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At the residence of her brother, Jermyn-st. aged 81, Mrs. Sarah Baber. Aged 53, Miss E. Gearing, of Cobornterrace, and formerly of the Rectory House, Bow. Dec. 15. At the Crescent, Peckham Rye, aged 71, Richard Henry Gray, esq. In Upper Brook-st. Grosvenor-sq. aged 76, Sir George Farrant, of Northstedhouse, Chelsfield, Kent, a Justice of the Peace for that county, and a deputy Lieutenant of Middlesex. He was the eldest son of George Binstead, esq. (afterwards Farrant) by the daughter and sole heiress of Godfrey Lee Farrant, esq. principal Registrar of the Court of Admiralty. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, Nov. 25, 1825; he practised as a special pleader, and went the Western circuit. He was unmarried. Aged 19, Agatha-Wells-Shedden, eldest dau. of Rob. Hawthorn, esq. of Gower-st. Dec. 16. In Union-pl. Lambeth, aged 41, Mrs. Laman Blanchard. Dec. 17. At her residence, Upper Norton-st. Portland-pl., aged 21, Miss Clara Webster. Her death was caused by the injuries she received in consequence of her dress taking fire in Drury Lane Theatre, during the performance of the “Revolt of the Harem,” which has deprived the stage of the best English dancer of the day.

BEDs.-Nov. 16. At Ampthill, aged 68, Mrs. Julia Hagar. BERKs.—Nov. 16. Mrs. Harrison, of Reading, relict of John Harrison, esq. of Foxley Grove, Bray. Nov. 20. At Newbury, aged 25, Frederick Williams Alexander, esq. M.D. only son of John Alexander, esq. Nov. 25. Aged 38, Robert Lowden, esq. Twyford, near Reading. Dec. 7. At Reading, aged 64, Frances, widow of James Gill, esq. and dau. of the late John Turner, esq. formerly of Lisbon. Dec. 8. At South-hill Park, aged 65, Martin Tupper, esq. F.R.S. of New Burlington-st. He went to attend on the Earl of Limerick in his medical capacity, and died a few hours after his lordship. Dec. 11. At Chieveley, at the residence of her nephew, Admiral Sir Hugh Pigot, K.C.H. aged 82, Mrs. Mary Barbara Hill. Aged 66, Richard Hazel, esq. Aston. Dec. 14. At his house in Reading, in his 86th year, Captain Thomas Gilbert, Royal Marines, H.P., father of the Bishop of Chichester. Bucks.—Nov. 12. At Buckingham, Miss Jones, eldest dau. of the late George Jones, esq. of Castle-st.

CAMBRIDGE.-Nov. 9. James Henry, second son of the Rev. T. S. Hughes, of Cambridge, Canon of Peterborough. Nov. 16. At Granchester, aged 56, Jane, widow of Alex. Scott Abbott, esq. late of Cambridge. Non. 19. At the vicarage, Waterbeach, Anne Maria, wife of Rev Thos. Coombe, and elder surviving dau. of the late G. M. Wagner, esq. of Pall Mall. Nor. 26. At Parker's piece, Cambridge, aged 31, Sarah, relict of the Rev. Joseph Fayrer, formerly Rector of St. Teathe, Cornwall. Dec. 9. At Milton House. near Cambridge, aged 75, Frances, relict of Samuel Knight, esq. sister of the late Sir William Cave, Bart. and aunt of the present Sir John Cave. CHESH 1 RE.—Nov. 10. At Chester, Percy Ashworth, esq. barrister-at-law. Nov. 14. At High Stoney, Tintwistle, aged 62, Mr. John Hyde, farmer. He measured in height six feet four inches ; was followed to his grave (at Marple church) by nine sons and two daughters; the eldest, who is shortest of the sons, measures six feet two and a half inches, and several of the younger measure six feet five inches and three quarters. The two daughters are very considerably above the ordinary size of females. The average size of the whole is six feet four inches. John Lloyd, esq. of the Mount, Chester, formerly Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown for the counties of Chester and Flint, and afterwards Clerk of Assize of the North Wales and Chester Circuit. Nor. 25. Aged 73, at the residence of his nephew John Dunstan, esq. Governor of Chester Castle, John Dunstan, esq. late a Magistrate for Cornwall. Cornwa LL.—Nov. 25. At the Coombe, near Penzance, aged 41, Mary, eldest dau. of Thomas Bolitho, esq. Nor. 28. At Marazion, aged 80, Wm. Grenfell, esq. Lately. At St. Austell, aged 48, John Martin, esq. proprietor of china clay works. D EvoN.—Nor. 14. At Orizava, Chudleigh, the residence of Capt. Powney, K.H., R.N. aged 74, Miss Sarah Dickson. Nor. 17. Aged 39, Herbert Fortescue, esq. surgeon, of Plymouth. At Westhill, Saint Mary Church, aged 78, James Salter Bartlett, esq. Nov. 25. At Teignmouth, aged 16, Emma-Brooke, third dau. of Brooke Cunliffe, esq. of Urbistock Hall, co. Denbigh. Nor. 26. At the Female Penitentiary, Exeter, Martha Hart, Matron of that Institution for more than twenty-two years. Nor. 28. At Devonport, aged 58, Lachlan Gillies, esq. Master R.N.

Nor. 29. At Combe Raleigh, aged 26, Harriott Louisa, wife of the Rev. Charles Edward Band, dau. of the late Rev. John Bond, of Freston, Suffolk. At the residence of his brother, Matford House, Exminster, aged 61, Robert Trood, esq. Dec. 1. At Bridwell, aged 86, Mary, relict of Richard Hall Clarke, esq. Dec. 4. At Hill Park, Northam, near Bideford, aged 26, Peter, second son of Peter Hanson, esq. Dec. 6. At the residence of his brother, Maj.-Gen. Dunbar, Torquay, Henry Dunbar, esq. formerly of Heavitree. At Torbrian Parsonage, aged 22, Catherine, relict of John Wolston, esq. of Tornewton House. Dec. 9. Aged 54, Sophia, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Francis Jenkins, Vicar of St. Clement's, Exeter. Dec. 11. At Torquay, aged 26, A. Burnett Stuart, esq. of the Inner Temple. Dec. 12. At Exeter, aged 62, Mrs. Richard Buller. DoRset.—Nov. 20. Aged 60, Thomas Barns, esq. of Hawkchurch, a magistrate of the counties of Devon and Dorset. 'ov. 21. At Sherborne, aged 62, Mr. William Sherring, many years Clerk of the Indictments for Dorset. Dec. 1. At Allington, Bridport, MaryAnn, wife of Lieut. Wm. Lowcay, R.N.. sister to Capt. John Lawrence, R.N., C.B., Dec. 7. At Weymouth, aged 32, MaryAnne, second dau. of the late James Preedy, esq. of Dunstew, Oxford. Essex. —Dec. 14. Aged 26, Mrs. Ward, relict of Stephen Smith Ward, of Plaistow. GloucestER.—Mov. 2. At Dowdeswell rectory, Anne, wife of the Rev. C. Coxwell. Wow. 14. At Clifton, Agnes, widow of Edward Archbold, esq. of Ewell, Surrey, and only sister of the late Sir Thomas Reid, Bart,

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At Cirencester, aged 62, Maria, wife of Christopher Bowly, esq. Non. 29. At Staverton-court, aged 91, Augusta, relict of William St. Clair, esq. of Skedaway, Fifeshire, and Col. of 25th Regt. Lately. At Stout's Hill-house, Willsbridge, near Bristol, aged 62, Samuel Watts, esq. many years surgeon to the Royal North Somerset Regt. of Yeomanry. At Wotton, near Gloucester, aged 63, John Wood, esq. At Clifton, aged 35, Augustus, youngest son of the late Wm. Coffin, esq. of Bath. Aged 71, Mary, widow of Anthony Bubb, esq. late of Bentham. Dec. 5. At the Hotwells, Clifton, Mary-Anne, relict of William Crowdy, esq. of Westrop-house, Highworth, Wilts. HANTs.-Oct. 10. At Southampton, aged 25, William Frederick Hummel, of Brixton, 5th son of the late James P. Hummel, of Conduit-st., Bond-st. Nov. 12. At Shirley, near Southampton, aged 47, Lieut. James Francis Browne,

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Charles-Hubert, midshipman of H. M. S. Eagle, and son of John Parker, of Woodside, Worcester. Lately. At Morley College, Winchester, aged 79, Martha, widow of the Rev. John Davies, A.M. Dec. 1. At Chawton-house, aged 18 months, Edward-Brook, fifth surviving son of Edward Knight, jun. esq. Dec. 3. In consequence of a fall from his horse, aged 50, Nathaniel William Kindersley, esq. of North Brook-house, Bishop's Waltham, late of the Madras Civil Service. Dec. 4. At Crofton-house, Titchfield, Charles Naghten, esq. Dec. 9. At Winchester, aged 84, Geo. Hollis, esq. many years Under-sheriff for the county. At Westmont, Ryde, Mary, second dau. of the late John Lind, M.D. Dec. 11. Aged 70, John Vavasour Earle, esq. of Winchester. Dec. 12. At Southampton, aged 80, Dorothy, relict of William Bowyer, esq. At Winchester, aged 28, Miss Anderson. HERTs.—Nov. 18. At Braughing vicarage, Anne-Say, eldest dau. of the late Richard Nixon, esq. of Highgate. HEREFort D.—Nov. 25. At the vicarage, St. Mark, near Ross, aged 27, Mary, wife of the Rev. W. H. Ley, and eldest dau. of Dr. Prichard, of Bristol. Lately. At Byletts, aged 62, MaryAnne, wife of the Rev. Henry Evans, of Stone-house, Worcestersh. KENt. — Nov. 13. At Folkestone (and late of Guernsey), aged 49, Mary Anne, dau. of the late Terry Sayer, esq. of Sandwich. At Milton-next-Gravesend, Mary, wife of Major James Glencairn Burns (son of Robert Burns the poet), and eldest dau. of the late William Beckett, esq. of Enfield, Middlesex. Nov. 15. At Dane Hill, Margate, aged 73, John Adams Tibbitts, esq. formerly of Warwick. At Ramsgate, aged 76, Elizabeth, wid. of Capt. G. W. Bourn, R.N. Nov. 21. At Hall-place, Harbledown, near Canterbury, aged 73, Mrs. Webb, widow of Col. Webb. Mov. 22. At Mr. Arkcoll's, Maidstone, Anne Elizabeth, second dau. of Henry Farncomb, esq. of Icklesham, Sussex. Mov. 25. At Dover, aged 63, John Marsh, esq. Nov. 27. At Eltham, aged 31, Katharine-Hyde, fourth dau. of the Rev. Francis Wollaston, late Rector of Chislehurst. Dec. 2. At Ramsgate, aged 32, Robert Henry, eldest son of the late John Stocklade, esq. of Holme Lodge, near Ripon. Dec. 4. At Holden House, Southborough, aged 55, Thomas Lotherington, esq. one of the magistrates of the county. Dec. 7. At West Malling, Harriet, wife of John Dudlow, esq. Dec. 12. At Dover, aged 88, Henry Pitman, esq. late Barrack Master. At Woolwich, aged 64, Major John Mann, son of the late Gen. Gother Mann, Inspector Gen. of Fortifications. LANCAster.—Nov. 18. At Fern Hill, Preesall, Anna Maria, wife of the Rev. William Hough, incumbent of Hambleton, and youngest dau. of the late Capt. Elliott, Elliott House, Ripon. At Ardwick Green, near Manchester, aged 56, Joseph Crewdson, esq. Nov. 24. At Todmorden, aged 75, Miss Mary Crossley, sister to the late John Crossley, esq. of Scaitliffe. Nov. 26. At Liverpool, aged 25, Maria, second dau. of John Smith, esq. one of the proprietors of the “Liverpool Mercury.” Nov. 27. Aged 57, John Brooke, esq. of Shepley Hall, near Manchester. Dec. 1. At Walton Hall, near Liverpool, Richard Leyland, esq. banker, who was regarded as the richest man in Liverpool. He died childless, and it is supposed his property will devolve to his nephews.

Dec. 13. At Davy Hulme Hall, aged

61, Robert Josias Jackson Norreys, esq. Justice of the Peace, and a Deputy Lieutenant. LEIcEstER.—Nov. 24. At Loughborough, aged 90, Mrs. Hannah Gilbert, mother of S. M. Gilbert, esq. member of the Common Council of the city of London, and Vice. Chairman of the East London Union. Dec. 4. Aged 19, Charles John Humfrey, esq. of the 70th Foot, only son of J. B. Humfrey, esq. of Kibworth Hall. LIN colN. Oct. 31. At Rockbury, near Boston, aged 29, Henry-Pelham, youngest son of the late Capt. Henry Pelham Davies, H.E.I.C.S. Nov. 18. At Spalding, aged 90, Elizabeth, relict of Robert Parr, esq. formerly of Deeping Fen. Nov. 22. At Fauldingworth, near Market Rasen, aged 96, Mrs. Jane Orde. Lately. At Louth, William Allison, esq. banker. Middlesex.—Nov. 19. Aged 32, Richard-Fowlkes, son of Samuel Wimbush, esq. of Finchley. Non. 23. At Uxbridge, aged 50, William F. Smith, esq. banker. Nor. 22. At Hampton Court Palace, aged 54, Miss Margaret Boyd. Dec. 1. At Teddington, Mary Anne, wife of Rear-Adm. Collard. Dec. 3. At Great Ealing, aged 24, Richard-Hartley, eldest son of Richard Carter, esq. surgeon R.N. Beverley. Dec. 6. At Brentford, aged 78, Juliana-Lydia, the last surviving dau. of the late Mrs. Trimmer, the author. Dec. 16. At Hampton Court Palace, aged 76, Lady Anne Culling Smith, sister of the Duke of Wellington. She was the elder and only married daughter of Garrett first Earl of Mornington by the Hon. Anne Hill-Trevor, eldest dau. of Arthur first Viscount Dungannon. She was married first, in 1790 to the Hon. Henry Fitzroy, who died in 1794, leaving issue the late Marchioness of Worcester, first wife of the present Duke of Beaufort, and who died in 1821, leaving two daughters; secondly, to Charles Culling Smith, esq. by whom she was mother of the present Duchess of Beaufort, who has issue Henry Marquess of Worcester and six daughters. Mox Mouth. Dec. 2. At Malpas, near Newport, aged 44, Miss Allfrey. Norfolk.-Nov. 1. Aged 63, William Oxley, esq. of Lynn. Mov. 7. At Wymondham, aged 68, Henrietta-Maria, wife of S. Cann, esq. Nov. 9. At Witton House, aged 57, John Penrice, esq. of Great Yarmouth, eldest brother of Thomas Penrice, esq. of Kilvrough House, Glamorgan. Nov. 20. At Norwich, aged 68, David Irwin, assistant editor of the Norfolk Chronicle, on which he had been employed for more than forty years. Mor. 24. Aged 72, Jonathan Matchett, esq. senior proprietor and editor of the same paper from the death of his respected father-in-law and colleague, the late Mr. Stevenson, in 1821. Nov. 27. At Cossey, aged 68, Richard Mackenzie Bacon, esq. principal proprietor and editor of the Norwich Mercury, and formerly editor of the Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review. Dec. 1. At Walpole, near Lynn, aged 22, Catherine Louisa, wife of the Rev. Edward F. E. Hankinson, and second dau. of Samuel Hoare, esq. of Hampstead. Oxford.—Nov. 22. Andrew, fifth son of Mr. F. Corbet, late of Nethercot. Dec. 7. Near Appleton, Mr. Walsh, solicitor. He was returning from Oxford, when his horse turned restive and upset the gig, and he was killed on the spot. Dec. 8. At Kingston, aged 95, the Hon. Mary, widow of Richard Clerke, esq. and dau. of Thomas first Lord Foley. Dec. 9. At Banbury, aged 24, John Henry, younger son of John Wise, esq. surgeon. Maria, wife of G. W. Cox, esq. of Oxford. SAlop. — Mor. 13. Aged 69, at the White Hall, Shrewsbury, Harriet, relict of the Right Rev. Samuel Butler, D.D. late Bishop of Lichfield, and dau. of the Rev. East Apthorp, D.D. formerly Vicar of Croydon, and Rector of St. Mary-leBow, London. Nor. 21. At Heath Cottage, near Whitchurch, aged 86, Joseph Kennerley, esq. Nor. 22. At St. John's Hill, Shrewsbury, aged 76, Eleanor, relict of Joseph Careless, esq. Dec. 10. At an advanced age, Sarah, widow of Humphrey Oakes, esq. late of Bridgnorth. SoMERset. — Nov. 12. At Westonsuper-Mare, aged 51, Anna-Eliza, widow of Capt. Lamb, of Leamington. Mov. 22. At Bath, aged 79, Jessy Innes, relict of Professor Beattie, of Marischal College, Aberdeen. Nor. 23. At Bath, aged 82, Sarah, relict of William Roberts, esq. of Salisbury, and dau. of the late Jeffery Gawen, esq.

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Dec. 11. At Bath, Mrs. Emma Vidal. STAF Fond.—Mov. 22. At Chillington, aged 81, Lady Charlotte Giffard, widow of Thos. Giffard, esq. She was second dau. of William second Wiscount Courtenay, and sister of the late Earl of Devon. She was married in 1788, and left a widow in 1823. SUFFolk.-Nov. 13. At Lound-hall, near Lowestoft, in his 101st year, Thos. Moyse, esq. Mov. 14. At Little Cornard, Mrs. Pochin, wife of the Rev. William Pochin, and only dau. of the late Edw. Greene, esq. of Sudbury, and Lawford-hall, Essex. Nov. 26. Aged 79, Hester, widow of Charles Blomfield, esq. of Bury St. Edmund's, and mother of the Bishop of London. Lately. At Barton Mere, aged 85, Thomas Quayle, esq. bencher of the Middle Temple, and lately Chairman of Sessions for the western division of the county. He was called to the bar June 18, 1790. SURREY. — Mov. 16. At Pendhill, near Bletchingly, aged 78, Henry Seawell, esq. Nov. 19. At Ashley Cottage, Waltonon-Thames, aged 68, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Campbell, esq. of Kilmory, Argyleshire. Nov. 21. Aged 61, Martha, wife of David Price, of Balham. Dec. 3. At Croydon, aged 69, Henry Courtney, esq. son of the late John Courtney, esq. of Beverley, Yorkshire, and brother of the Rev. John Courtney, Rector of Sanderstead, Surrey. Dec. 5. At his daughter's residence, Bletchingly, aged 73, Samuel Pope, esq. father of the Messrs. Pope, coal merchants, London. Dec. 6. Aged 15, Emily-Louisa, dau. of the Rev. C. Fox Chawner, M.A. Rector of Bletchingly. Dec. 7. Elizabeth North, of Harefield House, Cheam. Dec. 8. At Norwood, aged 87, Miss Ann Mabley. Dec. 12. At his residence, near Richmond, aged 57, the Hon. Heneage Legge, brother of the Earl of Dartmouth. He was born Feb. 29, 1782, and married, in 1827, Mary, dau. of Major Johnstone; but had no issue. He was senior Gentleman Usher to her Majesty, and one of the Commissioners of the Board of Customs. Dec. 13. At Albury, near Guilford, aged 35, Lionel Place, esq. late Capt. in 4th Drag. Guards. Dec. 15. At Chobham, aged 76, Jane, wife of the Rev. John King, Rector of Bisley. Sussex.-Oct. 23. At St. Leonard'son-Sea, aged 61, Samuel Tertius Galton, esq. of Duddeston House, and of Leamington, Warwickshire. Nov. 10. At Brighton, aged 62, Barwell Browne, esq. of Wood-st. Cheapside, and Wallington, Surrey. Mov. 14. At Hastings, aged 73, Samuel Taylor, esq. of John-st. Bedford-row. At Brighton, Harriet, wife of William Henry Kylne, esq. Mov. 15. At Sussex-sq. Kemp Town, Brighton, aged 71, Madame Lefaudeux. Nov. 20. At Brighton, aged 50, Caroline, wife of James Window, esq. of Craig's-court. At Angmering Park, Mrs. Olliver, relict of Mr. Olliver. Nov. 23. Aged 72, John Watson, esq. of Wick Lodge, Brighton. Awon. 26. At Hastings, Major Mungo M'Pherson, late of the 42d Highlanders. Nov. 29. At Brighton, aged 78, Isabella, relict of Richard King, esq. formerly of London. Nov. 30. At Henfield, aged 46, Nelson Smith Morgan, esq. surgeon. Dec. 2. At Bognor, aged 88, Sir Isaac Wilson, M.D. F.R.S. for many years physician to the Royal Naval Hospitals at Plymouth and Haslar, and domestic physician to the Duke and Duchess of Kent. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in Feb. 1831. At Brighton, John Jackson, esq. formerly of Hans-pl. Sloane-st. Dec. 9. At Brighton, Lady Elizabeth, wife of the Hon. Lawrence Parsons. She was the eldest daughter of Hector-JohnGraham second Earl of Norbury, by Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of William Brabazon, esq., and was married in 1836. Dec. 10. At Hastings, aged 50, Joseph Binns Hart, many years organist of St. Mary's Chapel, Hastings, and author of the quadrilles from “Macbeth’” and “Pietro L’Eremita.” Dec. 12. At Brighton, aged 70, Edward E. Micholls, esq. of New Broad-st. WARwick.-Nov. 8. At Atherstone, aged 85, George Miles, gent, only brother of the late Mr. Alderman Miles, of Leicester. Nov. 9. At Rugby, at the house of Gen. Smith, aged 82, Miss Martha Ridges, of Kenilworth. Nov. 30. At Leamington, aged 8, the Hon. John Ralph Byron, youngest son of Lord Byron. Dec. 11. At Leamington, Walter T. Stewart, youngest son of Maj.-Gen. T. Stewart. WEst MoRELAN p.–Nov. 10. At Acorn Bank, near Temple Sowerby, aged 78, Mrs. Rippon. WoRcEstER.— Lately. At Studeley, aged 85, Capt. Francis Edward Holyoake, R.N., formerly consul at Dunkirk,

At Thorncloe, aged 74, W. Dunn, esq. Aged 79, Mrs. Pennel Cole, relict of Pennel Cole, esq. late of Worcester. Dec. 4. At Sedgley Park, aged 65, the Rev. Dr. Bowden, Principal of the Roman Catholic Seminary. He inherited a very large income, which he liberally appropriated during his life to works of charity and benevolence, and his loss will be severely felt by the establishment over which he presided. WILts.-Nov. 10. At Woottom Basset, aged 81, Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Neate, esq. of Salthrop. Nov. 16. At Littleton, in the parish of West Lavington, aged 65, David Saunders, the 15th child of the late David Saunders, the subject of Mrs. Hannah More's beautiful tract, “The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain.” In early life he entered the army and served in the 25th Light Dragoons; he rose to the rank of Serjeant-Major, but was invalided, and retired on a pension 29 years ago. Nov. 28. At Salisbury, Elizabeth, wife of Henry Coates, esq. surgeon, of Salisbury. Dec. 5. At her son's residence, Fittleton, Ann, widow of Isaac Bates, esq. of Kennington, Surrey. Dec. 9. At Woodford, aged 69, Robert Hughes, esq. late of Salthrop. York.-Nov. 10. Emily Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. G. E. Larden, M.A., Vicar of Brotherton. Aov. 21. At York, aged 63, Hannah Diana, widow of the Rev. H. R. Whytehead, of Thormanby, and mother to Mrs. Dr. Boulton, of Beverley. Nov. 23. At St. John's, Wakefield, aged 84, Sarah, relict of the Rev. John Taylor, of Horbury, formerly a Justice of the Peace, and a Deputy-Lieut. of the West Riding. Nov. 25. At the vicarage, Pickering, Mrs. Ponsonby, wife of the Rev. John Ponsonby, Vicar. Nov. 28. At Lartington Hall, aged 65, Henry Witham, esq. High Sheriff of Durham. Mov. 29. At Scarborough, aged 31, Jane, third dau. of Samuel Caldwall Brandram, esq. At Armley House, Leeds, the seat of her sister, Mrs. Gott, aged 75, Mrs. Abigail Rhodes. Lately. Aged 80, Matthew Camidge, esq. late organist of York Cathedral for nearly half a century. Dec. 7. At Osbaldwick, near York, aged 52, John Malam, esq. civil engineer. WALEs. – Nov. 11. At Bodwenni, near Bala, aged 60, Samuel Evans, esq. Nov. 22. At Ruthin, aged 4, Arthur Ellis Roberts, last surviving son of the

late Rey, Ellis Roberts, Vicar of Llanyuys,

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