports," April 6. At Rochester, aged 65, Miss and other works.

Esther Baker. April 2. At Winchester, Mr. Arnatti, LANCASTER, March 12. Aged 49, several years teacher of languages in Win James Openshaw, esq. of Fern Grove, chester College.

near Bury, one of her Majesty's Justices April 3. At Southsea, aged 72, Edward of the Peace. Hulī, esq. Collector of Her Majestys March 20. At Burle Hill, near Man. Customs at Portsmouth, formerly a ma chester, aged 71, Sir Thomas Potter, gistrate of Donoughadee, co. Down. Knight, Justice of the Peace for Lan

Herts.- March 20. At Cheshunt, aged cashire, and Alderman of the borough of 52, Charlotte, wife of Francis Alven, Manchester. He was son of John Potter, esq.

esq. of Tadcaster, Yorkshire, by the dau. At Ludgrove Cottage, near Barnet, aged of J. Hartley, esq. and elder brother of 73, Miss Hester Salisbury Maria Cotton, the late Richard Potter, esq. M.P. for sister of Viscount Combermere.

Wigan (noticed in our vol. xviii. p. 429). March 26. At Bayley Hall, Hertford, He married, firstly, in 1808, a dau. of Í. aged 83, Henry Alington, esq. one of her Palmer, esq. of York, and, secondly, in Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Herts, 1812, á dau. of Thomas Bayley, esq. of and for upwards of half a century treasurer Manchester. Sir Thomas was the first of that county,

Mayor of Manchester, after a charter had April 2. At Hoddesdon, aged 84, Mrs. been granted to that borough, and was Lawrence.

re-elected for the second year. He was Aged 25, Elizabeth Anne, wife of Fre also a magistrate of Lancashire. derick Arthur Magnay, esq. of Rickmans March 21. At Liverpool, aged 70, Ann,

and eldest dau. of W. F. A. De. relict of Joseph Mondel, esq. lane, esq. of Chatham-place, London. April 2. At Ormerod House, aged 19,

April 3. Amy, wife of the Rev, T. Eleanor-Anne, eldest dau. of the Rev. Charles Boone, Vicar of Kensworth. William Thursby: April 4. At Ware, aged 53, Charles April 3. At Aigburth, near Liverpool,

Henrietta-Elizabeth, only dau, of Arnold HEREFORD.-March 24, At Bishop's Harrison, esą.

esq. solicitor.

Bell, esq.

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