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Extraets from the SCRÜBLERJAD, &c.

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The Morrfob ( by wbicb is meant a Fool or
A MATHEMATICAL QUESTION, Madman; for wbom ibe Mubometans bave
N a circle, whose diameter is jo, a * great Veneration, as believing fucb to be

inlpired, and wbo is cbaratterized in the
such manner, that one end of it is always porji Book, see Mag. for Jan, laft; p. 41.}
found in the diameter (or the same pro-

is ibus defcribed by Scriblerus, as prepared
duced) and the other end in the circumfe- to deliver bis Predistions concerning bim.
rence. In a revolution of the ruler, a


Hear, bleft affociates of my various pains,
curve will be described by its middle point, What rich reward to crown our toil rc.
whose nature, area, length, center of gra. mains.
vity, and greatest ordinace, are here re- Last night, ro Jove ordain'd, alone I found
quired ; and also the content of the folid The heav'n-taught prophet feated on the
generated by a rotation on its axis, toge- ground.
ther with the points of the curve described, An hallow'd rage already had poffeft
when cach end of the ruler moves with His ráplurid soul, and heav'd his swelling
equal velocity : It is also required to find breast.
the aforesaid question, when the ruler is 10.


High on his head uprose the briftling hair ;
June 16, 17500


His curg.d eye. balls rollid an hideous glare;

With chatı'ring teeth, the working foam

he churn'a,


Wire-drawer having a large piece of And thrice the folid earth, impatient,

iron, its bottom base is an oval, the Then, wildly starting, danc'd with frantic
transverse diameter being 26 inches, and bounds,
the conjugate diameter 9 inches; the up- Whirling his rapid head in giddy rounds :
per base is a circle, whose diameter is is C He wav'd th’Edonian Thyrsus in his hand,
inches, and height 7 feet : Now the wire- And look'd a priest of Bacchus' furious
drawer has a mind to have it drawn into band.
a wire a quarter of an inch diameter ; how

The Argument of ibe Sistband lejl Book.
long will it be when drawn out, when no-
thing is allowed for the waste ?

CRIBLERUS meets with the foni
W. B.

of Fauftus the alchymist, who invites
The Argument of be Fiftb Book of the

him to his house. Fauftus explains to him
SCRIBLERIAD. A Mock- berouck the cause of their festival, and relates the
Poem. (See p. 227.)

D history of Bafilius Valentinus. The alchy-,
CRIBLERUS having consulted the

mists are again baffled in their attempt to

tranimute the lead. Scriblerus defires to
result of his enquiry. That he must leave

make a trial; is refused on account of his
them to go in search of the philosopher's

mean appearance, but discovering his name,
ttone, which is promised him. That they

and family, is admitted with honour to the
must return to England and found a society,

furnace. He soon obtains a colour, which
of which he is to be vifitor ; and being

fuccess is received with univerial applause.
affured, by poffeffion of the stone, of lon; E est respects, and eagerly embrace the pro-

They coniend who mall pay him the great-
gævity, if not immortality, he promises
to vilit the society every century. After a

posal of Bollius to beatify him. The he-
variety of hardships, our heroe un.

roe, by a præsentiment, is aware of the
dergoes in 12 months travel from Genoa,

accidents that may happen at this impor.
where his friends leave him, he arrives ab

tant crisis, and advises to postpone che ho.
a grove near Munster in Germany. In

nours designed him cill be great work be
this city, after several fruitless attempts to

fully accomplished, left vanity, which al.,
transmute lead into gold, the alchymifts

ready begins to posters his mind, hould
agree to postpone the farther trial of their F ftop the progress of it, and perhaps en-
art to the next day, hoping it might be

tirely disappoint their expectations. His.
more auspicious, as being the first day of

(peech is interrupted by their enthusiastick
April, the birth day of that successful al-

2eal, and they immediately proceed to
chymist Bafilius Valentinus. That night

beatification. And now the poet having
Plucus appears to the heroe, and directs

conducted Scriblerus thro' a series of ad.
him to the fatal root which is to procure

ventures, with success beyond the expecta.
the transmutation of metals and prolonga-

tion of a mortal, concludes his poem with
tion of life. Inspired with gratitude and G

the apotheofis of his heroe.
devotion, Scriblerus sacrifices a goose and Tbis, witb ibe opparatus, is described as
thirty gollins, which engages him in a sharp follows.
confi:&t with a revengetul maiden, whom Then Boffius (pake : Sure heav'n my
at length he vanquishes, and, with a mo- soul inspires,
deration fingular in a conqueror, leaves, And prompts me to excite th'cltEtric fires.
to pursue his journey to Munfter.


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1751. The indiscreet WIFE bumorously reproved. 273 Raise then, my friends, the well.construct. count. I think I ought not to conceal from ed ftage,

your inspectorship, that it has been given There, plac'd on high, beatify the lage, out, that the German lest her in pown for Strip'd of these rags unseemly to the fight, her lodgings, and that he was not a count And cloach'd with radiance and celestial but a caít-off valet de chambre ; but the Tight.

(caught, latter part of the story was never sufficiently He said. His words the pleas'd allembly proved, and was certainly an invention of Whofoon, obediene to his di&ates, brought A Crab's to revenge himself of me, who had Of pitch and rofin an enormous mass, supplanted him in his amour. Six ample globes, and fix vaft cubes of When I brought my wife home, I began glass.

[made ; to consider, that as I was in the way to From these th’adepts a mystick structure have a growing family, I lould apply myAnd in the midit the great Scriblerus laid self with double diligence to my trade ; I In naked majesty, tremendous fight ! therefore begged of her to manage the bu. Then haste to execute the rolemn rite. finess of the house, while I Mould consider And now the glass by strong attrition nothing but the fuccess of my business ; 10 urg'd,

(purg'd. B this the coldly replied, that me hoped I First the foul atmosphere around him knew the difference betwixt a tradesman Then at the heroe's feet began to play and a woman of quality. Well, Sir, I ac. A flame more brilliant than the solar ray. quiesced, considering the had a little noble The golden beams ascending now embrac'd blood in her veins, and therefore took upTh’illustrious fage, and circled round his on myself the double occupation of attende wift.

ing the Top, and doing the necessary offices
Now fixt, and by encreas'd effluvia fed, of the family.
Diffus'd a glory from his awful head. C It happened, as she was fitting one af-
Thus as he darts around electric fire, ternoon in a certain part of the house that
To vocal hymns they tune the sounding lyre; The calls the withdrawing room, a coach
His high atchievements in their songs relate, and fix drove by the door, attended by half
And hail him monarch of th'Hermetic ftate. a dozen footmen on horseback, and with

four ladies in it, one of whom had a dog From a new Paper *, called The London

upon her lap. This immediately ftruck her, Daily Advertiser, and Literary Gazette, and the first words the accosted mo with June 14.

were, Mr. Minnikin, I must have a dog.

D A dog, my dear, said I, lord bless me, To be INSPECTOR.

what will you do with a dog? our house is SIR,

too small to be incumbered with useless crea. AM an honest pains taking tradesman, tures ; consider a little. I run on a good

and what the world calls a goodnatured while in this manner, which the suffered man. By a diligent attendance upon my me to do without any interruption; but at business, I scraped together a fortune of laft the gave me to understand, that the fome hundred pounds, when I began to was a woman of fashion and must be com think, a wife was the only thing I wanted, Eplied with, not failing to drop some hints, and accordingly I paid my addresses to Miss that had the preferred Crab to me, he Susanna Dimple, a blacksmith's daughter ; would never have denied so reasonable a when, to my unspeakable satisfaction, the requeft. match was begun, concluded, and solem. I love peace and quietness, and confidernized in less than a fortnight. As she had ing there might be some secret connection nothing but her accomplishments to be- betwixt a cur and a person of quality, that ftow upon me, the lawyer, you know, I was not aware of, I agreed to her follicia had no bufiness, and the parties met with tation, which I thought would be the more less ceremony than the subscribers to parch. F cruel to deny, as the expected in about two ment generally do ; I then hoped, however, months to make me a father. Dogs of vawith more affection ; but I fear I am much rious colours and fizes were purchated, till disappointed in that article.

I could get one to please her, insomuch One reason that led me on to this match, that, besides the expence, I became the jest was, to disappoint Tom Crab the Chandler, of my neighbours, who were always afka who was always praising the beauty of Miss ing me, whether I had compleated my Dimple, at our club at the Goat ale house ; pack. and another, much more prevalent with G Ac length my wife was brought to bed me, was, that she was in some degree a of a daughter, and a sweet infant it was : branch of quality ; for a relation of her I could not help be holding the child with second coulin was married to a German an air of triumph, and looking on myself, June, 175',

Mm This paper made its first appearance about three menebs ago, and seems to gain ground, boy ing wris will great accuracy and Spirit,

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Y a, , :


274 A Description and Vindication of Mount's-Bay. June
(tho' but an humble pinmaker) as a kind of sandra, will not drop a tear, when the
perpetuater of quality. My wife took me by knows Me is driving her husband into a
The hand a few days before the christening, prison ?
and, in a kind tone of voice, asked, what Good Sir, convince this unreasonable
name I thought the intended to bestow up- woman, that a wife ought never to think
on the infant ? Mary, or Elizabeth, per- herself wiser than her husband; and that a
haps, quoth I. To which the answered, grain of discretion is worth all the memoirs
with a scornful smile, that, as a pinmaker, A and adventures that were ever written. In
The was not surprized I should think of such this you will not only oblige me, but many
common names ; but, as a woman of a good-natured men, in as uncomfortable a
higher sphere, who never acted upon vulgar ficuation.
principles, she was determined to call her

Your humble servant,
Daraxa. As my wife is very well read,

SAMUEL MINNIKIN. could alledge no reason, but what she could e lily have refuled, and therefore I fubinit- P. S. Little Daraxa has already learned a ted ; and the parson, to his great aitonith

love speech out of Amadis de Gaul. mení, had the honour of baptizing the B fuit Daraxa perhaps that ever existed.

To the AUTHOR of the LONDON We lived together fome time after this

MAGAZINE. without anything particular happening, ex.

Nullus in orbe finus prælucet. Hor, cept her obliging me to turn away one of my best workmen, whose unamiable fea. tures, and rough appearance, made her al. OU published in your Magazine for ways diftinguith him by the name of Or. fon.

C tion of Penzance in Mount's-Bay. Be A plaguy advertisement came out soon pleased likewise to insert in your next a after this, that lady Riot had luft lier par- vindication of the Bay itself, which has rot, for which a reward of two guineas been grolly misrepresented. The ill-ground. was offered to him who should be lu lucky ed rumours, which are spread abroad conas to find it: This gave my rib a new cerning it, should be answered, and put to whim, and I was commanded, at all ad- silence. It is, undoubtedly, a reproach as ventures, to purchase a parrot.

I debated well as a disadvantage to mariners, and the matier for some time, and would rain


may be attended with unhappy consehuve compounded it for a jay, or a mag- quences, by causing them to decline compye ; but as I am not blered with the ià.

ing into the bay in distress, to continue in lent of persuahun, and am of a mult peace. luch errors ; and therefore an attempt to able difpofition, I agreed to her turms, and remove them cannot, I presume, be justly poll was, in a day or twu, seen at the win. deemed impertinent, or unworthy of a dow, in a flaunting cage, to the great joy canded reception. This is the first pen of the boys and girls in the neighb urhood, that ever was drawn in its detence, and if who were so communicative in their in. it should happen to be of any service, my structiors, that my hou e foon became as E end is answered. noisy as a cock pic.

Mount's-Bay is so called from St. Mi. To tell you ali the liardihips I labour un. chael's Mount, which lies in it, and is, der, from my wife's treatment, would re. perhaps, one of the greatest curiofities in quire a volume. She ruins me in prints of the habitable world. It is an inlet from the great folks, lives, and memoirs, &c. of Allanrick ocean, and forms a mort de. people of condition. Hints are frequently lightful bason oi water, surrounded for the thrown out, that the intends to have a drun

most part with green helds, which add conat her house, to which indeed I believe the f fiderably to its beauty. Travellers may is induced by a pert baggage, one Mrs. have an advantageous and beautiful proTowdry, a baronet's lady's wailing-wo- fpect of ic from the Chapel yard at Penman; and a cruel wag of my acquaintance Zince, which is deservedly admired for its has informed her, that I have had an offer fine licuation. It is one of the most conof being knighred, which the reproached venient inlets and outlets in Britain for me in the most outrageous terms for not carrying on foreign trade, and it is only to accepting of.

be nihed, that this natural advantage was Is it noch rd now, Mr. Inspector, upon properly made uie of. It is, indeed, a the whole, that a woman, who has travel. G deep bay, but there is a very good road, led thro' all the countries of romance, does and safe anchorage : The worst wind for it not know the way to her kitchen, or on is S. S. E. Ships rode securely here last what spot of the glcbe Honey-lane market winter in that dreadful weather, which is fituated ; and while she can weep at the occasioned so many wiecks. This seems imagined diftress of an Argalus, or a Cala to be a strong argument in its favour. Be.


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1751. A CAUTION against vain FEAR.
fides, some worthy gentlemen of his ma.
jesty's Navy, during the late war, particu. From the Rambler, June 1,
larly the brave and experienced capt. Beard,

who frequently wintered here, were fen-
sible that it deserved a better character than INCE fortitude is one of those virtues
it had, and generoully did it justice. Their which the condition of our nature
authority, probably, will have weight with makes hourly necessary, I think you can-
the leafaring part of mankind, and there- A not better direct your admonitions than a.
fore the more publick their tentiments are gainst superfluous and panick terrors. Fear
made, the better. The aspersions, which is indeed implanted in us as a preservative
are thrown on it by the fantastical inhabi- from evil, but ils duty, like that of other
tants of F-, are owing to mercenary

paflions, is not to overbear reason, but to
views, and should be treated with con. allift it ; nor should it be suffered to ty.
tempt. The bay at present thrives in spite rannize in the imagination, to blind the
of its adversaries, and will, I hope, in discernment, or obstruct pursuit, to raise
time, get the better of all unjust preju- phantoms of horror, or beset life with
dices. There is a chart of it lately pub- B fancied distresses.
Tilhed, the design of which ough: to be to To be always afraid of lofing life, is,
give the world a just and adequate idea of indeed, scarcely to enjoy a life that can de.
it, whereas the publishers have been guilty serve the care of preservation. He that
of a flagrant piece of injustice. They

once indulges idle fears will never be at
have inserted in the body of the chart, the rest; our present state admits only of a kind
following observation, thus elegantly ex- of negative security; we must conclude our.
piefred : In Penzanc: pier there is at (pring- selves safe when we see no danger, or none
tide 13 feet water, and at a neap-ride 9 C inadequate to our powers of opposition.
feet : At the Mount pier there is rather Death, indeed, continually hovers about us,

This is a fallhood, for Penzance but hovers commonly unseen, unless we
pier is not only the safest port, but has the Tarpen our fight by useless curiosity.
deepest water of any in the bay. I appeal There is always a point at which cauti.
to all honest and candid men, if this be on, however solicitous, must limit its pre-
not base and scandalous usage of the gen- servatives, because one terror ofren coun.
tlemen of Penzance, who were encou- teracts another. I once knew one of the
ragers of the undertaking. They disho. speculatists of cowardise, whose predomi-
noured their work with this untruth, to D nant difturbance was ihe dread of house-
pay a fycophantick compliment to a little breakers; his inquiries were for nine years
smuggling town, not worth mentioning, employed upon the best method of barring
remarkable for burlesquing magiftracy. A a window, and many an hour has he spent
conduct so mean and infamous will suffi. in establiming the preference of a bolt to a
cently expore itself, and I thall therefore lock. He had at last, by the daily fuperad-
fay no more of it. I will close this vindi- dition of new expedients, contrived a door
cation of the bay with some reasonable which could never be forced ; for one bar
advice to the inhabitants of it. The pro- E was secured by another with such intricacy
duce of filh, cin, and copper in the neigh- of subordination, that he was himself not
bourhood, is very confiderable, and if efa always able to disengage them in the pro.
fe&tual methods were taken for preventing per methd. He was happy in this fortifie
smuggling, it would be as rich and fou- eation, till being asked how he would
riching a spot of ground as it is pleasant escape if he was threatened by fire, he dil-
and agreeable. An Anti-Gallican aflucia. covered, that with all his care, and all his
tion was talked of about 4 or 5 years ago. expence, he had only been closing the fang
It was never more wanted than at this of destruction. He then immediately tore
time, and if carried into execution, would F off his bolts, and now leaves at night his
be a noble instance of publick. spirit in this outer door half locked, that he may not by
trifling, mercenary age, a lasting honour his own folly perish in the flames.
to this remote part of the kingdom, and There is one species of terror, which
might shame, if it was possible, the brain- those who are unwilling to suffer the re.
jefs herd of fashion's fools, wiso are ro proach of cowardise have wisely dignified
scandalously indifferent with regard to their with the name of Antipathy. A man who
country's interest and glory, and at the talks with intrepidity of the monsters of
same time lo ridiculously fond of the wines, G the wilderness while they are out of light,
ragouts, manufactures, dress, fopperies, will readily consels his antipathy to a mole,
&c. &c. &c. of our great rivals in trade, a wealel, or a frog. But when fear is dila
the French. I am,

covered to be groundless, it is to be eradi.

cated like other talle opinions, and antipa. Your humble servant, thies are generally superable by a single effort.



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