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It was the calf she had nursed, who had not forgotten her!

She patted the poor animal, which then went back to the herd.

THE DOG. The Dog is the friend and companion of man. He guards our houses, loves us faithfully, and is capable of great self-denial for the sake of his master. There are many pretty stories of Dogs : we select one to show of what kindness they are capable. Some gentlemen were once travelling across the Andes — high mountains in South America. They lost their way, and after wandering about for a long time, saw a hut not far off. As they came near it, two dogs rushed out, barking loudly, and would not allow them to go in; and the travellers were obliged to drive them away with stones. Then a voice was heard from the hut, begging them, in Spanish, not to hurt the dogs.

On going into it, they found a very feeble old man there. He told them that he should have been starved to death long ago, if it had not been for the poor dogs, who went out hunting constantly, and always brought him part of the game they caught, on which he lived.

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