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Sames Armstrong

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In page 52 pote 17, instead of 12 Viner 264, read 204.

55 line 11, instead of 27 Geo. 2. c. 36, read 6. 3.
62 line 15 delete the words and manufa&turers of.

73 line the last, instead of 31ch parts, read {th parts.
- 203 line 10 before the words any other fluffs, insert the word or.

253 line 3 instead of i Geo. 3.6.55. read 21 Geo. za .
737 line the last instead of action read aet.

Sog line 21 delete the word of.
- 911 line 14 read 13 Geo, 3. c. 84.4. 31.

CORRIGENDA ET ADDENDA. The following corrections and additions are also rendered neceffary by two statutes which passed in the course of the last session of parliament, subsequent to the printing off of part of this volume,


Duties on Spirituous liquors.
In page 104 line 2, instead of 31. insert 91.

4, instead of 5l. insert 15l.
-- -8, instead of 6l. insert 18).

And immediately afterwards add,
And for every gallon of the contents of each still used for the
redifying, compounding, or mixing of any spirits or strong
waters for exportation to Scotland, gli

In page 246 line 13, instead of 2do oths, insert 3d. ioths.
In lame page line 16, instead of 4d, insert is.
In fame page line 19, instead of 4d. 17ths, insert Is. 2d. foths.

And immediately afterwards add,
And for every day during which he shall use any licensed fill
for rettifying, compounding, or mixing of spirits or firong wa-
fers for home consumption, 7d. {gths of a penny for every gallon
of the cubical contents of each fill.

And again,
In page 247, line 15, instead of 25. 9d. insert 35. 2 d.

- 17, instead of 25. io{d. insert 35. 63d.

- 19, instead of ss. insert 5s. Ild. The above alterations having been made in the act 28 Gr. 3.6. 46. by itat, 33 Geo. 3. 6.61.f: 30.

The MAY 2's 1997 213613

The following corrections are also rendered neceffary from 33 Geo. 3. c. 57. having passed after that part of this work; which relates to the warehousing of tobacco; was printed off : İn page 135 line 5 instead of 24 months, read 3 years.

- 10 instead of 6d. per week, read id. - 136 line 7 instead of 6d. per week, read i{d.

42, instead of 6d. per week, read 11d.

46, instead of 24 months, read three years, o

39, instead of 6d. per week read id.

- 47, instead of 24 months, read three years. The said act 33 Geo. 3. c. 57. having made fuch altera tions in the stat, 29 G«o. 3. c. 68.

** The third and fourth volumes of this work will be published in the course of the ensuing Spring.

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