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176 DECLARATION of the new King of Sweden. April fitile more than the name of a king. He on my advancement to the throne, which fucceeded his father in the Landgraviate of is devolved to me by the disposal of the Al. Helle Caffel in 1929, and his consort, mighty, and by the free election which they queen Eleonora, died without iffue in 1741. have made of me, I did not, in the most fo.

The princess Hedwig Sophia, eldest lemn manner, confirm the assurance I have filter of Charles XII. married Frederick given to support them, at the expence of duke of Holstein-Gottorp, by whom the my life and blood, in the exercise of the pure had issue Charles Frederick, born April 29, A doctrine and religion they profess, and to 1700. He mar ied Anne Patrowna, eldest preserve and defend the liberties and prividaughter of the Czar Peter the Great, by his leges they have acquired. Ard as my defires second wife Catherine, by whom he had are far from every thing which might bear the iffue Charles Peter Ulrick, born Feb. 21, least shadow of constraint, I declare by this 3727, who consequently was heir to the publick ad, which I swear to observe, upon crown of Sweden, and so declared by the my royal word and faith, that I not only ftates on his father's death. But the Czarina intend to govern my kingdom according to Elizabeth, the reigning empress of Russia, the laws of Sweden, and the form of regency having declared him her successor to that B established in the year 1920, as well as in throne, he renounced his claims to Sweden, conformity with the affurance I gave the and the states of Sweden declared his ftates of the kingdom in the year 1742 ; uncle Adolphus Frederick, duke of Hol. but also, that I shall regard as the most Rein Ewtin, and bishop of Lubeck, fuc- dangerous enemies to me and the kingcerfor to the throne of Sweden. He was dom, and treat as traitors to their counborn March 14, 1710, and married to try, all such as shall, either in publick or the princess Ulrica of Prussia, by whom he private, or under any pretence whatsoever, has one lon.

C undertake or endeavour to introduce inco Ab Landgrave of Heffe, the late king of this kingdom despotick power, or arbitrary Sweden is succeeded by his brother, prince government. Wherein God affist me." William, who was born March 10, 1681-2, Stockholm, and married the princess Dorothy Wil. April 6, 1751.

Adolpbus Frederick. helmina of Sax-Zeitz, by whom he had Two ARITHMETICAL QUESTIONS. issue prince Frederick, born August 2, WO persons A and B, playing at 1720, and the princess Mary, born June 25, 1721. The prince married the prin D ber of Millings, consisting of 3 places whole cess Mary, fourth daughter of his present digits are in arithmetical progression, and majesty king George 11. in 1740, by whom in such a manner, that if the number of he had issue a prince, born in Dec. 1741, Millings be divided by the sum of its diwho died in June, 1742 ; and another gits, the quotient will be 53 , and if prince, börn May 23, 1743.

from the said number 198 be subtracted, His Swedish majesty, the day before he the digits will be inverted. Quere the No. died (viz. March 24, 0. S.) fent for the

Two men having each an equal number prince successor and his confort, to whom he,

of yards of broad.cloath, it being asked in the presence of count Tellin, and many E

what they gave a yard for each quantity, other senators, in the most moving terms, it was answered, that if the No. of yards, recommended, to have always in view

each of them had, be severally multiplied the welfare and prosperity of the Swedish

by 24 and 19, 49 being respectively added pation, to be watchful to maintain its Rates in their privileges and prerogatives ;

to and subtracted from each product, both

the rum and remainder will be equal to the adding, that he quitted the world without

square of the number of shillings given for regret, as he left the kingdom in peace, and died in the hope that it would long F had each person, and what did the quan.

each respective quantity. How many yards enjoy the continuance of that bleffing.

tity each had coft ? The day after the king's death (March

Two MATHEMATICAL QUESTIONS. 26,) the prince fucceffor, Adolphus Frede. rick, was proclaimed king, who in the after- TAVING the radius of a circle equal A, doon went to the senate, where the di.

to find the fide of an inscribed equiferent coileges of the kingdom were ala

sateral triangle.

T. W. sembled, and there swore obfervance of, Given the specifick gravities, of two fluids and figned the following declaration. a, and b, (a being equal the heavier) and

" Whereas the united states of the king. G the specifick gravity c, of a body d, imdom of Sweden have, of their own mo. mersd in them (supposed to exceed the tion, and by a free and voluntary choice, one and be less than the other ;) required elected me fucceffor to the kingdom of to find the 'part of the body *, that will Sweden, of the Goths, and of the Vandals; remain in the upper fuid. I lould be wanting in a uitable return to

T. W., the confid, nce they have repvíed in me, it,


T , B =


1751. Type and Calculation of a LUNAR Eclipse 177

N Wednesday, May 29, 1751, in the morning, there will be a partial and visible
O of as
scured. It is expected, that the following numbers will be found nearly to agree with
the most accurate observation,


M. S.
M. S.

M. S.
The beginning

7:42 after 18
5:42 before 12

21 : 42 before 17 Middle

49: 5 after 1

37 : S after End

1.30 : 28 after 3 ,18 : 28 after 3 2 : 28 after

Tbe Τ Υ Ρ Ε.

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21 :

s after

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Digits eclipled io.
The subsequent numbers exhibit the time that will elapse from the beginning of the
aclipse (at any place) until any number of digits are obscured.


Minutes Seconds Hours Minutes Seconds


46 Total duration, 53




9 53



56 :


14 49

41 43 Charles Morton, hour 57 30

33 44 April 10, 1751. 9


14 56


14 47 Middle 1 41

13 Note, The digits on the left belong to both rows of figures. A calculation from Dunthorne's tables, of the places of the sun and moon for May 29, 1751. at 53 minutes and 41 seconds after 1 in the morning. Sun's mean Longitude.

Apogee. Ascending Node. S


S. 1 :17 : 3 : 44 7:19:23 1 4Z

8 : 12 : 28 : 13 Equation +:41 : 56


sub. 3 : 26 True longitude 2 : 17 : 45 : 40


add. 36 : Apogee:

7 : 28 : 31 : 57 8: 12 : 40 : 58 S

Horizontal parallax of the? 3: 8 : 37 : 26

54 : 19 Mean Longitude of the Moon. Sun's semidiameter

15 : 52 S Moon's ditto

14 53 8 : 20 : 23 : 53 Leaft distance of centers

7 ft Equation

4 : 46 Horary motion of the moon

from the sun

30 8

Mio. Sec. a: 27 : 49 Equation of time

: 31

Interval from the middle of
S eclipse to the time of the 6 :

7 7th sub,

ecliptical oppofition

Moon in eclipse 8 ; 17: 45 : 40 Nonagesime degree at?

Aqu. 4 : 19
Iis altitude

the middle

16 : 48 April, 17577



add. }

I : 57


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198 P E EVISHNESS display'd and cenfur’d. April

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From tbe Ranıbler, April 13.

ed and adjusted, and behaved with such

prudence and circumspection, that after fix On PEE VISHNES S.

years tle will was made, and Juvenculus EEVISHNESS would, perlaps, was declared heir. But unhappily, a month

very little difturb the peace of man- afterwards, retiring at night from his un. kind, were it always the consequence of cle's chauber, he left the door open besuperfiucus delicacy ; for it is the privi- hind him ; the old man tore his will, and lege only of deep ref ction or lively fan. A being then perceptibly declining, for want cy to deftroy happiness by art and refine- of time to deliberate, left his money to a ment. But by a continual indulgence of a trading company. particular humour, or hy a long enjoy. When female minds are imbittered by ment of undisputed superiority, che dull age or folicude, their malignity is generally and the thoughtleis may acquire the power

exerted in a rigorous and spiteful superinof tormenting themselves and others, and tendence of domestick trifies. Eriphile become sufficiently ridiculous or hateful to has employed her eloquence for 20 years those who are within fight of their con- upon the degeneracy of servants, the nattia duct, or reach of their influence.

Bners of her house, the ruin of her furoi. There are many veterans of luxury, up- ture, the difficulty of preserving tapestry on whom every noon brings a paroxyfm of from the mochs, and the carelesnels of the violence, fury, and execration ; who never futs whom the employs in brushing it. Ic fit down to their dinner without finding the is her business every morning to visit all the meat so injudiciously hought, or to unikil. roomis, in hopes of finding a chair with. fully drefred, ruch blunders in the sealon. out its cover, a window shut or open con. ing, or such improprieties in the sauce, as trary to her orders, a spot on the hearth, can scarcely be expia'ed without blood ; C or a feather on the floor, that the rest of and who, in the cransports of resentment, the day may be justifiably spent in taunts make very little diftinctions hetween guilt of contempt and vociferations of anger, and innocence, but It fly their menaces, She lives for no other purpose but to preor growl out their discontent upon all whom ferve the neatness of a house and gardens, fortune puts in their way.

and feels neither inclination to vice, nor It is not easy to image a more unhappy aspiration alter virtue, while Me is en. condition than that of dependance on a grolled by the great employment of keeppecvish man. In every other state of in. ing gravel from grass, and wainscot from feriority the certainty of pleating is perpe.

D duit. Of three amiable nieces the has detually increased by a fuller knowledge of

clared herself an irreconcileable enemy to our duty or employment, and security and one, because the broke off a tulip with confidence are ftrengthened hy every new her hoop ; to another, hecause the spile act of trust and proof of fidelity. But her coffee on a Turkey carpet ; and to the peevishness sacrifices to a momentary of- third, because the let a wet dog run into fence the obsequiousness or usefulness of the parlour. She has broken off her interhalf a life, and as more is performed en- courie of visits because company makes a creases her exactions,

E house dirty, and resolves to confine herself Chrysalus gained a fortune by trade, and more to her own affairs, and to live no retired into the country, and having a longer in mire by foolish lenity and indul. brother burtlened by the number of bis gence. children, adopted one of his sons. The Peeviliness is generally the vice of nar. boy was dismiiled with many prudent ad.' row minds, and, except when it is the monitions, informed of his father's inabi- effect of anguish and disease, by which the lity to maintain him in his native rank, resolution is broken, and the mind made cautioned against all opposition to the opi. too fecble to bear the lightest addition to its nions or precepts of his uncle, and ani. F miferies, proceeds from an unreasonable mited to perieverance by the hopes of fup. persuasion of the importance of trifles. The porting the honour of the family, and proper remcdies against it are the confideevertopping his eider brother. He had a ration of the dignity of human nature, natural duct.lity of mind without much and of the folly of suffering perturbation warmth of affection or elevation of fenti. and uneafiness from failures unworthy of ment, and therefore readily complied with our notice. every variety of caprice, patiently endured He that resigns his peace to little casual. contiadictory reproors, beard false accusa. Glics, and fiffers the course of his life to be tions without pain, and opprobrious re- inter upted by fortuitous inadvertencies, proaches without reply, laughed obftrcpe. or trivial offences, delivers up himseli to roufly at the ninetieth repetition of a joke, the direction of the wind, and loses all that asked questions about the universal decay constancy and equanimily which constilute of trade, admired the strength of those the chicf praise of a wise man. heads by which the price of Rocks is chang.


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Dolly, my sweetly blooming, dearest Dolly. Ye woods, ye

lawns, ye

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The dimpl'd cheek, the footy eye,

As late I rov'd (my herds astray)
And ruby lip belong to Molly ;

I lpy'd my love most melancholy ;
But virtue and simplicity,

And over-heard the fair one say,
Alone bedeck my lovely Dolly.

Lo! there's the man'that's made for Dolly.
O my Dolly, &c.

O my Dolly, &c.
We quickly met and down we fate,

Then told our loves beneath yon holly;
But should I half cur joys relate,
You'd surely envy me and Dolly.

O my Dolly, &C.



Poetical Essays in ARPIL, 1751.



First couple lead thro' on the inside of the second, and on the outside of the third çouple, the same again to the top ; cross over and turn hands 4 round with the top couple

Poetical Essays in A PRIL, 1751.

EXTRACT from a Poem, entitled, THE

Writen by obe Rew. Mr, DUNKIN.

HAILExa bönt, hail ! whatever name


theu boast, Encrea'e of glory to the British coast ; Whatever climate for thy birth contend, All human-kind acknowledge thee their

friend : We feel, we scel, thro' each unlabou'd line, Religious raptuie, energy divine ! Thöfe moral precepts, which appear'd be.

fore Thro' comes voluminous, like ruder ore, Touch'd by thy pen to purelt lutter rise, And gain in essence what they lose in fize. So faintly floared on our naked fight, The scatter'd be ims of undistinguinh'd light, Till, recollected thro' the faithful glass Of mighty Newton from the liquid mass, Distinct the streaming glories we admire That Iris paint, and own the sun their fire.-· Let mad enthusiasts, who would light the

torch Of persecution in the sacred porch, Rave and extinguish reason's gentle ray, The light of nature, and the gospel day : Or like the wilder Indians round a fake, Adore the wcoden deities they make : The Bramin, all benevolcnce and love, Comes forth as if commiffion'd from above, Like Nouli's turtle, that with duteous hatte, Skim'd her smooth voyage o'er the watry

waste, And to the just repairer of our race, Bore back the leaf of universal peace. He comes the cloud of ignorance to break, The dim enlighten, and support the weak, Behold him like that natal star arise, Which to their Saviour led the raptur'd

wife :

Mark how he foars above the sons of rhime, Majestick, graceful, simple, and sublime ! Son, filter, brother, father, mother, wife, Husband, and friend, imbibe the rules of

life. Sinners attend ; ye penitents be calm ; His breath is manna, and his words are

balm; And all the leffons which he would im."

part To human kind, the transcript of his heart.

The Firf PSALM Parapbras'd. LEST is the man, whom prudent caution guides,

(fides ; Far from the courts where wickedness reWho Mung the scorner, nor for vain apo

plause Will'ever join in an unrighteous cause ; Nor hears the farcerer's pernicious praise, Which gilded poison to the heart conveys ; But with a faithful and unerring mind, Hag steadfart to his Maker's laws inclin'di And on them meditates by day and night, From which he draws both wisdom and

delight. He's like a tree deep rooted in the ground, On some fair mcad, where fertile streams abound,

(play Whose spreading branches in due time dir: Unlading leaves, and fruit that can't decay; But in their verdant pride shall long remain, To form a graceful shade along the plain : Thus Mall the righteous prosper, thus en.

creare, Bleft with contentment, and eternal peace. Not to the wicked ; they, before the wind, Shall be like chaff, an emblem of their

mind; Inconstant, wavering, and in error lofte Blasted their hopes, and all their wishes croft.


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