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FOREIGN AFFA Í R S, 1751. 191


HE election of a king of the Romans as a depriving them of their right to govern

is now the most important affair up- during an interregnum. And, lastly, he con on the carpet in Europe. This ele&tion is fiders the advantages the empire enjoys by tigorously pushed by the court at Hanover, the free election of an emperor, and con. and opposed as vigorousy, tho' not direct. cludes that no motives for an election can ly, by the court of Prussia. Upon this now be suggested, but what will be equally head his Prussian majesty has wrote a long strong during the life of every future em letter to the elector of Mentz, the substance peror ; that no election can be free whilft of which is as follows :

the emperor is alive, and the imperial au. “ His majesty joins with his electoral thority and influence in full vigour ; confe. highness in thinking, that it is a matter of quently, the election of an emperor would the utmost importance ; that it supposes a at lant become an empty formality, and prefsing necessity ; that the good of the Germany, under the name of an eledive empire ought to be the design of it ; and government, would become an hereditary that it ought to be managed with the great- empire." est circumspection, and in the manner molt His Pruffian majesty has wrote letters to conformable to the laws and conftitutions the same effect to some of the other elec. of the empire. But he says, that before tors of the empire ; and tho' the French the electoral college could proceed to an court have declared, that they will no way election, there was a preliminary question intermeddle in this election of a king of to be determined, viz. Wberber it be proper the Romans, unle's called upon as guaran. to proceed to obe ele&tion

of a king of tbe Ro- ties of the treaty of Westphalia, yet one mans. As to which difficulties would arise, may easily see what is meant by this excepas well in regard to the persons who would tion ; and either prevailed on by that pretend a right to be admitted to the deli. court, or by the reasons offered by the berations, as about the manner of thora court of Berlin, the elector of Cologne has deliberations, and the motives requisite to already renounced his engagements with authorise the election, and establish the ne. the maritime powers, and declared by his ceflity of it. He then shews, that the gol. ministers at Ratisbon, that he acheres to den bull affords no authority for deciding the sentiments of the king of Prullia and this question ; but on the contrary seems elector Palatine, in regard to this election. to declare, that no such question can ever On the other hand, we are told from Dresarise, because it regulates those elections den, that a treaty of subsidy is on the car. only that are to be made upon a vacancy pet between that court and the court of of the Imperial throne ; and during such a London; whereby his Britannick majesty is vacancy provides for the government of the to be furnished, in case of nced, with a empire, by establishing perpetual vicars. body of Saxon troops, &c. The peace of Westphalia, he says, is the The last letters from Petersburgh advise, firft law of the empire that mentions such that three young ladies, daughters of a ge. an election as now incended, and says, de neral officer, had been brought thither from eletione Romanorum regum ex communi Aalto Revel under a guard, they having declared um consensu agatur ei fatuatur, which in to a person in a high office there, that they his opinion seems to give an indisputable had matters of the greatest importance to right to all the states of the empire to con: reveal ; and that having been examined in cur in the decision of the preliminary quer. the presence of her Russian majetty, an of. tion, and to judge of the case of necessity, ficer of rank had been put under arrest. as also of the motives that ought to wara From the same place we hear, that some rant this election ; and to deprive them of hordes of Tartars have lately made an ir. this right might make them implore the ruption into the Russian territories, and affistance of those foreign powers who have committed great depredations, but had reguarantied the peace of Westphalia. As tired upon the approach of the troops; and to the motives for such an election, he says, that a courier has been dispatched to Con. the Imperial capitulations mention only stantinople to demand satisfaction for this three. 1. If any emperor should be long outrage. absent. 2. If grown incapable. 3. If a.

On the 6th inst. N. S. Frederick, king of ny other care of necessity thould occur. Sweden, and landgrave of Helle-Cafel, The last of these can now, he says, be the died at Stockholm, roon after which the önly motive ; and this necessity should be prince successor, Adolphus Frederick, was grounded on a Gituation of affairs out of proclaimed king, and has since wrote a let. the ordinary course of things ; which even ter with his own hand to the empress of the advocates for this election do not pre- Rullia, affuring her of his intention to tend at present. Then he news the dan. preserve the present form of government in ger of chufing a minor, and settling a guar. Sweden, (See p. 175, 176.) dianmip, which the vicars would consider


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The Monthly Catalogue for April 1951. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY, 27. The remarkable. Trial of Thomas ·De som er af en pr. withos Reli

Chandler, pr. is. Newbery. gion of Reason, pr, 25. Robinson. 28. An Enquiry concerning Virtue and 2. Eternal Life, considered under the Happiness, pr. 3$. Whiston, Notion of an Eate. By John Greene, 29. EfTays on the Characteristicks of Lord pr. 15. Buckland.

Shaftsbury. By J. Browne, M. A. pr. 58. 3. À Rhapsody of free Thoughts, ex- Davis. hibiting in a new Light various interesting Poetry and Entertainment. Subje&s, pr. is. 6d. Dodney.

30. Swearing, a Satire. By J. Tappe4. Remarks on Dr. Sharp's two Differe rell, pr. 6d. Withers, tations. By David Aboab, pr. is. Davis, 31. A solemn Dirge on the Death of the

5. A critical Examination of the Affem- Prince of Wales, By Mr. Smart, pri 6d. Blyos Catechism, &C. By S. Parvisn, pre Newbery. 6d. Sheepy.

32. Of Benevolence : An Epifle to 6. A critical Differtation on the Book of

Eumenes, pr. is. Millar, Job. By C. Peters, M. A. pr. 155. Birt, 33. A Monody on the Death of the MISCELLANEOUS.

Prince of Wales. By W, Kenrick, pr, 6d, 7. A Treatise of the true Seat of the Stamper. Glander's in Horfes. Tran Nated by H, 34: The Siege of Calais, pr. 38. . Owen, Bracken, M.D. pr. 205. Olborne.

35. * The Complaint : Or, Night 8. A mort View of the Families of the Thoughts, pr. 38. Dodíley. present English Nobility, &c. By Mr. Sal. 36. A Monody on the Death of the mon, pr. 38. Owen.

Prince of Wales. pr. 18. Newbery. 9. A Diffuafive again receiving the 37. A Poem in blank Verre, on the Smal! Pox by Inoculation, pr. is. Ro- Death of the P. of Wales, pr. 6d. Brooke, binson.

38. Wisdom, pr. 6d. Owen, 10. The Out Lines of Thought, pr. 18, 39. Memoirs of a Man of Pleasure, pre Coshee.

65. Osborne. II. The right Method of maintaining 40. An Elegy on the Prince of Wales, Security in Perlon and Property, pr. 16. By. W. Dodd, B. A. pr. 6d. Dod. 6d. Whilton,

41. Britain in Tears, pr, 18 Corbett. 17. Private Virtue and publick Spirit 42. A Pastoral Elegy on a late moura. displayed, pr. 60. Roberts.

ful Occasion, pr. 6d. Griffiths, 13. A plain Account of the Old and

43. Science, pr. 6d. Owen. New Stile, pr. 18. 68. Millar.

44. Melpomene in Tears, pr.6d. Owen. 14. England's Gazetteer : Or, An ac. 45. The Cabinet for Wit, pr, 1s. More, curate Description of all the Cities, Towns, 46. A true Piclure of human Lile. In and Villages of this Kingdom. In 3 Vols. 2 Vols. pr. 6s. Millar, pr. gs. Knapton, Browne, &c.

47. A Monody on the Prince of Wales. 15. The Letters of Pliny the Younger. By Richard Rolt, pr. is. Newbery. By Charles Earl of Orrery. 2 Vols. 4to, 48. Education : A Poem in the Manner pr. il. ks. Vaillant.

of Spenser. By Gilbert West, Esq; pra 16. The Earl of Macclesfield's Speech, 16. 6d. Dodsley. pr. 6d. Davis.

49. A constícutional Riddle, pr. 6d, 17. The Archite&tural Remembrancer. Owen. By Robert Morris, pr, 1os. 6d. Owen. 50. On the Death of the P. of Wales.

18. Remarks on the Laws relating to By W. Havard, pr. is. Cooper. the Poor, pr. 15. 6d. Dcdley.

$1. Marcellus ; a Monody. Infcribed 19. Obfervations on the Mineral Waters to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, at Ihington, pr. 6d. Robinson,

By Mr. Delap, M. A. pr. 6d. Dodsley, 20. Remarks on Mr. Pope's Epistle of 52. The Bramin ; an Eclogue ; to Eda Tafte, pr. is. Griffiths.

mund Nugent, Esq; By the Rev. Mr. 21. An Account 'of the Life of Henry Dunkin, pr. 6d. Baldwin, jun. (See p. 180.) Prince of Wales. By Sis Charles Corn.

SERMONS. wallis, pr. 15. Freeman.

53. Forty Sermons. By the late W. 22. The Proceedings at the Aflizes at Berrimar, D. D. pr. 1os. Clarke. Kingston, pr. 6d. Hart.

54. A Sermon on the Death of the Prince 25. A true Account of the surprizing of Wales. By Andrew Henderson, pr. 6d. Centaur, pr. 6d. Cooper.

55. A Sermon at the primary Visitation 24. An Efray towards retrieving loft of the Lord Bishop of Sarum. By A. Leg Liberty, pr. 6d. Author,

moine, pr. 6d. Nourse. 25. A Differtation on Mr. Hogarth's fix 56. The Vanity of human Confidence Prints, pr. 15. Dickinson,

considered. By W. May, pr. zd. Noon. 26. An historical Account of Hugh Pe. 47. Twenty fix Sermons on various Sube ters, pr, 18, Noon,

jects. By J. Allen, pr. 6s. Harding.

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For MAY, 1751.

To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each Monch.)
Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in quantity, iban any Monthly Book of ebe fursPrice.)
I. A letter from L. Garcin, M. D. ro M. de XVI. Admirable Structure of the human

Reaumur, upon the general Usefulnefs of Body.

XVII. Mr. Trenchard's Thoughts on Go.
II. Account of Dr. Mead's physical Admoni. vernment.
tions and Precepts.

XVIII. Liberty destroyed by Corruption. III. Character of Prince Frederick, late Prince XIX, Account of a First-rate Man of War. of Wales, when at Hanover.

XX. Alterations in the list of Parliament. IV. Questions and Answers, which concern XXI. An Old Maid's Apology. the Foundling-Hospital.

XXII. POETRY : Occafonal Verses on the
V. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Royal Family ; Valesus, an Eclogue ; 10

Political CLUR, &c. continued : Contain. the Princess Dowager of Wales; in Wollice
ing the SPEECHES of M. Agrippa, Junius Principem nufer defun&lum ; on a young
Brutus, and L. Icilius, on the British Gentleman, who died in a Voyage at the
Whire Herring Fishery Bill.

West Indies ; the Wish, by a Gentleman
VI. A Description of Nottinghamshire.

in the East Indies ; to the Memory of VII. Rules for the Preservation of Health. Laurence Coiter, first Inventor of Printing; VIII. Of the green Movid on Fire-wood.

a new Song, set to Musick, &c.
IX. Minuteness of the Seeds of fome Plants. XXIII. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER :
X. Letter to a' Friend, with the Duke de Acts paly'd ; Sessions at the Old-Bailey ;
Sully's Memoirs.

miserable State of Slavery in Morocco, XI. A remarkable Aurora Australis.

&c. &c. &c.
XII. Wonderful Mechanism of Nature, XXIV. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
Xill. Observations on the Dragon Fly.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XIV. Extract from the Scribleriad.

XXV. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XV, Proceedings at the Election of a Cham. XXVI. Monthly Bill of Mortality.

berlain, with Mr. Harrison's and Mr. XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
Gloyer's Speeches to the Livery.

XXVIII. Account of the Calendar Bill.
With a new and correct Map of NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, and the Effigies of his
late Royal Highness the Prince of WALES, curiousy engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater-Nofier-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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ger of Wales


-upon the duke

ibid. C. 205


C O N T E N T S. ETTER concerning the late prince of Old maid's apology

226 Wales

195 Argument of the 4th book of the Scrible. His character, when not yet 10 years old riad

227 ibid, &c. Extract from it, with a note concerning the Mr. Trenchard's thoughts on government white horse, which gives name to a vale 191 in Berkshire

ibid. Liberty destroyed by corruption 198 POITRY. The Irish laffie, a new song, On the death of Mr. Thomas Hunsdon, set to mufick

228 jun. who died in a voyage at the West- A country dance,

ibid. Indies


Occasional verses on the royal family 229 A description of Nottinghamshire

- upon the king

ibid. Town of Nottingham described 199, 200

upon Frederick, late prince The other boroughs and market-towns

of Wales


-upon the princess dowa., The Journal of a learned and political

ibid. CLUB, &c. continued 201-211

upon George, prince of SPEECH of M. Agrippa on the British


ibid, white herring fishery bill

ibid. Durch method of carrying on this fishery

- upon the younger branches

of the royal family ibid. His arguments for a publick company to Conclusion, to my mule

230 carry it on here

To the princess dowager of Wales ibid, SPEECH of Junius Brutus against a com In Wallic principem nuper defunctum ibid. pany

204 To the memory of Laurence Cofter, first The taxes a great discouragement to the

inventor of the art of princing ibid. fishery

Valesus, an eclogue

231 Objections to other parts of the bill 208 The with, by a gentleman in the Eaft. Indies SPEECH of L. Icilius in favour of a com.

232 pany

ibid. L. On the Archbishop of Canterbury's preachObjections against the bill anfwered 210, a charity fermon at ibid.

The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR 233 Questions and answers relating to the Tragical witch story from Tring ibid. Foundling hospital at Paris, and which Ceremony of presenting the address of both concern the Foundling hospital at Lon- houses on his majesty's message about a don 212 regency

ibid. Account of a first-rate man of war 213 Feast and collection of the sons of the clergy Letter to a friend with the duke de Sully's

ibid. memoirs


South Sea directors to be chosen 'annually Dr. Garcin's letter to M. de Reaumur,

234 upon the usefulness of insects

215 Speech to the prince of Wales on his being The wonderful mechanism of nature 217 cholen governor of the free Britilla or the green mould on fire-wood

218 tithery, with his royal highness's answer Of the minuteness of the seeds of some

ibid. plants


Miserable condition of the British captives, Account of an aurora auftralis

lately redeemed from divery in Barbary Observations on the dragon-fly ibid.

ibid. Proceedings at the election of a chamber- Aes passid

235 lain of London

List of the council of regency

ibid. Sir John Bosworth's letter of resignation Prince of Wales's birth-day celebrated ibid. ibid. Seffions at the Old-Bailey

ibid. Mr. Harrison declared duly elected ibid.G. Alterations in the list of parliament 236 His speech to the livery on the occasion 222 Miarriages and births

ibid. Mr. Glover's pathetick speech to the livery


ibid. at the same time

ibid. Ecclefiaftical Preferments Account of Dr. Mead's physical admoniti. Promotions civil and military ibid. ons and precepts

Persons declar'd bankrupts

ibid. The wonderful structure of our bodies 213, Prices of ttocks and grain ; wind, weather 114

238 Account of the direction of old Thomas Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. Parr, and an old Swiss


239 Rules for the preservation of health ibid. A. Account of the calendar bill






In our next we fall give a beautiful print of ber ropa! bigbrero ebe princess dowage of Wales. - The an'wer ro ibe maib.manical question, ibe lett. concerning ide unfortunate woman of be retur, be nec fary bous, and several orber pieces bave buon received,

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his vivacity, and great knowledge As we have here gireen a beautiful in history. Here then Mr. Ham

print of bis late royal highness Free mond was no Aatterer, but a true derick prince of Wales, ihe follow- prophet. His opening the prince's ing letter and character will not character with reflections on envy be deemed unsuitable, after what and malice, were (as I imagine) owhas been already said of him, p. A ing to the many injurious and false 138, 139, 174, 175.

representations made of his late royal To the Author of the LONDON highness, by certain wicked spirits,

whom duty should have taught betMAGAZINE,

ter. But his inchanting behaviour, SIR,

whilst heaven lent him to us, gave FTER the number. the lie to the groundless aspersions

less panegyricks be- B caft upon him : And his royal highflowed on the late ness came forth, like gold, purer prince of Wales since from the fiery trial. May the Alhis demise, our coun- mighty prolong the days of our most

trymen, who fojuftly benign fovereign! May a new Freidolize his memory, cannot but be derick rise (phænix-like) in his darpleased to survey a character drawn ling image, prince George! These of him, in his very juvenile years, C are the ardent wilhes of, by the late celebrated Anthony Ham

SIR, mond, Esq; when in Hanover. This

Your most humble servant, description was put into my hands

J. L. by the author himself, who was my friend. It has borne a great many Hanover, O&. 5, N. S. 1716. impressions, in a variety of shapes, The Character of Prince FREDERICK. and was printed in more languages D than one.

S malice and envy are, of all not so much for the sake of the panegyrick itself (which might have diabolical pallions of the mind ; so been more delicate in some places) there is, undoubtedly, no conquest a as on account of the many truths is well regulated soul takes more joy in contains. Every one who had the obtaining, than in the effectual subglory and happiness of approaching E duing of malice ; and in reducing, his iste royal highness, knows that even envy itself, to remain tonguegoodness of heart, that siveetness of tied in such a manner, as that if it temper, were his chief characteria offers to speak, it pains itself. sticks ; and that he was no less re. Such is the fatisfaction which markable for his very trong memory, prince Frederick gives to all good May, 175!:

B b 2

It is now republiceedA others

, most properly called


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