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street near Cripplegate, a sudden noise 25. Capt. William Price, of Richmond came out of a window, so thrill, that my in Surrey, to Miss Collins, of the fame horse started and throwed me down. I was place. carried into a house, where I was cbliged Joseph Ward, of the Inner. Temple, to stay some time. Upon inquiring into Erq; to Miss Martyn, of Hampton.court, the occasion of the noise, I was told it

a 10,000l, fortune. was a charity-school, where th=re were a 26. Mr. William Singleton, an eminent great number of children who lung psalms druggist in Cheaplade, to Mi's Nanny Bird, to much every day, that, except some few daughter of John Bird, of Coveníry, Esq; old women, most of the inhabitants were Charl s Talbot, of the Middle-Temple, inclined to give warning to leave the Esq; to Miis Hallel, of Tottenham-court place; and that I was not the only one road, who had suffered from that excessive noise.

Jan. 19. The lady of the Hon. George I had not sat long before I saw a great Gieenville, Eq; one of the lords of the number of children go iwo by two, with Treasury, delivered of a daughter. bibles under their arms. The people told 22. Marchioners de Grey, lady of the me they were going to church, which they Hon. Philip Yorke, Esq; of a daughter. did every day, where they ring psalms 75. Lady Mary Mackenzie, the lady of again.

lord Fortrose, also of a daughter. Ithen reflected and thought, that if thore, 28. Dutchess of Leeds, of a lon. ard thousands more of children, were em- The lady of Sir W. Beauchamp Proctor, ployed some hours in the day in some use. Bart. knight of the shire (or Middlesex, of tul manufactory, it might be as well, or a daughter. better for them, and of greater service 10 the community. I intended to say much

DEATHS. about the fatal consequences of idleness, the

OHN Williams, Elg; at Tre. methods to prevent it, and the use of induttry; but must conclude at present, formerly m:mber of parlament for Fowey SIR,

in that couniy. Your humble servant, Dr. Patrick Mitchel, an eminent phy.

S, T. rician at Dublin.

4. R chard Bord, Efq; many years go. Chalked on obe Sbutters of an infernal GIN. vernor of Minorca, in the reign of Queen SHOP.

Anne. >RITON ! if thou wou'dst sure destruc- Rev. David Jones, M. A. a minor canon

(run : of Westminster. From these curst walls, as from a serpent, John Carew, Erq; of a large estate in For there a thousand DEATHS in ambush Devonshire. Jie,

(nigh. Mrs. Grace Ridley, waiting-woman to Fatal to All, who dare approach too the late dutchess of Marlborough, who left The THUNDERER. her 70,00cl.

8. James Lowther, Esq; · porfered of a MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

large eftate in Lincolnshire. OSEPH Burdett, Esq; of a Rev. Mr. Christopher Morrison, vicar

large estate in Rutlandshire, of Tottenham in M ddlesex. to Miss Caroline Burdett, of St. James's- Mr. Thomas Hyde, elected last Miri. square, a 20,00cl. fortune.

summer day one of the al conrers of this Sir George Calquhan, Bart. capt. of a cily; he was formerly bridge.maser, but company in the earl of Drumlanrig's turned out of that office about eight years Scotch regimen', in the service of the ago. States of Holland, to Miss Jones.

11. Geor e Lewis Coke, Erq; eldest 11. Capt. Scoit, to Mrs. Haddock, son of the late C ke, Esq; vice chamniece to the earl of Northampton.

berlain of his majesty's houshold. 16. Thomas Wilcox, of Hornsey, Esq; Jimes Wortel, Esq; at Lyme in Cheto Miss Margaret de la Roach, a 15,00u. Mire, aged 104 fortune.

12. Rt. Hon. Thomas Thyone, lord vir. 17. Mr. Thomas Ripley, belonging to count Weymouth, ranger and keeper of the in the Exchequer, lon St. James's and Hyde parks. He is fucof Thomas Ripley, Esq ; surveyor of the ceeded in dignity and estate by iis eldest son. board of works, to Miss Dowlon, eldest Rev. Dr. Anttey, at Trumpington, diughter of John Dawson, Eig; clerk of near Camb:idge. the debenrures in the Exchequer.

13. Jimes Venables, Efq; in the com20. James Martin, of Oxford, Esq; to miffion of the peace for the county of Mis Jenny Perring, of Old Bond-Mreet.


BRITtion thun,

Jan. 7. I

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45 14. William Hoskins, Esq; in the com- house of commons.-Mr. Parfect, chosen mission of the peace for Surrey.

Thursday's lecturer, for St. Peter's Cornbill. 13. Rev. Mr. George Stephens, a pre- - Mr. Davidson, presented to the living of bendary of Windsor, and vicar of ife. Christ church, Hants. - Ephraim Megoe, worth.

M. A. to the rectory of Spexwell, in Suf. 20. Edward Atkyns, Efq; aged near folk.-Mr. Thomas Hinton, made a pre80, at his seat in Norfolk, in the commir. bendary of Windfor --Mr. Plumpton, prefion of the peace for that county, and sented to the rectory of Witham in Lincoln. sometime high sheriff of the same.

fhire.--Mr. Heron, to the rectory of Cor. Major-general Hargrave, whose first

grave, in Nottinghamshire.-Rich. Brown, commission, as an eofign, is dated, April B. D, to the living of Launton, in Oxford23, 1694.

Thire.-Mr. Maurice Smelt, of Peter house, 21. Rr. Hon, John Hervey, earl of Cambridge, to the living of Donnington, Bristol, and baron Hervey of Ickworth in near Shoreham, in Suflex.-Mr. Hariley, Suffolk, in the 85th year of his age. He to the rectory of Minton, in Worcester thise. is succeeded by his grandson, George Wil- -Mr. Vernon, to a canonry in the catheliam lord Hervey, now earl of Briftol, son dral church of Peterborough. of the late lord Hervey, who died in 1744.

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Mr. John Welch, one of the mort'con. Obert Welsh, Esq; of lieut. gen. Churchliderable cloth-workers in England.

ill's late reg, of marines, made captain 22. Abraham Purcas, Esq; at Low

in the hon. col. Bocland's regiment, now Layton, an eminent merchant of this city. in the north.--Thomas Beach, Esq; made

23. Right Hon. lady Frances Hastings, his majesty's attorney general in the island aunt to the present earl of Huntingdon. of Jamaica.-Arthur Acheson, Efq; made

21. John Anger, Erq; proprietor of the capt. of a troop in lord George Sackville's light-houses in the North, for the conve- reg. of horse ; St. George Richardson, gent. niency of shipping.

and Edward Alkenhurst, gent. lieutenants; Mr. Nathaniel Whittle, aged 103, for

and Samuel Ball, gent, a cornet in the merly a considerable whititer of linen in

faid regiment. Right Hon. the earl of Effex.

Pomfret, made ranger and keeper of HydeJohn Tall, Esq; in the commission of park, in the room of the late lord viíc. the peace for Middlelex.

Weymouth.-Hon.Murray, Esq; bro. John Angel, Esq; in the commission of ther to lord Ellibank, made lieut. col. to the peace for Surrey.

col. Jordan's reg. of toot; and capt. John 27. Rev. Dr. Stephens, vicar of Bark- Maxwell, major, in his room.-Rr. Hon. ing in Effex.

the lord visc. Cornbury, eldest son to the 29. Rev. Dr. James Finley, vicar of earl of Clarendon and Roch ster, and mein. Chrift-church in Surrey, and lecturer of St. ber of parliament for the university of Ox. Mary Woolnoth, Lombard-street.

ford, called up by writ to the house of

peers, where he took his seat accordingly. Frelefiaftical PREFERMENTS. R. Charles Mors, archdeacon of Col

Per fons declar'd BANKRUPTS.

Athaniel Kerfoot, of the Fleet Mar-
London, presented by his lordihip to the
rectory of St. James's, Westminiter.-Mr. of New York, last of London, merchant.-
Creed, senior fellow of Brazen- nose college, Alexander Scott, of Bush-lane, Cannon-
Oxford, to the vicarage of Bentbam, in street, merchant.-John Read, of St. Mar.
Glouceiterhire.- Mr. Bloom, to the recto. tin's. Itreet, Leicester-fields, mariner and
ry of Haddn, in Oxfordíhire.-Gloucester merchans.-- Jonathan Gamon, of Chester,
Ridley, L. L. D. minister of Poplar, to the Woollen-draper.

Jacob Walton, of rectory of Kumford, in EiTex.-Dr. Sumner, Smock alley, grocer.-Griffich Howel, of head master of Eton school, and rector of Thames- street, Ironmonger.--Perer Bean, Barwick in Elimet, made a prebendary of and Joseph Walter, late of Hoxton, dyers, Windlor.--. Fitzherbeit, made a minor calicoe printers, and partners.- Jeremiah Canon of Westminster abbey.- David Price, Sifton, of the parish of St. Clement Danes, B. D. lenior !ellow of Jesus college Oxford, mathematical instrument - maker, Abel prelenied to the living of Afton Clinton, in Strettel, now or late at Manchester, linen. Buskinghamshue.--Stanley Leatles, A. M. draper.- Jonathan Carlos, of the parish of to the rectory of Plumstead, in Norfolk. --- St. Anne, Limehouse, carpenter, and vi&tu. Mr. Ray, lo the retiory of Shadden Maller, aller.--Atwood Cooper, of London, ma. in Sullex.-Mr. Jordings, to the rectory of ron. -Charles Lucas, of St. Mildred in the St. Mary's at Cheltham, in Oxfordshire.- poultry, dealer. George Forbes, of Mr, Cope, appointed chaplein to the Hun. Wandsworth, in Surrey, scarler-dyer.


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136 31 736

Males 605} 1215
Males 9866} 2016

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A NK IND'la South Sea South Sea South Sea 4 percent.fperCent., Bank An.' 3 perCent.fIndia Bends,B.Cir. pr, Wind a

Wearber Bill of Mortality from
STOCK.STOCK. STOC X. Annu. old 1746. 1747. 1748-9. B. Annu.

præm. $. d.

Deal. London. Dec. 25.10 Jan. 22. 11 136 103į intr 102 fifts. 1o.

6 S.

102 102 $

I 17

fair cloud
S. E.

. 102 102

6 E. S, E. much raio

Buried 102

31. 175
6 S. W. air cloud.

1013 102 101 $

6 S.W.hyw fair rain Died under 2 years old 619

W. N. W. fair rain Between 2 and 5 - 119
101_102 101

31. 16s
W. fair cold

s and 10- 50
2 2 ON W. fair cold

10 and 20 -
101 I | 101

31. 155
2 S. E. fresh rain

20 and 30
10 135

101 102

31. 68

N. E. fair cloud.

30 and 40 - 218
Ij 135
8 103
101 102 101 1

6 N. N. E. fair rain

40 and 50 - 262
6 S. W. much rain

so and 60
13 Sunday

W. by S. fair cold

60 and 70 147
34 135

6 N. W. frosty

70 and 80

151 135


41. 29
6 W. S. W. hard front

8o and 90
16 135 189

101 | 101

6 N. E. hard front

90 andioo 17 135 103


6 S. freth cold wind 187 103 101

2046 101

41. 68 2

S. W.

much rain
110 103


41. 48

Within the Walls 372

S. by W. fair rain 20 Sunday

E. S. E. cloudy

Without the Walls 476
211 135
184 110%!!! 103 1

In Mid. and Surrey 971
6 E. N. E. fr. clou. cold!


41. 55
6N. E. hard cold rain

City & Sub. WA. 427 23 135

10310261 10uar. 101 1 1011101

41. 35 6 N. E. hardclou, cold

2040 241 135134

10110o IOT 100101 97 91 41. 18

6! N. by E. clou. coid Weekly Jan. I 183 1 /

100%1011 :003:01 97 41. Is

ON. N. W. fronty



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101 101 97 41. 18

N. snow

15 29 Sunday

N. W. snow

1024103 101 foolift . 101 10197 41. IS

o W. S. W. frost (now

2046 291 131 184

101 102
* ICT:02 97 41. 28

S. W. troft snow Wheaten Peck Loaf 11. 9d.
103 101

41. 28

o' W. hard front Pease 20s. to 236. per Q.' 311 135

184 112


1. 28

S. W.

hard front Tares 235, 10 375. per Q. Bear Key. Balingitoke.


Farnhain, Henley. Guildford. Warınintter. Devizus. Gloucefter. Wheat 248 10 475 qr

Northampt ilijs load 711,s load 71178 load 81 os load 71 195 load

328 to 38 qr 48 6d buih.

249 to 280 DOS to ou or 175 to 1991 175 to 1995

175 to 18 155 to 15 155 to 19 25 02d

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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1751. 47 ROM Holland we hear, that the peo- surer according to their just value of 200 ef.

ple there are very unealy about two fective livers, bank money. As a finking projects now on foot, one upon the north, fund for this purpose, the republick has and the other upon the south side of that made over to the house of St. George, as republick. The first is the East - India they call the bank, several new duties ; company proposed by the king of Prutia and to make this fund the more conhderato be set up in Embden, which may draw ble, the house is to pay out of its old in. many Durch merchants to fettle there,


half the interest settled upon the and very much diminish their exports of actions of the new stock, till its entire exEast-Indja goods to the Baltick and Ger- tinction. mary; and the other is a canal which is The archbishop of Florence has published proposed to he made from Oftend, by a mandate, by order of the emperor, and the way of Bruges, to Ghent, deep and with the permisiion of the pope, enjoining wide enough for three mait fhips ; and as all the clergy, and all religious communifrom Ghent there is a communication by ties of both sexes in Tuscany to bring in the river Scheide down to Antwerp, and exact accounts of their respective revenues, up the Schelde and the Lys through a penfions, &c. to the end that the govern. great part of Flanders, and some part of ment may settle the share they are to bear Hainault, they think it will diminish their in the publick charge of the state. trade with the Austrian Netherlands, for The infanta, duchess of Parma, was on which reason they have found out, that thie zd. inft. N. S. brought to bed of a this last project is contrary to the spirit of prince. the treaty of Westphalia, and are making From Berlin we hear, that by the plan Itrong remonftrances against it at the court for the administration of justice, establthed of Vienna.

by his Pruffian majefty in his dominions, The king of Portugal has given orders, the court of judicature in that city de. that for the future no person condemned to termined 560 law-suits during the year death by the inquisition, thall be executed, 1710, not so much as one heing left undeuntil the sentence has been seen and ap.

cided ;

for which dispatch his majesty wrote proved by his council, and figned by his ma. a very handsome letrer of thanks to baron jesty ; and at the same time he has given Cocceji, his chancellor. great satisfaction to the people at Lisbon, by From Petersburgh we have a long mani. obtaining of the court of Spain, an expla- festo, containing the reasons for their nation of the treary concluded by his fa- minister's leaving the court of Prussia ro ther, by which it is nipulated, that the abrup:ly as mentioned in our Magazine for limits of the two empires in America Mall December last. They complain, 1. That be marked out and fully settled, before the court of Prusia affucted at a certain pethe town of Sacrament be given up : And riod to treat their minifters residing there that the term of five years shall be allowed with as inuch contempt as indifference. for that purpose ; in which time the mer- 2. That his Pruffian majesty refused to chants hope, that some new incident may give leave to the Russians in his army to happen for preventing the ceilion of that return home, tho' they had been permited town, which they look on as the bulwark to enter into his service only for the sake of the mines in Brazil, and their chief mart improvement.


That the empress having in that part of the world.

caused Capt. Staakelberg, an officer in the The Genoese have at last agreed on a Pruffian service, but her subject, to be regulation of their bank of St. George, arrested for several misdemernors which he which bears date the 12th ul. N. S. and confeffed, the court of Prussia by way of was publithed the 6th inft. In the pre. reprisal arrested two Rushan officers in amble they emphatically set forth the mir. their service, who desired leave to return fortunes brought upon the republick in the home. 4. That the empress having by year 1746, which forced them, for the first proclamation recalled all her subjects in time, to lay hands on the sacred depofit, foreign service, the court of Pruffia not to draw out of ic 15,000,000 of livers, and only refused to allow it to be published in consequently to stop payment of its notes, the Berlin Gizette, but threatned her mi. Now to restore the credit of this bank, nister for fignifying it by way of letter to they have determined, that in a very the Russian officers in the Pruffian service. More time all the old bills and notes of this 5. That her minister at Berlin had been bank shall be united, and conftitute a new forbid to viät Pouzdam and Sans Soucy, fund, to be called Confecrazione, and to be along with the Britih and Imperial minidivided into so many actions or shares, of Ater3. 6. That her minister was not invited 200 livers cach, bank money, which actions to a grand feast at Charlottenbourg, to tall every year in certain portions be pub- which all the other foreign minifters were lickly drawn by lot, and paid by the trea. invited, &c. &c.



Editations phi

"Mofophical subjects, pr. zs. W.l'on.

2. A farther Account of the Welm Cha. rity Schools, pr. 18. Oliver.

3. Reasons for composing new Articles of Religion, pr. is. 6d. Griffiths.

4. The History of Miracles, for fix thousand Years. Fuller,

5. An Essay on Anger and Forgiveness. By W. Websler, D. D. pr. 15. 60. Owen,

HISTORY. 6. Memoirs of the House of Branden. burgh, pr. 28. 6d. Nourse,

7. A General History of the leveral Nations of the Worit. By Mr. Salmon. Vol. I. pr. 55. Johnsinn.

8. A New General History of England, 3 Vols. Folio. By William Gulbrie, Esq; Waller.

PHILOSOPHY, PHYSICK, &c. 9. Differtation on the epidemical Distemper among the Horned Cattle.

Ву M. Blondet, pr. 1S.

Owen, 10. * A Treatise of artificial Magnets. The Second Edition. By J. Ivichell, B. A. pr. 1S. Knaptons.

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12. Several Propofitions, Rules, and Problems, for the Discovery of the Longicude. By William Blannerhafler, Esq; Robinson.

13. The Workman's Golden Rule, for Drawing the Five Orders of Architecture. By B. Langley, pr. 15. 6d. Ware.


* A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls, The Second Edition. By David Jeff jes, Jeweller. Printed by C. and J. Ackers, in St. John's Street, for the Author, and Sold by him. Price One Guinea.

1. A Citalogue of the most elteemed modern Bocks, that have been published for fifty Years past, to this present Time, with the Prices affixed. Printed in the Year 1751, and may be had of all the Booksellers in Town ard Country, pr. ed.

16. Remarks on the Academick, pr. 6d. Trye.

17. An Appendix to the OEconomy of Human Lire, pr. 16.

Withers. 18. An Examination, whether any just Definition can be given of the Law of Na. ture, pr. 6d. Cooper.

19. A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Douglas. By W. Lauder, pr. 6d. Owen.

20. An authentick Narrative of the late extraordinary Proceedings at Cambridge against the W—rclub, pr. 18. Cooper.

21. A View of Human Nature, or Select Autores, pr. 35. Birt.

22. An Enquiry into the Causes of the Jate Increase of Robberies, &c. By H. Fielding, Ela; pr. 25. 6d. Millar.

23. Reflections on the Manners of the Age. By Madam Depuisieux, pr. is, 6d. Cooper,

24. A Review of the Works of the Royal Society. By John Hill, M. D, pr. 78. 6d. Griffiths.

25. The Trial of William Baker, pr. 6d. Cooper.

26. The Revolutions of Genoa, pr. gs. Griffiths.

27. A Discourse on Government and Religion, pr. 15. Roberts,

28. Observations on the Buyers and Receivers of folen Goods, pr. 6d. Whitridge.

29. An Historical Account of the Dr. covery of the Island of Madeira, pr. 1s. 6d. Payne.

30. The Art of composing Mufick by a Method entirely new, pr. 6d. Lion.

31, The French Tongue made easy to Learners. By J. Fauchon. Bist.

12. Miscellaneous Observations upon Authors ancient and modern. Two Vols. pr. jos. Davis.

33. Visions by a Lady, pr. 6d. Owen.

34. Curious Obsei vations upon the Manners, Customs, &c. of the several Nations of Alia, Africa, and America, Two Vols. By L'Abbe Lambert, pr. 105. G. Woodfall.

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36. The form of celebrating the Socratic Society, pr. is. 60. Patterson.

17. The Vices of the Cities of London and Westminster, pr. 1s. Corbett.



38. The Scribleriad, an Heroick Poem, pr. 1s. Dodney. (See p. 40.)

39. The History of Queen Mab, pr. 6d.


40. The Geese in Disgrace, pr. 6d. Robinion.

41. A new infernal Expedition, pr. 60, Owen.

42, An Hymn to the Nymph of Bristol Spring. By Mr. Whitehead, pr. is. Ed. Dodlicy.

43. The Satires of Persius, trandaced into English Verse, pr. 25. 6d. Millar,

41. A Rhapíody upon the Marvellous arising from the first Odes of Horace and Pindar, By C, Cibber, E1q; pr. is.

45. Poems on several Occasions. By R. Upton, pr. is. 6d. Reeve.

SERMON. 46. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, Nov. 5, 1750. By W. Cokayne, M. A. pr. 6d. Meadows.


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