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And, oh! Grandmamma, what long white teeth

you have !"

Alas! she reminded the greedy Wolf of eating !

“All the better to eat you with !” he growled, and, jumping out of bed, sprang at Red RidingIIood.

But just at that moment Hugh the woodman, who had seen the sweet child go by, and had followed her, because he knew there was a Wolf prowling about the forest, burst the door open, and killed the wicked animal with his good axe. Little Red Riding Hood clung round his neck, and thanked him, and cried for joy; and Hugh took her home to her mother ; and after that she was never allowed to walk in the greenwood by herself.

It was said at first that the Wolf had eaten the child, but that was not the case; and everybody was glad to hear that the first report was not correct, and that the Wolf had not really killed Little Red Riding-Hood.

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