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"iber ten,

“ gold ;'

Will ne'er divide. But who enjoys the one, " Is this man bleft ?-He may be co.
Muft find the other ere the setting fun.

" But when ?
Then where ? Ah where do these fair " Why, when his thousands rise to num.
fifters fly?

“ (hold, Beneath the northern or the southern sky ? « From ten to twenty, and from twentyCourts do they love ? the senate, or the “ To one round million of bright sterling town,

Or the Atill village and the healthful Not there we stop, for avarice will crave
Say, do they like Humilo's humble vest, Till it Thall meet with its grand cure, the
Or the gay diamonds on Belinda's breast?

To none of these, alas! are they confin'd, Lavinja's bleft with all that man desires,
But the still borom and the virtuous mind. With eyes that charm, and reason that in-
Sec Glaro seated on his gilded car, (war, spires ;

(thining days,
Whore Atubborn paflions wage continual Youth, wealth, and friends, to gild her
Who cannot call that ravaged heart his own, The poor man's blessing, and the rich
Where vice and virtue struggle for the man's praise ;

[extreme, throne.

With judgment sound, and touch'd by no
See rage appearing in that hoftile frown : Speech gently flowing, and a soul serene i
Now fears dutrad him, and now plea- For ever pleasing, and for ever true,
sures drown,

By all admir'd, envy'd by a few :
Now turns to heav'n with repentant tears : “ Then she is happy, tho' beneath the sky,
But the next hour at his chaplain (neers : “ Held, not lo hasty :--Let her husband
This day a beast, the next a reasoning man;

<< die."
Behold him right, then envy, if you can. Then who are happy, 'will be hard to
Pale Livia too-who pants beneath the


Since undisturbid it feldom lasts a day :
Of irksom jewels and afficting state ; For who in smiles beholds the morning sun,
Whose glass and pillow do her time divide, May weep before his Thort-liv'd journey's
At once oppress'd with sickness and with done.

All pleasures satiate, and all objects cloy ; The Thapely stays her aking ribs confine, We crave, we grasp, but loath the taited and in her ears the fparkling pendents thine.


(tune's smile, Yet not a joy the tortur'd wretch can feel, Nor wealth nor beauty, friends nor forBeyond Ixon on his rolling wheel.

Can bless our moments, tho' they may
See restless Chloc, fond to be admir'd, beguile :
Of joy impatient and as quickly tir'd; Nor wit with happiness can often grow,
When first her eye-lids open on the day, A helpless friend, if not an errant foe.
With eager hafte me gobbles down her tea, Where then? where shall happiness
And to the park commands her rolling

be found?

(round, wheels,

Say, Mall we search the rolling world a.
Yet fighs and wishes for the rural fields : On borrow'd pinions travel thro' che sky,
Then back to cards and company she fics, Or to the centre drive our piercing eye?
Then for the charms of melting musick dies, Ceare, busy fool : Is happiness thy care?
At eve the play, assembly, or the ball ; Pierce thy own breast, and thou wilt find
She hates them lingly, yet would grasp 'em

it there :


Drive thence the passions, and the guilt With languid spirits and appal'd defires, And call fair virtue to the polith'd cell ; She to her closet and her book retires. Call soft content with all her smiling train; But soliende offends the sprightly fair ; Peace for thy health, and patience for thy Reading me loaths, and thought she cannot pain :

[know bear,

[flies, Then, not till then, O man, thy heart shall Then to her chamber and her couch me Bliss so ador'd, but seldom found below. Where gilded chario's swim before her eyes.

In vain for Deep she folds her weary arms, DORN'D with grace, wit, sense, and
Who wou'd be Chloe to enjoy her charms ?

sparkling ease, [pleale ; In yonder path Sir Thrifty we behold, Each charm to conquer, and each art to With heaver drooping, and with garments In manners modest, and with wisdom gay i

In converse chearful, or intent at play ;
Whose dirty linen shews no mark of pride, Exempt from pride, tho' in the bloom of
Nor sparkling laces deck his nender fide ; youth ;
Whose heavy foul, a laucy wir would swear, A foe to wrangling, with a zeal for truth :
Was made exactly to his easy chair.

Crown'd with each gift of nature and of art,
Whore tasteless senses aik for nothing new, That can allure the sense or touch the heart : ,
Whose meals are tem prate, and whoss Averse to cenfure, gentle in debate ;
pleasures few :

Perfect the seems, and delicately great.



all :



old ;

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N Saturday, March 30, came on the election for a member of parliament for Newark upon Trent, in the room of Job Staunton

Charlton, who accepted of place, (lee p. 14!,) when on the con. clusion of the poll the numbers food thus, viz. for Mr. Charlton 280, and for Mr. Cracrost 276 ; so that the former was recholen.

TUESDAY, April 2. At the alliżes at Kingston, for the county of Surrey, the seven following criminals received sentence of death, viz. Thomas Stanley, for robbing justice Clark on the highway, of a watch and half a guinea ; William Nisbet, for robbing Caffel Melleríh on the highway, of a horse, saddle, bridle and whip, and twelve shillings; Joseph Fisher, for robbing Jane Friend on the highway, of a handkerchief, a pound of sugar, and a quantity of worsted ; Joseph Chambers, for robbing Sir Thomas Han. key of a gold watch, and two guineas and a hall; James Mouser, for robbing Richard Solly and John Croft in a poft-chaise ; Robert Cheeseman, for robbing John Lang. ley on the highway, of 32$. 5d. and Peter Matthews, for murdering an oyster woman at Croydon, Nisbet, Chambers, Cheeseman, and Matthews, were, on the 24th, executed on Kennington-Common,

THURSDAY, 4. Was held a general court of the SouthSea company, in which a motion was made, That, as the company's term of trade with Spain was determined by the late treaty of peace between this crown and that of Spain, it is the opinion of this general court, that 15 directors, with a governor, (ub-governor, and deputy-governor, are sufficient to manage the affairs of that company; and that in all future elections of directors, 15 only shall be chosen. And the question being put, it passed in the negative. Whereupon a division was demanded, and the numbers ftood thus : Against the question 71. For the question 49. But a ballot was demanded, to be taken on the 18th,

THURSDAY, IT. This morning the five following male. factors were executed at Penenden-heath, near Maidītone, pursuant to their fentence, viz. Anne Smith, for the murder of her bastard child ; Peter Furlonger, for rob. bing capt. Montague in a post-shaise.; and

April, 17514

Derby Hurley, Francis Conner, and George Steed, for several robberies on the highi. way.

A gang of the most notorious villains, who have for many years past been concerned in robbing the merchants this city of their goods and merchandize upon the river Thames, and several buyers and receivers of the same, have been discovered by the information of one Joseph Hopkins, and several persons have been apprehended upon the same, and committed to the New Goal, Southwark, by William Hammond, Esq.

FRIDAY, 12. A fine and curious hearre, covered and 'lined with black velvet, and adorned with a crown and fix ducal coronets, was drawn by fix horse, covered with velvet hvods and tails, to Leicester-house, where the corpse of his royal highness was put in between 11 and 12 o'clock, twelve of his "highness's servants attending the hearse, in deep mourning, and carried to the Prince's Chamber adjoining to the house of peers, attended by four of his highness's coaches, drawn by fix horses, in mourning. In the first were his grace the duke of Chandos, groom of the stole to his highness, and the earl of Middlesex, master of the horse, with the urn that contained the bowels of his royal highness. In the second, the duke of Queenibury and the lord North and Guildford. In the third, Sir John Rush. qut, Bart. and George Doddington, Erq; his highness's creasurer. In the laft, Henry Drax, Esq; his highness's secretary, and John Evelyn, Efq; followed by the remainder of his servants. All the horses in the several coaches were likewise covered with black velvet hoods, and their tails also covered with black velvet,

SATURDAY, 13. This morning, at half an hour after one o'clock, the bowels of his late royal highDels were carried from the Prince's Chamber by four yeomen to Henry the Vilth's chapel, attended by the dukes of Chandos and Queensbury, the earl of Middlesex, the lord North and Guildford, Sir John Rufhout, Bart. George Doddington, Hen. ty Drax, and John Evelyn, Esqrs. and there interred. And at nine o'clock at night the royal corpse was deposited in the same vault..The procession began at half an hour after eight, and paffcd thro' the Old Palace-yard to the south-east door of Wertminuter-abbey, and so direly to A a


the freps leading to Henry the VII'h's cha. the procession immediately before the offi. pel. The ceremonial was as follows, viz. cer of arms, with wax tapers in their knights maithal's men, with black staves, hands, and propelly habited, and began two and two. Gentlemen servants to his

the common burial service (no anthem beroyal highness, two and two, viz. pages ing composed on this occasion) two drums of the presence. Gentlemen uhers, quar- beating a dead march during the service. ter waiters, two and two. Pages of ho- Upon entering the chapel, the royal body nour. Gentemen users, daily waiters. * was placed on treffels, the crown and Physicians, Dr. Wilmot, and Dr. Lee. cushion at the head, and the canopy heid Houthold chaplains, clerk of the cloret, over, the supporters of the pall standing 'Rev. Dr. Ayscough. Equerries, two and by ; the chief mourner and his two fuptwo. Cierks of the houshold or green- porters seated in chairs at the head of the cloth, James Douglass, Esq; and Sir John corpse; the lords affiftants, master of the Cunt, Bart. Master of the houshoid, lord horse, groom of the stole, and lords of Gage. Solicitor-general, auditor, and at. the bedchamber on both sides ; the four torney-ger.eral, Paul Joddrell, Esq; Charles white-taff officers at the feet, the others 'Montague, Esq; Hon, Henry Bathurst, feating themselves in the falls on each side Esq; Secretary, Henry Drax, Esq; Comp. the chapel ; the bishop of Rochester, dean troller and treasurer to his royal highness, of Westminster, then read the first part of Robert Nogent, Esq; and the earl of Scar- the burial service ; after which the corp'e borough, with their white staves, Stew. was carried to the vault, preceded by the ard and chamberlain, with their white white.staff officers, the master of the Naves. Chancellor to his royal highness, horse, chief mourner, his supporters and Sir Thomas Bootle. An officer of arms. affiftants, garter king at arms going before The master of the horse, earl of Middle- them. When they had placed themselves fex. Clarencieux king at arms, Stephen near the vault, the corpse be:ng laid up: Martin Leake, Esq; bearing the coronet on a machine even with the pavement of upon a black velvet cushion; with a gen- the chapel, was by degrees let down into tleman user on each hand. The body, the vault, when the bishop of Rochester * covered with a black velvet pall, adorned went on with the service ; which being with eight escutcheons, and supported by

ended, garter proclaimed his late royal fix carls, viz. Earls of Portmore, Fitzwil.

highness's titles in the following manner : liams, Bristol, Macclesfield, Stanhope, and Tous jo barb pleased Almigbly Ged ro take Jersey ; under a canopy of black velvet, out of ebis transitory life, ro bis divine mercy, borne by eight of his royal highness's gen- ibe most !luftrious Frederick, Prince of Wales, tlemen. Carter king at arms, John An- c. &c. ftis, Elq; with a gentleman ulher on each The nobility and attendants returned in hand. The chief mourner, duke of Somer. the same order they proceeded, at half an fet, with two supporters, viz. duke of Rut. hour after nine ; so that the whole cere. Lind, duke of Devonshire ; his train borne

mony lasted an hour. by a baronet, Sir Thomas Robinson. Allir.

There was the utmost decorum ob. tants to the chief mourner, marquis of served ; and what is remarkable, tho the Tweedale, marquis of Lothian, carls of

populace were extremely noisy before the Berkeley, Peterborough, Northampton, procession began, there was during the Cardigan, Winchelsea, Carline, Murray, whole, a filence, that, if possible, added and Morion. The gentleman ulher of his to the solemnity of fo awful a fight. royal highness's privy-chamber, Edmund The guards each of them held two Bramiton, Efq; The groom of the stole, lighted flambeaux during the whole time. duke of Chandos. The lords of the bed. As soon as the procession began to move, chamber to his royal highness, lord North two rockets were fired off in Old Palaceand Guildford, duke of Queensbury, earl of yard, as a signal for the guns in the Park to Inchiquin, earl of Egmont, lord Robert fire, which was followed by those of the Sutton, earl Bule, two and two. The Tower ; during which time the great belis master of the robes, John Schutz, Esq; of Westminster and St. Paul's cathedral The grooms of the bedchamber, John tolled, as did those of most of the churches Evelyn, Samuel Masham, Thomas Blud- in London. worth, Esqrs. Sir Edmund Thomas, Bart. Daniel Boone, William Bretton, Martin The following Inscriprion war engraved on • Madden, William Trevanion, Esqrs, and Silver Plate, and offixed to tbe Coffin of bis Col. Powiet, two and (wo. Yeomen of Royal Higbness ibe Prince of Wales, guard io close the procession.

DEPOSITUM The corpse of his royal highness was met Illuftriflimi principis Friderici Ludovici princie at the church door by the dean and preben- pis Wallice, principis cle&toralis & bæredi. daries, attended by the gentlemen of the farii Brunfvici & Luncr.bergis ducis Cornu. chois and king's fcholars, who fell into



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187 biæ, Rorbelay & Edenburgi, marcbionis highwayman, and robbed of 26 bags of Infula de Ely. comitis Cipria, Carrick letters. Elbam, vicecomitis Launceston, baronis

The facred oratorio, called Meffiah, Renfrew on Snauden, demini Infularum, was performed in the chapel of the FoundSenescballi Scolia, nobiliffimi ordinis perif- Jing Hospital, under the direction of George celidis equiris, & fan&tioribus conciliis Frederick Handel, Esq; who played a vo.' majrfari repie, academia Dublinienfis can.. luntary upon the organ in the said per." cellarii ; filio primogeniti celfillimi poren.

formance. There was a great appearance tillimi xcellentiffimi monarcb« Georgii of persons of diftin&tion, and the amount Secundi, Dei Gratia Magnae Britanie,

of ihe tickets delivered out was upwards Frarciæ & Hibernie regis, fidei defenforis,

of 600l. Obiil vicefimo die Martii anno MDCCL, The question mentioned under the 4th

Æratis fuæ XLV. day was determined at the South Sea hovie MONDAY, 15.

by ballot, when the numbers were, for the The anniversary of the birth of his royal question 287, against i he question 284. highness the duke of Cumberland was ce- St. James's, April 20. His majesty has lebrated, who then entered into the gift

been pleased to order letters parent to pass year of his a s age.

under the great seal of Great Britain, TUESDAY, 16.

for creating his royal highness George Sir John Bosworth, Knt. having on this

Willian Frederick (prince of Great- Brie day signified to the lord- mayor and court tain, electoral prince of Brunswick. Luof aldermen his desire to surrender the

nenburgh, duke of Edinburgh, marquis office of chamberlain of the city of Lon.

of the isle of Ely, earl of Eltham, viscount don, a common hall was ordered to be of Launceston, baron of Snaujon, and held the joih inft. for accepting the said

knight of the most noble order of the gar.' surrender, and for the ele&ion of a proper

ter,) prince of Wales and earl of Chefter. person to succeed him. The candidates

The bill for naturalizing foreign protesare Mr. deputy Harrison, Mr, deputy

tants was put off for two months. (Sec Hodges, Mr, deputy Pycroft, and Mr.

p. 101.) Glover. The result of this choice mall

MONDAY, 22. be in our next.).

The sessions ended at the Old Bailey, WEDNESDAY, 17.

when the three following persons received Both houses of parliament sent messages

sentence of death, viz. Gerard Bunn, for of condolence to her royal highness the

robbing Frederick Benson, a foreigner, of princess of Wales. Her answer to the a coat, waistcoat, knife and handkerchief, Lords was as follows:

in his own dwelling-house : William My Lords,

Gibbs, for stealing 23 guineas out of the

dwelling house of John Duncombe : And I heartily thank you for this instance of

Edward Ward, for breaking the dwellingyour duty to the king, and regard to me

house of Miles Childery, of Hackney, and under my great affliction,

stealing nine pewter dishes aod a hat. To the Commons.

Forty were sentenced to be transported for Gentlemen,

seven years. I return you thanks for this proof of your The patent for creating his roya! highdury to his majesty ; and am much obliged nels prince George, prince of Wales and to you, for the concern and regard you ex- earl of Chester, pallead the great seal this press on this melancholy occasion.

evening ; which the lord chancellor proThomas Lediard, Esq; attended by a sented him with the next morning. constable and a party of guards, went this

TUESDAY, 23. night to the Long-room in James-street, Justice Lediard, upon an information Westminster, where there was a marque. given him, went, this night, to suppress a sade, in order to suppress the notorious prac- most notorious assembly of gamesters in a tice of gaming, for which such affemblies court near Bow.freet, attended by some are calculated. The whole was conducted conflables and a party of the guards ; but without opposition or mischief. Seren- the doors were refused to be opened,! teen were committed to the gatehouse, whereupon the justice ordered them to be some were discharged, and others gave forced, which was accordingly done, and sufficient bail, never to play at any unlaw. the tables broke to pieces, and the owners ful game, or resort to any gaming-house. commitied to the Gatehouse. But the Numbers escaped over the Park-wall, and gamefters made their escapes, whif the other places, notwithftanding the vigilance doors were breaking open. of the magistrate and his affiftants. The

WEDNESDAY, 24. 84ming, tables were broke to pieces,

At the anniversary meeting of the go. THURSDAY, 18.

vernors of the London hospital the cola The post-boy, with the mail from Ciren. lections amounted to considerably more cefter, was attacked, this morning, be- than soool. There were present the duke ween Wickham and 1Jxbridge, by a single Аа

March 30. R'

I with

of Devonshire, president ; the marquis of The form of praying for the royal fami.
Hartington, the lord bishops of Worcester ly was now fettled thras ; viz. Tbeir royal
and $t. David's, Sir Peter Warren, and big breffes George prince of Wales, tbe princess
many other persons of distinction. A be. duwager of Wales, ebe duke, tbe princesses,
nefaction was given by the president of and all obe royal family.
sool, and 2001. by John Gore, Esq; one
of the vice presidents, a moiety of which

MARRIAGES. was towards the building, and the other

T. Hon. the earl of Powis, for the general use of the taid hospital.

to Miss Barbara Herbert, A report, that George Heathcote, Esq; daughter to the Hon. Edward Herbert, Erqi who fometime since resigned his gown as deceased, only brother to the late marquis alderman *, intended to be one of the of Powis. candidates for the office of chamberlain of Palmer, Esq; to Miss Hall, eldest this city, occafioned the following address daughter of the late Dr. Hall, physician to in the publick papers.

the Charter-house.

April 1. James Norman, Efq; an To the worlby Citizens and Liver men of the

eminent Norway merchant, to Mile
Honourable City of London,

Wroughton, of Woodford,
Gentlemen, Bath, April 21, 1751. Theophilus Sedgley, of Bond-street,
AM extremely sorry that I find it ne. Efq; to Miss Bridget Scone, a 10,cool.

declaration, that the report of my intention Mr. Peter Snee, an eminent linen-draper
to stand for the office of chamberlain is in Castle-Street, Leicester-fields, to Miss
without foundation.

Snee of Hackney, a 25,000l. fortune. If by engaging again in publick life, I 14. Mr. Theophilus Buckworth, of could have the least hopes of serving you, Spalding in Lincolnshire, to Miss Elizabeth I could make a willing sacrifice of my Clay, of Bourn in that county, a 10,000l. private inclinations to retirement, to the fortune. duty I owe to you and my country; but 16. Count Stephanus Laurentius de as the ofñce of chamberlain calls not upon, Niaille, one of the states general, lord of me in this respect, I request the many Eltio, &c. to Miss Anna Maria Louisa worthy fellow citizens, who have intended Henley, daughter of Henry Holt Henley, me this profitable honour, to receive my Esq; declining it, as a proof of the Gncerity and

DEATHS. truth of my former professions, and that

. I have been perfectly disinterested in all

, of the
my endeavours to serve them and my kingdom of Ireland.
country. I take this opportunity to ex- 25. Dr. William Fullwood, an eminent
press my grateful sentiments of this fresh physician at Huntingdon.
instance of regard to me, and to assure you Rev. Mr. Wetenhall Wilkes, rector of
that I am, Gentlemen,

South Somercotes, in Lincoln (hire, and
Your molt faithful,

author of several ingenious and instructive
and humble servant,

George Healbcore. 28. Mr. Thomas Coram, in the 84th

year of his age, who, by his fole applica.

tion, obtained the royal charter for the His majesty sent a message to both houses Foundling hospital, and the bounty on of parliament fignifying his royal inclinati. naval stores imported from the British planon, that in case of a minority, her royal tations ; he was also eminently concerned highness the princess of Wales be appointed in setting on foot the colonies of Georgia role regent, affifted by a council, till the and Nova Scotia ; and indeed spent a great young prince Mall obtain the age of 18. part of his life in serving the publick, with Both houses jointly addressed his majesty to uncommon zcal and spirit, and with a thank him for this most gracious message ; total disregard to his private interest. and his majesty return'd the following an. On the Wednesday following (April 3.) fwer,

his corpse was interred, pursuant to his

defire, in the vault under the chapel of the My Lords and Gentlemen,

Foundling-hospital. His body was brought I return you my hearty thanks for this in a hearse from his lodgings near Leicestervery dutiful and affectionate address. square, attending by one mourning coach, The zeal you express for me, and my fa- in which were his relations. The corpse mily, and the sense you Mew of my con. was met at the gate of the Foundling-holcern for the interest of my people, is very pical by the governors, and the children agreeable to me.

of See our Mag, for 1749, P. 29,

March 23. THER,

Hon. Nicholas lord

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