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Nov. 24.


573 ment for Wooton- Baffet, to Miss Hale, secretary at war, which he resigned in 1708, of Hertfordshire.

and two years after was made secretary of Stanhope, Esq; to Miss Law.

ftate and one of the privy-council : On ton, of Sackville -itreet, a 10,oool. for. July 1712, the rith of that reign, he tune.

was created baron St. John of Lediard 23. Hon. Richard Savage Nassau, Esq; Tregoze in the county of Wilts, and visbrother to the earl of Rochfort, to her count Bolingbroke in the county of Lincoln, grace the dutchess of Hamilton.

with remainder, for want of issue male, to Dec. 3. Lady Ilchester, delivered of a Sir Henry St. John his father, and the heirs fon.

male of his body ; also, o&. 24, 1713, 7. Countess of Egremont, of a lon and was constituted lord lieutenant of the counheir,

ty of Essex; but in 1714, first of George I. 10. The lady of Henry Orton, Esq; of his honours were forfeited by his attainPeake bill, in Suffex, of a son and heir. der, nevertheless he was afterwards par.

11. Countess of Northefk, of a fon. doned as to life and eftate, and came to

14. Her grace the dutchess of Gordon, England. His lordship married to his first of a ron,

wife, Frances, daughter and coheir to Sir 13. Lady viscountess Grandison, of a Henry Winchcomb, of Bucklebury in Berks, fon, in Ireland.

Bart. his second lady was a foreigner, but 18. Countess of Lauderdale, of a daugh. me died about two years fince, and left him ter, in Scotland.

without issue. DEAT # e.

He was well known in the republick of OL. Creed, at Oundle in letters ; and the earl of Orrery, in his life

of dean Swift, thus chara&terizes him as a served K. William, and 0. Anne, during writer. “ Lord Bolingbroke had early their wars, and was at the battle of Hock- made himself master of books and men : Ited.

But in his first career of life, being im. 30. Anne counters dowager of Dart. merred at once in business and pleasure, he mouth, at her seat on Black heath.

ran thro' a variety of scenes in a surprising Dec. 3. John Wright, Esq; at his seat and excentrick manner. When his passinear Ongar, in Efex, of an antient Roman ons subsided by years and disappointments, catholick family, poffefsed of a large estate and when he improved his rational faculin that county, and other parts of England. ties by more grave studies and reflection,

5. Lady Martin, reli&t of Sir James Mar- he shone out in his retirement with a lustre tin, Knt. near Charlton in Kenc.


to himself, tho' not seen by vulgar 8. Robert Bishop, Esq; one of the tworn eyes. The gay statesman was changed in. clerks in the high court of Chancery.

to a philosopher, equal to any of the sages Charles Benyon, Erq; brother to Rich- of antiquity. The wisdom of Socrates, ard Benyon, Erq; one of the directors of the dignity and ease of Pliny, and the wit the East. India company.

of Horace, appeared in all his writings and 9. Lady Charlotte Williams, youngest conversation." daughter of William duke of Powis, and 17. The right worshipful John Better. relict of Edward Williams, of Montgo- worth, L. L. D. dean of the arches, and meryshire, Esq;

judge of the prerogative court of Canter10. Rev. Obadiah Hughes, D. D. an bury ; which high offices he had executed eminent diffenting minister : He married upwards of 40 years. the widow of · Deagle, Efq; member Sir Wiliam Gooch, Bart. whore title of parliament for Evesham in Worcester- and estate devolve to the Rt. Rev. Dr. shire, with whom he had a very large for- Gooch, bishop of Ely. tune.

20. Miss Onnow, only daughter of the 14. Hon. lord James Cavendish, uncle Rt. Hon, Arthur On now, Esq; speaker to to his grace the duke of Devonshire, who the Hon. house of commons, had represented the town of Derby in seven Sir Charles Browne, Bart, aged upwards parliaments,

of so, who is succeeded in dignity and e. The most Rev. Dr. Jofiah Hurt, arch. Itate by his son, now Sir George Browne, bishop of Tuam, in Ireland.

Bart. 15. Henry St. John, Erq; late lord vis- Rr. Hon. the earl of Barrymore, of the count Bolingbroke, in the 75th year of his kingdom of Ireland, age, at his leat at Battersea, by whole 24. Mrs. Bell, wife of Mr. John Bell, death that antient seat, with the manor, an eminent broker of this city. and a large estate, descends to his nephew, 30. Dr. Barrowby, one of the phyficians the lord St. John, a young nobleman now of St. Bartholomew's hospital. (See cur on his travels abroad.

Maz. for 1750, p. 141.) His late lordship havingditinguished him. (Promotions, Bankrupts, &c. fall be in self early in the house of commons, was, Our APPENDIX.] soon after the acceßion of Q: Anne, made



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INDIA South Sea South Sea, South Seals per Cent.1+ per Cent., Bank An. 3 per Cent. IndiaBonds B.Cir. Pri Wind at Wearber BILL of Morlality from BANK STOCX.STOCK STOCK. Annu.old 1746.

1748.9. B. Annu. 1747


Deal. 1. 1. d.

London. Nov. 26. to Dec. 24.

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Tares 26s. to 185. per le
Bear. Key
Bafingstoke. Reading.

Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucefter. Northampt.
Wheat 298 to 358 gr
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38 6d bush.

343 to 4290 Barley 178 to 20 115 to 00 gr 178 to 22 qr 2 Is to 22 gr 178 to 22 qr 208 to 22 198 to 24 199 to 13

168 to 11 Oats 145 6d 1016 178 to oo od

158 to 18 od 145 to 19 168 to 17

is to 29 60 138 to 15 Beans 188 to 238 od 285 to 30 od 245 to 28 228 to 14 128 to 24 003 to oo 308 to 38

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the great council by letters patent addressed Holland continue to deliberate upon to the parliament, which they immediatethe late prince of Orange's plan for re. ly ordered to be registered. The poor have establishing commerce ; and that affair is by this dispute got some advantage ; for in pushed on with such uncommon vigour, order to gain a little popularity, his majethat it will probably succeed, to the great Iy has suspended the tax on bread and some benefit of the republick ; and will facilitate other sorts of provisions.-311t. A project the renewal of the treaty of commerce is under confideration, for establishing in with France, which the state has not been this city a mount of piety, or charitable able to accomplish, tho' great pains have corporation, which is to lend to the poor been taken in it ever since the peace at sums under 12 livres, without any interest, Aix. la Chapelle. These regulations will, and that fum, or any above, at 7 per cent, 'tis also believed, be disadvantageous to -We have dismal accounts both from St. the Hamburghers, and to the new compa- Domingo and Martinico of the damago ny at Embden.

done by the hurricane that happened at both Paris, Dec. 17, N. S. The parliament of in the night between the oth and 10th of Paris having retired to their separate apart. Sept. last. ments, and resolved to do no bufiness, an Madrid, Dec. 6. N.Ş. Our woollen ma. order from the king was on the 28th ult. nufactory improves every day more and delivered to every counsellor, requiring more, by means of the great number of them to assemble next day in the chambers foreigners who come over to be employed they belonged to, and administer justice, in it. There are above fixty different on pain of disobedience. Accordingly, on places where this manufacture is carried the 29th they assembled, but as none of on ; and the court has given orders for the advocates attended, on pretence that setting up others in several places of the they had not been ordered, do business kingdom. 'Tis computed, that since the could be done. On the ift Inft. the coun. year 1749, not le's than 5000 pieces of sellors assembled again, but the advocates cloth have been worked up in this kingdom, still refusing to appear, a new order from a great part of which was exported in the the king was delivered to the former, re- register Chips. There is a talk of laying a quiring them to administer justice, and to heavy duty on the exportation of our wool, see that the advocates and attorneys did if not an absolute prohibition. Mr. Keene, their duty, on pain of his majesty's high ambassador from the king of Great-Britain, indignation ; on which a committee of has lately had another long conference with twelve were appointed to examine the the miniftry, relating to che settlements of king's juffory letters, and to make their the Englih upon the musqueta shore, and report next day, which they accordingly the fort which they have built in the inand did, and thereupon there was a long dabate, of Rattan, in America. Our court prebut at last it was resolved to obey his ma. tends that these settlements are contrary to jesty's orders ; for if they had not, it was the tenor of the late treaty of Aix-la-Cha. thought, they must have travelled, or per- pelle ; but on the other hand, the British haps the king would have put an end to court thinks it has a right to support them, their being, and appointed a new judica- by virtue of former treaties which were ture. On the 12th the deputies of the confirmed by that of Aix-la-Chapelle, parliament waited on his majesty at Ver. This incident seems to have somewhat re. sailles, to acquaint him with their obedia tarded Mr. Kecne's negotiation concerning ence to his orders, to which he answered, a free navigation in the West Indies ; but My parliament could not have been too it is not doubted but that proper measures expeditious in resuming their functions, will be found out to accommodate this af. fince no motive whatsoever can justify their fair. In the mean time the court has sent interrupting them. I am fully sensible of freth orders to the commanders of places the importance of the trust committed to in America, relating to the conduct to be them, which is sufficient to dislipate their observed by our Guarda Costa's in thofe sears, I expect that by their submiffion, parts.--20th. 'Tis (aid, that our court has their attachment, and their fidelity in my actually received advice, that the island and service, they will continue to merit my be. fortress of St. Gabriel, or St. Sacrament, nevolence." His majesty has, however, in the river la Plata, has been put into the thewed some complaisance on his fide ; for hands of the Spanish troops, detached for as soon as the parliament had obeyed, the that purpose by the governor of Buenos archbishop of Paris resigned his place of Ayres, in consequence of the treaty made administrator of the general hospital of with the late king of Portugal; and they Paris, the grant of which had occasioned flatter themselves ihat, by this step, an end this difference between his majesty and his will be absolutely put to the contraband parliament; and his majesty has fince re. trade in that part of the world. Gored the administration of that hospital to


cient Piece of Money found at Eltham. By DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. 'C, Clarke, pr. 25. Rivington. "H Robinson UMAN Pride vindicated, pr. 60,

PHYSICK, &c. 2. A Review of the fiery Eruption, 26. The Nature of the Nervous Fluid, which deleated the Emperor Julian's At 'or Animal Spirits, demonstrated, By M. tempt to rebuild Jerusalem, pr.

28. Cooper, Flemyng, M. D. pr. 1$. Millar, 3. Candid Remarks on the Scripture 27. Mathematical Exercises. No III. Doctrine of Atonement. By G. Hamp; By J. Turner, pr. is. Morgan. ton, M. A, pr. 1ś. 6d; Olwald,

28. Philosophical Tranfactions, No 496, 4. An Exay on Divine Providence, pr; pr. 29. 6d. Davis. (See p. 562.) 18. 60,

29. An Estay on the vital Motions of 5. * The Eternity of Hell Torments 'Animals. By R. Whytt, M. D. pr. 5s. confidered. By W. Whifton, M. A. pr. Wiron.

30. A Differtation on the Origin of the

Veniereal Disease, pr. 18. 6d, Griffiths, MISCELLANEOUS. 6. A Reply to the grand Question de

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48. Verses occafioned by Mr. Warbur. 16. The Old and New Testament 'tor's Edition of Pope's Works, pr. 6d. connected, in the History of the Jews Cooper. and neighbouring Nations. By H. Pris 42. Oliver Cromwell. By G. S. Green, deaux, D. D. Tonson.

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P. 559.) 18. Reflections on the Expediency of a 44. A Narrative of the Life and aftoLaw for naturalizing foreign Protestants. nining Adventures of John Daniel, pr. 38. By J. Tucker, M. A, pr. 1$. Trye. Cooper.

19. Cicero's Epistles to Alticus. By 45. The Battle of the Briess, pr. 1$. W. Guthrie, Esq; lo two Vols. 8vo. pr.


SERMONS. 20. A Scheme to prevent the impresling 46. A Sermon preached before the Lord of Seamen, in Time of War. Clarke. Mayor, Nov. 5, 1751, at St. Paul's. By

21. Proceedings at the Sessions at the R. King, A. M. pr. 6d. Brotherton. Old Bailey, 2 Parts, pr. 4d. each, Cooper. 47. A Sermon at Haberdashers Hall,

22. The Experiments for Conversing at By T. Gibbons, pr. 6d. Ward. fixteen Miles Distance, pr. 6d. Owen, 48. A Wise minaken ; or, a Wife and

23. A philosophical Enquiry concerning no Wise. By T. Grantham, M. A. pr. Language and universal Grammar. By J. 6d.' Robinson. Harris, Esq; pr. 6s. Nourse.

49. A Sermon at St. Chadd's, in Calop. 24. Liberty invaded, pr. 1$. Owen. By Robert Binnel, M. A. pr. 6d. Long 25. Sume Conjectures relating to an an.

1 28.


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JOURNAL of the ProceBDINGS and Debate: in the POLITICAL CLUB, continued from p. 549.


upon that occasion of no account, The next Speech I Mall give you in with regard to the strength or power

the Debate begun in your laft, is of the nation, which they then say, the Subftance of what was jaid by consists only in the number of men T. Potitius, as follows.

we have in a&ual pay, and subject

to the slavish rules of military law ; Mr. Predent,

A and when any one proposes a dimi. SIR,

nution of the number, they exclaim, AM really aftonished, What! will you weaken the hands Sir, when I consider of the government ? Will you dirhow inconGiftent some miss those men upon whom alone, gentlemen are, when you can depend for your protection? they argue for a num- But when the question comes about

ber of land forces to B the number of seamen to be kept in be kept in the pay of the publick in publick pay, they then tell you, cime of peace, and when they argue that the maritime power, or strength for a number of seamen to be kept of this nation, does not depend upin the pay of the publick in time of on the number of seamen you have peace. When the question before in the actual pay of the publick, us is about the number of land but upon the numbers that belong to forces to be kept up in time of Cilie wide extended British dominions, peace, they never once think of the tho' many of them are at all times vast number of brave landmen we' dispersed over the whole face of the have, and, I hope, always shall have globe :: These you may reduce, those in this island: These are with them you may dismiss at pleasure, without TOP

exposing yourselves to any danger. Appendix, 1751.


4 D

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