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ONCE upon a time there was a dear little girl, whose mother made her a scarlet cloak, with a hood to tie over her pretty head; so people called her (as a pet name) “ Little Red Riding Hood.” One day her mother tied on her cloak and hood, and said,

“I wish you to go to-day, my darling, to see your grandmamma, and take her a present of some butter, fresh eggs, a pot of honey, and a little cake, with my love."

Little Red Riding Hood loved her grandmother, and was very glad to go. So she ran gaily through the wood, gathering the wild flowers and gambolling among the ferns as she went; and the birds all sang their sweetest songs to her, and the bluebells nodded their pretty heads, for everything loved the gentlc child.

By and bye a great hungry Wolf came up to her He wished to eat her up, but as he heard the wood

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