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Newcastle Antiquarian Society, meeting
of 316
Micholson, Alfred, memoir of 112
Normandy, ecclesiastical architecture of
Oaths, on their origin and history 609
O’Beirne, Bp. sermon of noticed 143
Ogden's Sermons, critique on 10
Oldham, riot at 548
Omnibus, origin of the 56
Onslow, Serg. memoir of 227
Otway's Orphan, critique on 475
Overton's Tract, critique on 142
Painters, trade union of 574
Painters in JWater Colours, exhibition of
Paris, public works of art at 209. geo-
graphical society at 314. popular com-
motions in 547. literary sales at 636
Parliament, opening of 318, 429, 544
Irish, last Acts of 217
Parr, Dr. S. on his letter from Irenopolis
139. his spital sermon ib. notices of
248, 25 l
Peers, proceedings on the trial of 266
Pelham, Rev. Hon. H. death of 369
Peltier’s Trial, remarks on 25l
Pemberton, Sir F. monument to 384
Peninsular War, notices of the 299
Penn, Won. letters of 41, 42
Pennsylvania, original soundation of 42
Pension List, motions on the 322, 643
Phillips, John, memoir of 657
Picken, Andrew, memoir of 111
Piers Plowman, visions of 385
Piozzi's travels in Italy noticed 10
Plampin, Pice. Vdm. memoir of 655
Playters Family, heirs of 276,
Pluralities, remarks on 207
Poetry, characteristics of 477
Poets of Britain, remarks on 584
Pointed Architecture of the 14th century

Polwhele, Rev. R. Miss Hannah More's
letters to 40
Poor Laws, report of the commissioners
on 434. observations on 531. plan for
amending the 545, 546, 646. opposi-
tion to the plan 647
Pope, Aler. simile by, taken from the
Spectator 9. notices of 28. quarrel
with Bolingbroke 134
Popery, errors of 298
Porter, Rev. W. notices of 384
Portugal, Min's naval expedition to 74.
civil war in 97, 323,433, 548,646, de-
tails of the expedition to 407
Pozzo di Burgo, notices of 247
Prentice, Mr. opinions of 473
Preston, Robert, memoir of l l I
Priestcraft, notices of 65
Prior's Poems, critique on 139
Questiones Venusine,—Horace 275,399.
Lollius vindicated 484

Rabbits, nature of 619
Radcliffe, Capt. R. genealogy of 458
Railway, Great Western, bill for 431
Rats, nature of 619
Reading, siege of in 1640, 147
Record Commission, historical account of
372, 501, list of publications 374, 502
Registry, General, bill for 644,645
Revenue, statement of the 219
Repton's “Observations on Landscape
Gardening” noticed 249, 250
Reynolds, Sir J. “Discourses,” noticed
137, 138
Richardson’s “Ularissa,” notices of 138
Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, declared
liable to parochial rates 101
Ritson, Mr. character of 202
Robinson, Sir Geo. memoir of 226
Roland, Madame, anecdote of 470
Roads, notices of 7 l
Robertson, Stewart's Life of noticed 143
Robinson, Adm. Mark, memoir of 554
Roman Antiquities found near Worcester,
Deal, and Famars 96, in Fenchurch
Street 156
Roman Stations in Essex 172
Roman Villas, disquisition on 53
Ronalds, Hugh, memoir of 337
Rooks, utility of 305, food and habits of
Roundheads, origin of the 593
Royal Academy, anniversary of 87. in-
formation wanted for a history of 458.
exhibition of 630
Royal Household, temp. Henry VIII.47
Royal Institution, professorship of ana-
tomy founded in 423
Royal Library in British Museum 16,235
Royal Society, anniversary address 89.
meetings of 210, 311, 421, 540, 633
Royal Society of Edinburgh, meetings 422
Royal Society of Literature, meetings of
210, 31 1, 421
Rumbold, Sir Wm. memoir of 439
Sabbath, bills for the better observance
of 643, 645
St. David's College, annual exhibitions
of 3 I l
St. Omer, historical annals from 43
St. Saviour's, Southwark, altar-screen
restored 15 I
St. Vincent's, slave emancipation in 98
Sand, co. Devon, manor-house of 265
Sandon, Lady, anecdote of 26
Sarcophagus, Egyptian, brought to
France 96
Savoy, attempted insurrection in 323
Sawyer, Adm. Sir H. memoir of 330
Scaliger's critique on Horace 399
Schoolmasters, plan proposed for the
education of 544
Schools, official circular respecting 92
soft Association, intended meeting
of 421

Scott, Sir JP. glossary to his “Sir Tris-
trem,” 168. tablet to 419. Byron's
remarks on 588, 591
Septennial Act, motion for the repeal of
Sepulchral Remains, near Retford 217
Sevigne, Madame de, letters of 366
Shares, prices of 119,231,343, 455, 567,
67. I
Shelley, Byshe, Byron's opinion of 354
Shepherd, John, letter to Lord Byron 356
Sherard of Leitrim, heir to the barony
of 122
Sheridan, R. B. duels and marriage of 39.
poverty of 589. Byron's remarks on
586, 589
Shield, Mr. Lord Althorp's charge against
3.19, 321
Sidney, Sir R. family of 181,570
Skyring, Capt. memoir of 446
Slave Emancipation in the West Indies
98, 323, 585
Smallwood, JP. F. memoir of 661
Asmith, Mr. Baron, Mr. O'Connell's
charges against 320, 429
James, of Cannonsleigh, wife of 2
Somnambulism, treatise on 625
Sotheby, J/m. memoir of 559
Southey, Byron's remarks on 591
Spain, civil war in 97, 322, 433. gene-
alogy of the present queen 177, convo-
cation of the Cortes 433, 548,646. new
constitution of 433, 646
Spectator, critique on the 10 -
Spencer, Wm. the poet of society 587
Spenser, Edm. parentage of 165. on his
Faery Queen 476
Springfield, Essex, font at 594
Stack, Gen. Edward, memoir of 225
Stael, Madame de, Lord Byron's opinions
of 350, 585, 593
Stafford, bill for disfranchising 430
StalbridgeCross, Dorset, description of 510
Stamp Duties, remarks on 615
Stanhope, Sir Win. anecdote of 368
Stanley, Rev. E. death of 563
Star Chamber, tyranny of the 93
Statistical Society, formation of 422
Stephens, Rev. P. S. death and character
of 562
Sterne's Tristram Shandy, critique on 252
Stirling, Pice-Adm. memoir of 330
Stocks, prices of 120, 232, 344, 456,568,
Stonehenge, geological illustrations of 174
Strawberry Hill, works printed at 340.
description of 371
Strickland, Sir Wm. memoir of 439
Strikes among trades unions 572. evils
of 581
Supply, Parliamentary discussions on
431, 544
Surnames, origin and import of 171

Surrey, Henry Howard Earl of, charae-
ter of 361
Surtees, Robert, memoir of 440
Susser, Duke of, soirées of 540
Sutton Place, near Guildford, account of
Swift's “History of the four last years
of Queen Anne,” notice of 368
Switzerland, political situation of 646
Tea Trade, on the past and present state
of 123
Teignmouth, John Lord, memoir of 552
Temperance Societies, number of 324
Terence's Phormio, prologue and epi-
logue to 91
Thames, overflowing of the 325
Theatrical Register 219, 325, 550
Thurlow, Lord, anecdotes of 471
Tithes, commutation of in Ireland S9,
429, 430, 643. official circular respect-
ing 100, plan for the commutation of
544. petition on 647
Toads, discovery of in blocks of stone
doubted 617
Todd, G. JP. memoir of 336
Tomb, Greek, opening of 428
Tooke, Horne, notices of 139, 142
—— critique on 472
Tottenham Cross, origin of 56
Trades' Unions, character and objects of
57 l. evils of 581. procession of in
London 549, 642
Trelawney, Rev. Sir H. memoir of 652
Trench, Rev. Thos. death of 562
Trinity in Union deduced 415
“True Sun" convicted of libel 325
Turkey, weakness of 97, reforms in 646
Turks, amusement of 405
Twining's Aristotle, critique on 473
Twysden, Sir W. J. memoir of 438
Uffculm Church, Devon, architecture of
Upham, Edw. memoir of 336
Paughan, Dr. Harveian oration of no-
ticed 143
Pentouillac, M. memoir of 658
Wenusinse Questiones 275,399, 484
Pessels, Ancient, sound at Romney 94.
in the Loch of Spynie 95
Pienna, congress of 646
Pirgin and Child, sculpture of 419
Wainwright, Rev. L. memoir of 560
Wakefield, Gilbert, character of 470
Walpole, Horace, letters to Sir Horace
Mann, with biographical anecdotes 22,
130, 364
Waltham Cross, festival on the restora-
tion of 636
Ward, Mr. Byron's opinion of 585, 586
Wardle, Col. memoir of 555
J/arren, Maj.-Gen. memoir of 226
J/arton's History of English Poetry no-
ticed 10
JWarwick, elective franchise of extended
430, 431

Watt, Lt. T. A. memoir of 557
Wells Cathedral, episcopal relics found in
Wentworth Castle, cast of a head found
at 96
West Indies, slave emancipation in 98,323
Poestminster, boundaries of the city 94
Westminster Abbey, musical festival in 424
Westminster School, prologue and epi-
logue to the Phormio of Terence 91
Wheeler Family, genealogical notices of
Willet, Mr. cabinet of coins sold 638
Æ'illiams, Dr. Geo. memoir of 334
Minchester College, prizes of 91

Windham, Mr. anecdote of 473
Withers, Geo. emblems of 488
Wolsey, Card, lease of the manor of
Hampton Court to 45
Woodhouse, Rev. Dr. memoir of 332
Wooll, Rev. Dr. J. memoir of 227
JWorsted Trade, union of the 577
Wortley, Lady Mary, anecdotes of 366
JWykeham, William of, architecture of 159
Wymondham Abbey, sepulchral remains
of 317
Yews, growth of 304
York, Duke, monument of 542
Yorke, Rt. Hon. C. P. memoir of 652
Zoological Society, annual report 634


(Including Notices of Fine Arts.)

Abbot, J. the Teacher 417
Adam, the Gardener 304
Adam's Roman Antiquities 417
Akerman, J. Y. Catalogue of Roman
Coins 519
Alps, Excursions on the 306
Amherst, Papers relating to the 122
Analyst, The 84
Anacreon, Odes of 85
Apperley, C. O. Europe, a Sketch 414
Architecture, Discourses on 627
Elizabethan, Specimens of 419
Arundel, History of 513
Aspin's Gazetteer 309
Australia, Expeditions in 71
A. boo, The 415
Bailey, Mrs. Palmyra 202
Rev. W. Church of England
Champion 526
Bagshaw on Man 417
Barter's Narrative of Facts 206
Bean, Rev. J. Cottager's Prayer Book 84
Belgium, Tour in 290
Bell, Sir C. on the Mechanism of the
Hand 197
Bernard, J. B. on the Constitution 613
Bible, Landscape Illustrations of the 632
Bushops, Translations of 530
Blackburn, E. L. History of Crosby Place
Blessington, Countess, Conversations with
Lord Byron 347, 583
Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green 529
Blunt, Rev. H. on the Trial of Spirits 206
Booker, Dr. L. on the Revisal of the
Prayer Book 207
Boyd, Dr. Adam's Roman Antiquities 407
Brady, J. H. on the Stamp Duties 615
Bray, E. A. Sermon by 525
Bridgewater Treatise on the Mechanism
of the Hand 197 -

British Colonies, History of 303
British Jew to his Fellow Countrymen 530
Brockedon, Wm. Excursions on the Alps
Burns, Life of 609
Byron, Lord, Landscape Illustrations of
420. Conversations with Lady Bless-
ington 347, 583
Cabinet Annual Register 416
Caffraria, Travels in 290
Cator, Rev. C. Sermon by 526
Cavery, Journey to the Falls of 289
Chevalier's Translation of St. Clement,
&c. 302
China, on British Intercourse with 123
Chivalric Ages, Romances of 84
Christ's Hospital, History of 520
Church of England Champion 526
Church of Rome, Errors of 297
Church Reform, Pamphlets on 525, 526,
527, 529
Classical Atlas 414
Coins, Roman, Catalogue of 519
Conchologist's Companion 415
Coney's View of Milan Cathedral 632
Constance, a Novel 292
Constitution, Theory of the 613
Cooke, G. Criminal Trials in England 531
Cottager's Prayer Book 84
Country Clergyman, Note-book of a 68
Crabbe, Rev. Geo. Life of 253
Cranmer, Archbishop, Life of 199
Criminal Trials in England 531
Crosby Place, London, History of 619
Croydon, History of 524
Cull, R. on Impediments of Speech 208
Cunningham, A. Life of Burns 609
Curtis, Thos. on the Monopoly of Printing
the Scriptures 84
Dallaway, Rev. J. on Architecture 627
Bance of Death 184

Dannely's Songs 420
De Lolme on the English Constitution 306
JDemetrius, a Tale 85
Dialogues, Moral and Scientific 623
Dissenters, Case of 524
D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature 414
Divine Attributes, Testimony of 67
Douce, F. Dance of Death 184
Dover, Lord, Walpole's Letters to Sir
Horace Mann 22, 130, 364
D'Oyly, Rev. Dr. Sermon by 526
Dyke, Thos. Tour in Belgium 290
Ecclesiastical Establishments consistent
with Christianity 525
Elliott's Village Patriarch 621
Encyclopædia, Popular 296
England and America, Comparison of 624
Etymological Dictionary 70
JEulenstein, C. Life of 417
Europe, a Political Sketch 414
Fergus, H. on the Divine Attributes 67
Finden's Illustrations of Byron 420. Gal-
lery of the Graces ib. illustrations of
the Bible 632
Fine Arts, Miscellaneous Works con-
nected with 86
Frank Orby, a Novel 69
Gardener's Dictionary 528
Gardening, Encyclopaedia of 497
Gate, Rev. S. ou Church Reform 529
Geography, Encyclopaedia of 533
German Grammar, Abridgment of 415
Germany, Lays and Legends of 416
Geology, Principles of 77
Gilpin's Forest Scenery 401
Gipps, Rev. H. Sermons by 297
Gurdlestone, Rev. C. on Church Reform
Gloucester, Diocese of, Meeting of the
Clergy 529
Goethe's Faust 207
Golden Hall, a Tale 415
Greece, Tour in 403
Greek Press, of Paris, View of 198
Gregory, O. Memoirs of Robert Hall 78
Green, B. R. Heads after the Antique 420
Greswell, W. P. on the Parisian Greek
Press 198
Grimstone, Mrs. L. Jew and Gentile 70
Hall, Rev. Robert, Memoirs of 78
Hampden in the 19th century 295
Hand, on the Mechanism of the 197
Harding, J. D. on the Lead Pencil 632
Harainge, Sir Chas. Sermons by 69
Harness, Rev. W. Sermon by 404
Hay, Lt.-Col. on the Peninsular War 299
Heads after the Antique 420
Hebrew, Introduction to 415
Herbert's History of the London Livery
Companies 411
Herodotus, History of 417
Hobart Town Magazine 532
Hodges, Col. Expedition to Portugal 407
Hook, Theodore, Parson's Daughter 204

Hoole, Rev. S. Sermons by 84
Płowitt, M. History of Priestcraft 65
Hughes, H. De Lolme's British Consti-
tution 306
Hugo's Notre Dame 81
Hull, W. on Ecclesiastical Establish-
unents 525
Hume's History of England, Valpy's
edition of 416
Illuminated Manuscripts, Description of
Ireland, on the Round Towers of 299
James, Rev. J. B. on Party Distinctions
Jervis, Lt. H. Journey to the Falls of
Cavery 289
Jesse, E. Gleanings in Natural History
Jew and Gentile, Character of 70
Job, a dramatic Poem 4 17
Jones, E. on a Graduated Property Tax 532
Rev. D. Serinon by 528
Kay, Travels in Caffraria 290
Knowles, J. S. Blind Beggar of Bethnal
Green, 529 -
Lauder, Sir T. D. Gilpin's Forest Scenery
Law Reforms, Lord Brougham's Plan of
Lays and Legends 533
Lead Pencil, on the Use of the 632
JLe Bas, Rev. C. JW Life of Cranmer 199
Leveson, G. L. Mental Culture 414
Linnington's Rhetorical Speaker 414
Literature, Curiosities of 414
Livery Companies of London, History of
41 I
Llwyd, R. History of Wales 305
Loire, Songs of the 30 l
Loudon, J. C. Encyclopaedia of Gardening
497 -
Love and Pride 305
Lyell, Chas. on Geology 77
Lying, on the Sin of 83
Mackintosh, Life and Writings of 450
Madden's Travels in Turkey, &c. 405
Madden, Sir F. Illuminated Manuscripts
Majoribanks, Chas. on British Inter-
course with China 123
Major's Cabinet Gallery, 86, 309, 420
Malloch, D. Immortality of the Soul 406
Man, his motives, &c. 417
Mann, Sir Horace, Walpole's Letters to
22, 130, 364
Manse, Tales of the 414
Martin, R. M. on the Tea Trade 123
History of the British Colonies 303
Mather, S. on the Types of the Old Testa-
ment 629
Meek, Rev. R. Errors of Popery 297
Men of Genius, Exposition on 68
Mental Culture, on 474
Melville, M. R. on the Common Prayer 526
Milan Cathedral, View of 632
AMilitary Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
Miller, P. Gardener's Dictionary 528
AMilnes, R. M. Tuur in Greece, 403
AMins, Capt. Naval Expedition to Portugal
Montgomery, R. Woman, a Poem, 297
Murphy's Classical Atlas 414
Murray, G. on Safety Lamps 533
H. Encyclopaedia of Geography 533
Matural History, Gleanings of 615
Maval History of England 79
Negris, Aler. History of Herodotus 417
Netherclift's Lithographs of Historical
Documents 309
Nicolas, Sir H. Ritson's Letters 202
AVotre Dame 81
Nun, The 301
Gaths, Origin and Nature of 61 l
O'Brien, H. on the Round Towers of
Ireland 299
Orford and Cambridge Latin Prize Poems,
Translations of 68
Palmyra 202
Parnell, Rt. Hon. Sir H. on Roads 7 1
Parson's Daughter 204
Peninsular War, Narrative of 299
Phillpotts, Bp. Sermon by 527
Pictet's Christian Theology 629
Pluralities, Letter on 207
Political Contentment, Motives to 84
Poor Laws, Letter on 531. Plan of, for
Ireland 532
Portugal, Naval Expedition to 73
Hodges' Expedition to 407
Prayer Book, Suggestions for the Revisal
of 207
Prichard, Dr. J. C. on Somnambulism 625
Priestcraft, History of 65
Property Tar, Reflexions on 532
Psalms, Book of 83
Public Debt, Influence of the 531
Railway Companion 529
Reformation of the Church, Revolution in
Disguise 526
Religion, on Party Distinctions in 527
Repeal of the Union considered 530
Rhetorical Speaker 414
Ritson's Letters 202
Roads, Treatise on 71
Roberts, Mary,Conchologist's Companion
415 -
Rowbotham's German Grammar, 415
Ryland, W. D. on Political Contentment
Sacred Minstrelsy 420
Safety Lamps, Observations on 523
St. Clement, &c. Epistles of 303
Sargent, Rev. J. Life of Thomason 70
Schnebbelie's Etchings 420
Scotland, Chit-chat on 23

GENT. MAG. Vol. I.

Scott, Sir PW. Illustrations to the Poetical
Works of 86, 309
Scripture, on the Monopoly of Printing 84
Sermons by Hardinge 69. by Shepherd
83. by Hoole 84. by Blunt 206, by
Gipps 297. by Harness 404. by Bray
525. by D'Oyly 526. by Cator it.
by Bishop of Exeter ib. by Jones 528
Shakspeare, Walpy's edition of 417
Sharpe's Peerage 83
Shaw, H. Illuminated Ornaments 86.
Specimens of Ancient Furniture 87,
419. Specimens of Elizabethan Ar-
chitecture 419
Shepherd, Rev. W. Sermons by 83
Sherwood, Mrs. the Latter Days 414
Somnambulism, Treatise on 625
Soul, Immortality of the 406
Southey's Naval History of England 79
Speech, on Impediments of 208
Spine, on the Injuries of 85
Spirits, on the Trial of 206
Stafford, R. A. on the Injuries of the
Spine 85 -
Stamp Duties, Summary of the 615
Steinman, G. S. History of Croydon 524
Strickland, Agnes, Demetrius 85
Sturt, Capt. Expeditions in Australia 72
Susser, Duke of, Portrait of 209
Switzerland, History of 300 -
Tea Trade, Past and Present State of 123
Teacher, The 417
Thomason, Rev. T. Life of 70
Thoms, W. J. Lays and Legends 533
Tierney, Rev. M. A. History of Arundel
Toone, W. Etymological Dictionary 70
Trollope. Rev. W. History of Christ's
Hospital 520
Turkey, &c. Travels in 405
Two Sisters, Memorials of 415
Tyler, J. E. on Oaths 611
Ulric, J. Causeries sur l'Ecosse 83
Usher, J. Odes of Anacreon 85
Pan Dieman's Land, Account of 414
Pillage Patriarch, a Poem 621
Pirgil's Georgics, Select Passages from 84
Wales, History of 305. Catechism of the
History of 306. Stories from the His-
tory of ib.
Walker, G. F. Introduction to Hebrew 4.15
Wallis, A. W. Selections from Virgil's
Georgics and Lucan's Pharsalia 84
Walpole, Horace, Letters to Sir Horace
Mann 22, 130, 364,
Whiffen, R. Job, a dramatic Poem 417
Woman, a Poem 297
Wycliffe, Print of the Citation of 399
Zara, a Poem 291
Zschokke's History of Switzerland 300.
Golden Hall 415

4. R.

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