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from the heath is the worst, but that A Description of HAMPSHIRE. gathered in the champaign country

Wish a new and accurate Map is of twice the value, and yields annexed.

about 10l. per barrel ; but the wax of LIAMPSHIRE, or Hantshire, both foris is equally good. The called also the county

of earth allo affords great plenty of Southampton, is a very considerable A iron, which is here wrought from maritime county, having the tea, or the mines. They are exceedingBritish channel, on the south, Berk. ly well accomodated for sea traf. Dire on the north, Wiltshire and fick, having several good ports, to Dorfetshire on the West, and Sur- receive and send out hips of great rey and Suffex on the east ; in length burden. The most noted forest about 50 miles, in breadth 30, in this county is that called Newand in circumference about 160, B Forelt, which lies on the east side exclusive of the Isle of Wight, which of the Avon, over against the Ille belongs to this county, and of which of Wight, and is about 30 miles we shall speak feparately. It is di- in compass

. In order to make this vided into 19 hundreds, contains forelt, it is said, the Conquerer 1,312,500 acres, in which are one caused 36 parishes-churches, with city, upwards of 20 borough and all the houses belonging thereto, to other market towns, 253 parishes, 9 C be pulled down, so that the poor forests, and 29 parks, and (including inhabitants were left destitute of 6 for the le of Wight) sends 26 houte or home. In this forest it members to parliament; the present was that his son and successor, WilKnighis of the thire being lord Henry liam Rufus, as he was hunting, was Powlett and Francis Whitehead, shot with an arrow and killed. (See Efq; The air of this county is, in his monument erected here, in our molt parts, temperate and healthful, D Mag. for Dec. laft, p. 548.) There and even that by the creeks of the are nine walks in this forest, which fea, and on the borders of Sussex, is has two rangers, a bow-bearer, and better than that in the hundreds of a lord warden. It being defenceless Effex, and on the coast of Kent. It towards the sea, Henry VIII. to is well watered with rivers and secure it, caused Hurst castle to be brooks ; and here's plenty of fresh


built, which commands the sea on water and sea fish, particularly lob- all sides, and Calshot, 10 secure the sters, foals and flounders, as good entrance of Southampton bay. In as any in England. The foil is rich the former of these it was that both for corn and pasture, plenteous K. Charles I. was confined, after he in woods, and fruitful in all com- was brought over from Carisbrook. modities. Here is store of black caitle in the Isle of Wight, and in · catrle, and there are great flocks of g a short time after, as is too well Sheep on the Downs, which are ex- known, his tragical death ensued. cellent meat, and yield plenty of The chief places in this county are wool; tho' their cloathing trade is as follows. not so good as formerly. Their 1. Kingsclere, about 5 miles S. hogs make the beft bacon in England, from Newbury in Berkshire, a pleabeing fed in the forests during the fant town, seated in the woodlands, acorn season, so that it comes little G formerly a seat of the Saxon kings. fort of that of Westphalia. They It has a well frequented market on are nored also for their bees, which Tuesdays. yield fore of excellent honey, of 2. Whitchurch, 6 miles S. W. different natures according to the a small town with a market on Frivariety of the soil; that collected day : Yet it is an antient borough



1751. A Description of HAMPSHIRE.

55 that sends two members to parlia- house was begun, but never finished, and ment, their present representatives

so remains to this day. Abundance of being the Hon. Charles Wallop,

gentry live in and near this city, whichi

its chief support; for it being an inland Efq; and John Selwyn, jun. Eig;

town, neither manufactures nor foreign 3. Basingstoke, 10 miles E. of trade are here carried on. The building, Whitchurch, a large populous town, Thu' not magnificent, yet have a venerable surrounded with woods and pastures, A ait of antiquity, and the streets are broad rich and fertile : It is governed by having 6 gates, and is about a mile and a

and clean. The city is walled round, a mayor recorder, 7 aldermen, a

halt in compaís within the walls. Out of burgesses, &c. and has a good mar- . 32 parith churches, which it onet bad, ket on Wednesday for all sorts of there are now but 8, beli les the caihedral,

which is very ancient. The lee of Wine grain. The inhabitants drive a:

chester is one of the richest in England, great trade in malt, and of late years

and contains, belides Hampthire, with the the manufacture of druggets, Tal. B Ine of Wight, the county of Surrey, and loons, &c. has been carried on with the Nands of Jersey and Guernsey. In. success.

the suburbs is Winchester-college or school, 4. Andover, 6 miles S. W. of

founded by William of Wickham, for a. Whithurch, pleasantly feated on

seminary to in Oxiord, with

revenues for a warden, lo fellows, 2 mais the side of the Downs, and a great ters, 70 scholars, &c. The markets here thorough-fare on the western road. are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and It is a large, populous borough-C

The city is governed by a mayor, aldermeny

&c. and sends (wo meinbers to parliament, town, and has a good market on

the prefent members being George Bridges Saturdays. It sends two members to

and Henry Penton, E qrs. parliament, who at present are John 10. Rumsey, 8 miles S. W. of Win: Pollen and J. Griffin Griffin, Esqrs. cheiter, an antient town, governed by a It is well-built, and has a good trade mayor, recorder, 6 aldeimen, &c. and in malt and shalloons. Near it, in

having a good market on Saturday. September, is kept Wey-hill fair, D chefer, is allo a market-town.

u. Waltham, 8 miles S. E. of Win. one of the greatest in England, espe- 12. Petersfield, jo m les X. E. of Wal. cially for theep, hogs and cheese. tham, a small well-built town in a low $. Odiam, 6 miles E, of Bafinestoke, a fruitiul foil, surrounded with bills,

It has Small corporate town, with a market on a market on Saturdays, and sends two Saturdays. To the north of this, on the members to parliament, who at present are borders of Berkthire, lies the ancient Roman John Jolliffe and Wiliam Conolly, Esqrs. city Silchester, of whose present state fee 13. Fordingbridge, on the borders of our Magazine for last year, p. 505.

E Dorsetshire, has a weekly market, and 6. Alton, 6 miles S. of Odiam, has barges come up to the town by the Avon, a great market on Saturdays.

14. Southampton, situate between the 7. Stockbridge, 7 miles S. of Andover, two river's Tees and Itchin, 62 COMgoverned by a bailiff, constable and sera puted and 78 measured miles S. W. of jeant. It is a great thorough-tare, and de

London. It is the chief town of the pends chiefly upon its inns, which are very county, and gives name to it. The Daconvenient, and has a market on Thuri. hith kings often resorted hither, and it days. It sends two members to parliament, was here that king Canute ordered his their present representatives being Daniei F chair to be set on the more, as ih: tide was Boone, and William Chetwynd, jun. Esqrs. coming in, and forbad it co approach him,

8. Alresford, 8 miles S. W. of Alcon, is or wet the feet and clothes of s lord and well built, and has a considerable market mafter ; which when it did, he rose up, on Thursdays.

and gave a just rebuke to his courtiers for 9. Winchester, 6 miles S. E. from their blasphemous flattery in making him Stockbridge, and 54 computed and 67 more than human. It was a flourishing measured miles S. W. from London, a town in the time of the Normans, and was very antent ciry, much noted in the time G burnt by the French in the reign of Edof the Romans, as it has been ever lince. ward I11. but rebuilt in a more convenient It stands in a vale, on the banks and at the place, and strongly fortified. It had once conjunction of two small rivers.

a considerable trade, which is now much tle distance from it K. Charles II, intended decayed. It enjoys many privileges, and is to build a fine palace, and inclose a large a town and county of itself. It is encomPark, 10 miles in circumference : The


At a lit

passed by a wall, and has 5 parish churches. the Streight called the Needles. The preThe markets are on Tuesdays and Thurf. sent members for this borough are col. days, and it lends two members to parlia. Charles Powlett and Harry Burrard, Eq; ment, the present ones being Peter Delmé, The market is on Saturdays, and here is and Ant. Langley Swymmer, Eqrs. made excellent salt, which supplies in great

15. 16. Farham, 10 miles S. E. of measure the southern parts of England. Southampton, and Havant, about 8 miles E. of Farham, are both small market A

A Description of ibe ISLE OF WIGHT. Off the latter lie Haling and HIS Mand lies in the British sea, and


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in each. Salt is made of the sea water in Hampshire by a small and rapid channel. several places along this coaft.

In one place it is not above a mile over 17. Portsmouth, 5 miles S. E. of Far- to the western part of the inarid, and from ham, and 60 computed and 73 measured Portsmouth not above 6. It is of an oblong miles S. W. from London, lies in an island, form, being 20 miles in length from eattio called Portlea, 14 miles round at high weit, and 12 miles broad from north to water. It is joined to the continent Hy a B fouth, and about 60 in circumference. It bridge, is large, very populous and will has 36 parish churches, and 4 market buile, and the streets spacious and regular, towns, viz. Newport, Yarmouth, Newton For some ages this has been the place and Broding ; tho' according to some wri. of general rendezvous for our feets at ters, the markets of the three last are dir. Spithead, which is near it, when at war used, and Newport is the only market for with France. It was hurnt hy the French the inand. However that be, the three fort in the reign of Richard II, but was soon send members to parliament, and the preafter rebuilt, and let out several ships of C lent representatives are, før Newport, Tho. war, which very much annoyed the ene. mas Lee Dummer and Ralph Jenniton, my, beat them at sea, entered the Sein, Esqs. for Yarmouth, Thomas Holmes, and burnt many of their thips: After which Esq; and col. Henry Holmes, and for the fortifications were enlarged by Edward Newton, Sir John Barrington, bart, and IV. Henry VII. and VIII and Q. Eliza- Maurice Bockland, Esq; Newport is a beth ; so that it is now one of ihe best large, populous and well frequented fortified towns in England, and of the mayor town, and has two very confidera. greatest consequence, being furnished both ble markets weekly, viz. on Wednesdays with wet and dry docks, forehouses, and D and Saturdays. Cowes is a place of great all necefTaries for building, repairing, rigging note for harbouring ships, and not far from and fitting out men of war, wi!h suitable Newport is Car Ibrook ciftle, where K. accommodations for a commillioner and Charles I. was imprisoned. This isand other officers to look after the navy royal ; continued long in the crown, but in 1442, so that it is a nursery for seamen, one of the Henry VI. alienated it to Henry de Beauchief Magazines of the kingdom, and a camp, duke of Warwick, and is laid to place of great trade. Tho'the town he have crowned him king of Wight with well built, its chief beauty confifts in the E his own hands : hut he dying without magnificence of its fortifications, barbour, issue male, che loremhip of the ille re. docks, yaids, office of ordinance, viclual. turned to the crown. As to its present ling office, &c. Over againit it Nands Gor- government, it is subject to the bihop port, a pretty large town, which has a of Winchester in ecclefiaftical matters, market on Saturday$. The markets at and under Hampshire in civil affairs ; Portsmouth are on Thursdays and Satur. but having castles and gar fons to defend it, days, and their present representatives in the crown always appoints a governor pecuparliament are Sr Edward Hawke knt.


liar to it, as a port of great honour, under of the Bath, and Isaac Townsherd, Eq; whom are all the governors of the castles

18. Ringwood, on tie weft fide of and garif ins in the Dand. It is inc: m. New. Forest, a long town, with a great pailed with rocks, of whih the most market on Wednesday.

noted are the Shingles and the Needles, 19., about 7 miles S. W. the Bramhles and the Mixton. There of Ringwood, at the meeting of the rivers rocks render it almost inaccessible, and Avon and Stour, a large populous borough. where it is approachable on the S. E, it town which sends members to parliament, is fortified by art.

The island is well penthe present ones being Sir Thomas Ro.G pled, the air wholesome and delichiful, binson, knight of the Bath, and Charles A. and the foil fertile both for corn and par. mand Powiert, Esq;

turage ; and they have plenty of hares, 20. Lymington, about 8 miles E. of partiidges, placalants, fea-fiwi, and other Christ-church, a (mall but populous sea. game, and are deficient in nothing but port town, standing upon a hill opponite wood, winch is very scarce. to the Idle of Wight in the narrow part of





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