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Dec. 19. S his feat at Clopton, in Was

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Watever the following to add to the

ADDITIONS 10 DECEMBER, 1781. 603 By good advice 1 hither came,

26. Christopher Sommers, Efq; a young To keep up my continual claim;

gentleman of a large estate, to Miss Ma. The duty's not confin’d to place,

thews, of Cavendith square, with a for But ev'ry where affects your grace ;

tune of 8ool. a year, &c. Which being personal on you,

James Beft, of Chatham, Esq; high. No deputy, my lord, can do.

Theriff for Kent, to Miss Shelly, daughter But, hold ! say fome, his Guation

of Richard Shelley, Esq; one of the com. Is chang'd, consider his high ftation, miffioners of the stamp duties, Can station, or can titles add

31. William Clarkson, of Seaforth, in To Dorset, more than Dorfet had!

Suffex, Líq; to Miss Anne Newnian, of
Let others, void of native grace,

Lewes in the said county,
Derive faint honour from a place ;

His greatness to himself he owes,
Nor borrows luftre, but bestows,
That's true, but Aill you answer wide,

How can he lay his state afide ?
Then think betimes, can your weak fight "

20. Hon. Sir Robert Hay, of Linplum,

in Scotland, bart. who served many years as Support that sudden burst of light!

lieut, col. of the Scots Greys, and behaved Will you not ficken as you gaze,

as a brave and gallant officer.
Nay, happ'ly perish in the blaze ?

Lady viscounters Faulkland, in France,
Remember Semele, who dy'd
A fatal victim to her pride.

Ecclefiaftical PRZTERMENTS.
Glorious example! How it fires me!

Meadowcourt, presented by the
I burn, and the whole god inspires me!
My bosom is to fear a stranger,

the vicarage of Landridge, in Worcestershire. The prize is more en hanc'd by danger.' -Mr, Tottie, hy ditto, to the rectory of St.

Martin's, in Worcester. -Mr. Cornthwaite, ADDITIONS 10 December,

of, Cambridge, by ditto,

to the curacy of 'Mortlake, in Surrey.account

Mr. Seele Maxey, by the court of affiftants her Danish majelty, (see p. 571.) That of the grocers company, to the living of princess had been some days indisposed by. Northill, in Bedfordthire. – Jcha Price, a rupture. This disorder was judged to M. A. by the archbimop of Canteroury, be so dangerous, that after a consultation to the living of Henderson, in Sustex.-of physicians and surgeons, it was re- Sackville Turner, M. A. by the dean and folved to make an incision in her side, chapter of St. Paul's, to a prebendary in in order to re&tify the bowels. Her ma- that cathedral. — Balthasar Regis, D. D. jesty underwent this operation with as and Erasmus Saunders, M. A. made much constancy as refignation ; but the canons of Windsor, by his majesty.-- John disorder afterwards growing worse, that Nicol, D. D, made canon of, princess died on the 19th, N. S. about in Oxford, and Lewis Crucius, M. A, 4 o'clock in the morning, after having Ganon of Worcester, both by his majesty. edified, by her sentiments of piety, all -- John Bowling, M. A. presented by lais those who were witneffes of the loss of majesty, to the rectory of Narbeih, in a princes so worthy to be regretted. She Pembrokeshire.-Mr. Bifie, by the earl was near the end of the time of her of Northampton, to the rectory of Bex. pregnancy. Every thing possible was done, Nead, in Lincoloshire.

Mr. Harding, to save the child, which was a prince ; by the lord visc. Howe, to the vicarage of but all to no purpose. The evening bea Spillingdon, in Huntingdonshire. - Mr. fore the queen's death, she took leave William Williams, by Hesketh Yarburgh, of the king with much tenderness, and Erq; to the living of Snaith, in Yorkshire. also of the prince royal and princeiscs, her Dr. Prescot, by the governors of the children,

Charterhouse, to the rečtory of Baltham, By an account taken of the number of in Cambridgeshire.--Mr. Stuart, curate of inhabitants in the city of Berlin, it ap- St. Mild:ed in the Poultry,, unanimously peared, that in 17.7 it amounted, includ. chosen lecturer of St. James's, Garlick.hill. ing the garison, to 107,224 persons, and -Mr. John Henchman, presented by Wils that it had increased several thousands liam Hunt, of Basingtitoke, Esq; to the during the following years, so that, at she vicarage of Dennington, in Oxfordshire, end of this year there were computed to be -Mr. Corderoy, B. D. by the lord bishop 113,000 inhabitants.

of Exeter, to the rectory of St. Bridget, MARRJAGES.

near Honiton. - Dr. Lee, appointed by ARKER Uswicke, of Leeds, the archbishop of Canterbury, judge of

the prerogative court of Canterbury, and Harriet Wood, of Rygate, in Surrey,



Dec, 25

dean of the arches, in the room of Dr. baker.-Frederick Bede, lite of St. Mor:
Betterworth, deceased.--Mr. George Har. tin's in the Fields, linen-draper and millinef.
rifon, presented by the lord chancellor, -William Sopp, of Southwark, carman
to the rectory of Letterston, in Pembroke. and dealer.- John Jones, of Cow.cross,
Thire.-Mr. Charles Compton, by Henry vi&tualler.- John Gilbert, of Thornsy-Ab-

Compton, Efq; member for Northampton, bey, in the isle of Ely, thopkeeper.- John
. to the living of Eastwell in that county. Monk, of Mansfield in Nottinghamínire,

Mr. Duck, by the lord chancellor, to mercer.-George Drakes, of Kingston up-
the living of Byfleet, in Surrey.

on Hull, linen-draper, Robert Hawkins

of Carshalton, in Surrey, maltter.-Luke
PROMOTIONS Civil and Military,

Meredith, of Edgware, in Middlesex, brew.
ON, Edward Keppel, Esq; made in- er.-Christopher M'Lean, of London,


James Rennie, of the parish of
exports at the Custom-house. - Samuel St. George, in Surrey, tobacconift.-Ben-
Dickens, M. A. made reader or professor jamin Bailey, late of the parish of Stebon-
of the Greek tongue, in the University of heath, otherwise Stepney, in Middlesex,
Oxford. Hon. George Boscawen, Esq; vi&tualler.John Hill, of little Walfing-
made licutenant governor of the isle of ham, in Norfolk, merchant.-Edward Cot.
Wight. George Coulemaker, Esq; made tereil, late of Marlborough, innholder.-
principal examiner in the Exchequer.- Joa Alexander Willon, late of St. Margaret's,
Chua Van Neck, Putney, Esq; made a Weitminster, banker, broker, merchant,
baronet of Great Britaio.---

John Proby, and dealer. Richard Rann, of Birming-
jun. of Elton-Hall in Huntingdonshire, ham, ftrivener.-Lewis Julian, of London,
Esq; created an Irith peer, by the title of merchant.-Juftinian Moss, of Barnet, in
baron of Carysfort. Nicholas Harding, Hertfordsh. coach-maker.-Marlar Scarr,
Efq; and the Hon. Nicholas Herbert, Elqi of Aldersgate - Street, hofier. - John Lee,
made joint receivers and pay-masters to of London, winemerchant.-Wm. Green.
the prince of Wales --Hon. Col. Conway, wood, of Sowerby, in Halifax, chapman.
made Col. of the reg. of Dragoons, late -Wm. Bartlett, of Spital fields, dyer.-
Sir Charles Amyand Pawlet's ; and major John Manning, of St. Martin's in the Fields,
Rullel, colonel of col. Conway's, now at victualler.-David Kennard, of Southwark,
Minorca.-Richard Roach, Esq; made a victualler.John Radwell the elder, of St.
captain, and -- Hudson, Efq; a lieutenant, Leonard's, Shoreditch, carpenteri-Wm.
in the first reg. of foot-guards.-Fury. O!dilworth, of Milk ítreet, oilman,-Wm.
Erq; fecond son of Peregrine Fury, Esq; Price, of Great St. Helen's, London, packer.
made a lieutenant in gen. Fleming's reg. -John Coghill Knapp, lace of London,
of foot.-Francis Garhry, Esq; made trea. merchant.--Cottrell Hughes, late of Yarm,
furer of the board of Ordnance, in the in Yorkhire, grocer.

Nicholas White,
room of John Plumptree, Esq; deceased. lale of St. Paul's Shadwell, apothecary.
- James Oswald, Esq; made one of the
commiffioners for trade and plantations, in

A General Bill of all obe Cbrifnings and Bye
the room of the Hon. Robert Herbert, Esq;

rials, from Dec. 11, 1750; 10 Dec. 10, 1751
made receiver of the crown lands.Willi

S Males

an Mellish, E!q; made one of the commií.

Females 7167

funers of Excise.


John Shelley, Esq; son of Sir John

Decreased in the burials this year 2699.
Died under 3 years of age

Shelley, bart, for East Retford in Notting.
bamshire in the room of William Mellin,

Between 2 and 5


Erq; now one of the commissioners of

20 ३०

Perfons declar'd BANKRUPTS,

30 40


needle Atreet, painter, and dealer.

50 60

- Richard Horlock, of Hammersmith, far.

60 70

rier, and dealer. - James Cooper, of St.

70 80
John the Evangelift, Westminster, cooper,

- John Lloyd, of Golden-lane, London,

brewer. - John Jefferson, of St. Botolph's, A hundred and one 3. A hundred and
Aldersgate, grocer. --Thomas Hyde, late of two 3. A hundred and three 2. A hundred
St. Saviour's, Southwark, fuller.- Joseph and five 1. A hundred and lx 2. A
Galindo, of Gun-street in Spital-felds, hundred and eight 1. A hundred and
watchmaker, and dealer.--Wm. Budden, nine sa
late of South impton, corn chandles and


Females 1053; } 21028


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INDEX to the Derates in the POLITICAL CLUB,

to the ESSAYS, POLITICKS, Domestick and Foreign
OCCURRENCES, &c. 1751.

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Alfizes 140, 18, 37, 378, 379, 426

Atteftation of last wilis, of the bil relaling
BINGDON described

to it

282, Aurora australis, account of one
331, 379, 425, 427, 522, 523

Acts pared

138, 139, 235, 283, 57 ACON, Sir Francis, his opinion of
Adains, Richard, Esq; recorder of Lon.


24+ B. 245"
don, addition made to his salary 91 Bank, general court of, their resolution
Address of the lords 34. Of the com. 92. Another general court 138. Ano-
mons ibid,
Of the lords again 515.

Of the commons
ibid. Bankruptcies in foreign parts

Address of both houses, in answer to his Barbary, miferable condition of the Britiin

majesty's meffage about a regency 412 captives lately redeemed from slavery
Address, debale on a proposed amend- there

ment to it 4.41 --453, 489-499 Bavaria, of the late treaty with 448 F,
Addresses, how they are concerted 450 E.

Adee, Dr. his opinion of Jeffop's well Bedford, duke of, refigns

511 Bees, curious observations on them 562;
Admiralty, new commiffion of

Adventures of a country retirement 362, Berkshire, a description of

Afranius Burrhus, his speech against the Berlin, important advices from 47. See

amendment to the oath of secrecy in Pruffia. Number of inhabitants there
the mutiny bill 18. His speech for

a reduction of 2000 seamen 537

Bethlem and St. Luke's hospitals, an ac-
African, East India, South Sea and Turkey count of 371. The latter opened


159 Bills of mortality. See Buriais.
Alexander the Great, Diogenes's interview Blandy, Mr. poisoned, as supposed, by

with him 323. He reproaches his am- his daughter 379. She is put in irons
tious proceedings

455 to prevent her escape 475. Depositions
Alfred, the masque of, an account of it of witneffes on this affair 512. Copy of

99 the coroner's inquest
Algiers, extract of a letter concerning it,

Blenheim house, description of

and the rate of Navery there 342 E. Bluster, 'squire, his character

Additional article to the treaties between Bodies, human, their wonderful fructure,
his majesty and that state

223, 224
Amanda's letter in praise of marriage 339 Bolingbroke, late lord, his death and cha:
Ambition, mischiefs of


Ambresbury, a great fire there 282 Bosworth, Sir John, refigns the chamber-
Amelia and Caroline, princesses, their lainship 187. His letter of resignation
birth-day celebrated

281 221. He is put up for sheriff, but loses
Amelia, a novel, an account of it 531-535,

592---596. Remarks on it 596 Bourdenaye, M. de la, acquitted and dela
Annerley, James, Esq; verdiet and judg- charged

ment affirmed in his favour


Brenau, bishop of, king of Prussia's letter
Annuities, notice for redeeming them and to him, concerning the grievances
paying them off

of the protestants in Hungary is
Anstruther, general, affair of 460 D. Briefs, observations on the prcícnt method
Antiquaries, society of, incorporated 475. of collecting charity en them, and a
Their officers and council


remedy proposed to leflcn the expence
Aquileia, the patriarchíhip to be abolished


Bripht, Mr. remarkable for his encimus
Arithmetical question folved 29. Others hulk, an account of him

proposed 176. Solved

British captives. See Barbary.
Arnold, late Mr. alderman, his bene. British pickled herrings, sales of 373, 425.
fa&tion to Bethlem höfpical

Honoured at Stationers hal!

Arrianus Maturius, his speech in favour British sovereignity of the seas 337
of a council of regency

300 British white herring fishery bill, deha'e
Afiatick Tolerant, an cou of that piere on it 158-161, 201-211. See Fith.

354-355 ery, and Free British F.fory.
Appendix, 1751,




558 G.

282, 310



4 H



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INDEX to the ESSAYS, &c.

Burgundy, duke of. See Dauphinels. Clergy and landlıolders of Scotland, dis.
Burials, monthly account of 46, 94, 142, pute belween them

190, 238, 285, 334, 383, 430, 478, Clergy of France, accommodation between
526, 574. Yearly account of - 606 them and their king

Burning mountain, a new one in Savoy Coan, John. See Dwarf.

425, 475 Cod. fishery of the French on the banks of
Bury, Mrs. the country housewife, her cha- Newfoundland


322 Coke, Mr. secretary, his letter afiering

the Briti fa sovereignty of the seas 387
NADIZ, account of the ships that enter- Coleman, Mr. his declaration of his in.
ed that port in 1750,

95 nocence of the murder for which he was
Cæcilius, C. his speech in favour of a executed

council of regency

253 Colerane, lord, remarkable preamble to
Cælo Fabius, his speech against a council his will


256 Colley, Thomas, fubftance of his trial for
Caius Marius, his proceeding

107 the murder of Ruth Osborne, a sup.
Calendar bill, or bil for a!tering the file, posed witch 377. Account of his exe.

&c. brought in 92. Paffcd 23561 Ab- cution, and his declaration about witch-
Aradt of it


Callings, different, require different pursuits Cologne, ele&tor of, renounces his en-

gagements with the maritime powers
Cambrick affair in parliament

Campaigns in Germany and Flanders, a Commerce, an historical account of 414

brief Narrative of the late, extracts from Committees of supply and ways and means,
that pamphlet

263, 310 debates on some of their resolutions 410,
Candid disquisitions candidly conlidered

23. Letter in relation to them 308, 309 Common-council, important resolutions of
Caroline Matilda, princess, born 330 that court

91, 138
Carthaginians and their foreign croopa, casc Commons, their addresses, with the kings


34, 35, 575, 516
Caflor in Norfolk, present condition of the Companies. See African, &c. and Tra-
Roman camp there


ding companies.
Certificates for persons removing from Companion, rules for a man of wit and

one parish to another. See Settlements. learning to make himself a disagreeable
Challenge, letter of a lieuteuant refusing

one, with remarks upon it

329 Company, arguments for carrying on the
Chamberlain of London, proceedings at fishery by one 202, 208. Arguments
the election of

againg it

Chanting, remarks on 77 G. Humorous Compass, its polarity destroyed by light.
letter on
173 ning

Charity, our English, remarks on 43 Confidius, Q. his speech in relation to the
Charles II. account of her talents, temper, staff ofncers

habits, &c. 27, 28. Remarks on his Confolatory letter from Mrs. Leapor to a

553G, 554
young lady

Cherrokee Indians, their ambassador's av. Conftantinople, the plague rages there 527

dience of the governor of Virginia 600. Consticutional Queries burnt by the com-
They and the Nottoway Indians recon. mon hangman 43. Proclamation of.

бор fering rewards for discovering the au.
Chefelden, William, Efq; his benefaction

thor, printers, and publishers 90. Re.
to the Foundling hospit


solutions of both houses in relation to
Chriftnings. See Burials.


Chrysalus and Eriphile, story of

Coram, capt. his funeral

Claremont, a description of

535 Corporals. See Serjeants, and Staff officers.
Claudius Nero, C. his speech on the Bri- Corsica, affairs of

286, 384
ciMh white herring fishery bill 158 Country, of the customary annual recer.
Clement VI. pope, remarks on an ex. fions thither
Craordinary bull of his 67--74, 163- Country retirement, adventures of

169. His character 73• A true copy. County work. houses for the poor, argu-
of the bull
169 ments against erecting them

502, 5;.
Cleopatra, her chara&er, by a French Courts of conscience recommended 416,
author, with remarks

A method proposed for erecting them
Bleora, ftory of, thewing the folly of per-,

fons priding themselves upon their noble Crack, a dismal one, and lower of fire at
deleent, withewt means to support it roa



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316, 317


ܐ 7ܐ


INDEX to the ESSAYS, &C.
Crema, arbitrary proceedings of the Ve. Dresden, treaty of, resolution of the im.
netians there

335 perial dyet with respect to its guaranty,
Criminal, remarkable instance of one re- and protests thereon

suring a reprieve for transportation 427, Duelling, a remonftrance against that per-
He relents

nicious practice

Crowle, Mr. his care in relation to the Dunmow in Etsex, ceremony of obtaining
Westminster election

292 1. the gammon of bacon there 329
Cumberland, duke of, his birthday cele. Dasham, a description of that county 531,

Curiatius, P. his speech in relation to the Dutch, their method of carrying on their
high bailiff of Westminster

herring fishery

201, 205
Currents at sea, a method for discovering Dwarf, remarkable account of one, with
them, with their direction and rap diey his weight and measuremont 388. Shewa

265, 266

to his majesty and the royal society 571

che duke of Burgundy


"AGER, Samuel, reprieved on his dis-
DEBATES in the Political Club, viz. on covering a defign to kill the keeper
the motion for adding some words at the of Newgate, &c.

end of the oath of secrecy, contained in Earth, of its gradual approach to the sun
the mutiny.bill 9–20, 57;9. On the

121, 239
motion for adding a clause in relation to


90, 95, 425
the ftaff officers, &c. 59-64, 10- Eaft. Indies, French news from thence 335.
112, 153-18. On the British white Account of their success there

herring fishery bill 158-161, 201211, Ecclefiafticks, "heir practice with regard to
On the regency bill 249–259,-97-307,


345–354. On a question relating to Eclipse of the moon on May 29, type and
the high-bailiff of Westminster, and the calculation of

Westminster election 393-402. On the Eclipse of the moon on Nov. 21, type and
motion for an address 441-453, 489– calculation of 466. Account of it 523
499. On the number of feamen to be Edward, prince, some things relating to
employed in the navy 537–549, 577


-590 Edward IV, his imprudent steps, which
Decius Magius, his speech on the motion made way for his brother's vfurpation
for an address

Denmark, queen of, her birth. day cele. Empress dowager of Germany, mourning
brated 571.
Her death ibid. 605. for her

Mourning for her 572.

· Empress.

5.queen of Hungary, delivered of
Diogenes, the cynick philosopher, two let. a princess 143. King of Prullia's me.
ters of his, relating his interview with morial to her minister

Alexander the Great 323. Another, Evil, of the royal touch for it 463
relating rome pleasant adventures of his Executions at Tyburn, &c. 93, 140, 185,
at Athens 361. Another, to the Gre.

282, 331, 380, 426, 47 so 523
cians, being a severe satire upon them
409. Another, to Alexander the Great,

seproaching bios ambitious proceedings

ABIUS Ambuftus, M. his speech in
455. Another, to the people of Si. favour of an amendment proposed
nope, ridiculing them for hanithing him to the address

552. Another, to Megasthenes, acquaint.

Fantastical wife humorously reproved 273
ing him how he hantered and converted Fargues, Mr, robbed and murdered 281,
a vi&tcr, at his return from the Olym.

282. The murderers apprehended 571
pick games

ibid, Fears, vain, a caution against 275
Disorder the source of misery, both pri. Felonies, scheme for preventing them, in a
vate and publick

letter to Sir Richard Lloyd

Diltruít, necessity of a prudent one in our Felons sentenced to transportation for steal.
converse with mankind

487 ing the merchants goods off the river
Diversions, publick, mischiefs of them 130

Thames and the keys 43, 140. More
Divine atributes, advantages of contem- of them apprehended 185. One of them
plating them


makes his escape as he was going to his
Dorset, duke of, lord lieutenant of Ire. trial, and is retaken

land, arrives in that kingdom 476. His Felons, of their apprehension, profecution,
speech at the opening of the Irish par. conviction and execution


435 Fielding, Mr. extracts from his enquiry
Dragon-fly, observations it

into the causes of the late increase of




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