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293 D.

regency bill

markable story of a happy and unhappy fairs in the last session of parliament marriage

318, 319 291 Memoirs of the life and writings of that Of the king's speech, and the two addresses celebrated poet, Alexander Pope, Esq; ibid.

310 The affair of the Westminster ele&tion, An account of the new edition of his and case of Mr. Crowle, Mr. Gibson, works

321 and the Hon. Alexander Murray, Esq; A sketch of his charader

ibid. E 291-293 A remarkable paragraph from his preface A remarkable letter published in Virginia


Character of Mrs. Buly, the country houseA Aate of the national debt in the year wife

ibid. B 1750

294 Two letters of Diogenes the cynick phi. Account of the produce of the linking fund losopher, relating his interview with for that year 295 Alexander the Great

323 A description of Rutlandthire 296 POLTRY. The happy couple, a new song, The JOURNAL of a learned and political set to mufick

324 CLUB, &c. continued 297–307 A country dance

325 Furcher DEBATES on the regulations in the To Mr. Gurney, on his book of Morte ibid. writing

ibid. SPEZCN of L. Oppius Salinator against a To the Rey. Mr. Romaine

ibid. council of regency

297 The porey, or lover's gift, a new song ibid. That the royal power may be limited, but The rats and the checle

326 cannot be divided 297,298 Solution of a riddle

ibid. That a council of regency is an oligarchy, From queen's college, Oxford ibid.

instead of a limited monarchy 299 Wbet ails my beart a new song 327 The dangers it may expose us to 300 Mutual love, a new song, sung at VauxSPEECH of Arrianus Maturius in favour of hall, by Mr. Lowe

ibid. a council of regency

ibid On the inconvenience of rhyme ibid. The argument from precedent resumed, On the death of a hopeful youth, which

and that a regent with a council of re- occasioned his mother's diftra&tion 328 gency, is less dangerous than a sole re. To Lavinia

ibid. gency with sovereign power 301 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR 329 Remarks upon the several councils of re. Excellent letter of a lieutenant refufing a gency, that have been in this nation challenge, with remarks upon it ibid.

302, 303 Ceremony of obtaining the gammon of baSPEECH of C. Popilius Lænas, by way of con at Dunmow in Ellex ibid. reply


Mr. alderm. Dickenson declared theriff 330 Arguments against a council of regency in Mr. Jefferies murdered in his bed ibid. the present care

A remarkable trial

ibid. The argument from precedent overturned Sessions at the Old Bailey

ibid, 906 Birth of a princess

ibid. A particular clause in the bill objected a. Proclamation about halfpence

ibid. gainst 307 Incendiaries

ibid. of the increase of robberies and murders General court of the S. S. company 331

ibid. C Address of the lord mayor and aldermen The only means of reforming a nation 308 on the birth of a princess

ibid. A letter in relation to the Candid Disquifi. Mr. alderman Gascoyne elected verdurer of tions

308, 309
Waltham foreft

ibid. On the conduct of the late war, and brave Malefactors executed

ibid. action of general Ligonier 310,311 Old inscription in Illington church ibid. Account of the late Mrs. Leapor, the Marriages and birihs

ibid. young poetess 311-314 Deaths

33 Her consolatory letter to a young lady 314 Ecclefiaftical preferments

333 King of Prussia's letter to the bishop of Promotions civil and military ibid. Breslau, concerning the grievances of the New members

ibid. protestants in Hungary 395 Perrons declared bankrupts

ibid. Of the customary annual recessions into ihe Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weather country 301,317

314 Arithmetical and mathematical questions Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. rolved 318 FOREIGN Arrains

335 Cautions concerning marriage, with a re. Catalogue of books

We bave received several marbematical and poetical pieces, and er bere os various fubjefits, abicb shall bave a proper regard paid in room,




For JUL Y, 1751.

p. 33.)

Westminster. The history of this ele&ion, A Summary of tbe most important Affairs in before its being brought into parliament, obelaj Seffion of Parliament.

may be seen in our Magazine for 1749, AST session, being the p. 527, 528, 575 ; and 1750, p. 42, 43, fourth of this present 92, 188, 234, 459. In consequence of

parliament, allembled at this debate, a petition of the several bur. L Westminster on Thurl. getres and inhabitants of the city and li.

day, Jan, 17,, and was a berty of Westminster, whose names were opened, as usual, by thereunto subscribed, in behalf of them

molt gracious speech from felves and several other burgesses and inha. the throne ; (lee our Mag. for Jan. lalt, bitants of the said city and liberty, was

presented to the house, and read, on Mon. In answer to this speech both houses, as day, Jan. 28, complaining of an undue of late has been usual, presented long ad- election and return for the said city ; and dresses : That of the houre of lords met it was ordered, that the said petition should with no oppofition, and, with his majesty's be heard at the bar of the house, on Feb. 5, answer, may be seen in our said Magazine,


then next. At the same time, there was p. 14. But that of the house of commons, presented to the house, and read, a petition which was moved for by Horatio Walpole, Sir George Vandeput, Bart. complainjun. Esq; and seconded by John Proby, ing of an undue election and return for the jun. Esq; was Atrenuously opposed, on ac. faid city ; which petition was ordered count of an amendment offered hy the earl to be heard at the same time with the of Egmont, who moved for leaving out all former. the paragraphs relating to our foreign Upon this, and without any complaint transactions, as containing at least a seem- C from any person whatsoever, a motion was ing approbation of measures they had not made, that the Journal of the house of Feb. any way inquired into or considered, and 22 and 23, then lait, containing the entry consequently, inconsistent with the dignity of the proceedings of the house, in relaof that houle ; which motion was fup. tion to the execution of the writ, which ported by Robert Henley, Esq; Henry Ba- was ordered to be ifiued on Nov. 16, 1749, thurst, Esq; generalOglethorpe, Sir John "for the election of a citizen to serve in the Hynd Cotron, Bart. Samuel Martin, Erq; present parliament for the city of Welt. George Dodington, Esq; Thomas Porter, minster, in the room of the Right Hon. Esq; and Dr. Lee ; but as it was inGifted D Granville Levelon Gower, Esq; commonly on hy William Pitr, Esq; Henry Pelham, called lord viscount Trentham, might be Efq; Horatio Walpole, Erq; and Henry read ; and the same being read accordingly, Fox, Esq; that the address contained no it was moved, that Peter Legh, Erq; high approbation of any measure, and that it bailiff of the city of Westminster, should was customary to return some sort of an. attend that house immediately, in order to (wer to every thing mentioned by his ma. give the house an account of what he did in jefty in his speech from the throne, the pursuance of the dire&tions given to him by amendment was, upon a divifion, reje&ed e that house, upon Feb. 22 and 23, then last, by 203 to 74, and the address proposed in relation to the execution of the precept, agreed to, which, with his majesty's an. illued to him in pursuance of the said writ. (wer, lee in our laid Magazine, p. 34, 35: This motion (not being, I suppose, ex

As to controverted ele&inns determined pected) was agreed to without oppofition ; in this session, there was but one, and that and the high bailiff being then, by accio a very remarkable one, meaning that of dent, in the lobby, he was immediately

called See our Magazine for last year, p. 459.

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and Dec. 31, 1750

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Dec. 31,

A STATE of the NATIONAL DEBT, provided or improvided for by Parliament, as it flood Dec. 31,


Amount of tbe national Increafed | Paid of Amount of the national
debt an Dec.31,1749.
between within

debt on Dec.31,1750.
the remainder of the original
L. so dog. Dec. 31, lebat tim.



9 sum contributed and unsubscrib- 1836275 17 101749, and L. 1836275 17 tot

ed to the South Sea company Ditto for lives, with the benefit of

1750. survivorship, being the original


108 100
sum contributed
Do for 2 and 3 lives, being the sum re.

95814 1 61

бос maining after what is fallen in bydeaths S

95214 I 6 ¢ Ditto on plate act 6 George I. 312000

312000 Dirco for Nevis and St. Cbriftopber

37321 5 debentures, at 31. p. cent. p. ann. 3

37821 Sii Ditto at 31. jos. per cent, 1731 400000

400000 Ditto at žl. per cent. 1736, charged 600000

бсоооо on the sinking fund Ditto 1738, charged on ditto 300000

300000 Duties on salt continued 1741


192200 46200 Duties further continued 1745 1000000

1000000 Exchequer bills made out for inte.


2200 rest of old bills The land tax and duties on malt, being

annual grants, are not charged in this account, nor the 1,000,oool. charged on the deductions of od. p. pound on pensions, &c.

EAST-INDIA Company. By 2 aas of parliament 9 Will. 3. 3200000

3200000 and 2 other acts 6 and 9 Anne Annuities at 31. per cent. 1744,

1000000 charged on the surplus of the ad.

1000COO ditional duties on low wines, &c.

BANK of ENGLAND. On their original fund at 31. per? 3200000

3200000 cent. from August 1, 1743 3

500000 For cancelling Exchequer bills 3 G. I.

500000 4000000 Purchased of the S, S. company

4000COQ Exchequer bills charged on the du- 3 499600

499600 ties on sweets 1737 Ann. at 4 per cent, on the duties on 1750000

1750000 coals, &c. fince Lady-Day 1719 Dicco charged on the surplus of the 1250000

1250000 funds for lottery 1714

800000 Ditto at zl. per cent. for lottery 1731

800coo Dirco 31. per cert. 1742, charged ? 800000

800000 on the linking fund Do at 31. p. c. 1743, on additional 1800000

1800coo duties on low wines, spirits, c.} Ditto at 31. per cent. 1744, charged 18oocoo

1800000 on the surplus of ditto Do at 3 p. cent. 1745, charged on

additional duties on all wines im.

ported since Lady-Day 1745 Ditto at 4. 1746, charged on duties on? 3000oGo

3000oCo plads and additional duties on spirituous }

liquors fince Lady-Day 1746 Dicco at 41. per cent. charged on duties on licenses for retailing spiri- 986800

986800 tuous 1 quors fince ditto Ditto at 4. p.cent, for lottery 1747,3

1000000 charged on duties on coaches, &c.3 Ditto at 41. per cent. 1747, charged 4400000

4400000 on the duties on houses, &c. Ditto at 41. per cent. for lottery and annuities 1948, charged on ad6930000

6930000 Marcbi Ditto at 4l. per cent, 1749, charged ? 3071472

307 2472 10 on the finking fund

S Ditto at 3l. per cent. 1750, charged

Toooooc on dicto

SOUTH-SrA Company.
On thrirc:n stock and ann.9 G.1.! 27102:03 5 6





ditional fubfidy.con, poundage

, S


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1730, viz.

of ibe


An ACCOUNT of the produce of the finking fund in the year 1950, and to the payment

of wbar debis centrasted before Dec. 25, 2716, tbe said fund bas been applied.
L. S. dal

Per contra Cr.
HE Exchequer to

By money issued between Dec. 31, 1749, and cash on the link159625.19 10 In full of a million granted

Dec. 31, 1750, viz. ing fund on Dec. 31,

L. s.

for the year 1949 1749

150753 9 10 To the produce of the S.

In part of 900,oool.grant.

7038085 fund between Dec. 31,

ed for the year 1750 1749, and Decem. 3',

To pay annuities at 31.
per cent, on 600,cool.

granted 1736, for one
year due at Cbr.

1750 Surplus

Do on 300,000l. granted
L. s. d. g.

1738, for one year due 9000

at Micbaelmas 1750 aggregate 684696 4 94

To the Uner of the Exfund

chequer for necessaries

209 3 3 Cene

delivered for the service ral -524273 13 4 ]

of the said annuities fund

1274171 12

* To pay annuities at zi. S. Sea

per cent, on 800,000l.

24450 сопр. 65206 13 11

granted 1742, for one fund

year due at Cbris. '750 Unrated goods imported,

To pay interest on loans

18 7 undervalued

charged on the duty

on salt further contin. 35000 1433798 8 63

1745,for 12 months in

tereft due at Mic. 1710 To make good the defici.

ency of the lottery an. 6461 i i

1731, at Cbrif. 1749 Ditto of annu. 1720, un the plate ad at Lady

3764 18 9 Day 1750 To the Bank to make

good the premiums • Su Lond. Mag. for last year, p. 151.

for circulating Exche.
quer bills charged on 12534 3
the duties on sweets,

1737, to July 24, '750
To make good the defici-

ency of the duties on
licenses for retailing spi- 7880 17 1
rituous liquors at Lady-

Day 1750
Ditto of the additional

duty on all wines im.
ported lince Lady-Day 4592 16 9

1745, at Midf. 1750
Ditto of the duties on

glass, and additional Memorandum. The subscribers of 100l. to the lot. duties on spirituous li

30422 6 3 tery 1745, were allowed an annuity of one life of os.

quors fince Lady-Day a ticket, which amounted to 22500l. but is now reduced by lives fallen in to 216701. 1os. And the fub- 1746, at Midf. 1750 fcribers to the lottery 1746, were allowed an an- Ditto of the duty on nuity of one Ufe of 18ś. a ticket, which amounted to 45000l. but is now reduced by lives fallen in to 431271.

houses and windows, los. which annuities are an increase of the national fince Lady. Day 1947, debt, but cannot be added thereto, as no money was

70097 14 8

for one year due at advanced for the fame.

Micboelm. 17;0
Ditto of the subsidy of

poundage on goods and
merchandize imported
fince Mircb 1, 1747,

42559 11 71 for one year due ac

Micbaelm. 1750

To pay annuities at 41.

per cent. 1749, to Mi.

122898 17 7

'cbaeimas 1750

[blocks in formation]


tho' not large, is the county town, A DESCRIPTION of RUTLAND- where the allizes and sessions are

SHIRE. With a new and corrett held. The buildings are pretty good,

especially the church, the free-School UTLANDSHIRE has Leicester- and hospital. The castle is gone to

shire on the west and north, decay, and is now used for holding Lincolnshire on the north and east, A the affizes, &c. The market is on and Northamptonshire, from which Saturday, but not very considerable. it is parted by the river Welland, on They have a custom here, being an the south. It is a pleasant county, ancient privilege belonging to the sho' the smallest in England, ex- royalty of the town, when a nobletending but about 10 miles from man comes on horseback within its east to west, and 12 from north precinets, to take a shoe from his to south, and being not above 40 in B horse, which he forfeits by way of circumference. It is divided into homage, unless he redeems it with five hundreds, contains about 11,000 money : Which homage has been acres, and 3300 houses, has 48 pa- acknowledged by several, as appears rishes, but two market-towns, and by the horse shoes, which are nailed sends only two members to parlia- on the shire-hall door. And over ment, who are the knights of the shire, the judge's seat, there is a horse-lhoe and at present are lord Burghley and C curiously wrought, 5 foot and { long,

5 the Hon. James Noel, Elq; The and of a proportionable breadth. air of this county is clear, tempe- 2. Uppingham, about 6 miles S. rate, and healthful ; and the soil, of Okeham, seated on an eminence, which is reddith, fruitful both for til. from whence it had its name, tho' lage and pasturage, especially about the ascent be but small, and scarcely the vale of Catmose, affording plenty amounting to a hill. It is a neat, of corn, and feeding good herds of D well-built town, and is accommocattle, and flocks of theep, whole dated with a very good free-school fleeces, Camden says, are in many and an hospital. Its market, which places of a reddish hue, occasioned is, on Wednesday, is eteemed better hy the earth being of that colour. than that of Okeham, being well It is well clothed with wood, and frequented, and served with live watered with plealant streams, the cattle, corn, and other provisions. chief of which are the Welland be. E Burley, or Burley on the Hill, fore mentioned, and the Gwash or over against Okeham to the east, is Wash, which runs almost thro’ the pleasantly situated, and overlooks middle of the county, and separates the vale beneath. This, with several

it into two parts. It has more other lordfhips adjoining, was puri parks, in proportion to its extent, chiafed by che late earl of Notting

than any county in England. It ham, to which he made vaft imwas never over.pestered with mona. F provements by new buildings, and fteries, nor much strengthened with other ornaments ; all which, with castles. It is in the diocese of Pe. its high fituation, the adjoining park, terborough, and gives title of duke inclosed by a wall of 5 or 6 miles in to the family of Manners, descended, compass, and many other advan. by the mother's fide, from Richard tages, place it among the principal Plantagenet, duke of York, The seats of the kingdom. market-towns are,

G Market Overton, corruptly so called, 1. Okeham, or Oakham, 68 com

from Marga, marle or lime fone, stands

on a high hill in the north, and is thought puted, and 94 measured miles N. W.

to be the Maradunum of Anton nus, such from London, fatuate in the pleasant plenty of Roman coins being found here, and fruitful yale of Catmole ; and, as but few places in these parts afford.


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