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From April 26, to May 25, 1834, both inclusive.

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*** The principal Memoirs in the Obituary are distinctly entered in
the “Inder to the Essays.”

Abbot Pedigree, notice of 181, 570
Abyssinia, antiquities of 317
Ackermann, Rodolph, memoir of 560
Adderbury Church, co. Oxford, architec-
ture of 163
Agricultural Distress, meeting on 324.
Parliamentary discussion on 429
Alexander, tomb of in the British Mu-
seum 210
Alfieri, Byron's opinion of 356
Alleyne, Edward, marriages of 512
Alvanley, Lord, Byron's remarks on 586
America, North, commercial panic of 434
Anglo-Saron, on the grammar and dic-
tionaries of 392
Animals found in a fossil state 197.
stinct of 607
Antigone, May's tragedy of 57
Antigua, slave emancipation in 98
Antiquaries, Society of, Meetings 93,212,
315, 424, 543, 637. of Newcastle 316
Apollonia, remains of 210
Archery, power of the bow 56,176,594,596
Architectural Society, conversazione of 208
Architecture of William of Wykeham 159.
Ecclesiastical, of Normandy 270. of
Churches in Devon 394. of England 627
Armour, Ancient, collection of sold 638
Arthur, King, pretended tomb of 176
Artist's Benevolent Fund Society, annual
report 635
Arundel, historical notices of 513. earls
of 515. chapel of demolished 518
Ashmolean Society, Oxford, meetings of
423, 635
Asia Minor, antiquarian researches in 210
Asiatic Society, anniversary of 634
Aston, Sir Arthur, the royalist, memoir of
144. anecdote of 234
Astronomical Society, meeting of 540
Astronomy, Professor of, in Ireland 218
"Aufrere, Anthony, memoir of 555
Austria, treaty with Russia and Prussia
for preventing treason 323 -
Australia, expeditions to 72
Bacon's Essays, critique on 11
Baillie, Miss, dramatic writing of 7
Bailly's Memoirs, critique on 473
Balmerino, Lord, trial and execution of
Bannatyne, Sir W. M. memoir of 105
Burbadoes, slave emancipation in 98
Bateman Family, correspondence of 479
Bath, Roman, found near the monument,
London 95
GENT. MAG, Vol. I.


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Bath Abbey, repairs of 213, 313
Beattie's Essay on Truth, critique on 478
Beer Act, Parliamentary discussion on
544, 640, 645
Bees, wonderful instinct of 305
Belgium, riots in 547
Belgrave Institution, formation of 636
Bentinck, Maj.-Gen. J. C. memoir of 443
Bentley, Dr, critique on 143,472
Berlice, slave emancipation in 98
Berries, an unusual number predictive of
a bard winter 617
Bibliographical Catalogue of Works pri-
vately printed 62
Birmingham, operative builders guild-
hall at 100
Bishoprics of Ireland, value of 218
Bishops, rank of Colonial, 52. Irish Ca-
tholic ib. on title of “My Lord,” as
applied to 234, on the translation of 530
Bisshopp, Sir George, memoir of 553
Blessington, Lady, conversations with
Lord Byron 347, 583
Blind, Indigent, new building for 647
Boat, Ancient, found in Sussex 638 '
Boccacio, novels of 11
Bodle, John, tried for murder 101
Bolingbroke, Lord, quarrel with Pope 134.
anecdote of 136 -
Bookbinding, curious specimen of 63,
Bow, power of the 56, 176,594, 596
Braintree, Essex, site of as a Roman sta-
tion 172
Breadalbane, Marq. memoir of 650
Brighton, stained glass at St. Peter's 419
Brigstock, W. P. death of 554
British Artists, exhibition of 534
British Association, intended meeting of
British Institution, gallery of the 307

British Museum, King's library 16. royal

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Burney, Dr. Italian tour of 248. his His-
tory of Music 472
Burns, character of 609
Busturds, nature of 617
Byron, Lord, debarcation of the corpse
of 39. eonversations with Lady Bless-
ington 347, 533. his opinions of Ma-
dame de Stael 35l
Caldecott, Thos. sale of his library 59.
catalogue of 60, 195, 284
Calendars of patent rolls, &c. 504
Cambrian History, catalogue of docu-
ments relative to 234
Cambridge, ancient stalls of St. Mi-
chael's Church restored 95
Cambridge Philosophical Society, meetings
of 212, 423
Cambridge University, prizes of 90. peti-
tion, for admitting Dissenters to 432
Cameron, Lt.-Col. memoir of 444
Campbell, Thos. Byron's remarks on 592
Camulodunum, Esser, site of 173
Canning, Rt. Hon. G. genius of 587
Canoninum, Essex, site of as a Roman
station 173
Carter, Capt. Benj. memoir of 445
Cathcart, Capt. R. memoir of 444
Catholicism, increase of in England 637
Cavalry, majors of, reduced 435
Cavery, Falls of, noticed 289
Cedars, remarks on 401
Cellini, designs of 418
Chedworth, Lord, conversation with 10.
anecdotes of 140, 141, 142, 475, 477.
opinions of 248,249,250. death of 253
Cheops, pyramid of 428 -
China, on commercial intercourse with
99. schools of ib. on the British con-
nexion with 123
Cholmeley, Sir Roger, notices of 381
Christ's Hospital, historical notices of 520
Church Establishment, meetings for the
support of 324. petitions for its sepa-
ration from the State 644, 648
Church Rates, plan for the abolition of 546
Church Reform, remarks on 525,527, 529
Churches, on the destruction of in the
City of London 29, 50, 101, 598. in-
tended demolition of abandoned 218,
314. architecture of in Devon 394.
report on the building of 435
Clarges, Sir T. memoir of 653
Clayton, Sir Wm. memoir of 439
Clothiers' Union, oaths of 578
Coggeshall, Essex, site of as a Roman
station 172
Coins, Roman, found near the Giant's
Causeway 217. notices of 519. Gaulish
273. Norman, found in Hants 315
Colburn v. Patmore, trial of 325
Colchester, cartulary of the priory of St.
John's wanted 122
Colman, Geo. characteristics of 589
Combination, evils of 579 -

Coney, John, memoir of 562
Constitution of England, remarks on 614
Cooke, Geo. engraver, memoir of 658
Copernicus, system of noticed 492
*. motion for the repeal of 430,
Corneille's Cinna, critique on 9
Cornwall, Barry, Byron's remarkson, 585
Corporation Commission, opposition to
100, 324
Cortes, convocation of 433
Copy-right Act, injustice of 234
Cosby Family, history of 179, 570
Cotton Spinners' trade union 57 1
Cowdray House, Sussex, account of, and
architectural description of 33
Cowley's Essays, notices of 143
Crabbe, Rev. Geo. life of 255
Cramp Rings, historical notices of 49
Crane, anecdote of a 617
Cranmer, Archbp. biographical notices
of 200
Crawford, Lady Mary Lindsay, memoir
of 104
Criminal Returns for 1833,434
Crosby Hall, stained glass window for
234. Sir Thos. More at 400. historical
notices of 619
Croydon, historical notices of 524
Cuckoo, change of note 304
Cumberland, Gilpin's observations on the
Lakes of 141
Cumberland, R. letter of 166
Cuvier, monument subscribed for 433
Dagger-sheath designed by Holbein 393
D'Alembert, critiques on 89, 247, 248
Damascus, reception of the Euglish con-
sul at 646
Danby, J/m. memoir of 440
Dance of Death, illustrations of the 184
Daniel, Geo. notices of 61
Dissenters, discussion on the admission
of to the Universities 432, G40. peti-
tions of for separating the Church and
State 644, 648
Dorchester Unionists, conviction of 434
Douglas, Lt.-Gen. Sir Kenneth, me-
moir of 44 I
Dover Castle, survey of in 1578, 277
Drogheda, taken by storm in 1649, 149,
Drummond, A. B. memoir of 441
Sir JWm. genius of 588
JDufief, M. G. metnoir of 56 i
IJulong, M. memoir of 446
Dulwich College, umarriages of the founder
of 512
Dunning, Mrs. anecdotes of 47
Durham, preachers in the diocese of in
1579, 279. records of the bishopric 435
Eclipse of the Moon 92
Edinburgh, sea-port to be formed near
Education, official circular respecting 92
Elizabeth, Queen, fac-simile of the bind-
ing of her copy “De antiquitate ec-
clesiae Britannicas” 63, 346
England and America, comparison of 624
Equitable Apportionments, bill for 322
JErasmus, notices of 122
Erskine, Lord, Byron's opinion of 587
Esquire, on the title of 51
Essex, Roman Stations in 172
JEsterhazy, Prince, memoir of 221
Ereter Hall, exhibition of pictures at 418
Ereter Water Works, description of 434
Ermouth, Pisct. memoir of 437
Falstaff, Sir John, ancient carving 93
Fenchurch Street, Roman antiquities
found in 156
Fergusson, Cutler, medal in honour of 87
Ferrars, Lord, on the trial of 249
Field, John, astronomer, life of 491
Finance, statement of 320
Fires, Newbrook House, co. Mayo, 100.
of the Chateau de Pompadour 3.17.
paper mills near Bury 434. at Quebec
Fisher, Gen. Sir G. B. memoir of 656
Flecknoe, Rich. epigrams of 603
Flatman, Thos. poems and songs by 283
Forest Scenery, remarks on 402
For, the Hon. C. letter to Nollekins 166.
eloquence of 476
France, communications with Africa 97.
combinations of workmen ib, financial
budget of 322. law against associations
432. impulse in favour of free trade ib.
literary works of 433. new plan of
travelling in ib. popular commutions
in 546
Franklin, Dr. original letters of 11, 166
Fromont, Gen. memoir of 225
Funchal, Marq. de, memoir of 221
Furzey, obtains damages against the
Morning Chronicle 101
Galloway, Earl of, memoir of 651
Galt, Mr. writings of 589
Galway, Visct. W. G. inemoir of 437
Gardening, Encyclopaedia of 497
Garrick, David, first dramatic appear-
ance 27
Gaulish Coins, description of 273
Gay's Fables, critique on 472
Gee, M. outrage on 648
Gentz's State of Europe, critique on 477
Geographical Society, meetings of 31 1,
541. annual report 634. at Paris 314
Geological Society, meetings of 90, 311,
422, 635
Geology, general principles of 77
George (P. collection of prints of 418
Gillion, writings of Il
Glass, Stained, for Crosby Hall 234
Glendower, Owen, seals of 94
Goldsmith's “Deserted Village,” noticed

Gosling, Wm. memoir of 441
Gravestones, Ancient,found in Southwark
Gray's Poems, Wakefield's notes on 141
Green, Thos. biography of 5, extracts from
his Diary, 7, 137, 246,470
Grenville, Lord, memoir os 327
Gresham Commemoration, notices of 458
Gresham Prize Medal 212
Gunning, Misses, anecdotes of 365
Hallam, Mr. Byron's remarks 587
Hall's Fast Sermon, critique on 251
Hamilton, Duke of, marriage with Mis
Gunning 365 -
—— General, memoir of 656
Sir H. Dalrymple, memoir of 553
Hampton Court, lease of the manor of to
Cardinal Wolsey 45
Hare, Sir Thos. memoir of 554
Hart, Lieut.-Col. memoir of 444
Haslewood, Joseph, character of 286.
library of sold 288,606 -
Hauser, Gaspar, memoir of 447
Heard, Dr. H. J. memoir of 109
Heber, Rich. sale of his library 62, 196.
will of ib. memoir of 105
Henry IP. tomb of opened 425
WII character of 358
PIII. orders of the royal house-
hold of 47
Hesse Homberg, Duch. drawings of 636
Hibbert, Julian, death and bequests of
Hide, Capt. D. notice of 594
Highgate Chapel, Middlesex, account of
Himmaleh Mountains, Capt. Johnson's
tour over 313
Holbein, dagger-sheath designed by 394
Holland, Lord, character of 590
Hope's Anastasius, Byron's opinion of
Hoppner, Capt. H. P. memoir of 445
Horace, localities of 167. education of
275. Scaliger's critique on 399
Horticulture, remarks on 498
Horticultural Society, annual report 635
House Tar, motion for repeal of 430
Humane Society, anniversary of 549
Hume, David, on his history of England
7. anecdote of 142. opinions of 144,
248. critique on 474
Rev. T. H. memoir of 663
Huntingdon, Earl of, 1 Hen. IV. trial of
269 -
Hurd's Lectures, critique on 472
Iceland, schools to be established in 314
Icones, Henry VII. 358. Henry Howard,
Earl of Surrey 361
Illuminated Manuscripts, disquisition on
| 28
Impressment, bill for alteration of 430
India, Lt. Burnes's travels in 541

Inglis, Rev. Dr. J. memoir of 332
Ireland, commutation of tithes in 99,
429,430,643. trades' combination in 99.
value of the bishoprics of 212. motion
for the repeal of the Union 641, 642.
Society for the diffusion of religious
instruction in 647
Irving, Lt.-Col. W. memoir of 444
Isabella II. present Queen of Spain,
genealogy of 177
Italy, anuquities discovered in 21 l
Jamaica, slave emancipation in 98, 323
Jebb, Bp. memoir of 223
Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster, his-
torical notices of 424
Joan of Arc, statue of 419. original letter
of G38
Johnson's Academy of Love 192
Johnson, Dr. S. on his letters to Mrs.
Thrale 472
Jones, Sir Wm. learning of 473
Jourdan, Marshal, memoir of 103
Keats, Adm. Sir R. G. memoir of 653
Keene, Bishop, anecdotes of 367
Kenilworth Church, painted window 208
Ailmarnock, Lord, trial and execution of
. King's College, London, donation to 423.
annual report 634
King's Library in British Museum 16,
235 -
Kingsland, Pisct. memoir of 329
Knights of the Bath exempted from pay-
ment of sees 546
Koran, Sale's Discourse on, noticed 143
Laing's History of Scotland, critique on
Lamb, Hon. Geo. memoir of 437
Damps, Ancient, found at Norwich 217
Lansdowne House, description of 253
Japenotiere, Capt. J. R. memoir of 556
Ilaw Reforms, remarks on 533
Lemaire, M. sculpture of 419
Ilendon, Rev. Rich, memoir of 115
Denzes, Polyzonal, description of 423
Jeonard, Lt.-Col. memoir of 556
Leopold, Prince, pension of 320
Dibel-law, severity of against news-
venders 101. bill for amending 321
Lie, The, a poem, original of 193
Literary Characters, memorials of 39,165
Literary and Scientific Institutions, num-
ber of 92
Literary Fund Society, annual meeting
of 424
Literature, diary of a lover of 5, 137,246,
Dittlehampton, Sussex, account of 597
Littlejohn, Lt.-Col. memoir of 662
Liverpool, freemen dissranchisement bill
* Companies, historical remarks on
4 I

Jaggon, the fan-painter, notices of 458

Lollius, character of vindicated 424
London, on the intended demolition of
churches in 29, 50, 101, 598. prece-
dence of the Lord Mayor 183. livery
companies of 41 1. sylvan pageants of
413. recorders, where buried ? 570
London University, petition for granting
a charter 541 museum of 542
Lord Blayney Steam-vessel lost 100
Dord High Steward, on the office of 268
Lour, explanation of 122
Iluttrell, character of 583
Lyons, popular commotions in 546
Lyons, Rev. S. C. versus Maj. Bingham
Lysons, Rev. Daniel, memoir of 558
Mackinnon, Chas. memoir of 656
Mackintosh, Sir J. notice of 142. life and
writings of 459. genius of 587
Malt Duty, discussion on the 430
Mammoth, skeleton of a 647
Manetho, authenticity of his writings 421
Mann, Sir Horace, Walpole's letters to
22, 180, 346, 364. pedigree of 122
Mansfield, Lord, anecdotes of 471
Manuscripts, Illuminated, disquisitions
on 188
Mara's Concert, critique on 246
Markets, prices of 119,231,343,454,567,
G7 l
Marmontel's Life, critique on 474
Marriages of Dissenters, discussion on
Martin, John, his catalogue of privately
printed books 63
Rich. of Galway, death of 554
Martinique, slave emancipation in 98.
insurrection of the slaves in 323
Mathieu, Norman ecclesiastical architec-
ture of 27
May, Thos. tragedy of Antigone 57
Melcombe, Lord, diary of noticed 473
Memnon's Statue, vocal sounds explained
Meteorological Diary, 120,232, 344,456,
568, 672
Mills; Thos. memoir of 333
Moore, 7'hos. genius of 583, 590, 591
More, Miss Hannah, letters to the Rev.
R. Polwhele 40
Sir Thos. at Crosby Place 400
Morgan, Sir Thos. will of 346
Mortality, bill of 119, 231, 343, 455, 567
67 l
Mummy, unrolling of a 215
Murray, Dr. Aler. memoir of 558
Dr. John, memoir of 113
Mytton, John, memoir of 657
National Debt, disadvantages of 531
Mational Gallery, pictures for 537
Naval History of England 79
Navy Estimates 321
Naworth Castle, library at 176
Meilgherry Hills, description of 289

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