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I be MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Dec. evening walk, and concealed myself about moral qualifications ; and particularly for the bed, having pulled off my shoes, and that serenity of temper, integrity of life, hid them under the bed, to prevent noise, probity in his dealing, and his enlarged noThis I did with defign to rob her of mo. tions of benevolence and humanity ; all ney I knew the had about her to a con. which deservedly gained him the good. fiderable extent, but had no design upon will and esteem of all who had the happi. her life. Some time after, lady Billie came ness of his acquaintance.". into the room, undressed herself, and went Over the grave are the following infcrip. to bed. Having waited till I thought me tions, was asleep, I tole towards the bed's head, Here lies the body of Thomas Tompiin order to get at the money, but found on, who, departed this life the 20th of her awake. Unhappily for me, I had ob. March, 1713, in the 75th year of his age. served a case-knife left upon the drawers Also the body of George Graham, head after supper, her children having that watchmaker of London, and F. R. S. nighe supped with her in her own room. whole curious inventions do honcur to the Finding myselí discovered, I immediately British genius, whose accurate performances ran to the drawers head, laid hold of the are the ftandard of mechanick fkilt. He knife, and, returning to the bed with the died the 16th of Nov. 1751, in the 78th knife in my hand, law the lady fitting up year of his age. in the bed, where I attacked and wounded On Nov. 28, John Cather, Patrick Kane, her in the manner that has appeared in the and Daniel Alexander the attorney, were trial; and, finding the house alarmed with

brought into the court of king's bench, the Aruggle and noise, made my escape and received judgment for being concerned out of a window. I farther acknowledge in a most wicked conspiracy against the the justice of the sentence pronounced a- Hon. Edward Walpole, Esq; in endeavour gainst me, and particularly that my right ing to extort a large fum, under threats of hand, with which I own to have commit- swearing sodomy ; when Cather was orted the cruel murder, is juftly to be cut off, dered to stand three times on the pillory, to deter others from such villainous attempts viz, once at Charing Cross, once at the in time coming."

end of Chancery. Lane, and the third time We mentioned the death of Mr. Gra. at the Royal. Exchange ; afterwards to be ham, the celebrated clock and watchmaker, sent to Clerkenwell. Bridewell for 4 years, in our last, p. 525. On the 23d. ult. his there to be kept to hard labour ; then to corpse was carried in a herse, precceded by give security, himself in 4ol. and two le. 3 mourning coaches with the gentlemen curities in zol. each, for his good behavi. who were to support his pall, and follow- our for 3 years more. Kane was senten. ed by nine, from his house in Fleet- street ced to stand on the pillory once at Charing. to Westminster. Abbey, and there interred Cross, and afterwards to be sent to Clerk. in the same grave with the remains of his enwell Bridewell to hard labour for 2 predecessor Mr. Tompion ; the pall was years, and to give security afterwards for supported by Dr. Knight, Mr. Watson, his good behaviour for five years, himself Mr. Catlyn, Mr. Canton, Mr. Short, fel- in 40 l. and two fecuritis in 20 1. each. lows of the Royal Society, and Mr. Bird, And Alexander was sentenced to stand once gentlemen that were intimale friends of on the pillory at Charing Cross, to pay a the deceased; the ingenious artists employ- fine of sol. to fuffcr cwo years imprison. ed in different branches by him, attended ment in the king's bench prison, and to in cloaks, &c. to see the last office done to give security for his good behaviour for their deceased master ; whose character three years more, himself in 2001, and cannot be better expressed than in the words two (ureties in 1001. each. (See p. 330.) of a noble personage (who knew him well, On che goth, a proclamation was issued, and is him elf one of the best judges and with a reward of sool. for apprehending greatest genius's of the age) on being ac. the Hon. Alexander Murray, Erq; who quainted with his death, viz. “ His emi- was closely confined in Newgate during nence in the way of his bufiness was a very the last sestion of parliament, and released inconfiderable part of his character, and from thence upon their prorogation, (lec was far exceeded by his known superiority P. 523.) But it was said, he was now at not only in the theoretical but also in the Paris, and had been there for several weeks, practical part of every branch of mecha

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 4. nicks; and still more by his uncommon Came on, in the court of Common Pleas, and extensive knowledge, which was not Westminiter-hall, before the lord chief jul. confired to any particular part of science, tice Willes, a cause wherein Mrs. Grace but was much more general and universal Brett, was plaintiff, and Hawkswell Meers, than could be reasonably expected in a man Esq; defendant, for non performance of a or his ftation of life. Nor was he more

marriage contract : After a long hearing, iemas kable for his know.cd86, than for his




571 the jury, which was a special one, gave a the same respect as his majesty's ships of verdia for the plaintiff, with 1200l. da. war, and all dhe respect Mall be paid to mages.

his majesty's commission ; and both at THURSDAY, 5.

meeting and parting, they shall be created John Coan, the Norfolk dwarf, of as friends : And if any of the Algerine whom we gave a particular account in our cruizers commit the least fault or violence Magazine for September last, p. 388, 389, again them, the captains or raizes to of was shewn to the Royal Society, at their fending, mall on their arrival at Algiers, house in Crane-court, who expressed a and proper complaint being made of them, great satisfaction on seeing him, declaring be molt severely punimed, without admit. him to be a moft extraordinary curiosity ting of their excuses. Dared ac Algiers the of his kind.

3d day of June 1751, and in the year of SATURDAY, 7.

Hageira 1164, the 20th day of the moon The birth day of queen Louisa of Den. Regil." mark, his majesty's youngest daughter, was

MONDAY, 16. celebrated, when her majesty entered into Was opened the new road from Wefte. the 28th year of her age.

minster-bridge, to Kenoington-common. The fesfions ended at the Old Bailey,

THURSDAY, 19. when the 5 following malefa&tors received His majelty went to the house of Peers, sentence of death, viz. James Macklamar, and gave the royal affent to the land.11% for a burglary; Ruffel Parnel, for robbing bill of us. in the pound, the malt.cax bill, Joseph Charles Lyre of a metal watch, a the mutiny bill, and two private bills. pocket- piece, and 275. near his own door The same day was held, at Mercers. hall, in Goodman's fields ; William Hughs, for a general court of the society of the Free robbing Mr. Ansell of 6s, near Acton ; British White Herring Fishery, at which Rachel Beachum, for the murder of Hen. were present the earl of Shattelbury, siç rietta Dawes ; and John Dickenson, for Peter Warren, Sir James Loweher, and stealing about sol, in money in the dwell. many other persons of distinction ; when, ing-house of his master John Knowles. after some debates, (in which the princi

James Payce, convicted, last feffions, of pal speakers were, adm. Vernon, gen. perjury, was sentenced to be imprisonned Oglethorpe, Wm. Beckford, Eq; Sir Pet, till Sept. 1, next, to fand once in the pil. Warren, Sir B. Wray, gen. Handalyde, lory, before the feffions hoole gate in the and Sir Rich. Hoare) it was agreed to make Old Bailey, and to be afterwards trans. a call of ten per cent. upon the subscribers, ported for 7 years.

and to open the books immediately for a TUESDAY, 10.

new subscription. The trial of Henry Simons, for perjury, John Coan, the farrous Norfolk dwarf, on his information made before Mr. Cham. was this evening introduced to his majesty, herlayne, of his being robbed by Joseph who expressed great pleasure at so extraor. Goddard, innkeeper, at Cranford. bridge, dinary a light. and another person unknown, of 554 du.

FRIDAY, 20. cats, came on in the court of King's An express arrived at St. James's with Bench, before a fpecial jury ; but the pro. the melancholy account of the death of her secutors did not produce, nor even subpoe. majesty Louisa queen of Denmark, youngna the interpreter of such information, to est daughter of our most gracious sovereign be at the trial, and thereupon the jury king George II. Har majesty was far ad. found the defendant not guilty. The coun. vanced in her pregnancy, and her death is cil for the prosecutor were Mr. Crowle and said to have been caused by her haftily Mr. Pratt ; for the prisoner, the Hon. Mr. stooping, whereby the was instantly sensi. Hume Campbell. He was to remain in pri- ble of having hurt herself. She was born, fon, in order to take his trial the ensuing Dec. 7, 1724, and was married to Frede. assizes at Chelmsford in Effex, for a crime rick the present king of Denmark, Nov. on another indictment, but was bail'd. 30, 1743. And has left issue one prince (See p. 473.)

and three princefies, viz. princess Sophia Whitehall, Dec. 10. Additional article Magdalen, born, July 3, 1746 ; princess to the ancient treaties fubfifting between Wilhelmina Carolina, born, July 10, his majefty and the dey and government of 1747 ; prince Chriftian, born, January Algiers, agreed to by the prefent dey, Ma. 29, 1748-9 ; and princess Louisa, born, homet, and his majesty's plenipotentiaries January 30, 1749.50. the Hon. Auguftus Keppel; and Ambrose

MONDAY, 13. Stanyford, Esq; his majesty's agent and A Portuguese, and an English butcher, conrul general at bilgiers.

who were taken up at a house of ill repulo “ That all packets of, in Westminster, on Friday, were this Jay bearing his Britannick majesty's commffi. examined before justice Lediard, and coma on, which mall be met by any of the mitted to the Gatehouse for the murder fruizers of Algiers, Mall be treated with

4 C 2

of So Lond, mag. for 5743P. 567, 571.

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572 MARRIAGE S; BIRTHS, &c. Dec, of Mr. Fargues, near the Barking-Dogs leading to Hoxton, in June laft. (See p.

Explanation of obe OXFORD ALMANACK. 281.) The above Portuguese confefits, THE picture above the calendar, is the. that they, with another Portuguese not yet east view of the fituation of the Rad. taken, attacked Mr. Fargues, demanding cliffeian library, between St. Mary's church his money, who saying he had none, the and the publick schols.Between St. Ma. Portuguese not taken, immediately stabbed ry's church and the said library, is a him in vno or three places, of which he view of the east end of the chapel, and foon died, and then they rified him, and side front of the library of Brazen nole found 115. in his pockets, a watch, &c. college ; over which is seen the spire of TUESDAY, 24.

All Saints church. On the other fide, adThis morning ended the drawing of the joining to the schools, is the south end of lottery at Guildball.

che convocation house, and part of the SUNDAY, 29.

Bodleian Ibrary, with a small view of the The court went into mourning for the garden and back building of Exeter college. late queen of Denmark : The ladies to -Above the buildings, are a medal of Dr. wear black Bombazine, plain mullo, or Radcliffe, and three figures representing lung lawn, crape hocds, thamoy thocs and Phyfick, Benignity and Fame ; a limbeck, gloves, and crape fars : Undress, dark which denotes chemistry ; plants and now.' Norwich crape. The men to wear black, ers, which denote botany ; the cock is an without buitons on the sleeves or pockets, emblem of vigilance, and the elephant of plain munin or long lawn cravats, and sagacity. weepers, thimoy toes and gloves, crape hatbands, and black swords and buckles :

MARRIAGIS and BIRTHS. Undress dark grey frocks.


R. Theopilus Lambert, of The cilebration of his majesty's birth.

Barking, in Efex. to Miss day, which had been put off to New. Judith Leonard, daughter of the Rev. Dr. year's day, on account of the death of the Leonard. prince of Orange, was now ordered not

Freeman, Ela; to Miss Strick. to be on that day,

land, of Grosvenor-Square, daughter of

the late Sir William Strickland, Bart, Alterations in obe Liß of PARLIAMENT,

Mr. Mallelon, an eminent jeweller of

this city, to Miss Kenneday, of Red-Lion HRISTCHURCH, Hants; Hon. street, Clerkenwell.

14. John Powell Pryce, Esq; of New. Charles Amyand Paulet, decealed.

ton-hall, in Montgomeryshire, to Mirs Pontefract, in Yorkihire; major Monck. Manley, of Barley.court, in Berkshire. ton, --lord visc. Gallway, his brother, de.. 17 Ralph Jennison, of Walworth, Era; ceared.

member of parliament for Newport in the Whitchurch, Hanes ; lord Robert Ber. isle of Wight, and master of his majesty's tie,- John Selwyn, jun. Esq; deceased. buck-hounds, to Miss Sukey Allen, of

Bramber, in Suflex; John Pelham, Esq; the Flatts, a 20,000l. fortune. of Lewes, -Capt. Henry Gough, deceased... Thomas Carweil, Esq; of Nottingham

Gloucester ; Charles Barrow, Elq; Mire, to Miss Lane, of Aylesbury. John Selwyn, sen. Erq; deceased.

Paul Crouch, Esq; of the customs, ta Old Sarum; Fanshaw, Líq;--Paul Miss Cox, of Sydenham. Joddrel, Esq; deceased.

18. John Newton, Esq; of a large e. Carmarthen ; Griffith Phillips, Erg; State in Worcestershire, to Miss Molly admiral Matthews, decealed.

Williamson. St. Ives, in Cornwall; Stephens, 19. Francis Gwynn, Erg; member of Efq;- John Plumptree, Efq; deceased. parliament for Wells, to Miss Fanny Inferiprian on ibe Monument of the lote Genee

Combe, of Winchester, a 20,000l. for

tune. ral GUEST, in Westminster-Abbey,

Hon. George Townshend, Esq; eldest Sacred

son of the lord viscount Town thend, to the To thore Virtues

lady Caroline Compton, baroness of Ferrers That adorn a Christian, and a Soldier, in her own right, and one of the greatest

This marble perpetuates the Memory heireffes in England. Of Lieutenant General JOSHUA GUEST, 20. Francis Goadinge, Erq; of Hamblea Who closed a Service of Sixty Years, don, Bucks, to Miss Patty Comyn, daughe By faithfully defending

ter of the late Valens Comyn, Esq; Edinburgh Cantie

Samuel Jennings, Esq; of Ham, in Efex, Against the Rebels,

to Miss Alice Smyth, of Epping, 1745

21. Martin Madan, Efq; eldest son of His widow, who lies near him, caurod Martin Madan, Esq; member of parlia. Is to be erected.



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Nov. 24. C° Northampionshire, who


573 ment for Wooton-Basset, to Miss Hale, secretary at war, which he resigned in 1708, of Hertfordshire.

and two years after was made secrețary of Stanhope, Efq; to Miss Law.

ftate and one of the privy-council : On ton, of Sackville-street, a 10,000l. for. July 7, 1712, the aith of that reign, he tune.

was created baron St. John of Lediard 23. Hon. Richard Savage Nassau, Esq; Tregoze in the county of Wiles, and vis. brother to the earl of Rochfort, to her count Bolingbroke in the county of Lincoln, grace the dutchess of Hamilton.

with remainder, for want of issue male, to Dec. 3. Lady Ilchester, delivered of a Sir Henry St. John his father, and the heirs fon.

male of his body ; also, o&. 24, 1713, 7. Countess of Egremont, of a fon and was constituted lord lieutenant of the coun. heir.

ty of Essex; but in 1714, first of George I. 10. The lady of Henry Orton, Esq; of his honours were forfeited by his attainPeake bill, in Suffex, of a son and heir. der, nevertheless he was afterwards para

31. Countess of Northefk, of a fon. doned as to life and eftate, and came to

14. Her grace the dutchess of Gordon, England. His lordlhip married to his first of a lon,

wife, Frances, daughter and coheir to Sir 13. Lady viscountess Grandison, of a Henry Winchcomb, of Bucklebury in Berks, fon, in Ireland,

Bart. his second lady was a foreigner, but 18. Countess of Lauderdale, of a daugh. The died about two years fince, and left him ter, in Scotland.

without issue. DEAT # $.

He was well known in the republick of OL. Creed, at Oundle in letters ; and the earl of Orrery, in his life

of dean Swift, thus characterizes him as a ferved K. William, and Q. Anne, during writer. “ Lord Bolingbroke had early their wars, and was at the battle of Hock- made himself mafter of books and men : Ited.

But in his first career of life, being im. 30. Anne countess dowager of Dart. merfed at once in business and pleasure, hc mouth, at her feat on Black beath.

ran thro' a variety of scenes in a surprising Dec. 3. John Wright, Esq; at his seat and excentrick manner. When his paffinear Ongar, in Efex, of an antient Roman ons fubfided by years and disappointments, catholick family, poffefTed of a large estate and when he improved his rational facul. in that county, and other parts of England, ties by more grave studies and reflection,

5. Lady Martin, reliet of Sir James Mar- he shone out in his retirement with a lunire tin, Knt. near Charlton in Kenr.


to himself, tho' not seen by vulgar 8. Robert Bishop, Esq; one of the fworn eyes. The gay statesman was changed in. clerks in the high court of Chancery.

to a philosopher, equal to any of the rages Charles Benyon, Esq; brother to Rich- of antiquity. The wisdom of Socrates, ard Benyon, Erq; one of the directors of the dignity and ease of Pliny, and the wit the East India company.

of Horace, appeared in all his writings and 9. Lady Charlotte Williams, youngest conversation." daughter of William duke of Powis, and 17. The right worshipfu! John Better. relict of Edward Williams, of Montgo- worth, L. L. D. dean of the arches, and meryshire, Esq;

judge of the prerogative.court of Canter10. Rev. Obadiah Hughes, D. D. an bury ; which high offices he had executed eminent diffenting minister : He married upwards of 40 years. the widow of Deagle, E[q; member Sir Wiliam Gooch, Bart, whose title of parliament for Evesham in Worcester- and estate devolve to the Rt. Rev. Dr. Thire, with whom he had a very large for- Gooch, bishop of Ely. tune.

20. Miss Onflow, only daughter of the 14. Hon. lord James Cavendish, uncle Rt. Hon. Arthur On now, Esq; speaker to to his grace the duke of Devonshire, who the Hon. house of commons. had represented the town of Derby in seven Sir Charles Browne, Bart, aged upwards parliaments.

of so, who is fucceeded in dignity and eThe most Rev. Dr. Josiah Hurt, arch. ftate by his son, now Sir George Browne, bishop of Tuam, in Ireland.

Bart. 15. Henry St. John, Erq; late lord vir- Rr. Hon. the earl of Barrymore, of the count Bolingbroke, in the 75th year of his kingdom of Ireland, age, at his leat at Battersea, by whole 24. Mrs. Bell, wife of Mr. John Bell, death that antient seat, with the manor, an eminent broker of this city. and a large eftate, descends to his nephew, 30. Dr. Barrowby, one of the physicians the lord St. John, a young nobleman now of St. Bartholomew's hospital. (See our on his travels abroad.

Maz. for 1750, p. 141.) His lace lordship havingditinguished him. (Promotions, Bankrupis, &c. fall be in felf early in the house of commons, was, Our APPENDIX.] foon after the acceMion of Q. Anne, made


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15 Sunday

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So and go


O, BANK IND South Sea South Sea, South Seali per Cent.14 percent., Bank An. 3 per Cent. India Bonds B.Cis. Pr, Wird at Weatber BILL of Morlality from
Stocx.(STOCK STOCK. Annu.old Ann. new 1746. 1747 1748.9. B. Annu.

præm. 1. I, d.

Deal. London, Nov. 26. to Dec. 24.

E. N. E. cloudy
117 105} ifrostinr.104.1103{iftr.103] A 1. 102 Sl. 145 1 12

6 E. by N.

Femal. 5583
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103 is
101 $ gl. 145

115 S. cloudy
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JO3 * 101

sl. 138 1 15 N. W. foggy fair Femal8473
141 190 117
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103 101 51. 125


N, W.

rain feet Died under 2 years old 67

103 101

sl. 128 1 15 ON. N. W. frost fair Between 2 and 5 - 14: 104 103 | 103 * }) 103

sl. 13$ 115 0 N. by E. (nowy

5 and 10

7 8 Sunday

E, N. E. front fait

10 and 2045 117 105 105 104 103 } ] 103 | 101 sl. 138 ' 15 N. N. E.

20 and 30

132 117 1ος 103 $ 103

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st. 138 ft is o

N. W. cloudy

30 and 40 - 158 11 141 190

105 105 1 104

103 103 101 i sl. 13s IIS O N. W.


40 and 50-145
105 106 104 103 * 103

sl. ijs
115 o W. S. w.clou, rain

so and 60 - 12 190 1173 105

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sl. 139 115 이
S. W. Iroft fair

60 and 70-120

101 sl, 125 1 15 o S. by W. hard froft

70 and Bo 6

W. N. W. cloudy 16

190 117 106 106 104

103 TOT

sl. 128 iis 0 E. S. E. frost fair

go andioo
17 141 g

1051106 104 103 ; x 103 * 101 gl. 128 1 15 0 S. E. foggy

104 103 $1 103 101

gl. 125 115 0 S. by E. cl. warm
19 142
104 103 103

Within the Walls 145
31. 118

115° 0 E.S. E. cl. warm
20 142

Without the Walls 446

103 103 {

Sl. 128

115 E. by S. cl. warm

103 103
sl. 128 U15 S. E.

In Mid. and Surrey 747

rain 22 Sunday

W by S.

City & Sub, Wej. 374
23 142

103 103

sl. 118 15
o S. S. W.

24/ 142



SL 128 115 o w. by S. faircloudy Weekly Dec. 3
N. W.

261 14%

sl. 126 ( 15 of 3. by W. rain


444 271 143

Tos 103

sl. 128 115 이 S. W. cloudy


28| 142

sl. 128 115 ON.W.byW.



N. W. Inow Wheaten Peck Loaf 18. iid,
30 142

sl. 128

(15 ON. N. W. fair Peafe 225. to 26s. per

sl, 125 11 is ow. N. W. fair Tares 265. to 288, per Q.
Bear. Key. Bafingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucefter. Northampt.
Wheat 298 to 358 gr icl gs load rol 18s load rol gs load lolos load rol jos load 356 to 48 qr 345 to 48 qr 56 6d bush.

343 to 4290
Barley 178 to 20 115 to 00 qr 178 to 22 qr 215 to 22 qr

178 to 22 qr
208 to 22 igs to 24 198 to 33

16s to 21
Oats 148 6d to 16 178 to oo od 168 co 19

's to 18 od 145 to 19 168 to 17

18 to 29 6d 138 to 15 285 to 30 od 245 to 28 226 to 34 128 to 24 oos to oo

308 to 38 430 to 36 :

38 gd to 38 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, 181. 58. 191. 201. ss. 211. 231. 241. 271, 281. 3o8. gol, 4sl. 301,

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25 Christm.



29 Sunday

Price of corn wwe

'ss to 18

148 to 18

38 o6d

216 to 94

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