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He was a slave, who had run away from a cruel master and hidden himself. on the mountains, having no friends save his faithful dogs.

The Dog in the picture must, we think, be the spaniel who so cleverly brought Cowper the waterlilies from the Ouse.


“Pussy” is a member of most families : she looks very meek and pretty, sitting up with her smart ribbon round her neck, but she can scratch very hard when she pleases. She loves milk and fish, and cannot bear wetting her feet. She is of great use to us in keeping rats and mice away. Cats are said to care more for the place they live in than for their masters, but this is not always the case, as may be seen in the following instance :

It is recorded that when the Duke of Norfolk was a prisoner in the Tower, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, his favourite cat made her way to his prison by getting down the chimney. A dog could not have done more to prove his affection than this

poor cat.

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