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Prices of STOCK S'in OCTOBER, Bill of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea, South Sea South Sea 4 per Cent.4 percent. Bank An.,3 perCent. IndiaBonds Wind a

Weather Bill Of Mortality from STOCK.STOCK, STOCK. Annu, old Ann, new 1746. 1747

1748-9. B. Annu.

Dea!. London. Setp. 24. to 02, 22.
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187 1

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51.99 15 5 N. E.


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Males 665
15 5 O N. by E. fair

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OS. by W. ír.

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Within the Walls

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Without the Walls 327 20 Sunday

S. E. fair

In Mid, and Surrey 633 21 139


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E. cloudy
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City & Sub. Wit. 261

SI. 8s

E. by S.

lou, cold
23] 139
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froft fair
51, 85

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24] 139

S. W.

lou. mild Weekly Oct. 1103

8 187

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N. E. fair 27 Sunday

E. N. E. mining

8 139 187 115$

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ON, W.frent front fair

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N. W. frost fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 2s,
301 139


o N. by W. fair Pease 20s. to 265. per Q. 139

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51. 88

ol N. N. W. clou, fair Rye 16s. to 205. per Q:
Bear-Key. Bafingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warmister. Devizes. Gloucester, Northampt
Whead jos to 345 qr
71 15s load 71 156 load 2 173 load 81 os load

71199 load
355 to 41 95 355 to 41 gr 4$ 5d buih.

248 to 28qu Barley 148 to 16 oos to oo qr 175 to 19 qr 176 to 19 qr

18s to 19 95 175 to 18 198 to 21 18s to 21 25 ozd

16s to 17
Oats 128 to 168 od

148 to 16 od
158 to 19

128 to 15 od 145 to 17

165 to 20 25 to is gd 138 to 13 Beans 185 to 198 od 203 to 24. od

225 to 23 245 to 25 218 to 24

245 to 28 298 to 31

28 od to 35

18s to 2 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, n. 126. 6d. 11. 113. 6d. 1l. 123. 111. 115. 6d. 11. 118. 11. 89.6d, ul. 76. 6d. val. gs. sil. 86. oil.

ill. 98. 6d, til gs. vilo go. 6d. ill. 128. 131. 138. 6d. 111. 128. 6d. uid. Ils. 6d.


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1751. 479

cient houses, and the dignity of the printhe death of his serene highness the cipal and most ancient electors, and so en." prince of Orange, our stadtholder, her deavour to get a king of the Romans elect. royal highness the princess dowager has ed almost without, or, as one may say, taken the oaths, and been acknowledged by against their consent and approbation. To most of the provinces as governante or re- sacrifice one's rights, to see one's dignity gent of the republick, and guardian to her debased, to suffer the Germanick body to be con, our hereditary sadtholder, who on oppressed, would be cowardice, and not the 25th was unanimously elected president complaisance. Therefore, all that the king of the college of nobles, and a deputation can do on this occasion, as well for the sako immediately sent to the princess his mother of peace as to give her majesty the enipress to acquaint her therewith. (See p. 473,

a sincere mark of his friendship, is to open 474.)

to her the ways of reconciliation, and Paris, October 8, N. S. There has been point out the means whereby all the parties handed about here, a note or memorial de. concerned may be re-united for this eleclivered lately to the imperial minister at the tion. If her majesty the empress thinks Pruffian court, of which the following is she has gone too far in this affair to drop an extract. “The empress seemed to stand it, and is not against its fucceeding by leout a long while against fulfilling the en. gal methods, the king makes her the fol. gagement entered into by the treaty of lowing propositions :" Dresden, for procuring his Prussian majesty These propofitions are, That her impe. the empire's guaranty of Silesia, and call- rial majesty should satisfy the elector Palaed upon the king to settle definitively the tine's demands, or abide by the manner in affair of the debts, which makes another which his Prussian majesty and the king of article of that peace. The king agreed to France should settle them: That her impethis, upon condition that the said guaranty rial majesty and her allies should guaranty of the empire Tould be given him, and the tranquillity of the North, and that his that, pursuant to the same treaty of peace, Pruffian majesty and his allies should be. trade should be put on the footing it food come guaranties, that Sweden shall never in the year 1739, until a new treaty of establish despotism : “ After these prelimi.' commerce could be agreed upon. Since naries, says he, one may agree about the that time, the empress offered to get the tatelage of the young king of the Romans, commifforial decree for the empire's gua- in case the emperor should die before he ranty laid before the dyet ; but the article comes to age, (which God forbid) and on of the debts is yet obstructed and delayed the capitulation of that prince, in order to by that relating to commerce.”

secure the freedom of future elections, and And a little further his majesty goes on maintain the rights, privileges, and prero. thus : “Not long fince some overtures were gatives of all the members of the Germamade to his majesty, about electingthe arch- pick body." duke Joseph to the dignity of king of the Ro. And his majefty concludes thus : “That mans, but those overtures were inade after if the last acswer concerning the election concerting the affair with most of the other of the archduke Jofeph, is not such as the electors, and afrer the youngest member court of Vienna could have desired, it must of the electoral college had used illicit be attributed to the measures she has pur. means, prohibited by the golden bull, and sued, and to the patriotal sentiments of the contrary to the oath it requires, in order king, who thinks it the duty of one of the to secure great part of the suffrages to the frít electors to maintain the dignity, the candidate he proposed ; means which too liberty, the laws of the empire, and the much debase the majesty of the Germanick majesty of the Germanick body.” body, and fap the very foundations of the From Stockholm we hear, that on the rith molt sacred conftitutions of the empire. ult. Mr. Wickman was publickly behead. The king was grieved at the illegality of ed there, for holding treasonable correspon. those proceedings, and the answer he made dences with a foreign power whift he was to the court of Vienna was such as the in Finland. That on the 27th the openought to expect from a good patriot, who ing of the general diet of the states of the has no other interest at heart than that of kingdom of Sweden was prcclaimed there the country.

with the usual solemnity ; that count GylMatters rested there ; and it is certain lenbourg has been elec id marthal of tha that if any one has cause to complain, 'tis diet, te the great satisfaâion of all sides ; rather the king than the empress, fince it that they have granted 200,000 crowns is a thing unheard of before, to negle&t col- yearly to the king, 100,000 to the queen, lecting the opinions of the chief princes of and 25,000 to the prince royal ; and that the empire, in an important affair, and they have hitherto been very unanimous in proceed by prohibited ways, without hav. all their procesdings. ing any regard to the right of the mot an




The Monthly Catalogue for October, 1751.
DIVINITY and CONTROVERST. Trade, as the late Ad affe&ts the London
PREE and Impartial Confideracions Manufactures, pr. 6d. Cooper.

21., The Proceedings at the Seffions in fitions, relating to the Church of England, the Old. Bailey, in September; 1751. In a pr. 18, Baldwin, jun.

Parts, pr. 8d. Cooper, 2. An Abstract of the Holy Bible, by 22. A Treatise on the Theory and PracWay of Question and Anfwer. By c. tice of Midwifry. By William Smellies Brown, Gent, pr. 4d. cach Number. Ste- M. D. pr. 68. Wilfon, vens.

23. Obfervations on the Romans. By 3. The Scripture History of the Sabbath. the Abbe de Mally, pr. 35. Griffiths. By W. Webster, D. Do 2d Edit. pr. 6d. 24. An Answer to the serious Enquiry Clarke.

into some late Proceedings at Oxford, pr. 4. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of 18. Robinson. his Diocese, at the primary Visitation, 1751. 25. Lex Mercatoria rediviva, or The By Joseph Lord Bishop of Durham, pr. 16. Merchant's Dire&ory in Numbers, at 6d. Hodges.

each. Comyas, 5. Maxims, theological Ideas and Sen.

26. A new Sett of Maps, both of anci. tences of the Moravian Churches, from ent and present Geography By Edward 3738 to 1747. Extracted by J. Gambold, Wells, D. D. Corrected and improved to M. A. pr. 58. Beecroft.

this Time, pr. 158. Birt. 6. The Greek of the first Epistle of St. 27. A new Method of learning the He. Paul to the Thessalonians, explained. By brew Tongue. By R. Grey, D. D. pr. John Phillips, pr. 28. 6d. Noon.

28. 60. Dod, 7. Thoughts on Man's free Agency and 28. The Life and military Exploits of a future State, and on Faith, pr. 6d. Trye. Pyrrhus King of Epirus. Trandated from

8. Thoughts on various religious Sub- the French. By Thomas Mortimer, pr. je&ts, pr. 6d. Stamper.

6s. Buckland, Poetry and Entertaiment,

29. * Mr. Hooke's Roman History. 9. A Prologue and Epilogue to the Tra. With a prefatory Discourse on the Credibi. gedy of Romeo and Juliet, performed at lity of the History of the Romans, Vol. I. Woolwich, pr. 6d. Owen.

A new Edition, Price one Guinea. Hitch. 10. Pastoral Poems on various Subje&s, 30. The Importance of settling and for. pr. 18. Cooper. (See p. 470.);

tifying Nova Scotia, pr. 18. Scott. 11. Stanzas on Religion, By Henry 31. A Letter to the Fool, pr. 6d. Ro. Kiddell, pr. 6d. Owen.

binfon. 12. The History of Miss Betsy Thought- 32. The extraordinary Case of Thomas less. In 4 Vols. 12mo. pr. 128. Gardner, Claphamson, of London, Merchant, pr. Is.

13. London : A Satire, pr. 6d. Owen, Author.

14 The Suspicious Husband : A Co., 33. The remarkable and entertaining medy. By Dr. Hoadley, pr. 6d. Tonson, History of the twenty-three Years Captivity

15. Oppian's Halieuticks ;, of the Na. of - Thomas Pellow, among the Moors in ture of Fishes, and Fishing of the Anci. Barbary, pr. zs. Owen, ents, in 5 Books. TranNated from the 34. A Collection of such Pieces of HuGreek. With an Account of Oppian's Life mour (not to be found in others of that and Writings, and a Catalogue of his Filhes. Kind) as prevailed at Oxford in the Time By Mr. Diaper and Mr. Jones, pr. 586 of Mr. Anthony Wood, pr. 6d. Baldwin, fewed. Baldwin, jun.

jun. 16. Spencer's Fairy Queen. In z large 35. Authentick Memoirs of the Speeches Vols. in 4to. price cwo Guineas in Sheets. of the Robinhood Society, pr. 68. Stamper. Brindley.


35. A Sermon preached at St. Matthew's, 17. Britain's Alarm, from the Continu. Bethnal-Green, By S. Eccles, M. A. pr. ance of the Contagion among the Cattle, 6d. Cooper and other more afflicting and important 37. A Sermon at the Anniversary Meet. Evils threatning and befalling us, pr. 18. ing of the Gentlemen educated at BishopBaldwin, jun.

Stortford, Aug. 20, 1751. By Lewis Mo. 18. Graphometria, or Rational Drawing, noux, A. M. pr. 60. Beecroft. in most useful Branches, grounded on 38. The Credibility of Miracles defend. Geometry and Perspective. By John Caffel, ed ; in a Sermon at Cambridge. By F. pr. 6d. each Number. Author.

Rutherforth, D. D. pr. 6d. Beecroft. 19. A new Translation of Sallust. To 39. The Wisdom and Goodness of God which are prefixed, Cicero's Orations a- in the Formation of Man ; a Sermon be. gainst Catiline, and the Life of Sallust, pri fore the College of Phyficians, at St. Mary 38. 60. Griffiths.

le Bow. By Stephen Hales, D.D. pr. 60, 20. The present State of the Tobacco Manby.

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T. Daviedt
Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For N O V E M B E R, 1751.

To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each Monch.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, tben any Monthly Book of rbe ,same Prire.) 1. The Life and Character of Dean Swift,

XIII, Solutions of a Question in Surveying. extracted from the Earl of Orrery's Letters. XIV, Depositions of Witnesses concerning II. Necessity of a prudent Distrust in our the Death of Mr. Blandy. Converse with Mankind.

XV. Substance of his Majesty's Speech. III. Remarks on the Poor-Laws, and Coun. XVI, Addreffes of the two hours, with the ty Work-houses.

King's Answers.
IV. History of the Stadtholdership in Hol. XVII, Reflections on the Tobacco Act.

XVIII. Explanation of the Stationers Alma. V. Quaint Opinions of some Wiseacres in nack.

the Country upon the Alteration of the XIX, Portay: The Society's pickled HerStyle.

rings for ever, a new Ballad ; on the VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Politi- Death of the Prince of Orange; to Celia ;

cal Club, &c. continued : Containing the Virgin ; to a Lover, who idolized the SPEECHES of Pomponius Atticus, his Mistress ; the Parting ; a Bon Re. Horatius Cocles, and Decius Magius, on pos ; Ode performed in Dublin Caitle, on the Motion for an Address.

the King's Birth-day ; Rebus's ; a new .VII. The Immortality of the Soul defended, Song set to Mulick, &c. &c. against a late Pamphlet.

XX, The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : VIII. Remarkable Conclusion of Count Ter. Parliament meets ; Malefactors executed, fin's Speech to the Dyer of Sweden.

&c. &c. &c. IX, An Examination of the Strength of se. XXI, Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;

veral of the principal Purging Waters in Deaths ; Bankrupts.

XXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
X. Description of Blenheim-House.

XXIII. Monthly Bill of Mortality,
XI. A new Eruption of Mount Vesuvius. XXIV. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
XII. Dreadful Hurricanes in the West-In- XXV, A Catalogue of Books.

dies. With the EFFIGIES of his Royal Highness Prince EDWARD; and a View of BLENHEIM-HOUSE, both beautifully engraved on Copfer.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin, jun. at the Rose in Pater- Nofier-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Sticch'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.

MHE life and character of Dr. Jonathan

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515, 516



extracted from the earl of Orrery's letters

483 Remarkable conclufion of count Teffin's

speech to the dyet of Sweden 486 Necessity of a prudent distrust in our converfe with mankind

487 Description of Blenheim-house 488 The JOURNAL of a Learned and Political

CLUB, &c. continued 489-499 SPEICH of Pomponius Atticus against the

proposed amendment to the address 489 SPLECH of Horatius Cocles in favour of the amendment

493 SPEECH of Decius Magius on the same fide

497 Remarks on proposals lately made for re

pealing moit of the laws relating to the poor, and for erecting county workhouses

499 Defects in the execution of the poor-laws

501 History of the stadtholdership in Holland, and of the late stadtholder

503 Verses on the death of his serene highness the prince of Orange the late stadtholder

905 Extract of a letter from a gentleman in ihe

country to to his friend in town, re. lating the opinions of some wiseacres

upon the alteration of the style 505 The immortality of the soul defended against a late pamphlet

507 Of self or voluntary motion

ibid. That the soul is immaterial

508 And consequently immortal

509 That it is accountable for its conduct 509,

510 An examination of the strength of several

of the principal purging waters, especi.

ally that of Jessop's well Dr. Adee's opinion of these waters 511 Solutions of a question in surveying

512 Depositions of witnesses relating to Miss

Blandy, and concerning the death of her

father Depofitions and opinion of the surgeon and phyficians, upon opening his body

5'3 Copy of the coroner's inquest 514

Substance of his majesty's speech at the opening of the fellion of parliament

ibid. B The lords address, with his majesty's an(wer

515 The commons address, with the king's

answer Reflections on the tobacco act POETRY. A new song, rung at Marybone gardens, set to mufick

517 To Miss Nanny Th, of Hull ibid. A country dance The virgin, a poem, most humbly infcrib.

ed to Miss Anna Maria W-de ibid. The parting

ibid. To a lover, who idolized his mistress 519 An ode, performed in Dublin calle, on his

majesty's birth day, by the special com. mand of his grace the lord lieutenant

ibid. A bon repos, or the way to Neep well 520 To Celia

ibid. The society's pickled herrings for ever, a

new ballad, as sung at Stationers hall on lord mayor's day

521 Two rebus's

ibid, To Britannicus, on his thoughts on man's free agency, &c.


523 A new eruption of mount Vesuvius ibid, Dreadful hurricane in the West Indies ibid Matthews committed and examined, in relation to the murder of Mr. Jeffryes

ibid. Malefactors executed.

523 Meeting of the parliament

ibid. Oficers and council of the society of Ane tiquaries

ibid. Terrible hurricane at Jamaica ibid. Explanation of the Stationers almanack

ibid. Marriages and births

524 Deaths

ibid. Ecclefiaftical preferments

525 Promotions civil and military ibid. Persons declared bankrupts

ibid. Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weather

526 Monthly bill of mortality


527 Catalogue of books

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512, &c.


We tbank our correspondene for preventing our defire et ibe end of bis 014, p. 503, by fenda ing w in time be renainder of be discourse on ccuniy work-bcufis, wbicbjhall certainly be in our next; wben we shall also infere obe ode on virtue's being superior to all external cbarms. W. bave received ebe verses on reading Barclay's apology, and several orber pieces, so wbicb a due regard foall be paide

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