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of extremely clever sketches, taken while on various continental tours.

In mind and manners, and for excellence of temper and disposition, Mr. Smallwood was highly estimable. It is feared that the res angusta domi, added to great exertions made to support a young and increasing family, brought on a brain fever, which in a few days terminated the existence of this valuable and very excellent young man.

Lt.-Col. Littlejohn. Jan. 31. At Stoke, near Plymouth, aged 71, Lieut.-Col. Peter Littlejohn, of the Madras Establishment. He was appointed a Cadet in 1782, and an Ensign in 1783; but in consequence of the reduction of the Indian army, did not come upon the effective strength until the breaking out of the war with Hyder Ally in 1790, in which same year he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and appointed Adjutant of the 1st Battalion of Bengal volunteers. With this corps he was present at the fall of Bangalore, the battle of Seringapatam May 15, 1791, and the reduction of several hill forts. At the close of that year he was appointed Town Major of Bangalore; and he was the last Englishman in 'that fort when it was delivered up to Tippoo Sultan on the conclusion of peace. Lieut. Littlejohn subsequently held several staff appointments; and after attaining the rank of Captain in 1803 he served a campaign in Bundelcund. He subsequently held other staff situations, and the command of the corps of Hill Rangers, till promoted to the rank of Lieut.-Col. in 1816, having attained that of Major in 1810. In his latter days, at Plymouth, Col. Littlejohn was highly esteemed for his public and private charities.


At Canterbury, the Rev. John Baker, Vicar of Thorpe Arch, Yorkshire, and of Westbourne, Sussex. He was the second son of the late John Baker, esq. formerly M.P. for Canterbury, (of whom a memoir will be found in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. CI. i. 176;) by Jane, dau. of the Rev. James Tattersall, Rector of St. Paul, Covent Garden. He was presented to Thorpe Arch, by Mrs. Wheler, in 1800, and to Westbourne in 1828 his uncle the late Rev. W. D. Tattersali. He married his cousin-german Frances, daughter of the late Rev. John Tattersall,

icar of Harewood, Yorkshire, and one of his Majesty's chaplains.

At Mullion, Cornwall, aged 66, the

Rev. Thomas Lovell Bluett, Vicar of that rish. He was of Sidney coll. Camb. .A. 1791, and was collated to his living by the Bishop of Exeter. At Margate, the Rev. Emanuel Dios Santos, of Pilgrim's Hatch, Essex. At Liverpool, aged 78, the Rev. Peter Bulmer, Vicar of Thorpe St. Peter and Orby, Lincolnshire, and for the last eighteen years one of the Curates of Liverpool. He was of Jesus coll. Camb. B. A. 1781, as 11th Senior Optime; M.A. 1813; was collated to Thorpe in 1781, by Dr. Thurlow, then Bp. of Lincoln, (patron by Lapse) and to Orby in 1815 by Dr. %. then Bp. of Lincoln. The Rev. David Evans, Rector of Penstrowed, Montgomeryshire, in the patronage of the Bp. of Bangor. The Rev. T. Griffiths, Incumbent of Risca, Monmouthshire, in the patronage of the Vicar of Bassalleg. At Great Oakley, Essex, aged 63, the Rev. Joseph Harrison, Curate of that parish for more than thirty years. Aged 85, the Rev. Joseph Hutchins, for fifty-five years Vicar of Ansley, Warwickshire. He was of Pemb. coll. Camb. B.A. 1773, as 12th Senior Optime, and was presented to Ansley in 1779 by Fr. Newdigate, esq. At Sandon, Essex, aged 76, the Rev. Francis Knipe, Rector of that parish. He was formerly Fellow and Tutor of Queen's college, Cambridge, where he graduated, B.A. 1780, as 7th Junior Optime; M.A. 1783, B.D. 1792, and by which Society he was presented to Sandon in 1800. At Brampton, aged 73, the Rev. A. Lawson, for nearly forty years Curate of that parish. The Rev. William Pearcy, Rector of Outragh, in the diocese of Kilmore. At Bath, the Rev. Thomas Penton, Vicar of Wellow, and Lower Wallop, Hampshire; B.A. of Pemb. coll. Oxford. To the latter church, he was presented in 1806 by the Subchanter and Vicars Choral of York; to the former in 1820 by the Duke of Buckingham. In 1825 he had a legacy of 10,000l. bequeathed him by Lady floo. the widow of Sir Nathaniel Dance. At Brussels, in his 70th year, the Rev. Charles Powlett, M.A., Rector of High Roding, Essex. Of this gentleman a memoir was given, under an erroneous report of his death, in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. c. ii. 470; see also the same volume, p. 650. Aged 65, the Rev. Moses Randau, one of the Chaplains of the Collegiate Church of Manchester. He was of Sidney coll. Camb. B.A. 1795, M.A. 1822. The Rev. John Raws, for upwards of 47 years Assistant Curate of Burnley, and for 36 years Master of the Free Grammar School there. Aged 45, the Rev. T. Selkirk, Minister of St. John's, Lanc. Bury, and 2d Master of the grammar school in that town. His funeral was attended by 140 gentlemen, and the day was observed in the town as one of general mourning. A subscription was opened for the widow and eight children of the deceased, and 200l. was subscribed on the spot. The Rev. William Uppleby, Vicar of Barton upon Humber. He was of Sidney coll. Camb. B.A. 784, M.A. 1787, and was presented to Barton in 1789 by his own family. The Rev. H. Vaughan, Rector of Myshall, co. Carlow. At St. John's college, Oxford, the Rev. John Wayte Vilette, B.D. Fellow of that Society, and Vicar of Fyfield, Berks, in the patronage of that Society. Aged 36, the Rev. John Walker, Chaplain of Magdalen and New Colleges, Oxford. He took the degree of M.A. in 1823. At Moreton rectory, Herefordshire, the Rev. Francis Woodcock, Rector of that rish. He was of St. John's coll. Camb. .A. 1782, and was presented to his living in the following year by the Prebendary of Moreton, in the cathedral of Hereford. Jan. 6. At Lyme, Dorsetshire, aged 66, the Rev. Thomas Henry Hume, Canon Residentiary and Treasurer of Sarum, and Vicar of Stratford sub Castro, and of Kewstoke, Som. He was the only son of the Rt. Rev. John Hume, D.D. formerly Bishop of Salisbury, by Lady Mary Hay, daughter of George 7th Earl of Kinnoul. He took the degree of M.A. at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1790; was instituted to the vicarage of Broadhinton, Wilts, in 1789; collated to the prebend of Yatesbury, by Bp. Douglas in 1795; exchanged it for that of Bitton in 1799, and afterwards for that of Calne; was elected Canon in 1803, and Treasurer of the church in 1806; was presented to Kewstoke in 1799 by the Lord Chancellor; resigned the vicarage of Broad Hinton in 1804, for those of Brixton Deverill and Stratford, in the former of which he succeeded his uncle the Rev. Nathaniel Hume, (who was also the predecessor of the Rev. W. L. Bowles, at Bremhill). Mr. Hume married, May 29, 1793, the eldest daughter of G. Wingfield, esq. and by her had issue three daughters: Anna-Maria, Sophia, and Charlotte; and two sons, the Rev. John Henry Hume, Vicar of Calne and Figheldeane, and Chaplain to the Earl of

Rosslyn; and the Rev. George Hume, Fellow of King's college, 8.

and Chaplain to the Marquis of Aylesbury. The Canon had for some time past been in a declining state, and he had removed to Lyme, in Dorsetshire, to try the effects of a change of air. He was a clergyman of the most exemplary piety; and in all the relations of life he was affectionate, benevolent, kind, condescending, and sincere. Jan. 9. At Cockwood house, Devon, the Rev. Joseph Drury, D.D. a Prebendary of Wells, and a Magistrate for Devonshire. He was of Trin. coll. Camb. B.D. 1784, D.D. 1789. In 1785 he was appointed Head Master of Harrow, and he continued to hold that situation until 1805. He was collated to the prebend of Dallincote, in the church of Wells, by Bp. Beadon in 1812. He married the youngest daughter of Benjamin Heath, LL.D., Town-Clerk of Exeter. At Harrow, many of the statesmen of the present day were educated under his care; and he was a man as remarkable for manly integrity of principle and Christian practice, as for the power and cultivation of his mind, and the pleasing urbanity of his manners. Jan. 16. The Rev. Philip Humphreys, for thirty years Rector of the parish of Portland, Jamaica. He was nephew to the celebrated Dr. Doddridge. jan. 31. At South Kilvington, Yorkshire, aged 51, the Rev. Robert Jefferson, D.D. Rector of that parish. He was formerly Fellow of Sidney Sussex college, Cambridge, where he graduated B. A. 1808, M.A. 1811, D.D. 1818, and was presented to his living by that Society in 1825. Feb. 2. At Byfleet, Surrey, aged 77, the Rev. William Haggitt, Rector of that parish, and Senior Chaplain of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. He was of Trin. coll. Camb. B. A. 1778, as 6th Wrangler, M.A. 1781, and was presented to Byfleet by Lord Chancellor Loughborough, iT98. Feb. 9. At Plymouth, the Rev. W. H. Black, late of Mawgan, near Helston. Feb. 14. At Lynn, aged 74, the Rev., James Coulton, Vicar of North Wootton, to which he was presented in 1804 by Richard Howard, esq. Feb. 15. At Welsh Pool, aged 72, the Rev. Charles Williams, Vicar of Buttington. Feb. 15. Aged 26, the Rev. Thomas Foley, youngest, son of Mrs. Foley, of Ridgway, Pembrokeshire; and nephew to the late Admiral Foley. Feb. 16. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Dr. George Forbes, of Blelack and Inverernan. Feb. 16. At Winterbourne, Glouc. aged 68, the Rev. Thomas Whitfield, Rector of that parish. He was educated at Merchant-taylors' School, whence he was elected in 1783 to a Fellowship at St. John's college, Oxford: he graduated M.A. 1791, B.D. 1797, and was one of the Proctors of the University in 1796. He was presented to Winterbourne by St. John's college in 1826. Feb. 18. At Rome, aged 40, the Rev. Augustus William Hare, Rector of Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. He was late a Fellow of New college, Oxford, where he took the degree of M.A. in 1818, and was presented to his living by that Society in 1829. Feb. 20. At Leamington, aged 28, the Rev. Arthur Lister Lister-Kaye, Rector of Thornton, in Craven; brother to Sir John L. Lister-Kaye, Bart. He was the third son of Sir John the first and late Baronet by Lady Amelia Grey, 6th dau. of George-Harry Earl of Stamford and Warrington. He was a member of Brazenose college, Oxford, and was presented to Thornton by his brother. Feb. 22. At Pittenweem, the Rev. Charles Morgan Addie, Minister of that parish. Feb. 25. At Lighthorne, Warw. aged 73, the Rev. Robert Barnard, Rector of that parish; Rector and Vicar of Witney, Oxfordshire, and senior Prebendary of Winchester. He was of Trin. college, Camb., B.A. as 2d Senior Optime 1782, M.A. 1788; was presented to Lighthorne in 1787 by Lord Willoughby de Broke; collated to a prebend of Winchester in 1793, and to the rectory and vicarage of Witney in 1797, both by Bp. North. March 3. At Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, aged 62, the Rev. Edward Cannon, B.A. senior. Priest in ordinary to his Majesty, and Lecturer of St. George's, Hanover-square. Mr. Cannon said a multitude of clever things, which have enlivened our periodicals for years. He was, like Yorick, a man of infinite jest; like Falstaff, the cause of wit in others; and, only like himself, eccentric and full of humour in the extreme. He was the original of Mr. Moss, in Hook's novel of Maxwell. At Coddenham, Suffolk, aged 69, the Rev. John Longe, Vicar of that parish and Crowfield, and for many years an active Magistrate for that county. He was of Trin. coll, Camb., B.A. 1787, M.A. 1790, and was instituted to Coddenham in 1797 on his own petition. He was an occasional correspondent of the Gentleman's Magazine. . The Rev. William Paul, M.A. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Aberdeen. March 4. At Hook Notley, Essex,

aged 37, the Rev. William Wyvill, Rector of that parish. He was of Trin. coll. Camb. B.A. 1818, M.A. 1823, and was presented to Black Notley by M. Wyvill, esq. in 1829. March 6. Aged 67, the Rev. Charles Barton, D.D. co-Dean of Bocking, and Rector of Bocking and Monks Eleigh, Essex. He was formerly Fellow of Corpus Christi college, Oxford, where he graduated M.A. 1789, B.D. 1798, D.D. 1805; and was collated to the Deanery of Bocking in 1816, by the late Archbp. of Canterbury. March 8. At Peel Hall, Lancashire, aged 47, the Rev. W. Allen, Perpetual Curate of Peel, and a Magistrate for that county. He was presented to Peel in 1814 by Lord Kenyon. March 11. The Rev. John Watkins, Vicar of Aubourne, Lincolnshire, to which he was presented in 1822 by C. Neville, esq. March 15. At Chichester, the Rev. Ilsarthew W. Place, Rector of Hampreston, Dorsetshire, to which he was instituted in 1806. March 17. At Lochmaben, the Rev. Thomas Gibson, Minister of that parish. March 21. At St. Boswell's Manse, in the 60th year of his age and the 24th of his ministry, the Rev. Peter Crair. March 23. At the manor of Kilmaronock, in the 81st year of his age, and the 46th of his ministry, the Rev. Andrea, White. March 24. Aged 63, the Rev. James Blundell, Rector of Crowland, and Minister of Whaplode Drove, Lincolnshire; to the former of which churches he was instituted in 1808, and the latter in 1812. March 27. At Olney, Bucks, aged 71, the Rev. James Gauntlett, Vicar of that parish, to which he was presented in 1815 by the Earl of Dartmouth. He published an Exposition of the Book of Revelations, and had latterly been preparing for the press two volumes of Sermons, which will be published for the benefit of his numerous family. April 1. At Kirkton Manse, co. Roxburgh, the Rev. Adam Laidlaw, in the 81st year of his age and 54th of his ministry. At Bath, aged 64, the Rev. John Starky, D.D., of Spye Park, Wilts, Rector of Charlinch, Somerset. He was of Queen's coll. Oxford, M.A. 1809; B. and D.D. §: and was instituted to Charlinch in S08. April 5. At Wolverhampton, 71. the Rev. Thomas Walker, |. of the collegiate church, to which he was presented in 1789 by the Dean of Wolverhampton. In the same year he took the degree of M.A. as a member of *::::. coll, Oxford. His remains were followed

to the grave by the clergy and upwards of 200 gentlemen. April 6. The Rev. H. Archdall, Rector of Kilmeadon, co. Waterford. Whilst preaching on the text, “In the midst of life we are in death,” one of the congregation was seized with an epileptic fit. This circumstance arrested the attention of all present, but of none more than the preacher, who fixed his eyes with remarkable earnestness upon his afflicted parishioner, and his countenance was observed to exhibit a reflection of every contortion that occurred in the features of the sufferer. It was soon found advisable to bring the service to a close. Upon leaving the church, the Rev. Gentleman, having been requested to sign some document concerning parish affairs, was surprised to find himself unable to write;—in fact, his right hand was paralysed. Expecting benefit from exercise, he did not proceed towards the glebe house, but had his gig driven in another direction, to the residence of his friend, T. Gamble, esq., of Cullinah. His disorder, however, gained ground, and was gradually aggravated into an universal paralysis. He became unable to leave Cullinah, and died there on Thursday evening. At fician Manse, co. Dumfries, the Rev. James Yorstoun, for 50 years Minister of that parish, and for six years of the parish of Middlebie. April 8. At Borgue manse, co. Kirkcudbright, in his 50th year, the Rev. James Gordon. April 11. At Glasgow, aged 63, the Rev. Francis Liddell, Minister of the parish of Orphir, in Orkney. April 15. At Ayston, Rutland, aged 90, the Rev. William Forster, M.A., Rector of that parish for 54 years. Aged 85, the Right Rev. James Verschoyle, Lord Bishop of Killala. He was presented in 1788 to the prebend and Fo of St. Audeon, Dublin. In 1790 e married Miss Walsh, niece to Dr. Fowler, then Archbishop of Dublin. In 1794 he was preferred to the Deanery of St. Patrick's, and in 1810 was consecrated Bishop of Killala. This is the third death which has occurred among the Bishops of Ireland within the last twelvemonths; and, inaccordance with the Church Temporalities Act, the diocese of Killala merges in the Archiepiscopal see of Tuam. April 16. At Stoke Rivers, Devon, aged 70, the Rev. Charles Hiern, Rector of that parish and Hunshaw. He was of Cath. hall, Cambridge, L.L.B. 1787; was presented to Hunshaw in that year by the Earl of Orford, and admitted to Stoke Rivers in 1792 on his own petition. GENT. MAG, Wol. I,

April 22. At St. John's coll: Camb aged 43, the Rev. William Jones, Fellow and Senior Dean of that college, Lady Margaret's Preacher in that University, and F.S.A. He graduated B.A. 1813, as 11th Wrangler, M.A. 1816, B.D. 182–. At Kirklington Rectory, Cumberland, aged 88, the Rev. Thomas Pattinson, for fifty-eight years Minister of that parish, and Rector from 1793. April 23. At Blagdon, Devonshire, aged 82, the Rev. John Edwards, for fiftythree years Vicar of Berry Pomeroy. He was of Magdalen coll. Camb. B. Å. 1771, and was presented to Berry Pomeroy in 1781 by the Duke of Somerset. April 24. At Killin, co. Perth, by being thrown from his gig, the Rev. Hugh M*Kenzie, D.D., Minister of that parish. April 26. At Birmingham, aged 77, the Rev. John Cooke, for more than forty years one of the Masters of King Edward's Grammar school in that town, for thirtysix years the Head Master, and for more than fifty years one of the officiating ministers either as Curate of St. Martin's or Minister of St. Bartholomew's. He also held at his death the rectory of Northfield, Worcestershire, to which he was presented in 1833. April 27. At Camberwell, in his 63d year, the Rev. John Werninck, D.D., Chaplain to the Embassy of the Netherlands, for thirty-one years Minister of the Dutch church in London, and F.R.S. of Amsterdam and Middleberg. He married Feb. 13, 1809, Lena, dau. of Heer Tillas Vanerdaaky, and widow of the Hon. John Wynn, elder brother to the present Lord Newborough. May 2. At Broughton, Bucks, aged 34, the Rev. Primatt Knapp, jun., son of the Rev. Primatt Knapp, Rector of Shenley, Bucks. He was Éto Fellow of Magdalen coll. Oxford, where he attained the degree of M.A. in 1824. May 4. At Loft House, Yorkshire, the Rev. Henry Stuart, Vicar of Steeple Bumpstead, and Rector of East Donnyland, Essex, and Chaplain to the Earl of Mansfield. He was of Peterhouse, Cambridge, B.A. 1793, M.A. 1796; was o to Steeple Bumpstead in 1801 y the Lord Chancellor, and to East Donnyland in the same year by the Rev. Charles Hewitt. Having arrived at his son-in-law's, the Rev. W. T. Wild, of Loft House, only nine days before his death, he preached on the first Sunday an impressive sermon on the uncertainty of life, and on the following Sunday became himself an awful illustration of the solemn truths he spoke. May 6. At tion. the Rev. 4

John Davison, a Prebendary of St. Paul's and Worcester, Rector of Upton-uponSevern, and Vicar of Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire. He was formerly Fellow of Oriel coll. Oxford, where he graduated M.A. 1801, B.D. 1818; was collated to his prebendal stall in St. Paul's in 1824, by Dr. Howley, then Bishop of London; to that at Worcester, by the late Bishop Cornewall, in 1825, and to Upton in 1826; and presented to Sodbury, by the Dean and §. of Worcester, in 1828. May 7. At Fonthill Gifford, Wilts, aged 33, the Rev. John Hill, jun., Vicar of Inglesham in that county (in the patronage of the Bishop of Salisbury), eldest son of the Rev. John Hill, of Fonthill Gifford. May 8. At Curry Rivell, Somersetshire, aged 91, the Rev. James Sedgwick, Vicar of that parish, to which he was presented in 1799 by the Earl of Chatham. —O— DEATHS. LoNDoN AND ITs ViciNITY. Jan. 10. At Camberwell, aged 50, Mr. William Lancefield, a wealthy butcher and stage proprietor, and a man much esteemed for his charities. Jan. 22. In Queen-square, Bloomsbury, aged 76, Edward Dew, esq. late Examiner of King's Duties, and Collector of the City Dues, at the Custom House. At Peckham Rye, aged 72, Mr. John Millard, for 37 years Clerk of the Cordwainers' Company, father of Mr. John Millard, late librarian of the Surrey Institution. His widow died on the 17th of March. Jan. 30. At Wapping, aged 69, Denis Chapman, esq. the much respected Superintendant of the London Docks. Jan. 31. Richard Bremridge, esq. of College house, Clapton, and Hare-court, Temple. In Cavendish-square, aged 13, Brownlow-Bertie, youngest son of the late B.B. Mathew, esq. and grandson of General and Lady Jane Mathew. Feb. 5. At Jaunay's hotel, Leicestersquare, John Stanley, esq. of Lisbon. Feb. 17. In Cadogan-place, Chelsea, in his 75th year, Geo. Gainer, esq. The greatest part of his life had been spent in the civil branch of the Royal Navy, with punctuality and respect, and for many years he had been cheque officer in several of the upper yards. March 3. In Montagu-street, Russellsquare, aged 40, Patty-Weston, wife of r. C. ..". Bulley, and daughter

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March 18. In Devonshire-place, aged 68, Benjamin Bond, esq. March 27. At Clapham common, aged 85, Thomas Wood, esq. March 31. In Parliament-street, in his 80th year, Mr. David Wallace. April 3. At Whitehall, Anna, wife of Thos. Moulden Sherwood, esq. and dau. of Robert Ray, esq. F.S.A. April 7. In Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, in his 38th year, James Montresor Standen, esq. second son of the late Rev. John Hargrave Standen, of Murston House, Kent. April 10. At the house of her sonin-law Philip Courtenay, esq. Montagustreet, Russell-square, the widow of Hugh Bell, esq. April 13. Aged 7, Gertrude-Louisa, on; dau. of R. Godson, esq. M.P. ged 26, Alfred, youngest surviving son of the late Samuel Daniell, esq. of Colchester. He was admitted a member of the College of Surgeons about a year since. April 16. In Montagu-square, aged 76, George Dodd, esq. April 19. At Brompton, aged 39, Wm. Fielden, jun. esq. At Stoke Newington, Jacob T. Chaillé, esq. At Limehouse, aged 73, Mary, the widow of Rev. G. Williams. April 20. Mr. Fred. Read, R.N. late of the Lightning. At Chelsea, aged 93, Capt. J. Wright, late 6th Royal Vet. Batt. He served his King upwards of 75 years. April 21. At Walworth, AugustaSophia, youngest dau. of the late Lewis Pingo, esq. April 22. At the prebendal house of the Rev. Evelyn Sutton, Westminster, Letitia, youngest daughter of the Rev. Sir E. Kynaston, Bart. of Hardwick Park, Shropshire. April 21. At Argyll-house, aged 15, Lady Frances Gordon, the only daughter of the Earl of Aberdeen. April 23. At Dr. Frampton's, Hackney, aged 78, Susanna, dau. of the late Commissioner Pett, of the Victualling Office. April 24. In Park-street, Grosvenorsquare, Mrs. Adey. At Rotherhithe, aged 70, Dan. Brent, esq. April 25. In Weymouth-street. Wm. Thos. Roe, esq. of Withdean, Sussex, one of the Commissioners of Customs. April 26. In Gloucester-place, aged 76, James Rivington Wheeler, esq. of Doctors' Commons, proctor. At Clapham, aged 73, John Rapp, esq. April 27. At the house of her brother

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