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bed. By and bye Little Red Riding-Hood, whe had lingered gathering flowers as she came along, and so. was much later than the Wolf, knocked at the door.

Who's there?” asked the Wolf, mimicking her grandmother's voice.

“ It is Little Red Riding Hood, dear Grandmamma," said the child.

Pull the string, and the latch will come up,” said the Wolf.

So Red Riding-Hoɔd came in, and the Wolf told her to put down her basket, and come and sit on the bed. When Little Red Riding Hood drew back the curtain and saw the Wolf, she began to be rather frightened, and said,

“Dear Grandmamma, what great eyes you have

got !

“ All the better to see with, my dear,” said the Wolf, who liked a grim joke.

“And what a large nose you have, Grandmamma!" cried the child.

“All the better to smell with, my dear.”

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