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Poetical Essays in JULY, 1758. If longer on her charms the Muse mult Thus calm philosophy may hail the faine ! dwell,

But who the mother's agonies can paint ? The i byme presented is a nonpareil : What keen reflections persecute her mind, In short, no subject casier than a woman's Rile in her soul, and no ceffation find ? charms,

(dread alarms, See ! how the pale empaffion'd hands are Death, skies, and fun, and moon, and


(tongue : Scorch'd, burnt, transfix'd, wounded and And hear the wild enthus'alm of her bleeding hearts,

“ I felt a stroke, which made my fabrick In fuch descriptions bear thegreatest parts :

[" God! Thus without genius, art, or inspiration, “ I heard a voice, and 'twas the voice of A poem's form'd by dint of — application. “Lo! I consign thee o'er to Satan's On tbe Doorb of a Hopeful Youth, wbich


[“ hour;

" Thou hast with tood thy vifitation occafioned bis Mother's Distraction.

• No more thall grace restrain, or mercy ENEATH the surface of the curred

[“ fall." earth,

« And for thy fin, thy race shall victims Enwrapt in filence, and the arms of death, Stung with these thoughts, all virtue the Expos’d to worms, lies the once charming denies,

(fies ; boy,

Tho' none had more, each neighbour refti: The father's comfort, and the mother's joy, Blackens herself with crimes, her soul ab. The brothers fav'rite, and the fifters boast, hord,

(Word. A pleasant plane! but now, for ever loft! And thews her seal'd deftruétion, from the In thee, bright youth, thy friends re- Indulgent God! relieve her anxious heart, joie'd to find

Once more thy gists of faith, and hope;
The dawning beauties of a noble mind,

impart ;
In converse pleasing, and in temper mild, Renew her frame, remove the latent cause,
A man in conduct, tho' in years a child. And mixt with mercy, let her view thy laws.
When death attack'd thee with acuteft Wrexham, May 17.

E. M.

(vain, No word was utter'd indiscreet, or

To LAVINI A. Bravely that confiict did thy soul fur.

HILE other bards thy pers'nal tain.

merits trace,
No more shall grief thy rising joys con- And recognize the beauties of thy face ;

Let me the virtues of thy mind display,
Nor fevers break thy harmony of foul; Where reason rules, and pafsions all obey ;
No more thall Satan spread alluring baits, Where (weet humility, fair innocence,
Nor the world tcmpt thee with its gay de- Join'd with good nature, and exalted rense,
ceits :

Resplendent shine, as in the heav'n-made
But call'd to glory on a blissful shore,

Eve, Thou hearft, unmov'd, the madding bil. Before she was deceiv'd, and did deceive, lows roar.

(brow, 0! may some equal lover meet thy eye, Fresh bloom adorns thy cheek, a crown thy Enjoy thy smiles, and in thy bolom lie, Angels and seraphs, thy companions now! A happier scene, than ever poet feign'd! Those teach thy fingers, how to strike the There he may know, lot paradije rogair'd. lyre,

Parent, por friends, chy firm resolve Thy voice to soften, or to raise it higher,

cou'd move,
As beft befits the worship of the sky, Never to give thy hand, devoid of love ;
Where all is rapture, light, and harmony. Some merit must be seen, rome impulse felt!
Thrice happy youth! by death made tru. E'er hearts can in a blissful union melt;
ly great,

In vain they urge the chariot, puff the gold!
Had life been lengthen'd to its utmost date, O blindness! is affection to be sold ?
What hadít thou known, but forrow, pain, Can wealth, despotic as it is, create

Thore joys, perfective of the nuptial state?
The curre entailid on Adam's race below? Ah, no ; 'tis death, th'experiment to
Days multiplyour cares, temptations throng, try,

(the tye, And Syrens use their arts t'ensnare the Good sense, and virtue, muft endear young :

These are efTentials in Lavinia's eye :
Betray'd by beauty, or by fortune crossid, These charm, when pomp, parade, and
How many thousands have been wreck'd grandeur's duil ;
and lort?

(pass’d, The heart a vacuum, tho' the bags are full!
He's only fale, who thro' death's gate has To these the nymph her yet free hand
And reach'd thore joys, that everniore will resigns,

And leaves the reft to folly and the winds.

VICINA. Erratum. In our Mag. for April, page 181, Epifle ro'a Friend, line laft but one, for, Be wife, r. Retire,


and woe,

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Montbly Chronologer


BOUT the end of laft month we had an account

from Dublin, that, as two А

young officers, a captain and a lieutenant, were

drinking a glass in a tavern, dispute arifing about the superiority of their mistresses, involved them in a quarrel, which, by the interpoficion of a gendleman then present, was at that time ale layed; but next morning the captain lent the lieutenant a challenge, who, instead of accepting it, returned the following anfwer.

SIR, " I reckon it my peculiar happiness, that I can produce the officers and soldiers, who witneffed my behaviour at Fontenoy, as evidences of my courage. You may endeavour, if you please, to propagate my refusing your challenge, and brand me with cowardice ; but I am fully convinced, that no body will believe me guilty, and every body will see that you are malicicus. The cause in which we quarrelled was a trifle ; the blood of a soldier Mhould be re. ferved for a nobler purpose. Love is blind; resentment mean į and cafte capricious : And it ought to be considered, chat murder, tho' palljared by a false thew of ho. nour, is murder Aill, and calls for venge. ance." -An instance this of a nobleness of nature, that challenges unlimited admi. ration ; and indeed, as every soldier is the servant of the publick, he can be account. ed nothing but a deferter, who risques his life unnecessarily, which should be reserved to fall in the cause of liberty and his country.--That virtue is an enemy to valour, is a mistaken notion. There is a story of a certain gentleman challenged once to a duel, who bravely and coolly answered, " Sir, tho' I fear not the sword, I tremble at my Maker's anger ; I dare venture my life in a good cause, but cannot hazard my foul in a bad one. I'll charge up to the cannon's mouth, but want courage to ftorm hell." Upon a friend's relling him he must eicher fight, or forfeit his honour, he reply'd, “I'll gain honour by my dis. grace, and Mew the world I am no coward, by daring censure and obloquy. He is courageous and brave, who stands up for conscience against the false, but pre-vailing muxims of custom and opinion ; not he, who betrays his duty, and dreads more an imaginary imputation than a real Prime."

July, 1751

On the 20th of last month, John Shakea Thanks, woolcomber, and Anne his wife, of the parish of Weathershield, in Effcx, appeared at the customary court of the manor of Dunmow-parva, in that county, and claimed the bacon according to the custom of that manor, which was deliver. ed to them with the usual formalities : This is the only claim that has been made since the year 1901.

The famous old story is as follows, viz, One Robert Fitzwalter, a powerful baron in this county, in the reign of Henry 111. instituted a custom in the priory there, that, " Whatever married man did noc repent of his being married, or differ and dispute with his wife, within a year and a day after his niarriage, if he and his wife would swear to the truth of it, kneeling upon two ftones, in the priory church-yard, set up for that purpose, in prefence of the prior and convent, should have a gammon of bacon." This custom is still kept up, notwithstanding the dissolution of the monafteries, only instead of the prior and convent, the bufi. ness is now transacted at a court baron held before the freward of the lord of the manor. It may be some amusement to our readers to see the words of the oath on this occafion, which are to the following purpose, viz.

You do swear by custom of confeffion, That you ne'er made nuptial transgression; Nor, önce you were married man and wife, By houshold brawls, or contentious firife, or otherwise, in bed or at board, Offended each other in deed or in word ; Or in a twelvemonth's time and a day, Repented not in thought any way ; Or fince the church clerk faid Amen," Wilhed yourselves unmarried again, But continue true, and in defic As when you joined hands in holy quire.

The sentence proncunced for their re. ceiving the bacon is in words to the effect following, viz.

[tear, Since to these conditions, without any of your own accord you do freely (wear, A whole gammon of bacon you do receive, And bear it away with love and good leave, For this is the custom of Dunmow well known;

[your own. Tho' the pleafure be ours, the bacon's

On the 29th, the printer and publither of a pamphlet, iniiled, Ibe Case of be Hon. Alexander Murray, Esq; together with several booksellers, were taken into custody of one of his majesty's melengets.



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The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. A few days after they were carried to the an attorney, one Dixon, and two others, secretary of state's office at Whitehall, for a conspiracy in swearing sodomy against when, after a short examination, they the Hon. Edward Walpole, Erq; in order were all discharged, except the printer and to extort money from him ; when, after a publisher.

long hearing, they were all four found
Acco: ding to Mr. Labelye, in his de. guilty. Alexander was committed prilo.
fcription of Westminfter-bridge, the quan- ner to the King's. bench, and is to receive
tity of stone materials in that noble struc. judgment next term. Dixon absconded
ture is near double che quantity of the before the jury brought in their verdict,
faine materials in the cathedral of St. Paul, and the two others never appeared.
(See p. 281.)

MONDAY, July 1.

The sessions ended at the Old-Bailey, The act of parliament for preventing when the nine following malefactors rethe excessive drinking of spirituous liquors ceived sentence of death, viz John Young, fully took place on this day. We gave a for house-breaking ; Rebert Glascow, for parricular account of this act in our last, robbing Joseph Weedon on the highway, p. 269. But as to the additional clause of a gold ring, a pair of lilver shoe-buckles, mentioned, p. 282, we were misinformed, and other things; Edward Dixon, for no such clause being in the act.

smuggling ; Thomas Catchpole, an out. TUESDAY, 2.

Jaw'd smuggler ; Richard Holland and At two o'clock the poll ended at Guild- Daniel Thorowgood, for a street-robbery ; hall between Sir John Bosworth, knt, late Garret Lawler and Thomas Masterson, for chamberlain, and Marthe Dickenson, Esq; robbing Mr. Couty of a hat, in the Strand; alderman of Queenhithe.ward, 'for sheriff and William Brown, for forging and pubof London and Middlesex, when the num. Jishing a seaman's power of attorney:bers were, for Mr. Dickenson 699, and No less than four persons were charged for Sir John Bosworth 394 ; whereupon with the horrid crime of perjury, in this the former was declared duly elected to one seffions, in order to swear off prisonserve in that important office for the year ers; and were accordingly taken into cus. ensuing, together with Slingsby Bethell,

tody. Elq; alderman of Wallbrook-ward, who

THURSDAY, IT. was declared on Midsummer day. (See This morning, at fix o'clock, her royal p. 282.)

highness the princess of Wales was brought WEDNESDAY, 3.

to bed of a princess at Leicester-house, About three o'clock this morning, Mr. who about eleven days after was christned Jefferies, who formerly kept a butcher's by the name of Caroline Matilda ; the Thop in Bearbinder-lane, near Stocks. sponsors being, his royal highness the market, but having acquired a confiderable prince of Wales, her royal bighness the fortune, had retired from business, was princess Caroline, represented by the lady cruelly shot and Itabbed in his bed, at his viscountess Irwin, and her royal highness boule at Walthamstow. His family con- the lady Augufta. fifted of a niece, a man- servant, and a His majesty has issued out a proclamati. maid-fervant, and about the time he is on for putting the laws in force against the mentioned to have received the wounds, persons who fall make any counterseit the inhabitants were alarmed by the shrieks halfpence or fari hings, as likewise against of his niece from a window, who, on their the persons who mall utter the same, assembling to know the cause, informed knowing them to be counterfeit. The pe. them, that fome rogues had broke into the ralty against the persons counterfeiting the house, and murdered her uncle. But from fame, or any pes son or persons aiding or various circumftances, when the matter allisting therein, is two years imprisonwas examined into, it was suspected that ment, and to find security for their good housebreakers were not concerned in this behaviour for two years afterwards ; and horrid act, the house not being plundered, a reward of ten pounds is ordered for the nor any place discovered where they could informer. probably enter. Many other causes of The house of William Paine King, Esq; Suspicion were mentioned, which we must at Fine Shade in the county of Northampleave to futurity. However it be, the un. ton, being on Sunday the 23d of June laft happy gentleman died of his wounds about maliciously ret on fire, by persons unknown, eighi on Wednesday night, after having whereby the new part thereof, together lain in the greatest agonies, and speechless, with all the furniture, was entirely conto the time of his death,

fumed, the family, confifting of 17 perFRIDAY, 5.

sons, with great difficulty escaping with Came on at the court of King's.bench their lives : His majelty, for the better dirin Westminster-hall, before the lord chief covering and bringing to justice, the perjustice Lee, a trial against ope Alexander,


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Ibe MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 331 fons concerned in setting the said house on all had the honour to kiss his majesty's fire, has been pleased to promise his moft hand, gracious pardon to any one of them who

TUESDAY, 23. shall discover his or her accomplices therein, Crisp Gascoyne, Esq; alderman of Vinfo that they may be apprehended and con- try ward, was unanimously cholen, by the victed thereof. And the said William freeholders of the county of Effex, one of Paine King, Esq; has promised a reward the verdurers of Waltham fóreft, in the of 100l, to the first person who Mall make room of Sir Thomas Webster, Bart. de. such discovery, to be paid upon the con

ceased. Smart Lethicullier, Esq; appeared viction of one or more of the offenders. as a candidate for some time, but declined THURSDAY, 18.

a lictle before the day of the election. Was held a general court of the South

SATURDAY, 27. Sea company, when a dividend of two per This morning, about two o'clock, the cent. for the half year's interest due at insides of two houses in Brewhouse. Yard, Midsummer on the capital stock of the said Shoe.Lane, fell in ; by which accident seven company, was declared to be payable on persons were killed, and, three had their Friday, Aug. 2.

legs and arms broke, and were otherwise FRIDAY, 19.

very much bruised. , One was taken out: The Rt. Hon, the lord mayor and court

of the rubbish without having received any of aldermen waited on his majesty at Ken.

damage. fington, to congratulate him on the birth of

MONDAY, 29. a princess ; when Richard Adams, Esq; John Young having been reprieved for the recorder, made their compliments in transportation for life, the other eight male. the following speech.

factors condemned the last sessions at the

Old Bailey, were this day executed at Ty. Molt gracious Sovereign,

burn. (See p. 330.)

At the east end of the north ille of lord-mayor, and court of alder. Illington church, (which is now pullmg men of the city of London, humbly beg down) on a plated None, is the following leave to congratulate your majesty on the infcription : fase delivery of her royal hizhness the prin- I preye the Crysten Man that bast Ey to see çefs of Wales, and the birth of a princess.

thys As we are truly sensible of the blessings To preye for the Sowlles of theym that we enjoy under your majesty's govern.

here buryed is ment, and are convinced that the security And remembre that in Cryst we be Bretherne of our rights and liberties, in time to The whych hath commaunded every Man come, depends on the protestant fucceffion

to preye for other established in your illustrious house ; it is, Thys seyth Robert Andertone and Johan at this time, a peculiar fatisfaction to us, his Wyff here wrapped in Cley that we have once more, the honour of Abydying the Mercie of Almyghty God congratulating your majesty on the increase

themfelfe Domedey of your royal family.

Whych was some Tyme Seivaunt to Sir And, upon this occafion, permit us, Sir,

George Haltyng Knight Earl to render our most dutiful thanks to your

of Huntingdon majesty, for a late fignal instance of your And pafled my Lyff in the Year of our majesty's paternal care of your people, in

Lord God the provision made by parliament for the

future tranquillity of this kingdom : A pro- On whos Sowl Almyghey God have Mercy
vision moving primarily from your maje-

ity's goodness, and brought to perfection
by your majesty's wisdom. Yet, wife and

salutary as it is, we cannot forbear to ex-
press our wishes, that a long continuance kingdom of Ireland, to lady Ogle,
of your majesty's life may make it unne-

rebet of the late Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt. cessary.

Reginald Pole, of Manibilly in Cornwall, Fixed in these sentiments of duty and Esq; to Miss Butler, fister to Francis But. gratitude, our prayers fhall always be,

ler, of the fame county, Esq; that your majesty may long reign over us ; June 26. Henry Symonds, Esq; of Hare and that the throne may be filled by your ma

in Effex, to Mils . Barbara Ruffel, of Ep. jesty's descendants, even to remotest ages. ping.

29. George Stradwick, Esq; a gentleHis Majesty's molt gracious Answer, man of a large eftate in Suflex, to Miss

Thank you for this fresh instance of Felicia Theodofia Charlotta Temple, of Ca. family. The city of London may always Robert Quarme, Esq; of Queen-street, depend upon 'he continuance of my favour Westminster, to Miss Brand, a 12,000 l,

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and pro


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July 4. Solomon Dayrolles, Esq; his ma- chequer and prerogative court of the arch.
jesty's refident at the Hague, to Miss Peter. bishop of York, &c.
fon, daughter of col.' Peterson.

Hon. and Rev. Mr. John Hay, rector
Francis Heyden, Esq; poffefied of a large of Epworth, in Lincolnshire, fon to the
estate in Kent, to Miss Judich Fleming of earl of Kinnoul.

Hon. William Cavendish, Efq; only fon
8. James Patterson, of Park-Place, Esq; of the lord James Cavendish.
to Mifs Jenny Martyn.

3. Rev. Dr. John Tyfon, chaplain in 11. Lord Harley, eldest son of the earl ordinary to his majefty, and prebend of of Oxfurd, to Miss Theodosia Anne Archer, Lincoln of Hanover-square, a 40,000l. fortune. 6. Giles Dance, Esq; formerly the city

- Lake, Efq; of Edmonton, governor surveyor. of the Million Bank, to Miss Spurling, of 11. Rev. Dr. Parne, senior fellow of Mark-lane.

Trinity college, Cambridge, librarian of John Land, Esq; of Thames-Ditton, to that univerfity, and chaplain in ordinary to Mirs Sarah Pryor, of the same place.

his majesty. ''18. — Skipper, Esq; captain in a regi- Capt. Winter, formerly in the service of ment of foot on the Inth establishment, to

the East India company. Miss Ryves, a 10,000l. fortune.

Thomas Robinson, Efq; in the comMatthew Hall, of Denbighshire, Esq; to mission of the peace for the North Riding Miss Anne Noell,

of Yorkshire, who had confined himself 21. Ralph Osborn, of Wetton-Bridge,

to his chamber for 20 years. in Bedfordihire, Esq; io Miss Felicia Or- 13. Rev. Mr. John Worrall, vicar of born, of Stukely, in the same county, the cathedrals of Christchurch and St. Pa. 22. Capt. Robert Williams, in the ser.

trick's, in Ireland, piebendary of Christ. vice of the East-India company, to Mrs. church, and master of the choirs of both Sermon, of the Temple.

cathedrals. July 4. The lady of the Rt. Hon. the

14. Harry Gough. Efq; one of the dilord Guensey, delivered of a fon and heir. rectors of the East - India company, and

15. The lady of John Mayne, Elq; of a member of parliament for Bramber, in fon and heir.

Sulfix. 26. The lady of Stephen Theodore William Colwell, Esq; only son of the Janssen, Esq; alderman of Bread-street

Colwell, Erg; merchant, of ward, and one of the members of parlia- Bristol, who left him an immense fortune, ment for this city, of a son.

the bulk of which falls to his lady and an 28. Dutchefs of Montrose, of a daughter. only son, a minor.

15. Rt. Hon. John Monckton, haron of DEATHS.

Killard, in the county of Ciare and visc. IR Thomas Webster, Bart, one of the

Gallway, in Sveland, receiver general of 'verdurers of Waltham forest, who died the crown lards, and member of parliathe litter end of May lait, is succeeded in ment for Pontefract, in Yorkshire. He is dignity and estate by his eldest son, now Sir fucceeded in dignity and estate by his son, Whistler Webfter, Bart, member of par- the Hon. William Monckton, Member of liament for East-Grinstead.

parliament for Thirik, in Yorkshire, now June 19. Richard Hillier, 'Esq; an emi- lord visc. Gallway. nent conveyancer, near St. Maw's, in Mrs. Mary How, widow, at Mapleton, Cornwall.

in Derbyshire, aged 112. About two years 23. John Francis Buller, Esq; at his seat ago Me cut a new set of tecth. Her death in Cornwall.

was occafioned by an accident in breaking 27. John Selwyn, Esq; member of par.

her arm. liament for Whicchurch, in Hanis, and James Mackie, at Hamilton, in Scottreasurer to his royal highness the duke, land, in the rogth year of his age. He and the princesses Amelia and Caroline. was a servant belonging to his grace the

30. Rev. Mr. Michael Petty, who had duke of Hamilton, and in the 93d year of been upwards of 50 years rector of Cheli. his age married a woman upwards of 40, nield, in Kent.

by whom he had several children.
July 1. Paul Joddrell, Esq; member of Hon. S.r Oswald Money, Bart, at Rol.
parliament for Old Sarum, and folicitor- leston-hall, in Staffordshire, who is suc-
general to her royal highness the princess of ceeded by his only fon, of the same name.

John Kelley, Esq; an eminent counsel.
Rt. Hon. George Wandesford, lord vfc. lor, in the Temple.
Castlecomer, baron Wandesford and baro. 2;. Edmund Fowler, Esq; at his seat at
het, in Ireland

Cheneys, in Effex, in the conmillion of
The worshipsul William Ward, LL. D. the peace for that county.
commiffary and keeper general of the Ex.


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