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Sept. 24. DAHalkerton, in Scotland.

Robert Mann, Esq; of the Custom-house, 28. The lady of Jennings, Esq3 to Miss Patty Nobbs.

of a son. Oct. 1. Arthur Hassleworth, Esq; to 29. The lady of Sir Joseph Broughton, Miss Shaw, of Winchester, a 20,00ol for- of a ron and heir.

Oct. 2. The lady of the Hon. 2. George Farland, Esq; of Red. Lion. Stanhope, Esq; of a son and heir. Mreet, Holb rn, to Miss Martha Wood, The lady of col. Thomas, filter to the of Oid-Bond Itreet.

earl of Albemarle, of a son. 4. Cieswell Tayleur, of the Middle Tem- 4. The lady of Thomas Clarges, Esq; fon ple, Esq; to Mil Phillis Walker, of Cra. of Sir Thomas Clarges, of a fon and heir. ven-buildings.

5. The lady of lord Francis Seymour, James Rodney, Esq; to Miss Anne New- of a daughter. combe, of Soho-square, a 12,000l, fortune. 7. The lady of Sir Wm. Bryant, of a son.

8. Mr. David Andree, of Leadenhall. The lady of Walter Perkins, Esq; of a Areet, an eminent Italian merchant, to son and heir. Miss Jenny Girardott, daughter of Andrew

DEATHS. Girardott, Efq; of New. Broad-treet,

A VID lord Falconer, of John Holmden, Esq; poffetred of a con. fiderable estate, to Miss Ruth Martyn, of 29. Jolin Plumtree, Esq; member of New-North-street,

parliament for St. Ives, and treasurer and 9. Jonathan Stephens, Esq; of Tower- paymaster of the ordnance. hill, to Mrs. Mary Britt, reli&t of Samuel 30. Charles Coldworth, Eiq; pofTeffed Britt, Elq; of Peckham.

of a large estate near Cheshunt, in Herte 1. Robert Sherman, Esq; poffefred of fordshire, a large estate in Wiltshire, to Miss Cooke, O&t. 2. Thomas Matthews, Esq; mem. of St. James's-square, a 15,000l, forlune. ber of parliament for Carmarthen : He was

12. Mr. Robert Slingsby, an eminent admiral and commander of bis majesty's Turkey merebant, to Miss Steele, of Tow. feet in the Mediterranean, and one of the er street, with a fortune of 4000l. and elder brothers of the Trinity-house. 2001. per Annum.

4. Hon. Horatio Townshend, second Charles Moore, E?q; of the Middle- commissioner of the Excise, and brother Temple, to Miss Elizabeth Moore.

to the late lord visc. Towolhend, formerly Edward Pallon, Elq; of an antient fa. Secretary of Rare. mily in Norfolk, to Miss Polly Fairchild, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mordecai Carey, lord bishop of Devonshire-street.

of Killalos, in Ireland. Edward Legrand, Esq; lieutenant of the Andrew Hutchinson, Erq; a captain ia yeomen of the guards, to Miss Davenant. the first regiment of foot guards.

George Popplewell, Esq; of East Ret. Miss Clutterbuck, eldest daughter and fo:d, 10 Mrs. Cromwell, of Gainsborough. one of the coheiresses of the late Thomas

13. Anthony Huskins, Esq; of a confi. Clutterbuck, Esq; treasurer of the Navy. derable fortune in the Weft Indies, to Miss 5. Mr. Thomas Bray, Clerk to the truf. Alice Warson, of Broad-street.

tees of Illington Turnpike. 15. Robert Starkey, Esq; of Epsom. to George Hilton, Erq; in the commiffion Miss Clutterbuck, of Downton, in Wilts. of the peace for Sussex.

William Jermy, Esq; of Bayfield, in 8. Rev. Dr. Marten, dean of Worcester, Norfols, to Mils Preston, of Beeston, in canon of Windsor, &c. the same county,

10. Alexander lord Saltoun, in Scotland. Edward Vaughan, of Llancrenach, in 13. Hon. Charles William Archer, Esq; the county of Brecon, Efq; to Miss Molly at Westbrook, in Bedfordihire, Skinner.

14. Mr. James Philips, who lately re16, Mr. Samuel Roy, of Lisbon, to Miss figned being one of the surgeons of St. Hinds, of great St. Helen's.

Bartholomew's hospital. 17. Joseph Hinxman, Erq; of Hinton, 15. Jacob Mendez de Costa, sen. for. near Chrift.Church, Hancs, to Miss Gold. merly an eminent Jew merchant. wire, of Salisbury.

Henry Cook, Efq; in the commission of Nathaniel Braffey, Esq; an eminent ban- the peace for Hertfordshire. ker in Lombard. ftreet, io Miss Phillips, of 18. Rev. Robert Eyton, D. D. arch. Hereford Thire.

deacon of Ely, prebendary of Hereford, 20. Mr. Ball, an eminent maliiter and rector of Wem, and vicar of Wellington, hop-planter in Kent, to Miss Bell, of Ro. in Shropshire, and one of his majesty's therbiche.

justices of the peace. 26. Ralph Haynes, Esq; of Edmonton, Mr. (erjeant Belfield, whose death was to Miss Elizabeth Graves, of Enfield. occafioned by the overturning of his coach,

Sept, 27. The lady of the Rt. Hon, the which dillocated his collar. bone. ļord paulsone, delivered of a lon,


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26. Rev. John Willon, D. D. fenior fele G infpector general of the inland duties


477 Thomas Lampriere, Esq; an eminent by the provoft and fellowę of Queen's-coland wealthy merchant, formerly governor lege, Oxford, to the rectory of Bramley, in of Jersey.

Hampshire: They also ele&ted him principal Major Parry, fate of lieutenant ge. of Edmund Hall in that univerfity.--Mr. Deral Otway's regiment, in the 81st year Steed, by the lord chancellor, to the live of his age, who had been a commission ing of Woodmanftone, in Surrey. - John officer upwards of 60 years, and served Waugh, LL. D. and chancellor of the dio. bravely in the wars of Ireland, Flanders, cese of Carline, appointed by his majesty Spain and Portugal.

to be dean of Worcester, in the room of 20. John Lamb, Esq; in the commission Dr. Marten, deceased. - George Henry of the peace for Hereford/hire.

Rook, D, D. made a prebendary in the 21. Rt. Hon, the lord visc. Powerscourt, cathedral church of Bristol.-Mr. Theophi. of the kingdom of Ireland, at Chelsea. lus Kirk, presented by the lord chancellor,

22. Mr. Draper, in Hatton Garden, to the vicarage of Barton upon Umber, in author of the Morning-Walk, and several Devonshire. Thomas Lowe, M. A. by other miscellaneous pieces : He was for- his majesty, to the rectory of Epworth, merly a supercargo in the East. India com- in Lincolnshire. - William Paxton, M. A. pany's service.

also by his majesty, to the vicarage of 13. Rev. Dr. Philip Smalridge, chancel. Buckland Brewer, with the chapelries of lor of the diocese of Worcester, and one Buckworthy and East Putford, in Devon. of the prebendaries.

shire Robert Carey, of Hampstead, Elq; an eminent Virginia merchant.

PROMOtions Civil and Military.

EORGE low and bursar of Trinity college, Cam. bridge.

of excile. - Henry Hitch, of Leathley, in 27. Edward Alexander, Erq; senior Yorkshire, Esq; made receiver- general of proctor of Doctors. Commons, one of the the land tax and duty on houses, for the governors of Bridewell and Bethlem hospi

Weft-Riding of that county, city of York, tals, and oldest member of the Society of and Aynfty ; and Marmaduke Constable, Antiquaries, London.

Esq; receiver-general for the North and Her grace the dutchefs dowager of Rut. East. Ridings.-Henry Harnage, Esq; made land, in an advanced age.

register-general of tobacco in Great. Bri.

tain.-Mifs Grey, made one of the maids Ecclefiaßical PRBTERMINT8. of honour to her royal highness the prin. R. Child, fellow of Baliol college, cels dowager of Wales.-Captain Wilson,

made a lieut. col. in the 3d battalion of the burnham, to the rectory of Haddescome, first reg. of foot guards.--Major James Oxo in Efex – Mr. Blemel Pollard, by Sir Phi. enden, made major in the ad reg. of foot lip Boreler, Bart. to the rectory of Orlef. guards.-Hugh Rolls, Esq; made a capton, in Romney. Mars.--Thomas Hobson, tain, and Richard Ellis, Esq; an enfign, in M. A. appointed by the lord bishop of the 3d reg. of foot guards–Frederick Ware, London, one of the preachers at his ma. Esq; made an enlign in the first reg. of jesty's chapel at Whitehall. -Mr. Thomas foot guards.-Ebenezer Darcy, Esq; made Chapman, presented to the living of St. a major in col. Wolfe's reg. of foot. Mary's, Newcale.-Mr. Holford, ele&ted Capr. licut. Godwin made captain, lieut. by the president and governors of St. Tho. Brown capt. lieutenant, lieut. Strachey mas's hospital, minister of St. Thomas's first lieutenant, and lieut. Campbell second church, Southwark. Mr. John Warcopp, lieutenant, in the royal reg. of artillery. presented by the lord bishop of Durham, James Butler, Esq; made comptroller to the living of Bihop. Aukland, together of ihe excise in England and Wales. with the vicarage of Concliffe, in the coun. William Mellich, Eiq; made commissioner ty of Durham. — Mr. Webbersey, nomi. of the excise, in the room of the Hon, Dated by the lord Ravensworth, to the cu. Horatio Townshend, Esq; deceased.--Isaac racies of Lamelly and Tanfield, in Nor. Holmes, Esq; made a captain, and Alex. thumberland. - James Allen, M. A. pre. ander Bright, Erq; an adjutant in col. Her. sented by

Lushington, of Canter. bert's reg. of foot. Duke of St. Alban's, bury, Esq; to the vicarage of Rodmer. made custos rotulorum of the county of mam, in Kent, Samuel Christie, B. D. Berks. - Mr. Humphrey Elmes, chosen by the lord bithsp of Peterborough, to the clerk to the trustees of Mington Turnpike. vicarage of All. Saints cum Bolesworth, in Lady viscounters Howe, made one of Northamptonshire. Mr. Bland, by the the ladies of honour to the princess dowa. Jord chancellor, to the living of Tring, in

ger of Wales, Hertford hire. George Fothergill, D. D,

(Bankrupis in our nexr.] 5



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Prices of STOCK S'in OCTOBER, Bill of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea, South Sea South Sealt per Cent, 14 per Cent. Bank An. 3 perCent. IndiaBonds Wind of

Weather Bill of Mortality from STOCK. S TOC K. STOCK. Annu, old Ann. new" 1746. 1747

1748-9. B. Annu,



London. Setp. 24. to Oct, 22.
1 142
187 1
104 intr. 103it 1: 1046111r. 101 ]

15 50 N. E.


187 188 115

Femal. 524

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51. gs


S 5 ON. N. E.
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Sl. gs 103

fair 5 5 O N. by E.


Buried 115

. 674 5l. 98

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N. E. fair

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sl. 95
15 5 o S. by W. ir.

Died under 2 years old sio

W. N. W fair Between

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5l. 8s 5 W rain


5 and 10 141 $ | 287 115

10411str. 104 101 103

5 5 51. 96 이 N. W.


10 and 20

187 $


104 100 o E, hard. rain

20 and 30 10 141 18711881

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30 and 40
106 intr. 104
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air clou. 100 5 So E. by S.


E. by S. fr. 13 Sunday


60 and 70-
141 141
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51. 85

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fair 100

S. E.

8o and go
36 139,7
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27 1392139

Sl. 88

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104 1 104

E. by N.
Within the Walls

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frost fair Sl. 8s E. S. E.

Without the Walls 327 20 Sunday

fair S. E.

In Mid. and Surrey 633 21 139

115 104 103 104

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E. cloudy
23 139

City & Sub. W eft. 261
105 104 103

104 104 1со

E. by S.
51. 8s

lou. coid
23| 139 | 187


51, 88

front fair

S. E.
34 139


S. W.
lou. mild Weekly Oct.

8 187 115

103 104 1. 8s


1 TO o S, S. W. Plou, mild 86

102 100 103

51.85 I TO

fair N. E.


292 Sunday

E. N. E. milling
187 115

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1 10 ON, W.fre front fair

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Sl. 85 I 10 N. W. frost fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 25.

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1.83 I 10 o N. by W. fais Pease 20s. to 26s. per Q.
Sil 139
188 1

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1. 88

o N. N. W.clou, fair Rye 16s, to 205, per Q.
Bear-Key. Basingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warmi:after, Devizes. Gloucester, Northampt.
Whead 30s to 345 qr
71155 load 71 156 load

21 178 load
81 os load
71 19s load

355 to 41 gr 355 to 41 gr 48 5d buth. 248 to 28 qu Barley 148 to 16 oos to oo ar 175 to 19 qr

168 to 17 176 to 19 qr 175 to 18

18s to 21 195 to 21

28 o2d
Oats 128 to 168 od

548 to 16 od
158 to 19

16s to 20
I 25 to 15 od 145 to 17

168 to 20 25 to 18 gd 138 to 13 Beans 18s to 198 od 203 to 24. od

2 25 to 23 245 to 25

2 18 to 24 245 to 28 298 to 31 28s to 32 25 gd to 35

18s to 2 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, nl. 125. 6d. 111. 113. 6d. 11. 128. 11. 113. 6d. ul. 118. 111. 88. 60. ul. 78. 6d. ral. gs. vil. 88, oil.


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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1751. 479 Hihe death of this serene highness the AGUE29,

cient houses, and the dignity of the prin

cipal and most ancient electors, and so en." prince of Orange, our stadtholder, her deavour to get a king of the Romans elect. royal highness the princess dowager has ed almost without, or, as one may say, taken the oaths, and been acknowledged by against their consent and approbation. To most of the provinces as governante or re- sacrifice one's rights, to see one's dignity gent of the republick, and guardian to her debased, to suffer the Germanick body to be ron, our hereditary fadtholder, who on oppressed, would be cowardices and not the 25th was unanimously elected president complaisance. Therefore, all that the king of the college of nobles, and a deputation can do on this occasion, as well for the sako immediately sent to the princess his mother of peace as to give her majesty the empresa to acquaint her therewith. (See p. 473, a fincere mark of his friendship, is to open 474.)

to her the ways of reconciliation, and Paris, October 8, N.$. There has been point out the means whereby all the parties handed about here, a note or memorial de. concerned may be re-united for this eleclivered lately to the imperial minister at the tion. If her majesty the empress think Prussian court, of which the following is she has gone too far in this affair to drop an extract. “The empress seemed to stand it, and is not against its succeeding by leout a long while against fulfilling the en. gal methods, the king makes her the fol. gagement entered into by the treaty of lowing propositions :" Dresden, for procuring his Prussian majesty These propofitions are, Tliat her impe. the empire's guaranty of Silesia, and call. rial majesty should satisfy the elector Pala.' ed upon the king to settle definitively the tine's demands, or abide by the manner in affair of the debts, which makes another which his Prussian majesty and the king of article of that peace. The king agreed to France should settle them: That her impe. this, upon condition that the said guaranty rial majesty and her allies should guaranty of the empire Thould be given him, and the tranquillity of the North, and bat his. that, pursuant to the same treaty of peace, Prussian majesty and his allies should be. trade should be put on the footing it ftood come guaranties, that Sweden Thall never in the year 1739, until a new treaty of establish despotism : “ After these prelimi.' commerce could be agreed upon. Since naries, says he, one may agree about the that time, the empress offered to get the tatelage of the young kiog of the Romans, commifforial decree for the empire's gua- in case the emperor Mould die before he ranty laid before the dyet ; but the article comes to age, (which God forbid) and on of the debts is yet obstructed and delayed the capitulation of that prince, in order to by that relating to commerce."

secure the freedom of future elections, and And a little further his majesty goes on maintain the rights, privileges, and prero. thus : “Not long fince some overtures were gatives of all the members of the Germamade to his majesty, about electingthe arch- nick body." duke Joseph to the dignity of king of the Ro. And his majesty concludes thus : "That mans, but those overtures were inade after if the last answer concerning the election concerting the affair with most of the other of the archduke Joseph, is not such as the electors, and after the youngest member court of Vienna could have desired, it must of the electoral college had used illicit be attributed to the measures the has pur. means, prohibited by the golden bull, and sued, and to the patriotal sentiments of the Contrary to the oath it requires, in order king, who thinks it the duty of one of the to secure great part of the suffrages to the frit electors to maintain the dignity, the candidate he proposed ; means which too liberty, the laws of the empire, and the much debase the majesty of the Germanick majesty of the Germanick body." body, and (ap the very foundations of the From Srockholm we hear, that on the rith most sacred conftitutions of the empire. ult. Mr. Wickman was publickly behead. The king was grieved at the illegality of ed there, for holding treasonable correspon. those proceedings, and the answer he made dences with a foreign power whilf he was to the court of Vienna was such as the in Finland. That on the 27th the openought to expect from a good patriot, who ing of the general diet of the states of the has no other interest at heart than that of kingdom of Sweden was proclaimed there the country.

with the usual folemnity; that count Gyle Matters rested there ; and it is certain lenbourg has been eleccd marthal of the that if any one has cause to complain, 'tis diet, to the great satisfa&ion of all sides ; rather the king than the empress, fince it that they have granted 200,000 crowns is a thing unheard of before, to negle& col- yearly to the king, 100,000 to the queen, lecting the opinions of the chief princes of and 25,000 to the prince royal ; and that the empire, in an important affair, and they have hitherto been very unanimous in proceed by prohibited ways, without hav. all their procesdings. ing any regard to the right of the most an.



DIVINITY and CONTROVERST, Trade, as the late Ad affe&ts the London 1. PREE and Impartial Confiderations Manufactures, pr. 6d. Cooper. * F Difqui- 21. The Proceedings at the Seffions in fitions, relating to the Church of England, the Old. Bailey, in September; 1751. In a pr. 18, Baldwin, jun.

Parts, pr. 8d. Cooper. 2. An Abstract of the Holy Bible, by 21. A Treatise on the Theory and PracWay of Question and Anfwer. By c. tice of Midwifry. By William Smellies Brown, Gent, pr. 4d. cach Number. Ste. M. D. pr. 6s. Wilson,

23. Observations on the Romans. By 3. The Scripture History of the Sabbath. the Abbe de Mally, pr. 3s. Griffiths. By W. Webster, D. Do 2d Edit. pr. 6d. 24. An Answer to the serious Enquiry Clarke.

into some Jate Proceedings at Oxford, pr. 4. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of 18. Robinson. his Diocese, at the primary Visitation, 1758. 25. Lex Mercatoria rediviva, or The By Joseph Lord Bishop of Durham, pr. 16. Merchant's Directory in Numbers, at 6d. Hodges.

each. Comyas, 5. Maxims, theological Ideas and Sen. 26. A new Sett of Maps, both of anci. tences of the Moravian Churches, from ent and present Geography By Edward 3738 to 1747. Extracted by J. Gambold, Wells, D. D. Corrected and improved to M. A. pr. 58. Beecroft.

this Time, pr. 158. Birt. 6. The Greek of the firft Epistle of St. 27. A new Method of learning the He. Paul to the Thessalonians, explained. By brew Tongue. By R. Grey, D. D. pra John Phillips, pr. 26. 6d. Noon.

28. 60. Dod. 7. Thoughts on Man's free Agency and 28. The Life and military Exploits of a future State, and on Faith, pr. 6d. Tryc. Pyrrhus King of Epirus. Trandated from

8. Thoughts on various religious Sub- the French. By Thomas Mortimer, pr. jects, pr. 6d. Stamper.

68. Buckland, Poetry and Entertaiment,

29. * Mr. Hooke's Roman History. 9. A Prologue and Epilogue to the Tra. With a prefatory Discourse on the Credibia gedy of Romeo and Juliet, performed at lity of the Hiftory of the Romans, Vol. I, Woolwich, pr. 6d. Owen..

A new Edition, Price one Guinea. Hitch. 10. Pastoral Poems on various Subje&s, 30. The Importance of settling and for. pr. 18. Cooper. (See p. 470.);

tifying Nova Scotia, pr. 1S. Scott, 11. Stanzas on Religion, By Henry 31. A Letter to the Fool, pr. 6d. Ro. Kiddell, pr. 60. Owen.

biofon. 12. The History of Miss Betsy Thought. 32. The extraordinary Care of Thomas less. In 4 Vols. 12mo. pr. 129. Gardner. Claphamson, of London, Merchant, pr. 15.

13. London : A Satire, pr. 6d. Owen, Author. 14

* The Suspicious Husband: A Co., 33. The remarkable and entertaining medy. By Dr. Hoadley, pr. 6d. Tonron. History of the twenty-three Years Captivity

15. Oppian's Halieuticks ;, of the Na. of Thomas Pellow, among the Moors in ture of Fishes, and Fishing of the Anci.

Barbary, pr. 38. Owen, ents, in 5 Books. Trannated from the

34. A Collection of such Pieces of Hu. Greek. With an Account of Oppian's Life mour (not to be found in others of that and Writings, and a Catalogue of his Fiches. Kind) as prevailed at Oxford in the Time By Mr. Diaper and Mr. Jones, pr, 586 of Mr. Anthony Wood, pr. 6d. Baldwin, fewed. Baldwin, jun.

jun. 16. Spencer's Fairy Queen. In a large 35. Authentick Memoirs of the Speeches Vols. in 4to. price cwo Guineas in Sheets. of the Robinhood Society, pr. 68. Stamper. Brindley.


36. A Sermon preached at St. Matthew's, 17. Britain's Alarm, from the Continu. Bethnal Green. By S. Eccles, M. A. pr. ance of the Contagion among the Cattle, 6d. Cooper. and other more amicting and important 37. A Sermon at the Anniversary Meet. Evils threatning and befalling us, pr. 18. ing of the Gentlemen educated at Bishop. Baldwin, jun,

Stortford, Aug. 20, 1751. By Lewis Mo. 18. Graphometria, or Rational Drawing, noux, A. M. pr. 60. Beecroft. in most useful Branches, grounded on 38. The Credibility of Miracles defend. Geometry and Perspective. By John Cafel, ed ; in a Sermon at Cambridge. By F. pr. 6d. each Number. Author.

Rutherforth, D. D. pr. 6d. Beecroft. 19. A new Translation of Salluft. To 39. The Wisdom and Goodness of God which are prefixed, Cicero's Orations a. in the Formation of Man ; a Sermon be. gainit Catiline, and the Life of Sallust, pri fore the College of Phyficians, at St. Mary 38. 6d, Griffiths,

le Bow. By Stephen Hales, D.D. pr. 6d. 20. The present State of the Tobacco Manby.

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