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on the table to play, and gave her a plate full of water, with a wreath of flowers round it, and a tulip leaf, on which Totty rowed about, with two white horse-hairs for oars. Then she looked pretty indeed !

Little Totty never grew any bigger ; but when she was old enough to be married, a wicked old Toad, who thought she would make a nice wife for her son, stole her from her tender mother, and carried her out into the middle of a pond, where she seated her on a rose-bud, and made her weave rushes for housenold linen to use when she should be married to her ugly son.

But the Fish, pitying poor Little Totty, bit the stem of the rose through, and she floated away upon the leaf, drawn by a beautiful white Butterfly, and did not marry the Toad after all. A big Cockchafer saw her, and fell in love with her, and clasped her round thic waist, and flew away with her, intending to marry her. But the other cockchafers made fun of her because she was not like themselves, and then the Cockchafer did not care for her any more, and

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